Broken Hearts update Saturday 6 November 2021

Broken Hearts 6 November 2021: The Episode starts with Anant making Ahana choose the honeymoon destination. She says Maldives. He says yes, we will be going tomorrow, finish packing for two weeks. She says you always give me gifts, I didn’t gift anything. He says you are coming with me alone, what can be bigger gift than this. She says even lifetime will get less for me. He says when you talk like this, I think I can love you more.Everyone dines. Anant asks Roshni can she stay without him for two weeks. Aarav and Roshni ask will he won’t be there on her birthday. She asks did you forget my birthday. Ahana says sorry, I didn’t know about it. Anant says travel agent got tickets, sorry I didn’t realize, I will cancel booking.

Roshni says no, its fine, my birthday will come again, but your honeymoon won’t. She goes. Yamini and Aarav go to talk to her. Ahana asks how could you forget Roshni’s birthday, the travel agent booked tickets without asking you, I can understand her, mom used to forget my birthday, dad used to remember. Roshni says how can dad forget my birthday, he was lying right. Aarav asks is he lying. Yamini says no, your birth dates are best days of Anant’s life. Roshni says he changed because of Ahana.Anant says I didn’t forget Roshni’s birthday, I want her to grow up, she always wants to get attention, she is insecure, now the time has come, maybe she will feel our absence and change, she has to face the world, I feel my love is spoiling her, think when we come back on her birthday, she will be glad. Ahana smiles. He asks her to have food now.

Rehaan calls Roshni. Aarav answers and tells the entire matter. Rehaan asks him to make Roshni talk, pass the phone to her. Roshni says I will call you back. He says its your birthday gift, do you want to punish Ahana for her deeds. She says no, I don’t want to talk. She ends call. He says she will be happy when I tell her my plan.Rekha says I m going to meet Tarun. Gupta argues with her. He just cares for money. She asks him to forget that he has any son. Laila comes to meet Ahana. She says I had some imp work, I will leave soon, I m sure Anant has planned an exotic honeymoon, I got some gifts for you. Ahana asks her motive behind the gifts. Laila asks when will you start trusting me. Ahana says never. Laila says I want you to enjoy your honeymoon, where is Anant. Ahana says he has gone office. Laila asks her to check the gift. Ahana finds a book. She asks what does this mean, you think I will be bored on my honeymoon and read your book. Laila says I m very practical. Ahana says this is difference between you and me, I m not like you, I m really going to enjoy with Anant, I will not get bored of him, I will not go to another man, you can leave now.

Anant and Ahana meet the family and leave in the car. Anant checks the travel list so that he can return home if he forgets anything. He says I lost Rehaan, whenever I go airport, he drops me. She asks him to call Rehaan home if he missing him. Anant says I m not able to forgive him. Karan looks at them, while driving. Anant says we will just talk of love for next few days, I have to stay happy. Ahana says I have to keep you happy, you have to see my checklist to know that. Roshni is in college. She gets a message and looks around. A guy Saurav greets her. He asks her for a date. She smiles.Saloni asks Tarun to hurry up, its first day of his office. He says you look more excited than me. She says yes, happiness is returning in our lives, its my first sonography tomorrow. He says I know, I will be coming along. Laila comes and gives him best wishes. She asks Tarun to tell everyone that he is Anant’s brother in law. Tarun says no, I will earn name by my hardwork. They argue. Saloni asks Tarun to leave, she has booked a taxi for him. Laila asks Saloni to order black coffee for her.

Rehaan meets Shelly and flirts. She says I will tell you what you want to know, tell me why did you leave the house, don’t be surprised. He says the truth is my new aunty got me out of the house. She asks Ahana? Really, she is ahead of Laila, I shouldn’t be surprised, I was shocked hearing about Ahana and Anant’s daughter. He says because of age gap. She says no, I mean Laila wanted to marry Anant, but Ahana ruined her plans, I had so much fun, Laila lost to her own daughter. She says a girl who didn’t spare her mum, what will she spare you. Rehaan recalls Gupta’s words.Rehaan thinking of Gupta and Anant’s words. He thinks even truth becomes burden like lies sometimes. Shelly says Laila wanted to marry Anant, but Ahana ruined her plans, I had so much fun, Laila lost to her own daughter. She says a girl who didn’t spare her mum, what will she spare you. Rehaan recalls Gupta’s words. He says I knew Laila liked Anant, but I didn’t know this. She says Laila had all her plans to marry him, Ahana knew this, Laila told this to Anant too, he knew it that she is interested in him, but Ahana didn’t let Laila know about her and Anant, when Anant got a proposal for Ahana, Laila felt he had come for her, Ahana is using Anant, she can do anything to hurt Laila, she is cheating her mom and Anant too.

Anant and Ahana reach Maldives. They check in the hotel. She likes the decorations in the room and thanks her. She compliments him. She says I m going to give you a honeymoon gift. He says I can’t wait. Dil ko bhi udne ke liye….plays…. They get close.Tarun pays the taxi fare. Rekha sees him. He greets her and hugs. She says you have come to office in a taxi. He says let me work, then I will buy many cars, I shall go, I m getting late for office. He takes her blessings. Gupta looks on.Anant comes to Ahana and greets her. He says I don’t like starting my morning without seeing you. She says all of your time is mine. He says I want to spend my entire life like this. She says we will have breakfast, I have made plans. He asks what’s the plan. She says I found out about adventure sports. He says I thought of dining out and shopping, then having beer at the pool side, I will spend time with you. She says great plan, but we shall have some adventures too, shall we go for para sailing, rafting, scuba diving. He says I can’t do all that, but I will do what I can. She says we will do what you can do. He says I feel younger being with you. She says you will get young and then we will get equal in age. He says I may get younger to you. She laughs.

Saloni calls Tarun and says we will be seeing our baby today. He says I m also excited, I will reach there before you, take care. Rehaan is at a pub. His friends ask is he okay. Rehaan says no, I shall leave. His friend praises Roma and tell him that he is lucky to get her. Rehaan says she is my GF, stop nonsense. His friend says you change Gfs like clothes, you would have decided your next GF right. Rehaan thinks of Ahana and pushes him. He says we won’t discuss my personal matters again. He leaves.Anant and Ahana dine. She says its a good place, you are on phone again. He says its an imp email, we could have coffee at resort too. She says yes, but coming to a local hotel for coffee, this means real holiday. He says we shall leave now. He asks for bill. A man comes and says Indians get coffee for free here. He joins them. He says this coffee is for you and your beautiful daughter. Ahana says he is my husband. The man apologizes. Anant laughs and asks him to take money. The man says I m Jignesh. Anant says how will you earn if you don’t take money. Jignesh says I have a secret, I earn more money from it than this coffee shop. He takes her coffee shop and turns it upside down. He reads the coffee cup and asks her name.

She says Ahana Raichand Mathur. He says your dad is no more, you loved him dearly. She says yes. He says you have an elder sister, you don’t get along your mum well. She asks how do you know. He says I can say your future by the coffee left over in your cup, foreigners happily pay me for this, I can give you free service. Anant says I don’t believe in all this, you can tell my wife’s future. Ahana asks Jignesh to say her future. He says I can see love, it has been incomplete since many birthdays, this story makes the lovers feel incomplete. Rehaan says I feel incomplete, I m not able to understand myself, Karan sorry, I called you here, I have no one to talk. Karan says I m listening. Rehaan says I didn’t fight with my friends, I feel someone did magic on me. Jignesh says it will be like an obsession. Anant says its really like that. Jignesh says this love isn’t easy. Anant says I worked hard to marry her, don’t make me work hard to love her.

Jignesh says this love will have hatred as well. Karan asks why do you hate her. Rehaan says she snatched Anant and made me out of the house, what shall I do if I don’t hate her. Karan says Anant is not a kid, he can take care of himself, its his life. Jignesh says these two lovers will try their best to not make this love possible. Ahana says you got late, we are already married. Jignesh says I m talking about love, not marriage, if its about marriage, then one lover will do everything to maintain the marriage, while the other will do everything to maintain hatred. Ahana worries. Anant says I don’t believe in all this, thank you for entertaining us. Ahana says thanks for lovely coffee, your restaurant is really good. They leave. Jignesh says I m not a medium, someone else has written the story.

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