Wedding planners Update Tuesday 14 December 2021

Wedding planners 14 December 2021: The Episode starts with Preeti saying I will always keep your trust. Neelima says prove that your son didn’t steal it. Preeti says fine, I will prove it, take the necklace. Neelima says I will take the necklace when you prove the truth. KT wipes Preeti’s tears. He says I can’t see your tears, it hurts me. Neil helps Priyanka. He asks what was the need to do this, you had fractured your leg, it was a big career opportunity. She says you didn’t trust me, I chose you between my career and you. He says I told that in anger, even if you went to UK, I would have not doubted you, I would have supported you, love means that, I will always regret that you left this opportunity because of me, sorry. She says I feel proud of our love. He says promise me, you won’t lose such opportunity again. She says I promise, you will choose me when you fall in such dilemma. He says of course, I promise. Sneha comes to Neelima.

Juhi comes and greets. Neelima asks her to book a table in the restaurant, they have to talk about Neil’s alliance with Maheshwaris. She taunts about Preeti. She says we want good family line for Neil. Sneha says I will get ready, I m Neil’s mum. Neelima says we will handle it, I don’t want to take crowd with me. She goes. Sneha gets sad.Preeti sees the til papdi. She asks did you order it. KT asks her to eat it. She says I don’t eat it since Juhi’s incident. He says Juhi is fine, you are also fine, so til papdi will be fine, forgive it now, lets make a new start. She tastes it. He says its world’s best right. She says yes, its extra crunchy. He says I followed the recipe. She asks did you make it. He laughs. He says it was a surprise for you, you told about Juhi, I thought to do this for you. She happily cries. He says I made this for you, why are you crying, did you not like it, I won’t make it again. She says you made my day special, no one did this for me, I will always remember this day. He says I m glad, you did a lot for me, really, you made many days special for me, I will not roast the til/sesame seeds much. They have the papdi and smile. She goes and sees Arjun.

She fakes a call to the lab for the box tests. Arjun hears it and thinks mom will be trapped, no, I can’t let this happen. He goes to KT’s room. He says I hope this solution works and fingerprints disappear. Preeti comes and stops him. She switches on the lights. She says you went to Tarun with Neelima’s necklace to ask for loan, don’t lie to me, tell the truth. He says yes, I went to Tarun, I have stolen it. She asks why did you go. He says I hate you, KT gives you more imp, I want him to hate you, so I did this to make you fall in his sight. KT comes and asks what should I do, its a pleasant surprise. Preeti says nothing, he is asking college timings. KT says I thought its some serious matter. Preeti asks what will I talk to him. KT asks sure.

Ajrun says yes. He gets a call. He asks what’s this bottle. Preeti says glass cleaning solution. KT goes. Preeti says Arjun, I have hidden the truth from KT, not to save you, but because I can’t see him sad, once his trust breaks, you can’t get it back, KT loves you a lot, if you do anything wrong, then he will be hurt, think of it, he is doing a lot for your happiness, you got a big family and everything, don’t hurt his heart, don’t do anything that you lose this happiness, that hurts KT. Arjun goes.Preeti thinks why did Nandini die, is she playing a game with me, did I make a mistake by trusting her, I have to find out. She goes to check Nandini’s room. Nandini comes. Preeti hides. Nandini goes. Preeti gets Nandini’s phone and checks. She reads Rati’s message… I hope the plan worked, did KT throw out Preeti from the house, you will become the family bahu as you wanted. She says it means Nandini and Rati planned this and used Tarun, it means Nandini is acting good, she didn’t change, she has same thinking to hurt others, why did she come back, what’s her motive. Shivraj asking KT and Preeti to fill the visa application and go for the visa interview. KT asks why. Shivraj says I m sending you both to Switzerland for the honeymoon, go and enjoy. Nandini thinks Preeti will refuse. KT asks what was the need. Preeti thanks Shivraj. KT asks do you want to go to Switzerland on honeymoon.

Neil asks KT not to embarrass Preeti by asking the same question. Preeti says its my dream destination, I liked Switzerland watching it in Sridevi’s movie. Neelima/Kushala taunts Preeti. Shivraj jokes on her bitter words. He says dreams have no age or end. KT asks Preeti to prepare for the honeymoon.Nandini asks Preeti what did she promise him, that she will end KT and her distance. Preeti says you and KT will go on honeymoon so that your differences end. Nandini asks really. Preeti says yes, I will bring you two together and go away, hide this from KT. Nandini says of course. She smiles. She thinks Preeti is a big fool to make such a big sacrifice. Preeti thinks I want to know your truth by giving you this greed, I know you are playing a big game, its imp to know your truth, this time my strike will be different. She comes to room. She feels cold and sees the AC on. KT comes and asks how will you manage it when you feel cold in Switzerland, what’s on your mind, tell me. She thinks I can’t tell you the truth until I find Nandini’s truth. She says its my childhood dream to dance in the snow mountains. KT laughs and asks really, you will get chilled there. He switches off the AC. He asks Preeti to cover herself. She shivers. He says I will get coffee for you. She says I m fine, I don’t want coffee. She calls him and says I don’t want coffee. He says relax, don’t argue, you will be fine, I m coming. He makes a cup of coffee.

He adds brandy in the coffee. He says your cold will be gone now. He takes the coffee for Preeti. She drinks it. He asks are you feeling okay, will you go to Switzerland for honeymoon. He laughs. She smiles.

She says I know what you did. They laugh. She gets drunk. KT worries. Preeti says now I will go to Switzerland, I will fly in the snow. He asks her to sit. She says I will dance there. He asks her to have water, she will be fine. Neelima says an alliance came for you, Kushala is going to meet Maheshwaris tomorrow. Neil asks won’t anyone ask me. Sneha says she didn’t even ask me, go and talk to Kushala. Neil says I can’t marry, I love Priyanka.Preeti plays music and dances on the couch. Chor bazaari….plays…. KT looks on surprised and smiles. He dances with her. She tears a pillow and throws away the fur. They laugh and fall on the bed. She asks shall I tell you something, some secret. KT says yes. She says nothing. He asks her to sleep. He says we will talk tomorrow, just sleep. He sleeps on the couch. She says I wanted to tell you that I started feeling something for you, I don’t like anything without you, I want to give you happiness, you are a good person, I like you a lot, you gave me lots of respect, you supported me, I don’t know what I m feeling, but you have become special in my life, I like your kiddish things, I want to see you like this. KT wakes up and looks at her. Ik tara….plays…

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