Wedding planners update Friday 10 December 2021

Wedding planners 10 December 2021: The Episode starts with Nandini saying I slipped by mistake and fell down, we had a fight and I said all that. Inspector scolds her for wasting their time and goes. Shivraj says you should be ashamed, KT would have gone to jail. Nandini says how could he go to jail, hurting him would mean hurting myself. Preeti thinks Nandini saved KT from going to jail by saying the truth. She recalls Kusum’s words. Arjun says you took a big risk. Nandini says I had to take risk to take Preeti out of my way, but your dad came in between. Preeti thinks does Nandini really love KT.

Nandini sees Preeti in the mirror and does a drama. She slaps Arjun and asks why didn’t you stop me from doing this wrong thing, when I called the police, I could have not forgiven myself if KT went to jail, I just want my family back. She shows Preeti to Arjun. Nandini says I made a big mistake to choose wrong way, I wish I had the courage to meet him and apologize, you know I love him a lot, I understand, I don’t want you to do any mistake, he will never forgive me, his wounds are deep, he had spent 17 years in my memories, he loves me a lot, we should go back to Singapore. Arjun says no, I dreamt to have a family, KT doesn’t love Preeti, he loves you. Nandini says your dream won’t get fulfilled, we are going to Singapore. Preeti thinks Nandini is repenting for her mistakes, she won’t cheat him again. Nandini and Arjun cry.

Preeti goes and thinks of KT’s words. She thinks maybe KT and Nandini are made for each other. Paas aaye….plays… She cries.She comes to KT. He asks what happened. She asks wound didn’t heal. He does the aid. She thinks I got the right ointment for your wounds. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He says I know the day was tough for us. He takes rest. She says you look very handsome today. He says what is it, you complimented me today. She goes crying. She calls out Nandini.

She says you and KT should unite. Nandini asks will you leave from his life forever. Preeti says yes, but not so soon, KT is broken apart, I can’t leave him in this state, when he feels love for you again and accepts you, then I will leave from this house and his life, its my promise. She goes. Nandini smiles.KT rests in Neelima’s lap and talks to her. He says I will never be able to make my relation strong with Arjun, my son was away for 17 years, now he is here, even then I feel helpless, its wrong. Preeti goes to Arjun and asks him to listen to her for KT’s sake. Arjun comes to KT and apologizes. He says forgive me for calling the police. He hugs KT. KT says I can never be upset with you. Neelima smiles and says my AT and KT, both are the best. Preeti thinks you lost 17 years of your son’s age, I won’t let you lose anything now, you have to accept Nandini and complete the family. Preeti holding KT when he reaches the end of the bed while sleeping. He wakes up and says its a dream. She says yes. He says you are coming a lot in my dreams these days. She asks him to wake up, its not about office, but Arjun. He asks is he fine. She says yes.

He says let me sleep. She says if he sits idle, then he can get busy in wrong things, we have to get his admission in college. He asks why. She says for studies. He says we will get admission for him in any college he wants, you don’t worry, sleep. She says I have spoken in all the colleges, he isn’t getting admission anywhere, that college is also nice. He says you are amazing, you can convince anyone, Arjun’s admission is done, right, you are also like a principal. She asks what did you say, say it again.

He says I m not scared, you sound like a principal, you are so discipline. She smiles. She says if you behave like a naughty spoilt man, I have to be strict. He says please fix meeting with the principal, we will go. She says I can’t go, you go with Nandini, it will be good. He says I won’t go with him, I will get the admission some how. He goes. Nandini comes to Preeti. She says he won’t agree, he is upset with me. Preeti says I will convince him. Everyone tries to get admission for Arjun. Madhu says its mid term. Neelima asks KT to call the ministry. Preeti says I think Arjun should get admission based on merits, not recommendations, our Arjun isn’t such, he is so sensible, if we see that we are giving him time, then he will also give his best. Neelima says its not about your son’s admission, he should get special treatment. Shivraj says Preeti is saying right, Arjun should get admission on merits. KT goes.

Kusum says I will go to market and come. Priyanka shuts the door. Neil comes home in disguise. She gets shocked. She asks what’s all this. He says you have stopped teaching me, so I started pest control, I left studies. She asks did you go mad. He says my tutor left me, why do you care. She says I don’t care, go from here. He says don’t lie. She says I m much hurt by Kushala’s words, I can’t live with a tag that I trapped a rich guy, I m trying to go away from you, just go. She cries. He says forget it for now, look at me, tell me what do you feel, I love you, I m falling in love with you, if you don’t feel it, then tell me, I will never come in front of you.He says fine, I will never meet you from now. She stops him and says I love you. He smiles. She hugs him. She says I m so sorry. He says there will be just happiness in our lives, I promise. KT and Preeti are at office.

Preeti says Arjun will manage KT’s company, KT and Arjun can spend time. Sheena asks doesn’t he have college. Preeti says ask KT, he didn’t get Arjun’s admission done, so he has to work now. KT says I can see you got Sheena in your team. Preeti asks don’t you want Arjun to study. KT says yes, I won’t get admission on your condition, I will do it, don’t worry. Sheena says I will go.KT says next time, choose the team carefully. Sheena says sorry. KT stops Preeti and asks what’s going on in your mind, I can read you well, tell me what’s the truth, why are you trying to bring Nandini close to me.

Arjun comes and hugs KT. He says I know you are angry with Nandini, even then you agreed for my sake, you are the best, I got matching tshirts for us. KT likes their pic on their tshirt. Arjun says we will wear it together. Preeti says you both have a photo session today. KT and Arjun agree. Arjun goes on a call. KT says sorry, now I understood, you are doing this to bring Arjun close to me. She says its fine. He says you are the best. He hugs her. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt button. She says be careful, it may break. He says I won’t let it break. Do pal…plays… He frees it and goes.

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