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Wedding planners 9 december 2021: The Episode starts with KT holding Preeti and saying fine, kiss is a private moment, there is no one here, now I will kiss you, you won’t stop me, I m your husband, you will do a wife’s duty. Preeti cries and pushes him. She says you really thing relation gets strong when two bodies meet, why are you becoming the person you aren’t, talk to me, tell me, will you be able to respect yourself, answer me, then I will not stop you. She asks him to do anything, he wants just husband’s rights. She asks him to come.

KT goes towards her. She gets tensed. He covers her up with the saree pallu. Ik tara….plays… He says sorry. He falls on the bed. She cares for him and puts him to sleep. She thinks your goodness is much, but Nandini’s hatred made you such, I promise I will get old KT back. She cries.Its morning, KT wakes up. Preeti gets apple and ginger juice. He recalls everything. He apologizes to her. She packs bags. He says don’t leave please, don’t go, forgive me. She says Arjun and you are going to Mount Abu to spend time and know each other. He says you have thought well. She asks him to convince Arjun, take him out for lunch, you tell him that you want to live the time with him, Arjun will understand. He thanks her.

He says sorry, I will never repeat my mistake, I realize I did wrong, please forgive me. Neelima comes and asks Preeti to come with her, they will have tea. Preeti goes with her. Neelima asks her to sit. She says something is happening every day that KT is ashamed, the world knows it now that you and KT have husband and wife’s relation, why did you marry KT, you are not fitting in his life and our family, what are you doing here, when KT and Nandini were together, we had just happiness in this house, you came two weeks back, I have seen the same KT shattering, happiness isn’t there in his face, he did a lot for you, isn’t your duty to give him happiness, I want to see him happy, just restore the happiness in his life. She goes. Preeti thinks.

Neil comes to meet Priyanka. She says I can’t teach you now, I m not comfortable with Neelima’s thinking, I don’t want anyone to insult Kusum and Preeti. He says don’t take her words seriously. She says we have own esteem, we can’t tolerate anyone insulting it, better we end it here. Neil asks her to listen. KT asks Arjun to come, they will visit a new cafe. Arjun says great idea. He gets Nandini’s call. He asks are you fine, I will come. He says I have to go, mom took the car you gifted me, an accident happened, she got into a fight with the biker. Preeti says we will go there. KT and Preeti leave. Nandini pays the men and ask them to start the drama. The man misbehaves with her. She says I will pay for the loss, I will give money, leave my hand.

KT and Preeti come and look on. KT beats the man. The men catch him. The man asks who is she, why do you care. KT says she means everything to me. Nandini smiles.KT bashes the men. They run away. Nandini calms him down. KT sees Preeti and goes. Nandini says you have seen my place in his life, I will be back in his life. Nandini saying I will be with KT very soon. Preeti gets sad. KT looks at her. They come home. Arjun asks Nandini are you fine. Nandini says yes, thank God your dad came on time and saved me. Arjun thanks KT. He says mom always handled things alone, I want you and mom to get together. Neelima says blood ties are the closest. KT goes out and gets sad. Preeti comes to him and does the aid. She cares for him. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays…. She asks who is Nandini to you. He says enough aid now. She asks him again. He says you are my wife, I don’t need to talk anything else, I don’t care. She says I do care about your feelings, I want to know it, can we maturely talk out, don’t run away.

He says when person needs to lie, it means truth shouldn’t come out. She says but you hate lies, where will you find peace by lying, do you love Nandini. He asks what are you saying. She asks him to swear on her and say it, does he love Nandini even today. He says I don’t know the truth myself, I have loved her the most, maybe I can’t love anyone else, this is my truth. She gets shocked. He goes. She cries. Thodi jagah dede mujhe….plays… She thinks of KT. Neil calls Priyanka. She disconnects. He asks why do I feel restless when she isn’t talking to me.

Preeti says I have lost Kusum, KT loves Nandini, not me. Kusum says this can’t happen, he can’t love that Naagin, she isn’t a good human. Preeti says KT feels inclined towards her, he loves her, I came between them. Kusum says don’t sacrifice your relation, Nandini didn’t come back for love or husband, but for something else. KT goes to Nandini. He says its too much of your drama now, I m fed up, my wife is troubled, its better you leave my house, I got you here on Arjun’s words, just go. He drags her out. Everyone looks on. Preeti says I will talk later. She ends call and goes to stop KT. She says Arjun will see and feel bad. KT says I will handle him, I was silent because of Arjun. Nandini thinks its the right chance. She slips down the stairs. She faints.

Arjun comes and worries for her. She gets treated. Arjun calls the police home. Nandini says Preeti wanted to kill me, she has pushed me down, see I m so hurt, arrest her. Arjun says yes, Preeti is jealous that KT will return to us. Preeti thinks Nandini is lying, I have to stay quiet, else she will blame KT. KT says its a lie. Nandini says arrest her. Preeti gets arrested. Shivraj asks Neil to call the commissioner. Inspector says we have to do our duty. KT stops him. He says leave my wife, its not her mistake, Nandini fell down because of me. Neelima asks what. He says yes, I had pushed Nandini. Preeti says no, he didn’t do anything, I did it. KT says I did it, arrest me. Nandini thinks they are ready to go to jail to save each other. KT says I held Nandini’s hand, arrest me. Nandini thinks I did a mistake by calling police. Nandini stops them.

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  1. This movie is interesting, where can I download this movie after it get finish on starlife? Cos I have missed some episode


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