The insolent heart update Wednesday 8 december 2021


The insolent heart 8 december 2021: The episode begins with, mehar aims at the target, she aims correct, sani losses to her, sani says well done mehar u won and nisar now ur turn , nisar says sir, rati shouts cmon nisar do it, all start cheering nisar, nisar and mehar compete, nisar losses too,sani says mehar u aren’t allowing anyone to win, is anyone there who can defeat boss, yes my lion my friend abeer, lovely says wow so exciting, sani says abeer plz come, mehar says enough sir, abeer says she is scared sani sir, sani says she wont cmon mehar compete with abeer, mehar says sir enough plz, abeer says she is scared to lose and then have beer u know, lovely says mehar isn’t the one who gives up so abeer be ready to lose, all cheer mehar.

Abeer says first chance mine, mehar says no mine,lovely says relax lets toss but in interesting way, u guys have to stare and the one who winks first loses, abeer says i don’t mind, abeer and mehar start the game and both stare into eachothers eyes, and all cheer for them. Nisar asks waiter to take care of everyone, he sees rati struggling with the chair and goes to her and helps her, nisar says i am sorry i didn’t win and u know i always dreamed of my show, anyways forget all that lets go party, rati says no i am fine actually if i go with u all will gossip abt us like abeer and mehar,nisar asks what office people thinking abeer and mehar are dating, rati says yes people also say mehar mam is trying to impress him, they want something to happen between them.

Nisar calls abeer, but abeer doesn’t look at him, so nisar shooks him, lovely says so abeer loses, abeer says nisar, nisar says i need u bro plz, abeer says ok lets go, nisar says abeer office is gossiping between u and mehar, abeer smiles, nisar says its not funny, abeer says yes its interesting, nisar says abeer no one knows abt ur past i mean think abt it, abeer says so people think mehar is losing on me right, nisar says abeer stop all this, she is girl , i am just caring abt my friend, don’t make her uncomfortable are u understanding, abeer says chill and goes.

Game between abeer and mehar starts, abeer says did u forget those clg days, mehar targets the bulls eye, all praise mehar, mehar says abeer time flies away, abeer says okay and aims the but misses it, abeer drinks a glass of bear and wispers in mehars ears this for my ex wife, sani says abeer do something, abeer says sir if i lose bear but what if i win, sani says ask for it i will give u, abeer says a dance with my boss,mehar looks at abeer angrily, abeer says this is only if u lose but u never,sani says yes meharji cmon, mehar says ok agreed, abeer and mehar start game again, he aims the bulls eye, mehar aims, abeer says u look scared or is it something, mehar ignores him, abeer says be careful if u lose u know, mehar misses it, abeer smiles, nishi says no worries baby next time, mehar picks the glass of bear,abeer says if u cant no worries its fine just say i cant, mehar drinks the whole glass in anger,

abeer aims the next bulls eyes too, mehars turns abeer distracts her, she misses it, abeer goes on winning and distracting mehar during her turn, and so mehar has to drink bear glasses. Abeer wins the game, abeer says this time its my turn the heros turn,abeer and mehar start dancing, abeer pulls her pushes her, spins her and leaves her, mehar says i have danced the dare is over. mehar dances with abeer and says the dare is done and leaves,abeer starts dancing on badam pe sitarre song troubling and forcing mehar into dance, nisar feels bad for mehar, and while dancing with mehar abeer pulls her and her dress tears from behind and abeer sees his names tattoo on her back, abeer says u still have this even after our separation, why this mehar and leaves her hair and the tattoo hides, mehar says some things u cant get rid of even if u want to and this is one of that, mehar walks away.

sani says wow abeer u won, nisar goes to mehar and gives her his jacket, mehar is in tears, nisar says take care mehar and leaves. Nisar takes abeer along with him, lovely drunk stops mehar and says I know abeer is hot and u know, mehar ignores her and leaves.nisar takes abeer with him out of party and says abeer why did u do that to mehar,abeer says that was just a game, nisar says plz u did that on purpose, abeer says it was fun, nisar says abeer think what she must have gone through.mehar in washroom thinks abt the tattoo and abeers words and starts crying memorizing her past. Nisar scolds abeer and asks why that dress why did u tear her dress, abeer says that was by mistake and u are over acting and whose side are u.mehar is broken and is crying and feeling bad,she washes her face.nisar says abeer its not abt taking sides, abeer says its not side it’s the old crush that is coming back and its also bcoz of that 9 pm slot,nisar says how could u say that, abeer says bcoz u are mehars puppet, abeer and nisar get into fight,its raining, rati reaches there and sees abeer and nisar fighting and thinks on why are these two fighting and decides to call mehar.

Rati goes back to the party and asks lovely where is mehar, lovely says must be upstairs, rati goes to mehar and says abeer and nisar sir are actually figting out there, mehar says sorry I cant help u let them sort on their own and leaves. Next day in office mehar along with nisar, nisar has is nose banded, mehar says I could wait yesterday but I left bcoz I wanted u two sort it by ur own and not come in between u two, nisar says I don’t know why is abeer doing so, I tried telling him but he doesn’t understand, mehar says i know , see he is ur friend and if u will take my side this is what will happen I don’t want to be the reason of ur fights, nisar says mehar all this is true but abeer has to move on he is still in his 8 yr old past.

Madhvi goes to abeers room and wakes abeer and sees his face and asks what is all this how did u get hurt, abeer says mom plz and goes to washroom, abeer comes out and sees madhvis face and says nisar gave this tattoo friendship tattoo, madhvi says nisar no ways, abeer says why don’t u believe me, madhvi says I don’t believe u, anyways u never share anything to me, abeer asks what does that mean, madhvi says didn’t u go to mehars house drunk, abeer says oh so that day in office u came to gossip, madhvi says don’t talk foolish, abeer says u don’t believe ask nisar, madhvi says abeer what u did at mehars house was not good, she is quite that doesn’t mean she is week and stop insulting her every next day and I treat her as my daughter and I wont accept this behavior of urs with mehar or any girl, abeer says that’s what she wants she came to my office now also troubling me here in house through u, madhvi says she didn’t tell me to trouble u but to calm me bcoz I was worried for u, and abeer let her live her life, the pain u give her also u have to face it, ur dad never respect any women don’t be like ur dad, u really disappointed me, stop all this, live and let her live, madhvi leaves,abeer says mehar first nisar , sasha and now mom, u will have to repay for all this.

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