To die for love Update Tuesday 4 January 2022

To die for love 4 January 2022: Virat throttles Arohi. Arohi shoves him and says recall all the sins you have done. Deep says where is this drum voice coming from? He looks around. Arohi and Virat fight. Virat puts knife on her. He says your game is over. Tell me who are you and how do you know about my past. Deep comes out of that room. Wasu comes and says pandit ji is inside. He is doing pooja there. Virat says tell me who you people are.

Arohi is about to stab Virat. Virat runs towards the window. Arohi goes after him. Wasu is doing pooja. Arohi goes to a desserted place. She recalls everything virat did. Arohi beats him badly.
Surekha sees them. Surekha calls WAsu. Arohi is about to kill Virat. Virat throws sand in her eyes. Abhi comes and throws water on her face. He says what were you doing. Arohi says where could he go. Deep runs after wasu and says why are you running here. WHat happened? She says my heart was sinking. Deep says you could call me. Lets go home. You know this is dangerous. They go back home. Deep says go to your room and rest.

Arohi’s dupatta gets stuck in deep’s sleeve. Deep says why does she remind me of Arohi? Tara says to deep Virat is missing.
Deep calls his men and asks them to look for virat. Wasu says I am going to pray in temple. DEep says it is not safe. I will come with you. Wasu says no I will go alone. Deep says try to understand. She says I am suffocating in this house. Deep says you can do pooja in the house. Deep files report in police. Wasu sees arohi’s ring in the close. Se says to deep someone tried opening my ring. Whose ring is this? Wasu says tara this is yours right? I felt like someone came to my room.

What were you looking for in my closet? This trunk? Tara says I didn’t come. I don’t know how it came here. I didn’t know if there is a trunk, Wat is in it? wasu says stay away from it.WAsy hides the trunk. She says there are so many secrets in it.Arohi says to abhi what is that trunk .Police comes. Inspector says we looked everywhere. We only found his purse. We found this earring. Wasu says in heart this is mine. He says this button. Abhi says in heart this is mine. He says and this bangle. Surekha says in heart this is mine.

Tara shouts and says find my brother. Inspector says we doubt he was near the cliff. Maybe an animal attacked him. We will try to find where he is. Inspector leaves. Tara sits in anger. Deep says to inspector outside we want to withdraw this case. I will investigate myself. Inspector says we are sure there was some tragedy. Deep says I don’t want any further investigation. Inspector says okay as you wish. We also found this bracelet there. Deep recalls it was Manpreet’s. Inspector leaves. DEep says I had serious doubts on her. Deep comes in. Tara says Deep do something. You have to find Virat. I want him back. Wasu pretends to be fainting. She says I want to do poooja. I want to be alone for a while. Wasu goes to her room.

Surekha is closing the trunk. Abhi walks towards Wasu’s room. Arohi says what happened after there was sand in my eyes? Abhi says that’s all I saw last. If virat is dead then it is good for you. Tara says to Deep who could it be? Arohi says Abhi was right. I have to focus on Deep. Someone blindfolds Arohi and shoves her in her room. Deep hits her with a rod. He has a sword in his hand. Arohi says who is it. I have not done anythin. Please let me go. Deep says is she the same who attacked me with mask on her face? Deep goes out. Abhi comes and picks arohi. He takes off the cloth from her eyes. Abhi says are you okay? Arhi says I know why he did this. Abhi helps her with her sprain. Abhi says you have to be very strong.

Deep says to Tara I will find out who is behind all this. Tara hugs him and says thank you Deep. Please bring my brother back. Arohi keeps and eye on Wasu. she says why is wasu acting weird after virat has gone. Deep says to Bindya why were you looking inside the room? She says was just looking if ma ji is okay. aroh =i hides. Arohi wonders who was Mausi talking about.Arohi comes to mausi. Her face is hidden with a sheet. Arohi says wake up. Mausi isn’t there. arohi says she ran? She will tell Deep everything. I have to know everything. The secret she was talking about.

Arohi comes back home. The servant tells her she is still in her room. Arohi goes near. Deep says no one has to disturb her. Arohi asys I have to remind her of her medicine. I am her doctor. Deep says okay go.
Arohi goes in. Wasu is sitting and doing pooja. Arohi opens her closet and screams. there is a bleeding hand inside.

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