Wedding planners update Wednesday 10 November 2021

Wedding planners 10 November 2021: The Episode starts with KT defending Preeti. He says she teaches me hardwork, she can’t choose an easy way, I trust her. Preeti shows the fake nail to Juhi. Sneha says maybe Preeti is right, if KT trusts her a lot. Neelima says I also want it, I can’t see anyone hurting KT again. Juhi says Priyanka wears artificial nails, did she go this. Priyanka hears them and worries. Preeti says its your family, how can you think so, Priyanka keeps anger on her face, but she is good hearted, she can’t do this, stop spying, go and sleep now.

Juhi thinks I know, but I got a doubt in my heart, I will just see her and clear this doubt. Priyanka acts to be sleeping. Juhi checks her nails. She sees different nail polish. She says I m sorry Priyanka, I doubted you. She goes. Preeti says I told you not to check. Juhi says I wanted to check. Preeti says you know Kusum will be so hurt knowing this, Priyanka can never do this, she has encouraged me before my work, how can you think so, she is a responsible and mature girl, she knows its wrong to ruin someone’s hardwork. Juhi says yes, I m so foolish, Priyanka can never do wrong. They go. Priyanka cries and recalls applying a different nail polish.

Its morning, Preeti comes to office. She sees the battery and recalls his words. KT comes and says I had a good sleep, you encouraged me well, I wanted to announce that we are planning weddings, we will get our first contract today. Preeti says I m warding off the bad sight by tapping. KT says I want to save myself from bad sight, I thought I m so handsome. She holds her hand. Sheena comes. She gives the meeting schedule. She says Mrs. Goplani’s daughter’s marriage is fixed, she wants us to plan it, its her birthday today. Preeti says we will meet her and take flowers for her. Sheena says I will order the flowers. Preeti says you have researched well. Sheena says thanks, I was giving my best. KT stops Sheena. He apologizes to her. He says I accused you of cheat, I m really sorry, accept this gift from my side. She says don’t say sorry. He says shaadi mubarak isn’t a MNC, its a lovely family to join hearts, everyone has a right to state opinion and say sorry, we will win and lose together, we won’t lose if we are together.

Sheena says this sounds cute, we will take a family selfie. They take a selfie.Sheena asks them to just go and meet Mrs. Goplani. KT says don’t worry, we will reach before time. He calls the driver. The driver says car isn’t starting. KT says get another car from home. Preeti says we can book a cab. He jokes. He says no cabs are available. She says if we get late, Mrs. Goplani will cancel the meeting. Rati asks Tarun will he wash utensils. He asks her to go, he will manage. She says I m so lucky to get you. She goes. Door bell rings. He asks what did you forget now. Priyanka comes to meet him. She asks Rati. He says he just left, this is my situation in my house, I have to wash utensils, she makes excuses and runs away, there was no love in my marriage, I feel caught in jail, just you can save me. She says I helped you, but I saw Preeti, she had worked hard for this project, everything got ruined, I can’t see her pain. He says yes, but I can just ask you for help.

KT asks Preeti to sit on the bike. She asks him to sit ahead. He asks shall I sit on the tank. She sits beside him. He says I forgot to take helmet, we will get late, hold me. She closes eyes. Tarun says I know you are feeling bad, you are good hearted, my situation is such, Rati has to leave my life, I don’t want to hurt you and mum, Rati will get promoted, I can divorce her, support me. Priyanka says sorry, I can’t cheat Preeti. Tarun says you can help me, Preeti doesn’t want to work, she isn’t smart or modern, she is working because of Rati, once I get divorced from Rati, I will get her home with all the respect, then I will give mum’s fav bahu to mum, you… She asks me? He says I really understood your value, family is formed by valuing each other, you are lovely, you understand me, you respect mum so much. He gets a ring and proposes her for marriage. She smiles. She says no Tarun, I can’t marry you, you are married, KT sings and drives. Preeti asks him to be careful. He tells his movie scene, how hero and heroine fall in love.

KT saying I m worried you will feel bad, so I will get quiet. He sings and drives. Preeti thinks there are many people here, they can see us together. KT sees her in the mirror. He says I can understand why you are worried. She asks how did he understand. He says relax, I will give a solution, just tie up your hair, your hair won’t get spoiled, problem solved. She thinks I m worried that anyone can see us. She sees a lady and puts pallu on her head. KT says my wife… Ik tara….plays…. He says my film heroine also had the pallu on her head this way, sorry I forgot, we won’t talk about my movie.

Tarun says you love me right, love never ends, what happened then, we can get together in future, why do you want to hurt you, I know.I m in your heart, you love me. Priyanka says I love you, I trust you, my marriage is getting fixed, you are married, people will make news about us. He says you are a modern and independent girl, you don’t have such small thinking to sacrifice your happiness, tell me, am I thinking wrong. She says no. She takes the ring. He smiles. KT says we reached. Sheena says florist is coming there to deliver the flowers. Preeti says fine. KT stays back to receive the flowers. Watchman asks her to go by back door. She goes. KT gets the bouquet and says I have come to meet Mrs. Goplani. Watchman takes his pic. KT says thanks. Watchman asks him to go by front door. KT meets Mrs. Goplani and wishes her happy birthday. He flirts with her. She laughs.

She says I feel I have seen you somewhere. He says I m either in dreams or the big screen. She says you are the KT. He says yes. She takes a selfie. He says your house is very beautiful. She says thanks, I didn’t know you have started wedding planning company, I want all superstars. KT says sure, me and my partner won’t let you down. She says Tiger and Disha should be there. He says think its done. She says then I m giving you this work. He says my partner is good in her work, did you meet her. She says no, our pics got many likes. He calls Preeti. He says I have to find my partner. Mrs. Goplani says time can stop for you, see you later, go and find your partner. Preeti calls KT. Mrs. Goplani sees her. She asks did you work before. Preeti says no, it will be first one. Mrs. Goplani asks how will you work. She asks Dolly how did she finalize Preeti.

Dolly says Sheena said she will do the work well. Preeti says yes, we won’t disappoint you, we need work. Mrs. Goplani says fine, its my only son’s wedding, I want everything perfect, the guests will have their own choices, work load will be much, I don’t want anyone to say that mehendi artist has run away. She says no, I m Preeti Jindal, its my visiting card, I not a mehendi artist. KT comes and says you are here. Mrs. Goplani asks do you know her. KT says yes, she is my partner, Shaadi Mubarak’s CEO and co founder, Preeti Jindal. Mrs. Goplani asks what, I m surprised. KT says I m surprised on my fate that she is my partner, she is very talented, its all her hard work, we can continue the meeting, we will fulfill your needs and wishes too. Mrs. Goplani says sorry, I need to go, I will give you a call, we will meet some other day. KT says sure. Preeti says I will just come. KT says don’t disappear this time. He goes. Preeti says sorry, if its my misunderstanding, I feel you don’t like me, if I m right, can you tell me, why. Mrs. Goplani says yes, I don’t like you, look at your face and this house’s beautiful decor, can you see anything less than perfect, I like everything perfect, I didn’t let any dark coloured person stand near me, you came in my house. Preeti recalls Tarun’s words. Juhi sees the ring in Priyanka’s room. Priyanka argues. She says its my ring. Juhi asks when did you buy the costly ring.

Priyanka says Amit has given it to me. Juhi says its great. Kusum says you both bond well for the first time. Priyanka stops Juhi. Juhi asks shall we call Amit home. Kusum says its not good to meet before roka. Priyanka says its not a big thing these days. Kusum says we are always following customs, marriage isn’t a joke, your relation is fixed, it shouldn’t break. Mrs. Goplani says I feel bad for KT, I will refuse him. Preeti says you have a problem with my complexion, we will work hard for the marriage, just see the theme, its the best. Mrs. Goplani throws the files and scolds her. Preeti says you are selecting us for work, not for complexion, you are doing wrong, that’s why I m telling you. She picks the papers. Dolly says your image will get spoiled if she complains about you on social media, even KT will take media’s help, these days its a big problem to call anyone fat or dark. Mrs. Goplani says you are right. She stops Preeti and says I won’t go against my word, I said yes to KT, I have a condition, you won’t be seen in any function or meeting, you can do work backstage, KT will be in front, I want everything perfect and beautiful in my son’s wedding, do you agree. Preeti thinks.

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