Wedding planners update Thursday 11 November 2021

Wedding planners 11 November 2021: The Episode starts with Mrs. Goplani asking Preeti to take her time and tell her about the deal. She says remember, I m making this deal with KT and his company, not your face. Preeti gets sad and leaves. KT says I m waiting since long, we will be going in the car, not on the bike, come. She murmurs. He asks what. She hears some men singing. She stops them and gives a coin. She thinks even Lord Krishna was dark, then I m just a….. KT asks why do you look worried. The girls come to take selfie with him. He says you should also have memories, we look dark this side, we will turn that side to look bright and beautiful. Preeti feels sad. She says why do I feel bad that KT’s thinking is also like the world, this is the truth for me since childhood, if KT also thinks so, then I should not be surprised.

The girls leave. KT asks what were we talking, I forgot, when fans come to me, I forget everything. She says nothing, come. They leave.Kusum asks Juhi to stay away. Juhi says Preeti asked me not to let you go, you have to drink this karela juice. Kusum doesn’t like it. Juhi asks her to have it. Kusum feels like puke. She says its so bitter, just like Tarun. Juhi says I m also ashamed of him. She says Tarun’s words are like poison. Juhi says I didn’t think that Tarun will wait for long to make Preeti mute again. Priyanka says Tarun wasn’t bad, he changed since he married Rati, that was his mistake, they are not compatible. Juhi says no, he always heard others, if anyone tells you something, will you listen, you can differentiate between right and wrong. Priyanka feels guilty and goes. Juhi thinks why did Priyanka take Tarun’s side. Kusum says I drank the juice. She hides the glass. Juhi gets it and says drink it. Kusum says I will feed karela juice to Preeti as well. Preeti recalls Tarun and Rati’s words. She recalls Bua’s words. Bua asks her to use fairness creams, so that she looks good to Tarun’s dad, if you get fair, then your issues will get solved. FB ends.

Preeti asks why is just a woman’s complexion seen, not her qualities and nature. KT comes and says I see myself in mirror and praise myself. He praises himself as perfection package. He says everyone praises me since childhood.KT asks what did you heard since childhood. She recalls the taunts. He gets Neelima’s call and goes. She says how shall I say, you will never understand it. Juhi comes to Priyanka’s room and ask what was that, you said spoke bad about Tarun, how did you defend him today. Priyanka says I m speaking on the family matters, will you decide what I should say, I had one sided past with Tarun, I forgot him and moved on, I m not in contact, I m happy in my life. Juhi asks why are you explaining, I just asked you a little thing. Priyanka says you need to forget it and move on. She goes. Juhi says what happened to her.

Kusum gets mehendi design on her hands. Aastha puts the design. Kusum argues. Preeti comes. Kusum asks Preeti to get the same design, they will be twinning. Aastha asks do you know twinning. Preeti says Aastha would be tired. Kusum says no way, get the same design for the sake of our friendship. She says I like the mehendi designs a lot, I never waited for any festive. Preeti recalls removing the mehendi. Bua ji says its fine if you don’t apply mehendi, it doesn’t suit you in this complexion. FB ends. Preeti says I don’t want to apply. She goes to room and empties the cupboard. Kusum asks what happened. Preeti says I don’t want to wear these colours. Kusum says Juhi got this saree for you, cut this saree first, I m your mean friend, I will cut it for you. Preeti says no, Juhi gave it to me. Kusum says great, sit now and tell me what happened.

Preeti says this reminds me that my complexion doesn’t look good to anyone, this colour snatched a lot from me, husband’s love also, I never applied mehendi, my husband said it won’t suit me. She cries and says people always taunted me about dark colour, mum used to try remedies to make me fair and always prayed, no cream could affect me, double dowry was given because of my complexion, I got married, but this colour was a barrier between me and my husband, I was afraid that my children will get my complexion, I had eaten everything that guarantees fair children, when I felt that this colour will not snatch anything, but today I got to know that some people still dislike dark complexion, I didn’t know people will see my complexion, not my qualities. Kusum looks at her. Preeti telling Kusum about Mrs. Goplani’s matter. She says Mrs Goplani wants everything beautiful, she doesn’t want to give me work because of my complexion, its not KT’s mistake. Kusum says you should have answered her, I read about Melanin, its science, you also read it. Preeti says you are saying this to keep my heart, this dark complexion isn’t liked, its a big flaw, it will never leave me. KT calls Preeti.

Aastha gets the phone to Preeti. She asks is everything fine. Kusum asks Aastha to go out. Aastha says I came to give the phone, its KT’s call. Preeti thanks her. She answers call. KT says Mrs. Goplani called us for meeting, she said you will be telling me something, what’s the problem. She says nothing, we will surely do this, its first marriage for our company.He says we will make dosa philosophy a success, Chanda will be seeing it, we will make the marriage extra ordinary. She says sure and ends call. She says I won’t let Kt bear any loss because of me, I will not show my face to Mrs. Goplani, as she wants, maybe KT won’t understand this, he has heard praise of his looks always, he will not understand my pain, promise me, you won’t tell this to KT, if KT knows this, I can’t meet his eyes. Kusum promises. Preeti goes. Kusum says Preeti thinks she is lacking, she is very pretty, I hope someone explains her. KT comes to office and meets Preeti. He is much excited. She asks what’s the news. He says it will be written in history, we got the first contract, Mrs. Goplani said yes. She gets glad. He says yes, we did it. He goes to hug her. She gets away. He says sorry, I m habitual, people hug in film industry, its common for us. Preeti says anyone hugs strangers also.

He says yes, why would there be hesitation, if intention is clean, then there is no problem, hesitation is there if feelings are in heart. She says its not necessary to hug and express happiness. He says sure. He makes tea for her. He jokes.She says I like filmi songs, I will tell you something, I like Sridevi songs a lot, I know all of her songs. He asks what’s your fav song. She sings Har kisi ko nai milta…. He smiles. He also sings and says its my fav song also, we will shake hands and wish each other. She thinks if I don’t shake hands, he will think I have something in my heart. They shake hands. Ik tara….plays… He talks while holding her hand. She thinks leave my hand. He says I will call graphic designer first. He leaves her hand. He says oops…. She says oops. He says you are learning from me.

Chanda scolds her staff. Rati comes and hears her. She goes and calls Tarun. She says Preeti got a big contract from Mrs. Goplani, she will win the challenge, Chanda is too angry and scolded everyone, Preeti is rushing to win, ask Priyanka to help us again, if I know your mum’s ideas, I will snatch her project, we will be happy. He asks her not to worry, he can make Priyanka go anything. He sees Priyanka and calls her to his cabin. He says I m so worried, Rati broke things at home. She asks why. He says mum got a big project of Goplani, Rati’s boss scolded her, she vented frustration on me, so sorry, I have no one to help me, please get mum’s project information for me. She says enough Tarun, you know you will fall in own sight by doing this, I won’t let you fall, I know you want divorce from your greedy wife, but we can’t do wrong, there is another way to divorce Rati. He asks divorce?

KT says I didn’t see anyone designing wedding invite by hands, when there are many designs available in the market, great, you saved money for the graphic designer, but you are making it beautifully. She says its fun, it gives me happiness, customized card, we can make it when machines can’t make it, this will be our company’s USP. He says yes, you have much better business sense than me. The yellow colour glitter falls over them. He laughs and says you look cute, sparkling. She says see yourself, cute sparkling, we used to do this in childhood and get scolded by mum. She laughs. He says you look good when you laugh, there is no age for childhood, one should live well, because heart is a kid. They play with glitter. He says we have a meeting with Mrs. Goplani. She thinks I can’t tell it to KT. She pours colour on her saree. She says everything got spoiled, I can’t come for meeting, what will Mrs. Goplani say, you go alone. KT says none will see that stain, we will go in twinning, we will wear same colour clothes, we will buy new clothes. She says no need to soend. He says its fine, we got the first contract, I will arrange a new saree for you and some good clothes for myself, then we will go. He goes. She says how to get saved from this meeting.

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