Vani Rani update Monday 22 April 2024

Vani Rani 22 April 2024: Scene 1Vani leaves. Parkash says to Ajay after today keep your son away from mine.Kaviya says to Sartak please calm down. Adi will realize his mistake. Msihti says to Adi you have to accept your mistake but you won’t be made at Sartak.

Adi says go form here I know what to do.Sartak says please leave me alone Kaviya. I don’t want to talk to anyone. Kaviya leaves and Nandani comes there. prabha says to mishti its matter of elders. Go from here. Mishti leaves.Nandani says to Sartak you did right. Prabha says to Adhi why sartak is jealous of your happiness. Nandani says adi should pay for his sin.

Better that Anjali has seen his reality. Its abouot time you make anjali yours.Prabha says what about Anjali? She said she loved you. She still does. Go try to convince her. Don’t give up or someone else will have her.Nandani says don’t let adi be back to her life. This is the right time to tell her.

Scene 2Anjali says to Sartak I don’t wanna go to college. He says why? You said you are fine. She says don’t insist me. I can’t face anyone there and that adi would be there too. Please go. Sartak says I know you are a strong girl. These things can’t break you. Please come with me to college. Lets go. He packs her bag. Anjali looks at him and smiles. She says Sartak thank you for everything. Sartak says I am going. She says why? He says you are saying me thank you? She says sorry. He says now sorry? Say welcome and get out too. She smiles. Sartak saays thats my friend. Get ready i am waiting outside.

Nandani is getting ready. Sid hugs her from behind and caresses her face. He is dreaming of it. Nandani saays what happened? He says nothing. You look very pretty today. I mean you always do. Nandani says thanks.

Anjali comes to college. Adi has decorated whole class with Anajli please forgive me. Sorry. I love you. Everyone stands with card boards. Adi comes with a love you balloon. He says I know I have hurt you but I really love you. Anjali says I am sorry that I ever loved you. That was my worst mistake. Stay away from me. He says I know you can not stay away from me. He holds her hand. Adi says who is provoking you I know that.. But he doesn’t know that how much I love you.Nandani calls Radhay and tells him everything. Sid comes in. He says are you free? She says yes.

Rita says to Anajali and Sartak adi is on terrace he is saying he will jump from there. Sartak runs out. He says anjali come. She says I won’t come. I don’t want to make more fun of me.Everyone is asking Sartak to come down. He says I will jump from here if anjali doesn’t apologize me. Sartak brings Anjali. Adi looks at her and smiles. Sartak says anjali please save him. Anjali says this is too much. Adi says I knew you would come. See I really love you. Tell everyone that you love me too. Or I will jump from here. Sartak says adi come down. Adi says anajli I am talking to you. Anjali you have to say that you forgave me and you still love me. I will count till 10. SArtak says anajli please save him he will jump. Anjali says he is doing this for his image so girls don’t consider him a cheater. Sartak says he is not lying. I know when he is lying. Please i know he made a mistake. He is realizing his mistake. Save his life please. Adi counts 6.. 7.. Adi says for mom Adi come down. Sartak says anjali I beg you please save him. Adi says 9.. 10.. Anjali is silent. He says see anajli what I do he is about to jump. Anjali says stop. Yes I love.. sartak is sad. She says yes I am in love. Sartak looks at her with teary eyes. Anajli says please come down now. Adi comes down. He comes running towards Anjali. Adi says I knew it i know you love me. He is about to hug her. Anjali says wait a minute. I didn’t complete.she takes speaker says I am saying something that everyone should listten. yes I am in love. ADi smiles. Anjali says I really love but not you Adi. Adi is dazed. She says I love you Sartak. Sartak is dazed.

 Anjali says I should thank you. Because you broke my heart I found Sartak who fixed my heart. Loving you was a mistake and took me to the right person. Adi says please trust me. She says I will never trust. I chose a person who will choose me over anyone. Sartak is that loyal person. I really love you Sartak. Anjali says sartak your respect in my heart has increased even if you don’t love me I will always love you.

Vani meets her client. He says I didn’t kill Palavi. She was cheating on and she did suicide in guilt. Vani says don’t share this information with anyone. This information shouldn’t go on prosecution.

Sartak says you are angry. I think I should leave you both alone. Anjali says stop Sartak. She goes. Adi holds her arm. He says you are doing this to make me jealous. You are only mine. Sartak can never be my competition. She says he is way different from you because you give pain and he heals. She leaves. Adi stands there in shock.Anjali says sartak. He says I don’t believe my fate. Its never in my favor. This is true that I love you but I don’t wanna snatch you. I thought my love was one sided. Anjali says no. Sartak says listen. He says I can be the shoulder you can cry on but not the shoulder on which you can lay gun and shoot your love. He says stop. He says you loved adi and now you hate and that too Adi. I am not there. Anjali is in tears. Sartak leaves.

Scene 2The photographer introduces Anjali to a new businessman Avinash maliya. She shoots for him. He comes close to her and tells her how to pose by holding her hand. Kaviya shoves him and says don’t touch me. AR maliya saya Avinash what is this? She has no manners. Avinash says sorry. He says what sorry? He syas I am saying sorry to Kaviya. AR says do you know whom are you talking to. Avinash says get out of here. Kaviya says this man was so cheap. He says yes I am sorry.

Sartak tells Nandani what anjali said. Nandani says thats great. Finally she realized your love.Don’t sacrifice your love. Sartak says she is saying all this in emotions. She wants to make him jealous. Nanadani says its not like that. A girl doesn’t tell people about her feelings unless she is sure about it. Test her love she won’t fail.

Sid askas Nandani how is Sartak?let me meet him. Nandani says we should leave him for sometime. Sid says you are so wise.Avinash says I am sorry. Kaviay says because of you, you cancelled that contract. He says I can’t work with someone who doesn’t respect you. She leaves. AR Maliya comes in. They both laugh. Maliya says you played so well. He says she thought I cancelled my contract for her.

Rani says adi eat food. He says I am not hungry. Vani says sartak will you eat or are you not hungry too? Sartak says no I am very hungry. I will eat.

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