Vani Rani update Tuesday 16 April 2024

Vani Rani 16 April 2024: Scene 1Sartak is studying with Anjali. She is lost. He says you don’t wanna study and leaves. Anjali says sorry actually I wanted to tell you something. He says I know what you want to say. That you love Adi.

Anjali says is it so obvious to read my face? He says not for everyone. She says oh Adi.. I mean Sartak I don’t know how all this happened. When I fell in love with him. You are my best friend in this college. So I thought I should tell you but you know already. Thank you so much for understanding me. You are my best friend.

Nandani says to Rani can I come in? Rani says yes. Rani says don’t worry if you make any mistake I will help you. Rani says why you look worried?Nandani is in tears. Rani says tell me what happened. Nandani says my mom called. She wants to meet me. Rani says thats a good news. Did radhay agree? nandani says no she was talking secretly. Rani says go and meet her. Nandani says if Vani mom gets to know she will be mad. Rani says I won’t tell anyone. I will handle everyone here. Don’t worry. You are going to meet your mom. Nandani says don’t tell sid. Rani says why? Nandani says I will tell him myself. Rani says sure. go and meet Aloka.

Nandani comes to market. Radhay is there disguised as baba. She says taking permission from rani wasn’t easy. It looks so easy. He says you have to be careful. Rani is stupid. Use her. nandani says I am your fan dada ji. What a plan. He says I know them very well. vani is very strong.

She can only be fooled this way. Nandani says we will destroy their house.Radhay says don’t tell anyone about our plan. Nakul was about to see me talking to you. Rahday says I placed nails in Nakul’s way to stop him from reaching your wedding. Nandani says I won’t let your efforts go in vain. I will ruin their lives. I will avenge aunt’s death. Radhay says you are my only hope. I want to see them both crying.

Scene 2Adi says the food is so good. Rani says Nandani made the food. Everyone applauds her. Adi says your food is so tasty. Ajay says Rani there is a competition. Rani says we are one team. Vani says the food is actually very goodd. Mishti says sid why are you not praising. Kaviya says he will do that in person. Nandanni says to Rani thank you letting me go to meet mom.Prabha comes back. Everyone is dazed. Parkash says ma.. Thank God you are back. I knew you can’t stay mad at me. Prabha says you know my heart is of candle.

Prabha says I am not mad at you Vani at all. You know I am old. Everything in this house is of my kids. i know I am here to teach Nandani our rituals. Parkash coughs. He says why is there mong i am allergic to it. His condition worsens. Everyone gives him water.

Rani says Nandani didn’t know you were allergic. Vani gives him. Parkash says fire that Bijli she knew. Nandani says bijli told me I think I mixed. I am sorry. It was my mistake. I am sorry. Vani says its okay we all make mistakes. Parkash says don’t worry nandani its okay be careful next time.

Aloka says to Manhor lets go and meet Nandani. She is our daughter we can’t leave her like this. Don’t tell Radhay. Radhay comes there and says you wanna meet her? Go and meet her. you both will be dead to me too. Radhay says I have to keep nandani away from them. They will not let her do all this.

Scene 2There is ‘you got caught’ written on Nandani’s mirror. She says who wrote it and why?Anjali recalls her time with Adi. She collides with him. He picks papers for her and holds her hand and hugs her. She opens eyes and its sartak not Sid. Anjali is dazed. She says you.. When did you come. A girl says when did you come in arms. Everyone laughs. Anjali says I thought.. He says its lecture time.Principal says to Sartak and Anjali you both had amazing coordination. I have teamed you for inter college competition.

Nandani comes to Kaviya. Kaviya says tell me which bag should I buy for my friend.Sartak and Anajli are going to practice. Some girls laugh at her. He says don’t worry. I am your friend. She says I always worry about myself. I am so out of my mind these days. I see him everywhere. Adi.

Nandani says buy this black one. She goes to Mishti. Nandani says why are you so serious? Mishti says you didn’t make my slam book. Nandani says that.. I am sorry. Lets go and make it.Nandani says then who wrote it?

Nandani comes to her room and says is it? Maybe he is trying to pretend like me. Sid comes in. She says sid you.. You came early? He looks at her. She says why you look so serious? What are you hiding? He gives her a flower bouquet. Nandani says thank you they are pretty. He holds her hand and says what are you hiding from me. I want to talk to you about something. Tell me truth. She says what truth? He says you know that very well. Anjali says what are you talking about. Sid says you are lying to me. i have proof. He shows her burned hand. Sid says your hand burned and you didn’t tell me. SHe says you were talking about this. I thought why bother you. He says you are important to me. She says you love me so much. Sid applies med on her burn. He says my love for you can never fade away. She hugs him and says I love you.

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