Vani Rani update Monday 15 April 2024

Vani Rani 15 April 2024: Scene 1Nandani says can we stay like friends till my family agrees? He says everything will be like what you want. She hugs him and says thank you. She coughs.

Sid says let me bring you water. Nandani locks the door and calls someone.Aloka says we are unlucky she did this to us. Nakul says Nandani is dead for me. Radhay says I want to be alone.

Nandani calls Radhay and says please forgive me dada ji. Radhay says forgiveness? I will only give you a pat on shoulder. Well done. You did a wonder. Stay happy. They both laugh. Nandani says this is just beginning. Just see what I do next. Radahy says those sister would never have thought this wedding is all my plan. You have be very careful there.Rani is stupid but Vani is very clever. Sid knocks. She hangs up. Sid gives her water. He says you locked the door? She was changing. He says but you didn’t. She says I was about to and you knocked. Anyway I will change in washroom. He says no you can change here I will come later. He leaves. Nandani says so stupid he is.

Adi says such an eventful day. Sid’s story is full of drama. Sartak says sid is lucky. He got his true love. Not everyone does. Adi recalls his time with Anjali. Sartak says you like Anjali? He says really. He wakes up in shock and says are you asking about nandani bhabhi? Yes she is so nice. She is our family member now. He sleeps.

Scene 2Prabha says Gaitri please stay. Parkash says ma is right. We haven’t even eaten food from Nandani’s hand. I have named my some land and gifting Nandani car. Prabha says are you mad? She is from your enemy’s house. She is your daughter in law not daughter. Vani says you might have difference between daughter and daughter in law. Don’t say things like these in our house.

This money and property is of our kids. Whether they take it or their kids and spouses. What is your problem. Prabha says she just came lets see what she did next. Vani says don’t say these things. Remember how I insulted Radhay and you better not force me to say things like those to you. Prabha says Parkash won’t you say anything? Parkash says its your mistake what can I say. Prabha says Gaitri take me with you. I don’t wanna stay here. Rani says please don’t go. Vani says you should Apologize my daughter in law. Prabha says I would die but would never apologize you or nandani. A daughter in law can never be daughter. You will see how she makes you cry. Ajay says please stay ma ji.Prabha says I will go from here. This is my last decision. Vani says okay then we wont force you to stay. Parkash says please stay ma. Prrabha says you didn’t speak in my favor then don’t stop me. Prabha says I give you my swear don’t stop me. Rani says stop ma ji please Parkash. Parkash says I would have if she didn’t give me her swear. Nanandia says in heart my game has started.

Scene 2Aloka is worried for Nandani. She says I want to call her once. I hope she is okay. Nandani’s phone rings. Sid says Nandani your phone is ringing. Its from your home. Nandani says in heart is daada ji calling? Dada ji takes the phone from aloka and cuts it. He says no one would talk to her.Sid says I th ink your family will forgive you. I have to go to office early.

Inform mama I will meet her in office. She says all the best. He says thanks and leaves.Nandani says my wishes are to ruin your life. See what I do next.Nanddani replaced Vani’s presentation.Gaitri gives prbha tea. Prbha says this is not Rani’s house you won’t get that treatment here. Prabha says she will kill me hungry. Gaitri says you made a mistake. You shouldn’t have come here. Prabha says this tea is not good.

Rani gives Nandani halwa puri. She says my mom used to make the same. Rani says this ma will make now. Nandani says how you know i like it? Rani says you remind me of Mandvika. It feels like she is back in our lives and God forgive us. nandani hugs her and says I it was not your mistake. Vani comes downstairs.Nandani says sid left for office. Vani says he had to prepare. Nandani says for parmar’s case. Vani says I hope I win this case. Rani says you sure will. Vani says we are fighting this case to get them justice. Nandani says good luck. Vani says thank you. Nandani says in heart Vani will lose her for the first time.

Scene 2Adhi is thinking what to eat. Anjali gives him halwa. He says you I thought it was sartak. She says you give sartak more warm welcome than me. I made this halwa for you and burned my hand too. He holds her hand and says where? She says relax I was kidding. Eat it and let me know how it is.

Vani says Sidd play the presentation. He says there is no presentation in it. Client is there. vani says how is that possible. I checked in the morning. Vani is worried.Adi tastes it. She says so you wont even praise? He says I don’t know what is happening. Where are we going? She says I don’t know but we are going together. I thought people are lucky who find love. I am now one of those lucky people. I love you. Adi shocked.She says I will say this all my life that I really love you. Adi says but.. what if I ever hurt you? What if I break your heart? She says no you won’t ever do that. Because you taught me how to love. I know you wont ever break my heart or trust. I really trust you.

Nandani tells Rani stories for court. They cook together. Nandani says in heart today Rani will will cry.Vani says I usually have a hard copy. She gives client a hard copy.Adi’s friends come to canteen. Anjali leaves.His friends say adi is full actor. Do you remember the bet? Adi says yes I do. They all eat the halwa.Mishti’s friend comes to apologize her. She sings for her.Nandani says to bijli help me in cooking. You have to tell me where everything is. Do they like egg plant? Bijli tells her who is allergic to what.

Nandani calls Sid. She says how was your presentation? He says I really miss you. He says I was talking to the client. She says is everything okay? He says mam laptop didn’t have the file. Nandani says was the client angry? He says no mama is so smart. She had hard copy. She is too good. Nandaani says I will talk to you later. Nandani says dadda ji was right. She is so clever.

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