Unspoken Bond update Tuesday 5 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 5 July 2022: Episode starts with Gunjan seeing Charmy coming. Charmy says we met at the gift shop, are you from Nandini’s side. She gets shocked seeing Shobit weds Gunjan. She asks what’s all this, who is Gunjan. Gunjan says its me, can’t you see the bridal glow on my face, do you know Shobit. Charmy asks what’s happening today, how can he marry someone else. Gunjan says oh, are you his ex GF, he had a breakup. Charmy says we didn’t have any breakup, it can’t happen, I won’t let this marriage happen, how can he marry someone. She calls Shobit and says he has made it a joke, I won’t let this marriage happen. She goes. Gunjan says Charmy and Shobit were in a relation, she will break my marriage.

Vanlata says no, if I can get Nandini kidnapped, then I can make Charmy away as well, none can stop your marriage. Nandini comes. She says sorry, I wasn’t getting the dupatta, why are you worried. Vanlata says car is waiting for you, go to parlor and come. Nandini and Gunjan leave.Nandini and Gunjan get ready. Gunjan asks her to go and sit in the car, she will come. Nandini goes. Gunjan messages someone. Nandini says I will sit in the car. Driver takes her. The actual driver says this is our car, in whose car did Nandini leave. Nandini asks driver to wait, Gunjan will come. She asks who are you, stop the car. Mohan looks at her. She says Mopit. He says I won’t let your marriage happen with Darsh. She says stop the car, else I will jump down. He says rich people don’t value us, they will make you a maid, if you marry me, I will make you a queen. She asks are you mad, stop the car. He says no one will listen to you. She says I will call Naveen.

Naveen welcomes Rawal family. Vipul asks Namrata not to do anything wrong. Darsh says we have left our freedom behind. Everyone smiles. Bansuri wards off bad sight from Darsh and Shobit. Naveen doesn’t check the calls. Mohan scolds Nandini and asks for her phone. She says you have to pay a big price for this. Vanlata gets a money note garland for Shobit. He stops her and says Darsh is elder, welcome him first. Namrata taunts Vanlata. Vipul asks her to stop it. Vanlata welcomes Darsh and says sorry. Rajvi says Darsh and Nandini’s rasams will happen first, Nandini is the elder bahu.Nandini bites Mohan’s hand. Bansuri says there is a rasam to pull the nose. Chetan asks her to try. He moves Darsh away. Bansuri pulls Darsh and Shobit’s nose. Bansuri says I m Darsh’s sister-in-law, I can ask for a nek. Vipul asks Darsh to give the nek.

Bansuri says not money, what I m going to ask something that’s more valuable, you will get Nandini home for pagphere, can she stay in Maayka for one more day. Darsh says no way, this isn’t possible. Everyone laughs. Parul says Darsh can’t live without Nandini. Mohan says you have to spend life with me, don’t dare to talk to anyone. Nandini says Mopit is kidnapping me. Vanlata disconnects the call. She deletes the call log and switches off the phone. Mohan takes her phone and switches off. Nandini says let me go, Darsh would have reached there, let me go.

Vanlata says now Nandini can never come in your way. Darsh asks Shobit about Nandini. Shobit says she didn’t come, wait. Darsh says I m just asking. Shobit thinks I m doing wrong with Charmy, I should tell Darsh. Rajvi comes and says you both look lovely. She talks to Darsh and laughs. Shobit thinks Darsh can never see his marriage pics, he can never see Nandini’s face because of me, I m still thinking of myself. He cries. Nandini says stop the car. She catches Mohan’s neck and says stop the car. He pushes her. She gets hurt. She says Darsh would be waiting for me. She faints. Mohan worries. Vanlata asks about Charmy. Rakla says I had locked her in the room, don’t worry. Rajvi comes and asks did you see Nandini.

Rajvi asking for Nandini. Vanlata says both the brides went for make up. Rakla asks how is the preparation. Rajvi says perfect. Vanlata asks will Nandini come back. Rakla says no, I have told Mopit to be careful. Rakla goes and sees Darsh on the stage. Nandini is tied up somewhere. Mohan comes. He says once we get married, you can vent your anger on me. He asks her not to shout, else he feels hurt, its better to marry me than becoming a maid in the rich family. Nandini struggles to get free. Darsh asks why didn’t Nandini and Gunjan come. Shobit says no. Naveen gets Gunjan there. Rajvi asks where is Nandini. He says she will come with Bansuri. He makes Gunjan sit in the mandap. Darsh thinks of Nandini. He thinks she would be looking good in bridal wear, I wish I could see her. Bansuri comes to Naveen and says Nandini isn’t in her room. Naveen and everyone get shocked hearing this. Bansuri says I didn’t find her anywhere. Naveen asks where did she go, tell me. Rajvi and Darsh ask where is Nandini. Bansuri says I didn’t find her anywhere in the hotel. Rajvi asks what do you mean. Darsh says you all are playing a prank, don’t do this, where is Nandini.

Bansuri says I m not joking, she isn’t here. Darsh asks did you check well, she can’t disappear on her marriage.Naveen says don’t worry, Gunjan come here and tell me where is Nandini. Gunjan says I don’t know, her makeup was done, she left before me. Vipul calls the driver and asks where is Nandini. Driver says she left in other car, it wasn’t our car. Vipul asks how. Driver says I tried to stop her, but she didn’t stop. Rajvi asks why would she go in other car. Namrata says you don’t understand it now, you gave all the jewellery to her, she has run away. The lady taunts Darsh and asks who will marry him now, Nandini has stolen the jewellery and left. Rajvi says you all are saying this. Darsh says I can feel it, she is in trouble. Guests leave. Rajvi asks Namrata not to say that, Nandini can’t cheat, she is also like her daughter, we should call police. Darsh says we can’t wait for police, I m going to find her. He falls down. Everyone holds him.

He says I m fine, let me go, she is in trouble, how can I sit here, she came here to Goa for my sake, I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to her. Vipul says Chetan and I will go and find her. Shobit says I will go with Darsh. Rajvi says no. Darsh says I love her…Gunjan thinks what will happen of my marriage if Shobit goes. Darsh says I have to go. Rajvi says stop for my sake. Mohan shows the mangalsutra and says I wanted to make you wear it with love, you should have agreed, else I would have not forced you. Nandini frees her hand and prays. She throws the plate on his face. She tries to run away. Mohan runs after her. Gunjan says if marriage doesn’t happen in mahurat, will anything go wrong, what’s my mistake that Nandini isn’t here. Naveen says let her come. He sees Rakla smiling. He says we all are waiting for Nandini, mahurat is passing, it will be abshagun if marriage happens after mahurat, can we keep Gunjan and Shobit’s marriage. Rajvi asks what are you saying, I have two sons, their marriage will happen together in one mandap. Naveen says you are right, but marriage should happen in mahurat, you are rich people, you don’t believe it, we are ordinary people, I beg you. Shobit says no marriage will happen until Nandini comes, Darsh and I will sit in the mandap together.

Naveen says don’t stop the marriage. Darsh says Shobit, Naveen isn’t wrong, my marriage has stopped, it doesn’t mean that your marriage also stops, Shobit and Gunjan’s marriage will happen in mahurat. Shobit says no way, I will send in mandap with you. Rajvi says yes, Vipul and Chetan aren’t here, marriage will not happen now. Darsh says please understand, Shobit go. Shobit says no, I will not go, you scold me. Darsh says it doesn’t matter. Shobit asks why shall I marry if you aren’t marrying, I was marrying just because… Rajvi worries. Namrata says Nandini has come. Everyone smiles.

Darsh says we were so tensed. Parul, Vipul and Chetan come back. Namrata says Nandini forgot the resort name, I got her here. She asks them to come for marriage. Darsh says you were going to give me a heart attack, are you fine. He goes to her. Namrata holds her and asks Darsh to come, mahurat is passing. Darsh asks Shobit will he sit in mandap now.Gunjan thinks I should have not trusted Mopit, the plan failed. Shobit thinks there is no scope to look back, I have to do this for Darsh’s happiness.

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