Guddan update Wednesday 6 July 2022


Guddan 6 July 2022: Agastya comes home. Pushpa says when did you come home? Agastya says she’s conscious. But the doctor said she will be okay in a few days. Pushpa is shocked. He says Arushi is with her. I came to get fresh. A parcel comes. Agastya says what’s in it? She says go and get fresh. I will check it. Pushpa opens the parcel with others. It has a hockey in it. Shona says this is someone scaring us again. Pushpa says Guddan is doing all this. We have to send her to her mother. We have to kill her.

Pushpa comes to the hospital. She says you fooled by son in your love but you can’t fool me. Stop this coma drama. Saru says your mom used to do such drama as well. Get up. Pusha says okay if you want to die on this bed I will. She asks Shona to keey an eye on the door.Pushpa takes a cushion. Saru puts sheet on her face. Pushpa tries to throttle her. Lights go off. Pushpa turns on torch. They see Guddan in ghost attire. Pushpa and Saru scream. They are scared. Guddan shvoes their torch. They run out.Pushpa comes out screaming. Agastya says what happened? Why do you look so worried. Saru says Guddan.. Agastya says what happened to her? He goes in. He says Guddan are you okay? He checks her and she’s okay. Pushpa and Saru look in. Agastya says she’s fine. Pushpa says Guddan on bed? Agastya says her eyes opened. She will get on her feet. Pushpa recalls Guddan on her feet. She’s scared. Pushpa says I want to go home. I will pray for her. She leaves. Agastya caresses her face.

Pushpa says to Saru how is it possible? Guddan is in coma now and she was on her feet. Shona says I went to get coffee. Pushpa says shut up and come home with me. They leave.Agastya puts Guddan’s parents’ photo on the wall. He says it’s good right? Now your parents are in front of you so you get better soon. Get up and irritate me. You can’t get up. You can’t do anything. Get up if you can. G for Gadhi (donkey). He says fight with me, get up, react at least. Get up. He kisses her hand. Agastya looks at AJ and Guddan’s photo. He says this is what you taught her? She isn’t listening to me. You two have to heal her. You have to get her out of this condition. He leaves.A woman comes in the room. Pushpa says where did this Niya go? They hear noise. Niya is tied in the store room. Shoa says what are you doing here? Shona steps in and slips of the pebbels. She screeams. Pushpa picks her. She releases Niya. Pushpa says who did this? Niya says Guddan. Pushpa says are you crazy? She is half-dead in the hospital. We saw her. Niya says so I like being tied her? I did it myself? She did this. You killed her right? Shona says no. They ran away from there. Niya says you couldn’t kill a girl? You can’t do it. You chose the wrong girl to save my respect and to make me a mother. But I will kill her now.

You can’t do anything. Shona says yes she couldn’t kill her, yes Guddan took her son but how can you say all this? Niya hits her. shona hits her as well. Pushpa says leave each other. I got scared in the hospital. She is alone and we are 4. We will play the same game with her.A woman sits next to Choti Guddan. It’s Bari Guddan (her mother). Guddan says my Choti.. You’re not alone. I am with you. God kept me alive to protect you. Mama is here.Guddan says I am back my daughter. Mama is here to protect you. I know you have many questions. I will answer. I survived falling from the cliff but I lost my memory. I didn’t know my name or identity. When you were well I wasn’t and now you. But God has united us. You will get up and hug me. I forgot to tell you, you are same to same. Papa’s cooking genes are in you but my looks. People misuse your kindness. You won’t have to suffer anymore. I will teach them all a lesson. Mama Guddan is here. Choti is in tears. Guddan says you won’t cry. I know your in laws aren’t good but Agastya is a diamond like your dad.

Everything will be fine. They will pay for your tears with blood tears. I will expose all of them. I promise you that. But Choti has to make a promise as well. You will get well soon and talk to me. Get up. You can. Choti tries to move her hand. Guddan says I love you my Choti Guddan.Agasyta sets up the room. Agastya says you were right mom. Guddan will be better at home. Pushpa says you have to take care of the work as well. Please go the meeting we have. Agastya says I will. But please take care of Guddan and mu children. Agastya says mom I don’t want Niya in this house.

Shona says to Niya you’re so good. You will find many like Agastya. Niya says I want Agastya only. Shona says Guddan will kill us. Let’s run from here before something happens. Lights go off. Guddan comes there. Shona screams. Guddan hits both of them with a hockey stick. Guddan shouts.Shona and Niya rush to Pushpa and tell her. Shona says Guddan was in her room. I saw her myself. Niya says I will end this story forever. Niya picks hockey sticks. Pushpa says don’t be crazy. I will be sending Agastya out of house tomorrow for work. You can do whatever you want then. Guddan says you can’t harm my daughter. She is hearing.Guddan locks Shona in he room. Saru is tied on the wall. Shona says there are pricks all over my body. Pushpa comes and says are you both crazy? Shona laughs. Pushpa says why are you laughing now? Shona shows her mirror. Guddan drew clown on them. Pushpa screams.

Bari Guddan laughs and says they thought they could harm you. I am here for you. They have to fight with two Guddans. Call me maa. I love you a lot. Agastya brings Guddan’s favorite flowers. He goes towards the room and says Guddan will be so happy to see these.Bari Guddan is there. She says I have so much to tell you. Get up please. Mama loves you. Agastya opens the door. He’s shocked.

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