Meet in love update Thursday 28 July 2022

Meet in love 28 July 2022: Meet asks Anubha why is she calling herself a burden, Anubha says a mother has to teach a daughter be daughter in law, Meet says so I don’t have responsibilities of this house because I am married, and I don’t care because I promised Papa I will take care of this house like he did and you know how stubborn I am when it comes to these things, and no one can stop me because I am daughter and have right, Anubha says your father is no more and I am capable enough to take care of my mother in law and myself and now you can return only as daughter and not someone who wants to be my bread earner, and pushes Meet out of house and says go now and closes the door.

Anubha closes door and breaks down, Meet outside keeps asking what is wrong. Amma walks to Anubha and hugs her.Meet Ahlawat in his room, staff hands him a note found in his pocket, Meet Ahlawat remembers its given by Manushi. Manushi walks in and sits beside him and says read the note please, Meet Ahlawat gets up, Manushi tries to go close to him and keeps asking something in your heart, Meet Ahlawat says listen carefully, I have only my wife Meet in my heart, Manushi says then open the note jiju. Meet Ahlawat pushes everything from table and realises it was his imagination and says I will give my Meet a special gift, and opens the note, which reads Meet likes Revdi made by papa, this will be the best gift for her, I will wait in kitchen at 2pm and no one will be there I will tell you, Meet Ahlawat says I have moved on and so has Manushi, so I will go for my wife Meet to kitchen.

Meet eating spicy pani puri, and thinks of Anubha’s surprising behaviour and keeps on increasing spice, Ram Lakhan confused and worried for Meet and keeps asking what is wrong, Lakhan stops Meet and asks what happened, Meet says till yesterday Mummy was proud of me but today she is changed.Anubha says to Amma, I am not ashamed of my daughter but proud that she still cares of us even after marriage but I am scared because Meet keeps working hard for us and Manushi there will steal away all the happiness from Meet, and so I want Meet to be home and focus on her relationship.

Manushi waiting for Meet Ahlawat, and says I know he will come here to prove I don’t matter to him.Meet tells Ram Lakhan, she is feeling so empty and alone, and feel so tired because she knew her mother and Dadi are happy but today she said I am hurting her and I can never do that.
Anubha tells Amma, I know she must be hurt but this is just for her happiness because Manushi is behind Meet Ahlawat and acting to be kind and for this Meet has to be with her husband. Amma says negative never wins, truth always wins.Manushi sees Meet Ahlawat and hides behind wall, Meet Ahlawat walks in, he sees Manushi isn’t around, Manushi says hi welcome to my kitchen, I knew you would come here for my little sister Meet, Meet Ahlawat says tell me the recipe, Manushi gives him vessel, she purposely tires to go close to Meet Ahlawat while giving recipe instructions.

Manushi purposely steps on a stool to get jaggery and acts as if she is slipping so Meet Ahlawat could hold her and he does. Manushi says thank you, for saving me. Meet Ahlawat takes the jaggery, Manushi continues giving instructions. Meet Ahlawat burns his hand, Manushi pulls his hand and blows over it, Meet Ahlawat says you continue I will come back and leaves.Anubha opens door and sees Meet standing, Anubha says why didn’t you go, Meet says I will do anything but don’t do this, Anubha says okay give me money but in front of everyone like a beggar right, and then break my pride and reputation, Meet says why are you doing this, Anubha says then you stop all this, you can come back to us only when you will forget about our expenses and everything.

Meet picks her bag, wipes her tears and leaves on her bike.Anubha says I just want you to be happy.Meet in tears, and tells her boss, she won’t deliver today and will continue later, boss says don’t worry take rest. Meet thinking about Anubha’s words.Meet Ahlawat in his room says Manushi is bothering me but I have Meet and she is important to me.Meet thinking about Anubha’s behaviour, and sad. Meet Ahlawat goes to his room, says Manushi is affecting me, Meet is very important to me, Manushi is my past and Meet my present and I’m happy, and so she doesn’t matter to me. Meet Ahlawat picks a marker and starts writing on mirror that Meet trusts Meet and Manushi exit.

Meet Ahlawat in tears and remembers Meet’s swiss knife and starts looking for it, he doesn’t find it and says Meet come back I need you, and calls Meet, and says please come quickly I need you, I don’t feel good, I know you are busy, Meet says I’m coming. Meet Ahlawat says you don’t sound good should I come, Meet says I’m fine, I’m coming home.Meet picks her bag and walks thinking about Anubha and gets hit by a bike.Babita on call says all gowns should dispatch by tomorrow, Sunaina walks in and asks where is Tej, Babita says I have sent him away because of you, Sunaina says why are you hating me so much, I didn’t marry on my wish and even filed for divorce, Babita says what about night you spent with Ravi, Sunaina says we didn’t have anything between us, we didn’t even sleep in our room, Babita says what proof you have and have some shame atleast, leave now.

Sunaina leaves, Babita on call aske to get Tej back.Meet Ahlawat waiting for Meet and says I have lost my confidence and only you can help me, I need to talk come soon. Meet reaches Ahlawat mansion and says Meet Ahlawat sounded very worried, I can’t tell him my problem and walks to Meet Ahlawat, and smiles asks whats wrong, Meet Ahlawat says today, Meet says look at me don’t worry what happened, Meet Ahlawat holds her hand, Meet gets hurt, Meet Ahlawat says show whats wrong and sees her hand wounded, Meet says just a little scratch, Meet Ahlawat says your whole hand is bleeding, why can’t you take care of yourself, sit here.

Meet Ahlawat gets first aid and cleans her wound, Meet Ahlawat sees Meet has woudned her foot too and picks her up and takes her inside.Manushi sees that and gets angry.Ragini brings Tej back, Babita tries to talk he ignores her, Ragini says to Babita, are you sure behaviour against Sunaina is correct, Babita says I know you were close to Sunaina and this is for my son’s future, Sunaina is hurt with what I said today, she won’t force again.Meet Ahlawat gets Meet turmeric milk and asks is she fine, Meet says yes and asks whats wrong, Meet Ahlawat says its not more important than you, have this milk, Meet drinks milk, Meet Ahlawat wipes her lips and asks her to go to sleep, switches of light and sleeps beside her.

Babita on call says dress designed for Meet should reach in time, Raj and Ram busy in decoration, Hoshiyar asks whats the best gift you got on Lohri, Raj says Babita expressed her love to me, Babita stops Raj and whispers keep some limit with kids.Babita sees Tej walk in with Sunaina holding hands, Sunaina sees Babita and leaves hand. Duggu comes dancing in punjabi attire, Raj praises him, Meet and Meet Ahlawat join everyone and take elders blessings.Meet takes Sunaina’s blessings, Sunaina says don’t, Meet says I need it, so I can take care of relationship like you did, Babita says if she could she wouldn’t go with Ravi and then here as a servant.

Sunaina leaves with Tej Ragini explains Meet rituals and says come home in time, Anubha says why will she leave today, she should stay home today, its big day, Meet looks at her and remember how Anubha was upset.Manushi says mummy and tries to take blessings, Anubha stops her and hugs Meet and whisper why haven’t you left your job yet.

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