Lost in Love update Sunday 24 July 2022

Lost in Love 24 July 2022: Sai tells Bhavani that Tai’s daughter is alive and she has proof for everything. She says you might be thinking how I came to know about this. A fb is shown, Pulkit informs her that when he reached hospital, he came to know that Devyani’s child is born dead. He says that he was shocked with grief and started crying, then a ward boy came to him and said that Devyani’s daughter is alive and is given to an orphanage. He says he asked the ward boy if he has any misunderstanding as why hospital staff will lie to him. He tells that ward boy told that Ninad Kaka and Omi Kaka had bribed the staff to lie to me and Bhavani Kaku had given the baby to the orphanage. He says that ward boy was not aware about the orphanage. He says he searched for his daughter in all orphanages and checked all papers and documents, then he came to know about his daughter. He was very happy that he will meet with his daughter, but his happiness was short lived as the warden refused to let him meet her, as the law doesn’t allow a single father for adoption. He says he thought to meet Devyani, when he went there, Omi, Ninad and Bhavani lied to me, and told that Devyani is married and went out of City with her husband, and is very happy. He says they threatened me if I try to search her then they will send me to jail.

Lost in Love 23 July 2022

He says I thought I shall not stop Devi if she has moved on in life, tells that he returned home. Sai feels bad and tells that she can never think that he has suffered a lot. Pulkit tells that he was spending his days in Devi and his daughter’s memories, he was all alone. He says I met Madhuri during those days, I was bearing the pain of separation from my wife and daughter and Madhuri was bearing the pain given by her husband. He says I had saved Madhuri from her husband and she tied rakhi to my hand, since then she is staying with me. He tells that he went to orphanage with Madhuri and told that he is not alone, as his sister is with him. He says warden permitted me to take my daughter with me, after much convincing and this way Harini came in my life. Fb ends. Sai tells Bhavani that she might be very shocked hearing this, but this is truth. She asks her to end the hatred which she has for Pulkit and says I heard that any kind of hatred melts seeing grand children. She says Pulkit jiju takes care of Devi Tai so much, and asks if she can’t give respect to Pulkit and love to devi. Bhavani says my love for her ended when she had married Pulkit. She says she will never welcome them. Sai says I can’t accept that you don’t love or care for her, else you wouldn’t have come to stop her wedding as you think that she has done a mistake by marrying him. She asks why did she think that Pulkit can’t keep her happy. Bhavani tells that she has seen men leaving their wives and getting involved with other woman. She says my daughter Devyani is mentally unstable and one day Pulkit will throw her out. She says when he does this, then Devyani will come to me and I will take care of her.

Sai asks her to take care of her even now. She asks if we shall stop living with the fear of death, asks her why she is depriving her own daughter from her love. She says there is an old saying, a mother can’t be a bad mother. She walks out from there.Devyani insists to go to her home. Virat says if you go home then whom I will give gift. He tells Mohit that he had brought gift for her. Devyani asks Virat to show and says she will see and leave. Mohit asks Virat if he will show the gift. Virat says ok. He shows the gift to Devyani. Devyani gets happy and shows to Pulkit and Ashwini. Virat says there are many other gifts too. Mohit asks Virat to go and check upstairs. Virat says Sai went a long time back. Pakhi asks why is he worrying as Sai can do anything according to him. Ashwini asks Virat to see Sai. Sai comes downstairs. Virat asks what happened, if Kaku is coming down. Pulkit says mistake is mine, I should have taken devi from here long back and should have understand that people here can’t change their hearts for us. Sai says you can’t go without having food and tells that few people are very happy seeing you both here, and I don’t care about others’ thoughts. Pakhi says you don’t care about others’ thoughts as you think about yourself. Sai says you think about myself, I don’t care about your thoughts.

She says it is a good luck to feed daughter and son in law in the house and Kaku is bringing bad luck. Pakhi asks her not to comment on Bhavani’s doings and says she is already worried.Virat asks Pakhi not to interfere as this matter is about my Tai and jija ji, I can’t bear anything against them. Pulkit tells that the rasam is completed as they came inside the house, if we don’t have food then it doesn’t matter. Sai says we will not let you go without having food. Devyani says my bad Aai will not come here. Ashwini asks what about me? Devyani says you are good, but my bad Aai wants me to cry and they told bad things about Pulkit. She says I don’t want to stay at the place, where my husband is not respected. She asks Pulkit to take her home. Pulkit apologizes to Sai and Virat and tells that they have to go, as he can’t see Devi crying like this. Devi returns the gift to Virat and is walking out, when Bhavani comes there and asks her to stop. She asks Devyani if she will not hug her Aai. Sai gets happy. Devyani is surprised.

Everyone looks at Bhavani surprisingly. Bhavani tells Devyani that if she doesn’t want to hug her mother, then it’s ok, but she can hug her daughter. She comes to Devyani and gets emotional. Devyani hugs her and cries. Everyone gets emotional seeing mother-daughter union.Mohit asks if he is seeing a dream. Virat says no. Kabhi khushi song plays…Bhavani apologizes to Devyani for her behavior. Devyani gets glad seeing Bhavani accepting her. She dances happily and says my bad Aai has become good. Sai says Tai you are good. Ashwini asks Pulkit to take Bhavani’s blessings. Pulkit tries to touch her feet, but Bhavani stops him and tells that he has become Devyani’s husband, but not her son-in-law. Virat asks her to accept him as her son-in-law, as Pulkit loves Devi a lot. Pulkit tells Virat that blessings are given by heart and not by asking. He tells that though she never loved him, he loves and respects her as his mother till his death. He says whatever he is today, is just because of her. He says I don’t want anything else, you hugged and blessed my wife, I don’t want anything else. Devi looks at Sai. Sai signs her, its ok. Sonali thinks what Sai and Bhavani might have talked about.

Ashwini tells that Devyani is lucky to get such a good husband. Bhavani tells Devyani that she will do homecoming rasam today. Ashwini gets happy and says finally Devyani got her mother’s love back. Ninad and Omkar try to leave, but Bhavani stops them and tells that Devyani is the only daughter of the house and the rasam will happen. She tells Devyani that though she couldn’t bring any gifts for her, but her brothers have brought gifts for her. She gives the gifts to Devyani. Devyani opens the boxes and finds jewelry. She tells Sai that she has given her pendant and Virat gave her chain. She finds a necklace, saree and other things. She thanks Mohit for saree. Sonali asks Mohit why he didn’t bring such saree for her. Mohit says Sai helped him select the saree on call.Devyani asks Bhavani to make her wear bangles. Bhavani makes her wear it. Devyani tells that she likes the gifts. Virat thanks Sai. Bhavani tells about the rasam which is done by the married woman. Sonali offers to do.

Bhavani says Ashwini will do being elder than Sonali. Ashwini does the rasam and blesses Devyani. She keeps coconut and other things on her lap. Devyani touches Bhavani’s feet. Bhavani blesses her. Sonali tells Omkar that she is scared of Sai, and feels that she knows vashikaran. She says I want to know how Sai made Bhavani have a change of heart. Sai asks Bhavani if she will come for the next rasam. Bhavani says why I will not come for my daughter’s rasam. They sit to have food. Bhavani asks Pakhi to sit. Sai tells Devyani that she made her favorite Sheera.

Sai serves sheera to everyone and Virat. Virat says you gave once to everyone and 4 times to me, if I am special? Sai says yes, you are special to me, being my first patient, it is my duty to take care of you. She says you didn’t eat anything after breakfast and now you have to eat strong medicines, so eat well. He thinks Sai makes me feel that I am special to her, but she has always ready with the excuse. Devyani thanks Sai for the Sheera and says it is very tasty. Sai asks Devyani and Pulkit to make each other taste it. Virat jokes asking Pulkit to make his own wife eat and not others’ wife. Pulkit makes Devyani eat it. Devyani asks Virat to make Sai eat it.

Sai says it is your and jiju’s important day and not our day. Pulkit says let us make it special. Devyani asks Sai to eat sweets with his hand. Ashwini asks Sai to come and asks Virat if she is fasting. Virat says no. Devyani and Ashwini ask Sai to eat it. He makes her have the sweets with the spoon after teasing her. Pakhi gets jealous. Sai smiles and makes Virat taste the sweets after teasing him.Pakhi drops the spoon on the plate. Ashwini asks her to eat. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to have food now.Sai says nobody will go without having food. Bhavani asks Pakhi to sit. Ashwini serves food in her plate. Pakhi looks at Sai and Virat looking at each other.

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