Unspoken Bond update Saturday 30 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 30 July 2022: Episode starts with a lady doctor checking Darsh’s eyes. Nandini gets jealous. She asks what’s the need for her to get close. Darsh says yes, I was able to feel her breath. He smiles and says she is a doctor, she will check like that. Nandini says she was coming so close. He asks is the window open. She says its closed. He asks from where is the smoke coming. She says I m not jealous. The lady comes back. She says so sorry. He says that’s okay. Darsh signs Nandini. The lady says I will prescribe some drops to get rid of eye irritation. Darsh says thanks. He jokes on Nandini. She asks how would you feel if I get close to any man to make you jealous. He recalls Ritesh. The lady asks Darsh to inform her if he has corneal irritation. Darsh and Nandini leave. She says you have to teach me all the hi fi words.Darsh says no need, I can take care of myself, you have english class now. Nandini thinks I have to know it to look after you. Rajvi gets calls. Vipul and Shobit say you got many calls to get wishes. Gunjan asks what’s going on.

Shobit says wait. Vipul says Rajvi got the best business person of the year award. Darsh congratulates Rajvi and hugs her. Rajvi thanks her. She hugs Nandini. Vipul says even I didn’t get this award ever. Shobit says what an achievement. Rajvi says my real achievement is to see them together. She asks Nandini to write her speech, focus on english classes. Vipul asks Darsh to become CEO and win an award like Rajvi. Gunjan says Shobit….Rajvi asks Nandini to come with her. Shobit gets a call. He goes and hears them. Nandini says I met Darsh’s doctor, I didn’t understand anything. Rajvi says its fine. Shobit says sorry, I heard that, we are here to tell you. Rajvi goes. Nandini thinks I will work hard and learn everything. Shobit thinks Darsh got a loving wife, and I lost my love, its wrong. Gunjan shows the saree design to Rajvi. Rajvi says thanks, but I like simple sarees. Gunjan thinks how will I become better than Nandini. Rajvi says Chetan and Parul will go first, you take the responsibility of everyone, that they finish packing on time. Shobit says you are worried about medical terms. Nandini asks what’s wrong in it, if I have to take Darsh to the doctor, what will I tell him, help me. Shobit says you take help from Ritesh. She says I didn’t think of this before, I will ask him to give me photo book. He says don’t worry, I will handle here. She thanks him and goes.

Shobit says if you have done a mistake, then you have to bear the punishment. Nandini tells Ritesh what all she learnt in English. He says enough, I think you will leave the queen behind, your love story is special, you invest time in each other, I didn’t even check Kinjal’s friend request. She asks him to send a sweet Hi reply. She says life changes when someone loving comes in your life. He says I can see that, Darsh really loves you a lot. She smiles.

Shobit says English teacher called and said Nandini didn’t attend the class. Darsh says strange. Shobit says I wanted you to attend the class with her, is she in any problem, we should find her, track her phone, lets try. Darsh says its not right to track her. Shobit asks how will we find out, I will call her. Darsh says I hope she is safe. He tracks Nandini’s location. Shobit says she is at Ritesh’s hospital, why did she go there, Ritesh was going to come in evening. Darsh gets up. The chair falls. Shobit asks are you fine. Darsh says yes. Shobit calls Ritesh and asks is Nandini with you. Ritesh says yes, everything is fine, why are you asking. Shobit says nothing. He ends call and says she is with Ritesh, didn’t she tell you or you forgot, be careful. Darsh sits back. Shobit smiles. They come home.

Gunjan says you came late. Shobit says yes, I got late. Darsh asks did Nandini come. Gunjan says yes, she would be with her friend. Rajvi hears this.

Darsh asks is it wrong if a married girl has a male friend. Gunjan says I didn’t mean that. He says it seems you are trying to blame her, please, don’t speak wrong about her, my trust won’t break on her. Gunjan goes. Rajvi says I felt you are the world’s best son, but you are the best husband.Darsh says I have promised to support Nandini in every joy and sorrow, I have to keep the promise. Shobit cries and thinks I didn’t get a chance to promise Charmy, I won’t stop until insecurity takes the place of trust. Nandini is still learning medical terms. Ritesh says great, you learnt things so well, you topped in relations, you and Darsh look perfect. Ritesh says I feel I have a great fate, when I see Darsh’s face, I believe that my life can’t be better, I can do anything for his smile, I will go now. He says I know you are excited to meet Darsh.She says yes, I want him to be with me, life is beautiful when he is with me. He smiles and says I don’t think Darsh can scold you, its impossible, I have seen love for you in his eyes, just a lucky person can get your love. Darsh hears them.

Ritesh saying we were talking about you, you have stolen a diamond from us. He leaves. Darsh gets jealous. Nandini goes to him. Darsh says we will talk later. Rajvi stops Parul and asks why are you crying. Parul says something went in my eye. Rajvi asks what did doctor say. Parul says appointment got cancelled. Rajvi asks how did you get late. Parul says car broke down on the way, I will change and come. She goes. Chetan comes and says whatever happened, don’t tell Rajvi about it. Parul goes.Darsh recalls Shobit’s words. He says Nandini should wear something of my name. He checks his cupboard. He gets a bracelet. Nandini comes. She does sit ups and says you don’t need to punish me. He asks why. She says I missed the English class. He thinks she is so innocent, how can anyone stay angry on her. He says its not a punishment, I will ask you few questions, answer me, if you answer wrong, then I will punish you. He asks ready. She says yes. He asks what do I like the most in you. She says my voice. He says wrong answer, you have to loosen your hair now as a punishment. Mere ho rahe….plays…He asks how much does Nandini love me. She says I won’t measure the love. He says you didn’t answer, go and apply a bright lipstick. She does so. He asks can anyone love Nandini more than Darsh. She asks how would I know. He says wrong answer, no one can love you more, you have to come much close to me now, I know it well what I m saying, I wanted to feel that you are getting shy. She smiles. She holds him and says you think I will be shy. He says come with me. He shows the bracelet.

He says I was scared of darkness in childhood, my Dadi gave this to me, she asked me to touch this when I m scared and feel she is with me, she didn’t know that darkness will become my future. She says now you are not scared of darkness. He says yes, I m scared that you will leave me and go, wear this. She asks how did you think so. He thinks I can’t tell you my insecurity. He says I have almost lost you once, that’s why. She hugs him.She asks him to make her wear the bracelet. He does it. She says I will never remove this bracelet or go away from you. They hug. Rajvi gives an interview. She says we Rawals are known for our relations, we all love each other so much, its a fact, we can do anything for each other. Chetan and Parul come. Rajvi says you looked worried, did you talk to doctor, tell me. Parul says we want our property share. Rajvi gets shocked. The laptop falls down. Rajvi calls out Vipul.

Parul says we don’t want anyone to know this, we will decide it ourselves. Rajvi says but what happened, tell me. Parul says we will talk tomorrow. They leave. Nandini asks Darsh to keep the hammock now, sleep on the bed. She says I don’t need such a big bed, you can sleep.They lie down on the bed. He asks are you feeling nervous, don’t be, I have to spent entire life with you, there will be love moment tomorrow and then all that. She says it won’t happen, say good night, thanks and sleep. He says thanks and good night. Shobit says you are getting happy. Ritesh says Kinjal liked my DP. Shobit says you should write something poetic. Ritesh says I don’t think that’s a good idea. Shobit asks don’t you have a friend to write few lines. Ritesh says Nandini. Shobit says I didn’t know she is talented, call her. Ritesh says its late. Shobit says its fine, call in the morning, but you shouldn’t make Kinjal wait. Ritesh says yes.Kinjal may feel that I m not valuing her, I will call Nandini. Shobit says of course, its up to you. Nandini gets the call. Darsh wakes up. She answers and asks are you fine.

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