Unspoken Bond update Saturday 2 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 2 July 2022: Episode starts with Darsh scolding Namrata for risking Nandini’s life. FB shows Darsh and Charmy taking care of Nandini. Charmy says I didn’t get to know about this surgery, doctor didn’t call you. Darsh says this perfume smell, I know it. Nandini asks can you know that person, maybe she wants to end our alliance. He thinks who is that girl. FB ends.Nandini says sorry, I had no way to bring out the truth, I didn’t know that Namrata is Darsh’s sister, Charmy was helping us. Vipul thanks Charmy. Darsh and Vipul scold Namrata for locking Nandini in the morgue.

Nandini says maybe you are right, but its wrong to give them false hope about Darsh’s eyesight, if he dreamed about getting his eyesight, if his dream broke, then I would have never forgiven you. Darsh thinks she still cares for me. Namrata asks who are you to explain me. Darsh says she is your would be Bhabhi, talk to her with manners, I will not hear anything wrong about Nandini. Nandini says we have accepted each other with our flaws, we will work on our weaknesses. Parul apologizes to Nandini and Naveen on Namrata’s behalf.She asks Naveen to take Nandini home and prepare for the rasam, she will come to do chunar rasam. She takes Namrata with her. Nandini thanks Charmy and hugs. Shobit thinks did Charmy know about Gunjan and me. Bansuri says Naveen isn’t answering. Naveen and Nandini come home. Bansuri asks is everything fine. Naveen says its fine, are you ready, Parul is coming for chunar rasam.

He asks Nandini to go and get ready. Charmy says you didn’t tell me that Darsh’s alliance is fixed. Shobit thinks that Charmy didn’t know about my marriage happening with Gunjan. She gifts a dancing couple showpiece to Shobit. He says I love it. She says I hope I don’t get to hear your marriage news. He thinks sorry, you have to hear this news. Parul brings Namrata to Nandini’s house. Namrata says so this is their sasural. Parul says don’t create any drama now, apologize to Nandini. Namrata says Darsh’s life will be ruined with this marriage. Parul says be quiet.Mohan says if you help me, then I will marry Nandini, I will kidnap her and spread the news that she ran away with me by her wish, then my dream will be fulfilled. Ragla asks what can I do in this. Mohan says you help me in kidnapping her, I will pay you money. Ragla thinks I will kidnap Nandini and also break Gunjan’s relation. He dances and says I will kidnap Nandini, go and prepare for your marriage, I will not take money, its for free, Nandini is yours. Mohan smiles. Parul makes Namrata apologize. Namrata gets upset. Nandini says Namrata will do the chunar rasam. Parul says sure. She asks Namrata to make her wear the chunar.

Namrata takes chunar to throw it. Darsh holds the chunar. He says you lost the right to become part of my marriage, one who doesn’t value my trust, doesn’t value me, my wife won’t wear the chunar by your hands, I want you to make Gunjan wear the chunar. Darsh makes Nandini wear the chunar. Aapki nazron ne……plays….Darsh says I know Nandini will keep this relation all life, I don’t doubt my choice. He goes. Parul asks Namrata to make Gunjan wear the dupatta. Namrata does it and taunts them for trapping her brothers. Parul completes the rasam. Vipul apologizes to Naveen. He says Namrata loves Darsh a lot, she is hot-tempered, but she can give her life for him. He recalls Namrata asking Vipul to take her blood for Darsh. He says she donated blood to Darsh by risking her life, we are sorry. Naveen says its fine, come. Namrata says my importance will end in your life now. Darsh says you are married, it doesn’t mean I can’t beat you, I m alive because of you but I m angry, you won’t attend my marriage functions. Nandini says I want you to attend the functions. Namrata says how sweet, your recent relation can’t overpower our relation of 25 years. She goes. Darsh asks Nandini to leave it. Nandini says if we both stay upset, how will we make a bond.

The ladies insist Naveen for a Patrika rasam. They say Shobit can do this ritual. Darsh comes and says I m ready for every ritual, tell me what to do. Parul says Darsh, you have to lift the bride and jump over this water bowl to keep the first wedding invite in front of the idol.Namrata scolding them for making fun of Darsh. Darsh stops her. The lady says its fine if you can’t do this, Shobit can do this. Nandini says you don’t know him, he can do everything, we can fulfill this rasam. Gunjan thinks its good, they will lose respect now. Nandini asks Darsh to lift her he smiles and lifts her. Shobit lifts Gunjan. Nandini asks will you jump to save me if a flood comes, think if I fall down, then I will go away. Aapki manzil hoon mai…plays…

Gunjan asks will you drop me down. Shobit recalls doing the same ritual with Charmy. Nandini says jump… Darsh jumps. Everyone smiles. Shobit also jumps. They fall down. She says what will the ladies say now. Shobit says sorry. Darsh asks what happened. Nandini says Shobit and Gunjan fell down. The lady jokes on Shobit. Darsh asks are you guys fine. They say yes. Darsh and Nandini keep the card in front of the idol. Nandini makes him do the tika. Both the couples do the rituals. Naveen asks them to come in. Ragla comes. Naveen says I was worried for this. Ragla says Dada ji has sent me to keep the sweets, I will keep it in kitchen. Nandini thinks why did he come here. Chetan says dad has sent sweets. Bansuri asks why did you come here. Ragla says treat me with respect, I m from groom’s side, you had slapped me, now feed me the sweets, if you and Naveen don’t respect me, then I will tell Gunjan’s inlaws that she had run away with me. He thinks to break Gunjan’s marriage. Darsh gets upset with Namrata.

He shuts the door. She asks did both the brothers get mad, Darsh is in love with Nandini, how can you agree to marry Gunjan.He says mom got Gunjan’s alliance, I liked her. She says it can’t be a coincidence. He asks what’s weird in this, stop hating them, they are good, when they come in our family, they will mix well. She thinks I can never accept those villagers, especially Nandini. Bansuri says Ragla can tell truth to your inlaws anytime. Mohan comes and says Ragla is going to Rawals, he told me that he will tell Rawals about his affair with Gunjan. He signs Gunjan. Bansuri says we will see, you go. Nandini worries for Gunjan. Mohan goes and hides. He hears them. Nandini says I have to go something. He recalls making a plan with Gunjan. He says once Ragla kidnaps Nandini, Rawals will break the alliance. Gunjan thinks go and fight with Ragla, hit your own leg. Nandini asks Gunjan to come, they will tell the truth to Shobit.

Namrata throws family pic. She says I got married, why am I not in any family pic, I have come here for Darsh, I have left my husband and child there. Parul says photographer isn’t able to come now.Vipul says don’t think we will forget what you did yesterday, I can’t believe, such a big lie, a big drama, from where did you learn this, it can’t be Rajvi and my upbringing. Namrata says yes, you always find me wrong, that girl isn’t educated. He says its fine, Darsh likes Nandini, I also like her now. Parul smiles. He says I was wrong, Rajvi was right. Nandini and Gunjan come home. Nandini greets Vipul. He asks do you have to say something. She says Gunjan has to talk. He asks Gunjan to say. Nandini says she wants to talk to Shobit. She recalls Gunjan scolding her. Nandini says your alliance won’t break, Shobit will be glad to know that you didn’t lie, if you don’t tell the truth, then you will be living in fear always, its better to have courage and say the truth, come. FB ends. Parul says talk to Shobit. She asks Jeenal to drop Gunjan to Shobit’s room.

Vipul asks how can this happen, we can’t keep all rasams from your house. Nandini says it happens in girl’s house. He says media, foreign delegates, guests will come, we want a grand marriage. Nandini says its Gunjan and my Maayka, its Naveen and Bansuri’s wish. He says I understand but… Darsh comes and says what’s the problem, functions happen at girl’s house, we will also do the same, I know you are stressed about mum, I will explain her. Vipul says I m fine with it. Darsh signs Nandini.Gunjan thinks am I doing something wrong. She goes in and sees the gift with Shobit. She recalls Charmy. He says you are mistaken, my friend gave this to me. She throws and breaks the gift.

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