Guddan update Saturday 2 July 2022

Guddan 2 July 2022: Guddan and Agastya ring the bell together. Guddan prays that’s able to become a good wife and mother. She says I hope I am able to handle all this. Agastya says in heart maa has given me her swear. Give me the strength to tell her everything. She’s so pure. rashi says please keep the three of us always together. Rashi says let’s go shopping now.Guddan comes back to her room. It’s all decorated. There are kids’ pictures on the walls. Guddan says who did all this? Pushpa says I did. It’s time to take this relationship to the next step. You have to take our family ahead. Agastya is with Rashi. She says where is mom? He says now you love mummy only not me. Rashi says if you weren’t there, I would be an orphanage.

Agastya hugs her and says you are safe and this is your family and I am your dad. She says adn Chashmish is my mom forever. I am so happy. Promise me you will keep her happy and always say truth to her. Agastya says in heart I know Guddan is important to you and you’re important o me. Maa put on stake and made me do all this. But I will tell her everything.Saru says this is part of every marriage. You have to plan a child one day or other. Guddan says I need time as well. I want to take things slow and Agastya wants the same. I hope you will be with me in this decision. Saru says yes it’s her life, give her time. Pushpa says whatever you want.Agastya says I have to tell Guddan. He walks towards the room. Agastya comes to room. Someone is there on the bed. Agastya says you are right. Relationships are based on truth. You deserve to know the truth. I will tell you everything. He holds her hand. Her face is on the other side. Agastya says this wasn’t a misunderstanding. It was all planned because.. Guddan comes outside and says why si the door closed. It’s Niya on the bed. Guddan says Agastya who is inside? Niya hugs Agastya and says I really love you. Agastya says what is this.. Go away.

Guddan breaks the door. Guddan shouts Niya. Niya says you saw what you should have. Guddan says this is a sin. Niya says Agastya is mine only. Guddan says he’s my husband. You’re only his ex and now you’ve no right on him. Guddan holds her hand and drags her out. Niya says leave me. Guddan shoves her outside the house. Niya says leave my hand. What are you doing?Guddan holds Agastya’s hand. Guddan says Agastya is my husband. And I won’t tolerate you trying to come between us. You have a relation with this house and my husband. Don’t dare to come here. Niya says who told you I am not related to this family? You will be shocked when you hear the truth. Guddan shuts the door and says get out. Guddan says I know you are all shocked but I get angry as well. She goes upstairs. Saru says to Pushpa if she gets strong our plan would get weaker. And that.. Pushpa says Niya shouldn’t be treated like this in this house. I will handle her.

Guddan comes to the room. Agastya says what happened shouldn’t have. I didn’t do anything. Guddan says I trust you. He says any wife would get mad in a situation like this. Guddan says I trust you. Agastya says I have to tell you something. Guddan says why are you so serious? He says it’s serious. Rashi comes outside. She hugs Guddan. Guddan says what happened? Are you okay?? Rashi says I always sleep with pops. I had a bad dream. Guddan says t’s okay you can sleep here. They sleep next to her. Rashi says let get my dolls. Agastya’s back hurts. Guddan says are you okay? I will get it.

Niya is outside. She recalls Guddan insulting her. Niya says I was insulted in front of everyone. She took my Agastya, my everything. She thinks everyone loves her. Everyone will take my name not hers. She is about to slit her wrist. Pushpa says what were you doing? Life isn’t so cheap. Come inside the house. Niya says how do I go in there? Where that cheap Guddan insulted me. Everything is going wrong. Pushpa says don’t be so loud. Someone will listen. This has your benefit as well. Niya says the only benefit is in telling Guddan the truth. Let’s go and tell her why is she married to Agastya. Pushpa says our mission would fail if she finds out. Niya says what about your son? He’s planning to tell Guddan everything. Pushpa says I have to stop Agastya.

Guddan says where did Agastya go? Agastya says to Guddan you can’t do this Guddan anymore ma. I will tell her everything.. Pushpa says you can’t ruin my plan otherwise your Rashi will go back to where you came from. Agastya says I can’t do this. Pushpa says you know how important it is for our mission. Guddan comes in. Agastya says Guddan I.. Pushap faints. Agastya says maa please take meds. Guddan says please take meds. Agastya will do what you ask. I will stay here with you to take care of you. Agastya you sleep with Rashi.Guddan sees Agastya and rashi asleep. She says let me make their breakfast before they wake up. Guddan sees Agastya’s phone. She picks it. Agastya holds her hand and says I love you so much. Agastya wakes up. He sees Guddan and says are you okay? Guddan says your phone is buzzing. Your girls must be texting. Arushi comes and says I came to say good morning but looks like everyone’s morning is already great. Guddan says yeah some people are getting many messages. Guddan and rashi go out. Arushi says this all that is happening with Guddan isn’t okay. She deserves better.

Pushpa comes to Niya and says have breakfast. Guddan shouldn’t know you’re here. Niya says I am sick and tired of all this. Niya throws away the breakfast. Guddan comes outside. She says if door is locked from outside how was there noise. Guddan opens the door. Niya hides under the bed. Guddan looks around but no one is there. A paper falls from Guddan’s hand. She bows down to pick it. Pushpa says what are you doing here? Guddan says I heard noise. Pushpa says it must be the windows. You made very good breakfast. Go have it. Guddan leaves. Pushpa says I have told you so many times Guddan shouldn’t know you’re here. Niya says I don’t care even if she finds out today. Pushpa says I have to complete my mission before this Niya ruins it.

Guddan is cooking. Someone comes there with a knife. Agastya comes in. Guddan says it was you? I got scared. He says can I get a coffee? Guddan says sure. Guddan says let me as Rashi as well. Agastya pulls Niya outside and says how dare you? How can you even think of hurting Guddan. You have no idea what will I do? Niya says you have no idea what I can do. You can’t tell Guddan anything. She has to be alive for that. Agastya says you won’t do anything to Guddan. Niya says do you love her? He says I have nothing to do with you. Niya says how will you shout at your mom? She laughs and says how will you stop her you mama’s boy. Niya leaves. Agastya says I can’t wait anymore. I have to tell Guddan.Saru says don’t worry. He won’t tell Guddan anything. Pushpa says he brought Rashi here even when I didn’t want Rashi her either but he brought her here. I can’t believe Agastya. Saru says this plan has to work out and only Guddan can do that.

Agastya writes a letter. He writes, I can’t look into your eyes and tell you truth. I broke your trust many times Guddan. I fooled you, yet you decided to trust me. You’re as good and I am as bad. I can’t misuse your niceness. Truth is that our wedding wasn’t a misunderstanding. It was all planend. This is deceit and it’s done to you for a reason. The reason is.. He writes I can’t keep you in dark anymore. Guddan comes with coffee. She says coffee is ready. Agastya is not there. Guddan looks for him. Guddan reads the letter. She is shocked. Guddan says such a big deceit. Whenever I feel like life is on track something like this happens.He told me everything and left it on me to decide? Guddan says I won’t sit silently this time. I will give a solid answer to this situation. I can do this mama papa.

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