Unspoken Bond update Saturday 27 August 2022


Unspoken Bond 27 August 2022:The Episode starts with Dada ji saying I know you love Darsh a lot, you got all the proofs alone, Darsh will come home today because of you, bless you. Vini asks shall I come along. Nandini says no, inspector was angry on you. Vini asks her to take the flower with her, it will solve all the problems. Nandini says we should go now, Shobit will meet us there. Vipul says get Darsh to the hospital once, Rajvi will feel his presence, maybe his love wakes her up. Charmy says I will come along. Nandini asks her to take rest. Charmy says Darsh is in jail, I want to see him getting freed. She thinks don’t know what plan he made against Darsh.At the police station, inspector looks at Charmy. He asks why are you tensed, like you have tried to kill Rajvi, is my doubt right, you are the mastermind of everything. Everyone gets shocked. Charmy imagines this. Nandini asks Inspector to check the reports. He drinks the tea. Shobit says proof is inside of you, check it once, Darsh can never attack mom, please leave him free.

Inspector checks the reports. He goes and opens the cell door. He pushes Darsh. He asks another man to come out, he got the bail.Nandini and Shobit ask what happened. Inspector says check the report, its written that blood traces match Darsh’s blood. They get shocked. Darsh says someone would have tampered the reports. Charmy says yes. Inspector says you got the trophy and now call this a lie. Shobit says Darsh can’t do this. Nandini goes. Darsh shouts Nandini. Vipul says Parul, I will call Chetan and ask about reports. Nandini comes. Vipul asks where is Darsh. Nandini says please come back, Darsh needs you, just you know what happened that night, get the attacker punished. Charmy comes and looks on. Rajvi reacts. Nandini shouts to doctor. Doctor checks Rajvi. He gives her injections. He says I think she will get conscious soon. Parul hugs Nandini. Vipul thanks the doctor.Nandini thanks Kanha. She says the entire truth will come out, we can get Darsh back, whoever attacked Rajvi should count last days of freedom. Charmy messages someone. Darsh cries and prays for Rajvi. He says just get well soon, I can stay here all life for your welfare. Someone comes to attack Rajvi. Nandini catches the person. She asks who are you, what’s your enmity with Rajvi. She shouts. The person pushes her down and runs. Darsh comes there and catches the person.

Nandini looks on. The person pushes Darsh and runs from the window. Darsh and Nandini follow.Darsh says I think there is someone near the car. She asks how did you come out of the police station. Darsh says a call came there. Constable asks Darsh to take the call. Darsh says maybe my mum got conscious, thanks. He takes the call. The man threatens him about Rajvi. Darsh asks who are you. He says someone was threatening me that my mum’s life is in danger, call at the hospital, my mum needs police protection. Constable asks him to go back to the cell. Darsh says call the inspector. Constable says get in. Darsh says this is serious, I m not lying. He pushes constable inside and leaves from the police station. He says my mum’s life is imp. He leaves. FB ends. Nandini says maybe that man who called you has attacked Rajvi.

The person recalls paying the constable. Constable says call Darsh and threaten about his mum, I will let him go, will he run away from lockup. The person nods. Darsh says that person called there to make me escape, he wanted to kill Rajvi, he wanted me to get blamed again. Nandini says you should have not come here. Darsh says Rajvi’s life was more imp for me. Nandini says I asked the doctor to say this that Rajvi will get conscious soon, someone is there who is informing Rakesh, maybe from our family. He asks what. Police comes. Inspector scolds him. Nandini says I will explain, a man attacked Rajvi, he had threatened Rajvi. Darsh says ask your constable, check the cctv footage, you will know. Inspector says you attacked a policeman. Darsh gets caught. He asks Nandini to find the real culprit. Nandini sees Rajvi.

Charmy going to meet Darsh at the police station. She asks where did Darsh go. Police gets Darsh there. Inspector says he had run away from here. He puts Darsh in the cell. He says Nandini and he planned this, don’t go ahead, talk from there. Darsh says you should be at home, go and rest. Inspector says yes, and he will ruin our sleep here. Darsh shouts. Charmy asks why did Nandini plan to make you flee, you could have fallen in big trouble. He says Nandini wasn’t involved in this, I went on my own, go home, don’t worry for me, my wife is there to worry for me. She says sorry, I didn’t wish to upset you, I can’t see you hurt. She cries. Inspector asks what’s your relation with him. She leaves.Vipul says we were hoping that Rajvi will get conscious.


Nandini says sorry, we knew that Rakesh will come to attack her, I would have caught him. He says just think, if anything happened to Rajvi. She says sorry, I can’t let anything happen to her, someone is giving the info to Rakesh. He thinks. Charmy says Nandini, since Darsh got arrested, you aren’t taking care of yourself, have food first, come. She says don’t worry, I m with you. Nandini asks her to go and take rest. She says don’t know how are all the plans failing, I doubt that some insider is passing info to Rakesh, I will not lose, I will find him. Charmy thinks what is she planning now.Nandini and Shobit go to the lab to check the reports. He says I have bribed the guard, don’t worry. She says we have to prove Darsh’s innocence, just get that assistant out of the lab. Shobit goes in and argues with the lady. He asks how did you come here. He says I m waiting for my report. She calls the security. She says come outside with me. He says I will put it on social media. She says you can’t enter lab at night. Nandini gets inside the cctv room.

She checks the footage. The lady asks who are you, what do you want. Nandini says we want to get you arrested. The lady asks why. Nandini says see this. She shows the footage, the lady is meeting the attacker and changing reports. Nandini says it means you changed Darsh’s blood reports, how can you ruin a man’s life for some money, come with me to the police station. The lady says I will give you real report, don’t take me to police. Nandini asks who paid you money. The lady says I didn’t see his face, he was wearing a mask. Shobit gets the reports. Nandini says call that man and tell him that you need more money, else you will give real reports to Darsh’s family, he will get ready to pay you money, call him. The lady calls him. Shobit says I will come with you. Nandini says no, go to police station with proof, get Darsh freed and get the police there, I can’t leave that man. Nandini comes to the place. She sees the masked man. She hides behind the tree. She messages the attacker from the lab assistant’s phone. She catches the attacker and unmasks. She gets shocked seeing Gunjan. She says you had tried to kill Rajvi, Darsh is in jail because of you. Gunjan gets scared. She throws Nandini down.

Nandini scolds Gunjan. She says Rajvi is in coma because of you, you know what had happened, Darsh is in jail. Shobit says both the proofs are here. Darsh gets released. Shobit says come with us, inspector, Nandini called that attacker. Darsh says Nandini went there alone, we should go there. Vipul gets doctor’s call. He says what, that’s a great news. He says I have to go to hospital, Rajvi showed improvement. Darsh asks Inspector to come with them. Parul takes care of Vini. Vini does drama. Parul tickles her and laughs. She says we will play. Vini asks is Nandini fine. Parul nods. Nandini asks why did you try to kill Rajvi.Gunjan says I wanted to kill Charmy’s child, I got to know that Charmy is carrying Shobit’s child. She recalls hearing Dada ji and Vipul’s talk about Shobit’s child. She says I was going mad, I thought Charmy is marrying Darsh, I don’t need to worry, but you had to end my happiness, you always do this, we are not in that house because of you, Charmy has become a trouble for me again, I m also a human, how much shall I tolerate, the family didn’t give me happiness, Shobit didn’t give me wife’s rights, he still loves Charmy, I hate her, I got mad knowing about Charmy’s child, I decided not to lose to Charmy, everyone took Dada ji to the hospital, I came back home to attack Charmy, I thought to push Charmy down in darkness to kill her baby. Charmy hears all this. She thinks Gunjan came home to attack me. Nandini asks how can you stoop so low, I can’t believe this, but you went to attack Charmy, how did Rajvi got injured.

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