Unspoken Bond update Thursday 16 June 2022


Unspoken Bond 16 June 2022: The Episode starts with Darsh saying I m not normal, you all know this, you don’t watch any cricket match or keep any glass vase, I don’t go out alone, I feel there is someone with me, its wrong to change your lives for me. She says its a little thing. He says please accept it, I m blind. Everyone feels sad. Darsh says if I had that stick in my hand, then that girl would have not come to me or got hurt, I don’t want to hurt anyone. She says you aren’t hurting anyone. He says you went to kitchen, you go there when you have anger filled in me, swear on me and tell me, are you not hurt. She cries.

He says I will always have this stick with me. Rajvi says no, you won’t use it. She breaks the stick. She stumbles. He holds her and asks are you fine. She says you are giving me a support, you don’t need a stick, you are different, better than anyone, the girl who comes in your life will not let you use a stick. Dadu says we will have some good food today, come. They all go. Darsh says some day, you have to accept my truth. Nandini isn’t able to sleep with an empty stomach. She ties her stomach. She hears someone coming and acts to sleep. Bansuri comes and cares for her. She cries and apologizes. She goes. Nandini thinks I couldn’t have mu dikhai today because of me. Dadu laughs. Parul asks Chetan to pass the bowl. Darsh says I will serve the food.

Rajvi says you sit. Darsh says you are doubting me when its about serving the daal. He tries to serve the daal. Rajvi moves the bowl for him. He says at least I had put the daal in the bowl. He gives it to Parul. Darsh says tell me what you want, I will serve, I m the host today. Dadu signs Rajvi. He says its a great idea, we will serve each other today, give it to me. Darsh sits. Rajvi cries. Darsh asks are you not having anything. Rajvi says I m having it, I will serve it to you. She thinks you are trying to prove that you lack something, you will always be better than normal, I will get such a girl who makes you realize this. Vipul goes to give a rose to Rajvi. She takes it.

Dadu, Parul and Chetan also get roses for her. Rajvi says I m fine. Parul asks Rajvi to have paan. Rajvi sees Shobit coming with a rose. She scolds him for leaving Darsh alone with that girl. He says no, I was trying. She scolds him. She says you tried to surprise him, you went to office to pick him. FB shows Shobit driving in speed. Darsh clicks pics. He says pics aren’t coming good, slow down, speed is 100, don’t cross it, please. Shobit says chill, I have to be with my friends. Darsh asks him not to use mobile. A truck comes. Darsh shouts watch it Shobit. They meet with an accident. FB ends. Rajvi gets angry on Shobit and goes. Shobit cries. Vipul says her annoyance will end soon. Shobit says I know she loves me a lot, I feel I don’t deserve any forgiveness for my sin. He cries. Rajvi goes to temple and cries talking to vent our her sorrow. She praises Darsh.

She shouts its wrong to not see one thing lacking instead his good qualities, its wrong to pay for someone’s mistake, its wrong to not listen to a mother’s prayer. She says Darsh shouldn’t get his life partner, with whose eyes he sees the entire world. Its morning, Darsh wakes up. He goes to change. Nandini makes the food. Baa and Gunjan come. Nandini gets tea and haldi milk for them. Baa likes it. Nandini says I have made the food ready. Rajvi handles the work. Darsh comes and says mum thinks she will get much benefits and send prasad for the Lord. Dadu and Vipul come from the walk. Dadu says he made me complete 3000 steps. Darsh says that girl took my class at the ghat, what did she say, cheapster. Rajvi asks what, how dare she.

She says chill, I looked normal to that girl, she thought I was seeing her badly, anyways girls have less understanding, my decision to not marry is right, my mum is enough for me. He holds her hand and asks what are you hiding. She says nothing. He says your hands are cold, tell me. She says nothing, go now. Darsh asks Dadu will he come along. Dadu says yes, come, I can do anything for you. They go. Vipul asks how will you hide it from Darsh, you have sworn to find a girl, how will you convince him. She says I will convince him, once I get a girl. She thinks who is that girl who didn’t find anything lacking in himNaveen scolding Gunjan. He says a guy’s family is coming to see Gunjan. He asks Bansuri to make Gunjan ready. Bansuri and Nandini make Gunjan ready. Baa says they will do your make up well. Gunjan says I will wear Nandini’s lahenga. Nandini gives her dress. Gunjan asks for the set. Bansuri says you can wear anything you want. Gunjan says this will be mine forever, even this gold earrings.


Baa smiles. Bansuri says its my mum’s earrings, I thought to give it to Nandini in her marriage. Baa scolds her. Nandini says we got a family after many years, the earrings aren’t costly than the family. She asks Bansuri to give her earrings. Bansuri gives her earrings. Bansuri says I will get lahenga for Nandini also. Baa thinks Gunjan may get rejected if Nandini is here. She asks Nandini to get the earrings polished. Nandini says I will go and come. Baa sends her to the far shop by making excuses. Nandini goes. Baa thinks she won’t come back till the evening.Darsh comes to the jeweller’s shop and says nothing changed in your shop. The jeweller asks what shall I show now, tell me. Darsh says that’s okay, you can show the designs to my mind, not eyes. The ladies see him and taunt. Darsh hears them and says I want bangles for my mothers, she takes much tensions, wearing rubies lessen the tension. The lady taunts him that he won’t get any girl. Darsh orders cold drinks for those ladies, they have tension for his marriage.

Nandini comes there. She likes the shop. She gives the earrings for the polish. She waits there. Darsh checks some bangles by touching it. He takes assistance from the jewel app. He asks the jeweller about Rajvi’s bangle size. The jeweller says I have an idea. He calls Nandini. She asks for the earrings. He asks her to try the bangles and help, there is a size issue. She says fine. Darsh hears her. Nandini says the earrings are still there. Darsh thinks she got busy, I will try bangles and see. He makes her wear bangles. She turns to him. He turns other side. She gives the bangle. Darsh asks jeweller to help the girl.Baa praises Gunjan. The guy gets nervous while meeting Gunjan. Naveen signs Baa. Gunjan doesn’t talk. The guy likes Gunjan. The jeweller talks to Nandini. Darsh asks what if there is some flaw there. Nandini says why to neglect, maybe your flaw doesn’t mean anything to me, its not about sight, but perception. Darsh says I was thinking I heard her voice.

He turns to talk to her. She leaves. Jeweller says that girl left. Gunjan asks the guy if he has some disease. Parul checks some reports and says sugar is high. Dadu says its not my reports. Rajvi asks is it Vipul, he is hiding this. Gunjan says I can’t serve this guy, if he has high BP. She misbehaves with the guests. Baa apologizes from her side. She lies about Gunjan’s fast. Nandini comes with the earrings. She says sorry, I didn’t see you all. She greets them and asks them to sit. She says I had made laddoos for you. Vipul says its the girls’ blood test whom we shortlisted for Darsh.Parul says we check for reports before marriage so that there is no problem in pregnancy. Rajvi talks to them. Vipul says you manage the office and family well. Rajvi says no one else should like the girl before we like her for Darsh. The guy’s mum asks for Nandini’s hand. The guy also likes Nandini. Gunjan gets angry on them. Naveen loses his cool and apologizes. The family leaves. Naveen scolds Nandini and Bansuri. Bansuri defends Nandini. Baa stops Naveen to stop it. Naveen says Bansuri is Gunjan’s mum first and then has other relations.Nandini asks Bansuri not to hide her tears. She applies band aid on her finger and says your heart is hurt, I know. Bansuri says I will get habitual to his anger. Nandini makes her smile. Bansuri hugs her.

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