Unspoken Bond update Friday 12 August 2022

Unspoken Bond 12 August 2022: The Episode starts with Nandini introducing herself as Ishani. She worries seeing her id card. Some time back, Vini asks are you fine now. Nandini says yes. Vini says we will go to doctor and come. Nandini refuses. Darsh comes back. Nandini thinks he didn’t recognize me, I will confirm once. She asks why did you come here. He says I had told you, I thought to meet Jhunjhunwala’s family, you are his daughter, right. She asks didn’t you meet me before. He says no, we met just uncle, he came to Goa also in my marriage, don’t ask about my wife, avoid drinking in daytime. She thinks he didn’t identify me, maybe the family threw my pics in anger. He asks her name. She says Ishani Jhunjhunwala. Vini says we will go to doctor. Nandini sees her id card and worries. Darsh says sorry, I will pick it. She falls down and takes the id. Her feet gets hurt and bleeds. Vini asks him to help. He lifts her and takes her. Vini does the aid. Nandini thinks if any doctor knows me then, no I can’t show my face. Vini goes. Nandini acts. Darsh goes to see Vini.

Gunjan makes sweets. The family takes the sweets for tasting. Gunjan says its good that Nandini told her barfi recipe to me, I miss her, I made it, I tried my best. Rajvi says its enough that you tried, thanks, come home, you can come anytime you want. Gunjan asks them to have the sweets. They taste it. Rajvi says its amazing. Gunjan smiles. Rajvi says freshen up and come, we will have lunch together. They all cough and keep back the sweets. Rajvi says she added salt in the sweets, don’t tell her, she will be heartbroken, she is lovely, she is bearing punishment because of Shobit. Vipul asks what will we tell Darsh, he is preparing to launch the sweets. Darsh asks Vini to calm down, she is a doctor. Charmy hides her face behind mask and ppe kit. Vini questions Charmy. Darsh says Ishani isn’t able to get rid of the hangover. Charmy goes to check Nandini. Nandini turns away.She thinks how shall I send him away. Darsh asks her to turn around. Charmy doesn’t see her face. She says I will give prescription, sorry, I forgot to get my letterhead in a hurry. Darsh asks Charmy to ignore Vini. Vini asks Charmy why didn’t she see the cut on the foot. Charmy checks and says its an ordinary wound. She asks Darsh to apply the ointment. Vini says he isn’t a doctor, if he damages her leg, if we need to get her leg amputated, then how will she walk. Charmy goes. Darsh does the aid. Bansuri gets the sweets for Naveen. Naveen spits it and says its horrible. Shobit comes home with sweets. Naveen asks what’s this. Shobit says Darsh was finding Nandini’s barfi recipe, I got it from the nearby shops to find matching taste, I kept this competition. Naveen says he will give 15000rs to the winner.

He says you would know that story of Ram and Hanuman, Ram asked Hanuman to get Sanjeevani herb, Hanuman didn’t know the herb and got the entire mountain, you got all the sweets for Darsh. Shobit says I did wrong with him. He thinks Charmy is cheating him. Darsh asks for cream for dark circles. Charmy says you shouldn’t apply it after eye surgery, sorry, I thought of some other patient. He says its for my wife, she studies at night, her eyes look tired. She thinks you love Nandini a lot, but I m not Nandini. Nandini hugs Vini. She says if Darsh comes again, just tell him that I m not here. Vini asks her not to worry.Nandini goes and gets angry thinking of everything. She says Darsh and Rajvi misunderstood me, why did Darsh come back, I had started my new life, I won’t let my past come back in my life. Darsh looks at her. Vanlata trying to see Darsh and Nandini. Some time back, Nandini angrily breaks the glass. She says relation can’t join back, no second chances, I m the woman who left my husband and Sasural, I m living happy alone, its imp to stay with esteem than to live with husband. Darsh comes and sees her. He says she is talking to herself. He asks do you even realize that you have a little daughter, you are drinking again, come inside, I will tell you why I have come here. Vanlata comes there. She sees Darsh with some girl. She enters the house to see.

She says Darsh is here, I can’t see anything. Darsh pacifies Nandini. Vini tries to stop Darsh from telling anything. She says that day Darsh helped me when I was lost. Darsh stops Vini. She says just go, my mum is angry. He says I will go, let me help you, give me the alcohol bottles, we will throw it out, you will be fine. Nandini says I have to keep Darsh away from me, he shouldn’t know who I m. Vini sees Vanlata looking inside. She makes Vanlata fall down and runs. Darsh asks Nandini to give the bottles. Nandini says I won’t give, I will drink and do whatever I like, I know you don’t care for my heart. She asks Vini how did you go out without telling me. Vini shuts the window. She says neighbor aunty was peeping in. Nandini throws junk at Darsh and says sorry, I have no way to make you leave. Darsh gets out of the house. He shouts and scolds her. Vanlata asks what’s going on here. Gunjan enjoys the good. Parul asks her to take one more roti, eat well.Gunjan thinks I miss everything. Charmy comes. Gunjan gets angry on her. She says Shobit did this big thing just because of you, I won’t let you hurt my family, did you come here to trap my husband, this can’t happen, get out. Parul tries to stop her. Rajvi comes and says she is Nandini for Darsh, we can’t let Darsh know what happened with his wife, we can’t let any shock affect him, Nandini is the big bahu of our house now, if she didn’t help us, then we could have not handled Darsh. Gunjan gets shocked.

She says I m sorry. She thinks what’s happening. Charmy says Darsh was at that patient’s house, he couldn’t recognize me, I had mask and kit with me. Rajvi says thank God, you don’t worry, go and take rest. Parul says Charmy can step back and say that she can’t do this, what will we do. Rajvi says she won’t step back. Gunjan thinks is Charmy trying to trap Shobit again. Goons come there. Vanlata is still there. She looks on. Nandini asks Vini how did she come early. Vini says I came with my friend’s mum. Goons knock the door. Nandini asks her to lock herself in the room. She sends Vini. She opens the door. Goons get in. She says you will get the money by tomorrow, leave from here. Goons trouble her. Darsh comes back and beats the goons. Vanlata looks on. Goon asks who are you. Darsh says I won’t say it again, just get out of here. Vanlata says he has become a Rambo after getting eyesight back. Gunjan saying I will tell the truth to Darsh. The lady asks Charmy what are you doing in Nandini and Darsh’s room. Charmy worries seeing Darsh. Some time back, Darsh fights the goons. Vanlata says I should leave now. Darsh asks goons to leave in 30seconds. The goons leave. Darsh thinks she isn’t saying thanks. He says you are welcome. Nandini says I didn’t ask for your help. He says okay fine, I will help you for Jhunjhunwala’s sake, do you have money to pay the loan, listen, I can help you. She says no thanks, just leave, that will be big help. She slips and falls down.

He recalls Nandini. She says so muddy, Vini gets shoes inside the house. He thinks her brain got damaged by alcohol. He asks what, you said you don’t need help. He thinks she is irritating, but I need to get her out of this mess.Charmy talks on call. Shobit comes and says I came to take Gunjan, not to meet you. Gunjan comes and says you know Darsh…. He says I know, Darsh thinks Charmy is Nandini, the family is also with her. Charmy sneezes. Shobit recalls their old moment. She thinks you still care for me. He asks her to remember, the lie won’t stay for long. Shobit and Gunjan leave. Rajvi comes and asks did Shobit say anything. Charmy says I didn’t expect Shobit to keep relation with Gunjan, I thought he isn’t happy with her. Rajvi pacifies her.Rajvi says you trust me right. Charmy says yes. Rajvi asks her to go and get medicines for her allergy. She gets a message. She says I will see how much you remember whatever we taught you. She teaches Charmy to eat the candies like Nandini. Rajvi recalls Nandini. Vini eats the candy. Nandini asks her to eat it properly. Vini says sorry, how did the goons get scared and go. Nandini thinks of Darsh. She sees her wound. She says if one applies the ointment after giving the wound, then it looks like salt. Charmy studies. Darsh says I was thinking to thank the donor’s family, Jhunjhunwala’s daughter isn’t nice, Vini is his granddaughter, they both irritated me a lot, anyway, I m able to see today because of his big favor, I will be ready to always help them, I got late today because I couldn’t leave her in that state. Charmy says you don’t need to clarify. He says I don’t want us to hide each other, if we did this before, then this would have not happened. She nods. He says sorry.

She asks Charmy to take some steam now, take a break from studies. He gives her a towel. Charmy asks but why. Darsh says I m your family, you don’t need to ask me to worry for you. He says you got dark circles, I got the dark circles removal cream, you take the steam now. Gunjan vents anger and sweeps the floor. She says I didn’t get the status of Rawals bahu, I will get the truth in front of Darsh now. Nandini teaches Vini. Vini says I will get my piggy bank, it has lots of money. Nandini says wait, that’s special money, we won’t give it to goons, we will make a house by it. Door bell rings. Nandini asks Vini not to get scared. She opens the door and sees Mahesh.She asks him to come in. Mahesh sees the big house. He says you stayed in a small house where roof was leaking, why did you lie. Nandini says sorry to lie, my dad passed away, I got to know about the big loan he took, moneylenders come to ask for money, they threaten to kidnap Vini, we wanted to stay in studio for getting saved from them. Mahesh asks her not to worry for money, she got chosen for the three big contracts, she can take advance today itself, maybe they heard your voice in the hospital jingle. Nandini gets happy and thanks him. The lady comes to greet Nandini. She sees Charmy. Charmy messages Rajvi that her servant came here. The lady asks what are you doing in Nandini and Darsh’s room. Darsh comes. Charmy gets shocked. He removes the ear plugs. He says its so funny, I m colliding here and there since my eyesight came back. The lady says you can see now, thank God. He says look at her, she got so happy, right Nandini. The lady gets confused. Rajvi comes.

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