I’m On the Edge update Saturday 13 August 2022

I’m on the edge 13 August 2022: Keasr says you had to drink poison as if there was not enough poison in the life. You will bring change here. I know you will get what you deserve. Devi says I don’t know. Kesar says I can see love for him in your eyes.

Come with me. She dresses devi in a pink sari. Kesar says you are yourself today. You look very pretty. Devi says thank you. But why all this? Kesar says when I go out with my husband I will wear this. I bought this before marriage. That day never came in my life so I gave it to you.

She makes Devi wear her jewelry.

Adhi picks the knife. Devi waits for him the room. Devi says I have to tell him whats in my heart. Adhi comes to the room. Devi says you came.. I..
Adhi comes towards Devi. She says I.. He has a knife. Adhi stabs her. Adhi says my masa’s revenge is now take. Her blood is all over the floor. She falls down in blood. Adhi comes out. He was dreaming all this standing near the knife in the fruit basket. He sees DEvi coming. Adhi comes to Devi. He says I never thought I would come there. I made a mistake in understanding you and I don’t deserve a pardon. How could I think that this face could kill someone and that too my masa.

You did so much for my family and I always thought wrong of you. Now I want to make up for my mistake. He says I could never understand you. I am your husband. Devi says you called yourself my husband. He says you asked me what I think about our relationship. I took time to decide. I don’t know when I fell in love with you. Devi is dazed. Adhi says do you love? Give me an answer. Once you all me your husband.. I will have right on your love, yourself, and your life. Are you ready? He gives her a rose. Devi takes the rose. Masa comes with Urmi and everyone.

They are in a shock. Adhi brings sindur and says i had to do this in front of everyone. He fills her hairline. Masa is in a shock. I want you all to know that after today this Devi is my wife. Heera shouts Adhiraj.. She says there are some rules here. Adhi says I know that there are some rules and I know what am I saying. devi will get her right in the house.

Masa says to Adhi she is our enemy. Adhi says no. Devi says please Masa. Let this hate die. We are a family today. Dont’ let hate come in between. We should let it go now. Adhi and Devi touch Masa’s feet. She steps back. She leaves. Saradh hugs Adhi. He says well done.

Devi says to Adhi I wasn’t getting anything. My hubsand who is always angry.. How did he turn so lovey dovey today? He smiles. Devi says I still can’t believe, This looks like a dream. Adhi says this is your new life. Welcome to it. You will live in my.. our room. Devi smiles. She says say again. He says are your ears not clear? She says same words again.

Jeet Gayi
Heera comes ot her room angry. She says everyone is over. I brought that girl here to take my revenge but she played well. She took my son from me. Everything is over. I thought Adhi would treat her like trash but see what he did. He filled her hairline. He gave her room in his life. She is crying. Heera is coming. Adhi says comes and says nothing is over. Masa says what was that you did downstairs? Adhi says that was a game. When you have to hunt you have to lure the fish. She used her mind and so should we. She thinks she is clever. She doesn’t know what game I played with her. Her life will be over. Masa says really? Adh says yes. She gave you poison now you see what I do to her. Heera hugs him.

Geet Gayi
Devi is in room. Adhi comes there. He recalls everything. Devi says I have to tell him that there was poison in bottle. Kesar says to Bansuri Devi will now live in Adhi’s room. Kesar comes to their room with milk. She leaves.

Masa is angry in her room. Urmi says adhi is taking that girl to his room. Bansuri says kesar is helping her as well. We will all be outside this house. Heera says go from here. They leave. Bansuri says there is something for sure. Urmi says we have to know what game are they playing now.
Devi says i have had a long journey between these rooms. He says a lot happened that I didn’t expect and now.. She says now? Urmi and Bansuri are trying to overhear. Adhi says what are you trying to say. He says you are my wife thats the only truth I know. Devi says I can’t do this. Saradh comes outside and says what are you both doing here? Give them some privacy. Urmi says no we were just walking.
Devi says I can’t say this lie. He says what lie? Adhi drinks the milk. He takes his kurta off. Devi says this is too early. He says okay i understand. He says I felt like there was an insect in my kurta. He leaves. Devi sleeps on the floor.
Urmi says what is happening inside?

Pretty calls Urmi. urmi says that devi is trying to get my Adhi. She has crossed all the limits. I don’t know what to do. Masa is just silent. Urmi says take care everything will be fine.



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