Unfortunate love update Tuesday 27 December 2022

Unfortunate love 27 December 2022: The Episode starts with Sonal asking Lakshmi if she is going somewhere. Lakshmi says yes, why? Sonal says when you go, then Rishi will get freedom and we will revive our old memories. Lakshmi says Rishi has freedom when I am with him, I am his wife, that doesn’t mean that he will forget his old friends. She asks them to sit and talk. She goes. Ayush sits on the table. Sonal says don’t worry, we are not going to snatch Rishi. Ayush says ok, I will leave and tells them that Lakshmi is with him, even if she is not with Rishi. Malishka asks what do you think that I think always how to separate Rishi and Lakshmi. Ayush says it is your words, if you try to do this, then I won’t let this happen.

He says when old memories are refreshed, then give him freedom and leave. Rishi asks them not to mind. Sonal says Rishi and Lakshmi are happy and what is all that matters and asks Malishka to stop telling him that she loves him as he is Lakshmi’s husband. She takes Malishka with her. Rishi thinks what is happening.Dadi thanks Lakshmi for taking her to Gurudwara. Virender says Mrs. Almira will be coming. Neelam comes and asks if food is ready. Mukesh tells that Lakshmi bhabhi has cooked all the food. Dadi says hats off to Lakshmi for managing all house work and also took her to Gurudwara.

Mrs. Almira comes there and asks if you are Rishi’s wife, and says nice to meet you. She is about to hug Malishka when Virender tells that she is a family friend. Mrs. Almira stops and doesn’t hug her. Malishka thinks when her dream will be fulfilled. Lakshmi comes there and gives water to Ms. Almira and to the guy who has come with her. Virender says she is Rishi’s wife. Mrs Almira gets up and hugs Lakshmi. Lakshmi touches her feet. Mrs. Almira says nobody touches business associate’s feet. Lakshmi says she has touched the person’s feet who called her beta. Mrs. Almira tells that even she had a daughter who died in bomb blast and tells that when she heard about the terrorist attack, she came to meet her.

Lakshmi asks her to think her as her daughter. Rishi and Ayush come there and says hi. Lakshmi brings snacks and sweets there. Mrs. Almira is surprised and says food…Lakshmi says you will get strength to have food, and asks her to have the snacks before food. Malishka asks Lakshmi why she made so many sweet dishes for aunty, it is not good for her health. Lakshmi says she has made it with dates, natural sugar. Virender says lakshmi takes care of everything. Lakshmi sits and talks to Mrs. Almira. Malishka feels sidelined.

Later Malishka tells Sonal what Lakshmi thinks of herself, and wiped my identity completely. She says Lakshmi is cheap illiterate. Sonal asks her not to start again. Malishka says only I know how I feels, and asks Sonal what she thinks of her promise. Sonal tries to make her understand, but stops. Malishka says all the men are in Lakshmi’s clutch and only Neelam, Karishma and Sonia want me to marry Rishi. She says others threw me out, and Rishi throw me out of his life. Sonal says I agree that I thought Lakshmi as an easy target, but I will throw her out of Rishi’s life and everywhere and he will become yours. Mrs. Almira invites them for her sister’s son Rohan’s reception in India. Rishi asks I had met Rohan. She asks Neelam to lock the date. Virender says our professional relation becoming family relations.

Mrs. Almira says when she had come, she didn’t think that she will invite them, but as Lakshmi regarded her as family member, so she is inviting them. Dadi praises Lakshmi. Karishma tells Neelam that she is saying as if we didn’t take care of the guests before. Neelam says she is aged now, I don’t feel bad, and asks her not to feel bad. Rishi asks if we can discuss the business. Mrs. Almira says surely, and tells that infact she wanted to go to her sister’s house, but can’t go and will meet her in reception. She says she felt at home here. Sonal says she will get her married to Rishi. Malishka says I want to believe you and asks her to send Lakshmi to such an island where Rishi can never go. Sonal says you wanted her to die. Malishka says she tried to kill her, but she got saved.

She says she had done her own kidnapping so that she can frame Lakshmi, but her destiny is bad. Sonal says your destiny is bad. She says if we have to go to extreme, then we will. She asks about Balwinder. Malishka tells that balwinder helped her, and tells that he is Lakshmi’s lover. She tells everything and tells that I got Rishi marry Lakshmi. Sonal says Balwinder is behind Lakshmi even now. Malishka says Balwinder got ready to marry Lakshmi for money. Sonal says you trusted the wrong person. Malishka asks how you will get me married. Sonal says like I got married, it is tried and tested formula, has 100 percent success.

Rishi comes to Ayush and asks if he has done. Ayush asks him to check the presentation which he made. Rishi says not needed, and feels that he has put all his efforts. Ayush thanks him for giving the chance. Rishi says I will punch you too and asks him to forget his scoldings. Ayush says I will not forget my mistake. Rishi says I know your presentation will be good and it will be best presentation of your life.In the kitchen, Mukesh asks Lakshmi, how she will make food alone. She says you are helping me and doing more work with him. She calls someone.

Malishka asks Sonal to meet Balwinder, and tells that he can help. Sonal asks her to make a video call, then she will decide if she shall take her help or not. Balwinder picks the call and asks Sonal why she has stolen Malishka’s phone. Malishka says she is on call. Balwinder asks if your face is changed and says you are looking better. Malishka takes the call and asks him to see her. She asks him to talk to her friend Sonal. Balwinder says she is more beautiful than you and flirts with her. He stares her and thinks his sight is stuck on her. Sonal asks him to come to Oberoi mansion.

Balwinder asking Malishka, what is she saying? Malishka says yes. Balwinder asks what she (Sonal) is coming. Sonal asks Malishka to which impotent man she has called. Balwinder says he is not impotent and he is very much potent. He asks her to wait for him with the garland. Malishka asks Sonal, if he gets caught. She says he shall not come here? Sonal says he will come. Malishka calls him and asks him not to come. balwinder says he called me impotent, I will come there. Malishka ends the call and tells Sonal that if he gets caught. Sonal asks her to get focused on Rishi and goes to washroom. Malishka thinks how she got her marriage done. Ayush gives the presentation to Mrs. Almira. Mrs. Almira says we can’t attract foreigners with this presentation. She says we have to change it completely. Virender says lets take a breath and then check again. He asks Ayush to take a break and then work on the project.

Ayush says sorry to Rishi. Rishi says its ok, something it happens, and tells that they will work on the same presentation.Malishka and Sonal are standing outside. Malishka says it is risky to call him here. Sonal says why you are in tension and says he might not come. Balwinder is hiding behind the plants. He comes infront of them and stares at Sonal. Sonal says she has seen him and asks him to go. Balwinder says he came here from 25 kms away. He asks Sonal if she will marry him. Sonal says she has called Rishi and asks him to wait. Balwinder asks Sonal if she has gone mad. He goes. Malishka asks Sonal what is in her mind, if she wants to get her caught?Ayush blames himself. Rishi asks him to cheer up. He motivates him and asks him not to accept defeat. Ayush says I will try. Rishi says lets analyze the presentation and correct it from client’s perspective. Ayush says ok. Malishka asks Sonal to answer her.

Sonal asks her to relax and says she lied to make that phattu run away. They turn to go.Ayush tells Rishi that he is trying, but can’t do. He asks what to do? Rishi says I will make you understand, how to do it? They see Balwinder standing. Balwinder says you have tested me and I have passed and you have failed. He asks why did you call me? Malishka says when we have work with you, then we will call you. Balwinder flirts with Sonal and tells that she is very beautiful etc. Malishka asks him to go. Sonal says he is mad, get rid of him. Malishka says he is my pet.Rishi helps Ayush to make presentation. Ayush says one day, I will learn how to make good presentation and then will become like you. Rishi says I want you to be more better than me. Lakshmi comes there and says work is done.

Malishka asks Sonal to tell what she is going to do? Sonal says I got married to my friend’s husband, who was rich and would give me luxurious life. She says I could go to any level to get him and asks her to do exactly like her. She asks where is my friend? Malishka asks where? Sonal says she didn’t kill her or didn’t leave her to live. She says she has made her paralyzed and has kept her at her home, so that people think that I am so good. Malishka is shocked and says you want to say Lakshmi will be neither alive nor dead.Neelam asks Lakshmi if dinner is ready. Lakshmi says yes. Mrs. Almira says she is eating since she came here, and tells that she has to do dieting for a year.

Lakshmi asks what are you saying and tells that when daughter goes to her mother’s house, then she also takes care of her. Mrs. Almira says in India, it is said that water shall not be drank at daughter’s house. Lakshmi says we shall change the mindset and asks if mother loves her daughter less thinking she will go to someone’s house. She says the daughter shall tell their parents that they have another home now. Mrs. Almira appreciates Lakshmi for her thought and says all parents shall get daughter like you. Karishma says you said right, all children shall respect their parents. Neelam says some daughters come to sasural to break it and to ruin their name, such bahu shall be taught a lesson. Dadi tells that in some sasurals, bahus are taunt always, and she shall teach a lesson to them. Ayush says yes. Rishi says if her husband is with her, then all the problems will be solved.

Ayush says love is very important. Virender says if they love each other then nobody shall have any problem. Mrs. Almira says Lakshmi said right. Ayush says my Bhabhi is right. Lakshmi says there is a surprise for you. Just then they see Mrs. Almira’s sister coming there with her husband, Rohan and Priyanka. Rishi says Lakshmi got this idea and talked to them. Mrs. Almira thanks Lakshmi for calling them there and hugs her. Lakshmi says I understood that you want to meet them. She says you regarded me as your daughter. She asks them to sit. Malishka asks Sonal to see what Lakshmi is doing? Sonal says Lakshmi will not get a chance to cry also after this.

Balwinder thinking how Malishka’s friend will help her. She thinks if she will stop her work and if she does this then it will be a problem for him. Lakshmi is talking to Priyanka. Rishi messages Mrs. Almira’s secretary. Malishka asks Lakshmi to introduce her to Priyanka. Lakshmi tells Priyanka that she is Malishka, Rishi’s best friend and Sonal is his childhood friend. Priyanka says you have good bonding with your husband’s friends. Lakshmi says he is so good that he never let any doubt come in my mind. Priyanka asks if he loves you so much. Lakshmi says she has work in kitchen and goes. Malishka and Sonal sit and ask Priyanka what does she do? Priyanka says she is a tarot reader. Malishka asks her to tell her future. Priyanka shows the cards. Malishka chooses one. Priyanka says you are in deep love with someone and will marry your dream boy soon.

Malishka hugs her. Sonal says I will get you married, your destiny brought me here to get your and Rishi’s marriage done. Ayush shows the presentation to Mrs. Almira’s secretary. He likes the presentation. Ayush thanks Rishi. Rishi asks him to work hard and focus. Sonal and Malishka dance in the room. Sonal says her plan is 100 percent success and tells that Priyanka has given double assurance. She says Rishi is your bhagya and not Lakshmi bhagya. Malishka says you will get your Rishi, just wait and watch, all your dreams will be fulfilled.

Sonal asks Rishi to introduce them to everyone. Rishi introduces them. They sit to have food. Ayush calls Virender as Mama. Mrs. Almira asks if he is not your son. Virender says he is my sister Karishma’s son, but he is first than Rishi. Ayush says sorry man. Rishi says first from down or above. Virender says down as you are small.Kiran comes to Oberoi house and apologizes to Neelam for accusing Lakshmi of kidnapping her daughter. Neelam asks her not to apologize and says it is a small thing. She insults Lakshmi to take their side. Kiran thinks neelam is still on Malishka’s side, and thinks Malishka shall not do anything wrong now.

Neelam introduces Kiran to everyone. Malishka drops spoon to make Lakshmi fall down. Sonal asks what you are thinking? Malishka says you will know. Sonal asks her to ignore small things and focus on big game which they are going to play. Malishka says we will do warm up before that. She says Lakshmi will come, and step on it and will fall down. She says all the food will be wasted.Sonal’s boyfriend (might be her goon) thinks where did she go? He says she asked me to call her and now call is not connecting. He says God knows what she wants me to do. Malishka and Sonal see Lakshmi coming. Lakshmi goes without stepping on the spoon. Mukesh comes holding dal bowl and slips. He apologizes to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi asks if he is fine and says Dal can be made again. She finds spoon and asks malishka if she didn’t see the spoon there. Malishka asks her to blame her that she made it fall intentionally. Lakshmi says I didn’t say this. Kiran says you are saying this to insult Malishka intentionally. Lakshmi apologizes to Malishka. Sonal’s boyfriend is shown exercising and calls her again. Sonal tells Malishka that Shaitaan’s call is coming. Malishka asks who is he? Sonal says Ashish. Ashish flirts with her and asks what work she wants him to do. She says your cheesy lines and says if my work is done, then I will give you party. He says do you want to murder someone, but you don’t do murder. He asks if she wants him to make someone as lively dead body. Sonal says yes. He says your work will be done.

Shalu thinks Ayush didn’t call her even once. She burns the dress mistakenly. Bani asks what happened? Shalu says nothing. Bani says Ayush’s message came. Shalu gets happy. She says Ayush didn’t call her even once. Bani says Ayush should have called you once. Shalu says he will be busy. Bani asks if such Ayush will work for you. Shalu says yes and runs behind her.Karishma tells Neelam that she will order food, and their hotel chef will bring dal. Lakshmi asks why to call hotel chef when house chef is there. Karishma says how can dal be made so fast. Malishka says exactly. Neelam asks what did you bring? Lakshmi says kadi, it looks good.

Everyone gets happy. Mrs. Almira says I was about to ask her to make kadi. Ayush says it is good that dal fell down and tells Malishka that it is good. Malishka gets angry. Rishi asks Lakshmi to sit and says they will take it. Everyone likes the kadi. Mrs. Almira says you are really grah lakshmi. Rohan says I wish I could have married her. He says I just wished, and tells that Rishi is lucky to have Lakshmi as his wife. Rishi says Lakshmi says she is lucky, but I am lucky to have such a wife. Rohan says I love you to Priyanka and asks Lakshmi, how many times, did Rishi confessed love to her. Ayush asks her to tell.

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