Unfortunate love update Wednesday 14 December 2022

Unfortunate love 14 December 2022: The Episode starts with Sonia telling Malishka that she shall not chill and not stop, but make Lakshmi lose and she has to win. Malishk says she will win this time. Rishi asks Lakshmi to relax and forget everything. Ayush asks her to chill and go to temple peacefully. Rishi asks what is he saying. Ayush asks her to close her eyes and take a deep breath. Rishi says you want her to remember everything again. Ayush says no. Lakshmi says I understood. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he wants to apologize to her on Mom’s behalf. Lakshmi says you don’t need to apologize and tells that food smell was really coming from my hands. Rishi says Lakshmi had given me food, may be that’s why smell came on her hand.

Ayush says I wonder how, as the smell was strong. He finds the bottle on the door. Rishi says it is nail polish remover. Lakshmi says no. Ayush opens it and smells. He says it is food smell, and says all secrets out. Rishi says from where did this bottle come, and who has conspired against Lakshmi. He says they shall tell Mom. Malishka and Kiran come downstairs. Neelam is sitting for katha and smiles looking at Malishka. Rishi and Ayush come there. Rishi insists to talk to Neelam. Neelam says she is sitting for puja now, will talk to him later. Rishi says you want to do puja for me. Neelam says yes, but no advantage. Rishi calls Malishka near him and asks did you have food? Malishka says no, I will go home and have food. Rishi says so you didn’t have anything. Malishka asks do you want me to do puja for you.

Rishi asks her to give her hand. Kiran thinks what he wants to do, if he is going closer to Malishka. Rishi takes out the paneer essence bottle. Malishka thinks stupid Sonia will get me thrown out of house. Rishi smells her hand and says food smell is not coming from her hand. Now I will show you magic. He applies the essence on her hand. She asks what you have applied to my hand.Neelam asks Rishi what is he doing? Rishi says proving the truth. He asks Malishka to smell it, and says you will get the smell now as if you had the food. Malishka says she didn’t eat. Rishi says this is happening due to the liquid. He applies liquid to Neelam’s hand and asks her to smell her hand. Neelam smells her hand and finds food smell. He says this means you have eaten food too, and has broken fast too.

Neelam says Rishi. Rishi says I don’t know who has applied this on Lakshmi’s hand or she had it mistakenly, but she is innocent and haven’t broken the fast. Virender says if Lakshmi was thrown out, then it would be wrong with her. Rano takes Lakshmi’s side. Virender asks Ayush to call Lakshmi to do puja. Dadi stops Ayush and asks Neelam to call Lakshmi else she will not let Lakshmi come here. She says she don’t want to insult her infront of guests, tells that Lakshmi will do the puja anyhow. Virender tells that this puja is for her son. Ayush says Lakshmi wanted to go to temple and do puja. Dadi says Lakshmi kept your respect and left from here. Neelam calls Lakshmi and says I came to know that you haven’t broken your fast, come here. Lakshmi gets happy and says she will come. Dadi appreciates Neelam.

Virender says Neelam is my pride and thanks her. Rishi hugs Neelam and thanks her for calling her. Lakshmi comes downstairs and touches Neelam’s feet. Neelam asks Ayush to check CCTV cameras footage. Pujaran says it would be sin if the married woman was blamed. Ayush says he will catch the guilty.Malishka goes to Sonia and tells that Lakshmi is doing puja, as Rishi proved her innocence. She asks about the bottle and tells Sonia that it was with her. Sonia says it was with you. Ayush opens his laptop to see the footage. Sonia opens her laptop and tells that she will delete the footage before anyone sees it.

Malishka calls her genius. She says Ayush is watching the footage. Sonia asks her to let her delete the footage.Virender says who can trap Lakshmi? Rishi suspects Balwinder. Balwinder recalls getting head and thinks to go to Lakshmi. Sonia finds the footage. Kiran calls Malishka. Malishka asks why she is calling her now. Kiran says don’t come to me when caught. She asks her to delete the proofs, as puja is completed and Neelam might ask for it. Sonia gets up to get her phone and collides with Malishka. Malishka falls on the laptop and the laptop falls down. Sonia shouts. Malishka keeps hand on her mouth. Sonia says laptop is off. Malishka says I will get another laptop for you.

Sonia says we will watch film on footpath after thrown out of house. She says we have to delete footage from Ayush’s laptop. Malishka says we shall go and get Ayush’s laptop. Ayush haven’t seen the footage till now. He gets a call that puja is over. He thinks to go and show the footage to everyone. Sonia and Malishka come there. Sonia says Mom is calling you to give laptop. She takes laptop from him and says she will show. Ayush says he will show the footage and takes laptop from her.Ayush taking the laptop from Malishka and sonia and tells that he wants to see who is becoming kaal in my bhai and bhabhi’s house. He asks them to come downstairs.

Sonia says we will come. He leaves. Malishka tells Sonia that they shall burn his laptop or shall put water on it, so that the footage gets deleted. She asks her to do something and says Rishi will forgive you, but not me. Seh asks her to do it, as she wants her to marry Rishi. She asks her to exchange her laptop with Ayush’s laptop, as both are same. Sonia says how they will exchange the laptop. Malishka says they have to do it now and asks her to bring it now. Sonia goes. Ayush comes downstairs. Malishka also comes behind him. Neelam asks if anything is found. Ayush says he brought laptop here. Pujaran comes and tells about the ritual of the plates. Dadi asks Neelam to do the puja.

Ayush says I will not leave the laptop. Lakshmi says the whoever did bad with Rishi and me, will be caught, we shall do puja now. Neelam says you are right. Malishka thinks why Neelam is changing sides, as she has kept fast for her son. She says she will tackle her later. Dadi and Neelam go. Ayush keeps laptop on the table and sits. He asks Virender about Rishi. Virender says he is talking to ahuja. Ayush says I have to update Rishi and goes. Malishka thinks it is good that danger boy, lakshmi’s puppet went and hopes Sonia comes fast. She stands near the laptop. Sonia comes there and exchanges the laptop. She takes Ayush’s laptop to delete the footage. Rishi comes there and is about to take the laptop.

He asks Virender if he saw the footage. Virender says they will see after neelam comes. Rishi says he can’t wait. He says he will make the guilty fall on Lakshmi’s feet and apologize. Malishka says don’t make me fall on illiterate girl. Malishka stops him and tells that your Mom is fasting for your dad and even puja is happening for your long age. Rishi says you care for my family much.All the ladies do the rituals of moving the plate from one another’s hands. Sonia comes back and keeps Ayush’s laptop. Kiran thinks if Neelam will accept Lakshmi. Lakshmi thinks she knows her Mummy ji’s worry. Vinny comes to Ayush and introduces herself. Simmy comes there and asks him to marry her daughter.

She says she likes him. Ayush says he don’t want to marry, as he is married. He says I have a girlfriend. Simmy says you have good values. Ayush says I am sanskari, but not brahmachari. He says he got her call and pretends to talk to her. He says it was my jaan, samosa ka aloo, my Shalu’s call. He says he will go else she will scold him. He asks her to see a guy for her and goes. Rano gets upset.Neelam asks Ayush to show the footage. Dadi asks Neelam and others to go to room and see the footage. She asks Rishi, Lakshmi, Karishma to stay with her. karishma says mom. Dadi says matter is over. Malishka smiles and thinks you will not get anything now. Ayush checks the footage and don’t see anything.

Neelam says there is nothing in it. Kiran says Lakshmi and Rishi are romaning in corridor. Neelam says Ayush is seen here and there. Virender says whoever has planned this, is very clever. Ayush says yes, I know. Virender says Lakshmi didn’t break fast. Malishka smiles and looks at Kiran.Rishi comes to kitchen. Lakshmi says she is taking juice for Dadi, as all servants are busy. He says you are fasting today. She says very soon moon will come. Rishi says moon has appeared. He shows her face in the plate and asks her to break her fast. Lakshmi smiles. She asks since when you have been romantic. He says since you came in my life. He says when you came in front of me, I wanted to joke. Lakshmi gets upset. he says his feelings are truthful.

Lakshmi says my words and feelings are both truthful, you are really good, the way you support me, I get strength. She asks him not to fight with Mummy ji for her. Rishi says you are my wife and she is not less than anyone. He tells that he don’t know if he is a good or bad husband, but he will try to be a good husband every day. He says you are A plus grade wife, and tells that he could be a good husband, but will always be with her and will not leave her. Lakshmi asks him to give his phone so that she can record. he says this thing is recorded in his heart. He collides with her and the juice falls on her saree. She wipes her saree. Rishi teases her. Lakshmi says I don’t know if I am good or bad, but I know that you are the best husband of this world, A ++ grade.

Rishi thinks he will try to be a good husband and will not lose. lakshmi asks what happened? Rishi says nothing. He says you are looking good in this saree.Dadi sings the bhajan prabhu mere ghar ko pyaar karo. Lakshmi comes there and gives her juice. Dadi asks her to sing. Lakshmi sings the bhajan. Neelam is standing and hearing. Lakshmi ends singing and looks at Neelam. Neelam gives her angry look.

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