Unfortunate love update Tuesday 13 December 2022

Unfortunate love 13 December 2022: The Episode starts with Rishi asking Lakshmi not to keep the fast and says what will happen with this fast, if I have to die. Lakshmi shouts asking him not to say this and says I will keep this fast anyhow. Sonia comes there and claps. She tells Rishi that Malishka had eaten a bit of cake, and he didn’t let her keep fast, she loves him so much. She says Lakshmi hates you and that’s why broken her fast. Rishi asks her not to cross her limits and says Lakshmi can’t break her fast, she fainted as she didn’t eat or drink anything. Sonia asks him to smell her hand. Rishi says I trust Lakshmi. Lakshmi smells her hand. Sonia asks if she felt smell.

Rishi says Lakshmi makes food and that’s why smell might be coming, that doesn’t mean that she had food. Sonia says if she has broken the fast then something will happen to you. Malishka says nothing will happen to Rishi as she has raksha kawach, and tries to tie it to her hand. Rishi tries to stop her. Malishka says Lakshmi didn’t keep fast for you, and says you will be harmed. Lakshmi says nothing will happen to Rishi as I haven’t broken my fast. Rishi says this Raksha Kawach is the blind faith and he trusts Lakshmi. He says if I get this thread, then it will be proved that I don’t trust lakshmi and she has broken the fast. He tells Lakshmi that if they stay together or not, if he is alive or not, but he always trusts her. Sonia and Malishka argue.

Rishi says he will not tolerate them and asks them to leave. Sonia goes. Malishka is still standing. She says I will tie this thread anyhow, as your life is very precious to me. Rishi refuses to get the thread tied to his hand. He takes her outside. Lakshmi thinks this all is happening as Rishi cares for her and she couldn’t keep the fast, says she has to have strength for Rishi.Dadi says everytime Lakshmi is blamed, and she proves to be right. Lakshmi says she is behind us. Dadi says she has saved Rishi many times. Neelam says we have been facing problems since she came here and says everything was fine and everyone was happy. Dadi asks what to say, how much happy they were.

Neelam is shocked and argues with Dadi. Karishma says Lakshmi has broken the fast. Dadi says Rishi said that it was his plate. Sonia comes there and says one day she will separate Rishi from us. Neelam says she will not bear anything silently, who is she? She says she will not let this happen. She says she has decided not to give any chance to Lakshmi. She says that girl shall leave, I will throw her out, she can’t think of return this time. Dadi says you will not do this. Neelam says who will stop me. Dadi says I. She says you are doing wrong. Neelam says I am doing right, I have to throw Lakshmi out, I don’t want to insult you, and that’s why requesting you not to come inbetween Lakshmi and her. She says I am your bahu and you are going against me for Lakshmi and supporting the wrong. Dadi says I am supporting the truth and is against wrong.

Neelam says you think that Lakshmi is right and I am wrong, that girl is inauspicious and playing with my son’s lives. She asks dadi to decide between Lakshmi and her.Malishka asks Rishi to see himself and says you are trapped, and talks in Lakshmi’s language. Rishi says you says that you love me. Malishka says shall I write and give you. Rishi asks if you will talk to me this way, whom you love. He says I can hear anything about me, but will not hear anything against Lakshmi. Malishka asks him if he loves Lakshmi. She shouts.

Sonia asks what Mom is doing. Kiran says she should have done this before. Sonia says mom shouldn’t have done this. Neelam thinks you didn’t leave any way for me. I am doing this for your grand son. Dadi says I moved away, as I want both bahus, there is one person who can stop her. Karishma tells Sonia that no drama happened, nobody can stand infront of Neelam. She says Lakshmi will leave. Kiran says Malishka will come. Lakshmi thinks if Rishi takes my side, then he will be blamed. Malishka asks Rishi if she shall reply. Rishi says it is too much. Malishka says Lakshmi made you betrayal and cheater like her and that’s why you are planning to dump me.

She says you had promised to be mine and love me always, but I see hatred in your eyes for me. She asks if this is your love for me. Rishi asks her not to say anything today, says that this is husband and wife’s day and let it be. He says I am Lakshmi’s husband and will not let anything happen to her. He says he will do his husband duty always and says I hope that you will not come between us, else…She asks what? He says I have to lock you in room. Malishka cries. Lakshmi comes there and calls Malishka.Malishka wipes her tears and asks what did you do? She checks her hands and eyes, asking if she has done magic on Rishi. She asks what is in you, you have nothing, you are zero.

Lakshmi asks do you know what is zero? And says if it is added to 1 then it becomes ten, thousand, lakhs etc. She says yes, I am nothing, but still I am everything. She says Rishi said this thing to you. She asks her not to come between them. Malishka says you have come between Rishi and me. Lakshmi says we are together and asks Malishka to look at herself, and says you might lose the relation which is left. She says you can come here, staying in your limits. She says Rishi can be your friend, but not your husband, as he is my husband. Malishka says until when, he will be my husband and then I will tell these lines to you. Lakshmi shows her mangalsutra and says you don’t know its power.

Malishka says I will say these lines, when I wear this mangalsutra. Lakshmi says that day will come or not, only God knows who has made Rishi as my husband. She says don’t keep your eye sight on it, and tells that if it was not meant for me then it wouldn’t have come to me, and says now it will not go away from me. Malishka checks her neck. Lakshmi goes.Rano asking Bani where is Lakshmi? She says we shall go and meet her. Karishma and Kiran come there. Rano asks how is Lakshmi? Karishma says Lakshmi lakshmi..and tells that she didn’t see brilliant actor like her.

She says she didn’t see such a human who lies well. Rano tells that Lakshmi never lies and if she does any mistake then she has the courage to accept it. She praises Lakshmi’s values given by her father. Bani also takes Lakshmi’s side. Sonia asks Karishma to tell Neelam’s decision. Karishma tells that Lakshmi will be thrown out of the house today, she will be separated from her husband. She says now her truth is infront of everyone. She says so please, take her with you. She ways we don’t need to bear that inauspicious girl. Rano asks how dare you? karishma says she has defamed us so much, you shall take her from here silently. Kiran says this is not your house that you are shouting. They go inside.

Rano tells Bani that malishka and her mother stay here always and is scolding us. Neelam comes to Lakshmi’s room and packs her clothes in the bag. Virender comes there and asks what is she doing? Neelam says she has decided to throw Lakshmi out. Virender asks if she wants to hurt her son. Neelam says Lakshmi has broken the customs and rituals. Virender says he will not hear anything against lakshmi as he trusts her, her values etc. Neelam asks didn’t you trust me? Virender says here the difference is between right and wrong. Neelam says the wrong thing happened in the house after Lakshmi came, the way you talk to me and this is the big reason for my hatred for Lakshmi.

Virender says look at yourself, you was not like this. He asks her to give love to Lakshmi as she has kept fast for her son. He tells that if God has given powers to Mother, then he has given power to a wife too, who can bring her husband from death. He says Lakshmi has saved your son always, now he is relieved that lakshmi will handle this house. Neelam thinks even today he is thinking about Lakshmi, even I have kept fast. She says I am doing this for my son and his happiness. She says Lakshmi has done magic on everyone.

house. Neelam thinks even today he is thinking about Lakshmi, even I have kept fast. She says I am doing this for my son and his happiness. She says Lakshmi has done magic on everyone.The other Pujaran comes there and tells that Kalpana Pujaran has to go for some work so I have come. The ladies ask if the puja will happen or not. Dadi brings Lakshmi there. Neelam also comes there. Karishma asks why she didn’t throw Lakshmi. Kiran asks if she will throw her after puja. Neelam says Lakshmi will not do any puja.

Balwinder wishes to have a happy family and children with Lakshmi. He thinks she might be looking beautiful in red clothes and thinks to go and see, but then thinks Police will kill him if he gets caught. He tosses the coin.Bani asks Rano what is happening as Karishma said something and Neelam is asking Lakshmi not to sit in puja. Rano says she couldn’t understand. Neelam tells Lakshmi that she couldn’t sit for puja as she has broken the fast, custom and ritual. Dadi says she has done fast like you. Neelam says I will not bear to see you comparing me with this girl. Lakshmi tells Dadi that there can be no comparison of mother and daughter. She says I didn’t break my fast.

Neelam says she don’t want to hear. Rishi says Lakshmi has kept the fast. Neelam announces that the puja will happen only if Lakshmi leaves. She tells the ladies that lakshmi has broken the fast and she don’t want injustice to happen with them, so they all will go to temple and do puja. Lakshmi stops Neelam and says she will go, and asks them to do puja there. Rishi stops Lakshmi and asks why you didn’t fight? Lakshmi says she can’t insult mummy ji infront of guests. Malishka thinks Lakshmi will not go now. Virender says you have proved that this house can’t get a good bahu than you. Lakshmi and Rishi leave.

Virender tells Neelam that she has done an inauspicious thing today and didn’t let bahu do the puja. He says he has done an auspicious thing by stopping Lakshmi from going from home. He says Lakshmi went from here, so that your respect doesn’t lower, and you didn’t leave any chance to insult her.Lakshmi goes to her and cries. Rishi asks if she is fine. Lakshmi nods her head and says I will be fine, if I do puja. She asks if we can go to temple and do puja. Rishi says yes. Ayush says I will drive. Lakshmi says not now, after everyone completes the puja, we will do, it doesn’t look good to go out infront of everyone. Rishi asks why? Lakshmi says Mummy ji asked me not to do puja, we shall not infront of everyone.

Rishi says typical Lakshmi and asks her not to let the tears come out of her eyes. He calls her Mumbaichi Murgi. She says she is Punjabi Sherni. He says no, you are naughty too. Lakshmi and Ayush laughs. Rano sits for puja. Bani asks Rano if I shall go to Lakshmi. Rano asks why, Rishi is with her. She asks her to sit. Dadi thinks if she shall go to Lakshmi. She gets up to go. Neelam stops her and asks do you need anything. Dadi says you can’t give what I want. Neelam says I understand and asks her to sit. Dadi sits.Kiran tells that their plan failed. Malishka says Neelam aunty hates Lakshmi now. Kiran says we have to continue our plan and shall provoke Neelam to oust Lakshmi from here for forever.

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