Unfortunate love update Thursday 15 December 2022

Unfortunate love 15 December 2022: The Episode starts with Neelam calling Lakshmi near her and says you have proved today, what kind of wife and bahu you are, you have broken fast, I asked you not to sit for puja and continue your fast, but then the big blast, that bottle was found in your room, which proves that you didn’t break the fast. She says I understood that something is wrong and all this is your conspiracy. She says you are very clever and that’s why I asked to see CCTV footage. She says none of my family members can do this, but you can do this, and says you played game nicely and became a victim and made me bad. She says you played game for me, you are inauspicious for my son.

She says I will become villian now and will make you victim, if someone plays game with me then I end that person’s game. It is Neelam’s imagination. She sees Lakshmi singing bhajan, and says now you will know how bad I can be, and you will be so helpless. Virender asks Ayush if some footage is not recorded. Ayush says may be. Kiran says it is good that lakshmi haven’t broken fast.Virender says you are right, lets not spoil the mood. Malishka says may be Lakshmi planned this intentionally so that she becomes victim in everyone’s sight and you make her great again. Ayush asks her to shut up and says if Lakshmi bhabhi applied bottle to her hand and mouth, if she didn’t know what Neelam Mami would do with her, says if Lakshmi will conspire against herself.

He says someone has conspired and I will not leave that person. Virender asks why you talked like this. Malishka says I just thought. Ayush says we can think about you, you can be behind this incident, so that Rishi and Neelam can get angry at Lakshmi and throw her out. Kiran says you are blaming my daughter. Ayush says yes. Virender asks Ayush not to spoil the mood. He tells Malishka that Lakshmi is their family member and they don’t doubt her. He goes. Ayush tells Malishka that the number of times, she blames Lakshmi, he will blame her.Dadi tells that they shall rest and shall wait for the moon to appear. Rishi asks Neelam whose conspiracy was it.

Neelam says everything is revealed, I know whose conspiracy it was. Ayush comes there and tells that nothing was found in the footage. Neelam looks at Lakshmi and tells that she knows who has done this conspiracy. Rishi says may be Balwinder came indisguise of a woman. Dadi tells Neelam that she should have heard Lakshmi singing bhajan. Lakshmi says why did you stop me? Dadi says I shall ask you all to take care. Karishma asks if Lakshmi has broken the fast. Ayush says Rishi Bhai thinks Balwinder has come. Lakshmi says Balwinder will not come here, else he will be caught and get arrested. Karishma asks you mean to say we did it. Lakshmi says I didn’t say. Dadi asks Lakshmi to go and rest. Lakshmi slips and tells Rishi that she is feeling weakness.

He lifts her and brings her to room. She faints. Ayush comes there and says Rishi should have let her fast. Rishi says she doesn’t listen. A fb is shown, Rishi gives saree to Lakshmi. Lakshmi thanks him. He says he has searched in 4 showrooms and selected this. Lakshmi asks why are you working hard. He asks her not to keep the fast, as he knows that she can’t keep the fast. Lakshmi says she will keep the fast and will wear this saree too. Rishi asks why you are refuses. Lakshmi tells that it is her good destiny and Lakshmi Bhagya that she got such a caring and loving husband, for whom she shall keep fast. She asks if he wants to record her words and tells that she is keeping fast due to her values given by her family. fb ends. Rishi tells Ayush that she is stubborn and doesn’t listen. Lakshmi gains consciousness. Rishi asks if she is fine?

Lakshmi says yes. She says she was listening everything. He says you was unconscious and was listening. Lakshmi says she was resting, when she fainted. Ayush asks if she heard them. Lakshmi asks what? Ayush asks Rishi to take care of Bhabhi so much that she gets so much energy that she can stay hungty till tomorrow. He goes. Rishi makes Lakshmi sit. Lakshmi says dont say it again, that dont keep the fast. She says it is wife’s selfishness also to keep fast, she wants to be married when she leaves from this world. Rishi keeps finger on her mouth and hugs her, as he gets emotional. Malishka looks at them hugging and picks a vase to throw at them, but Sonia stops her and takes her away from there.

Balwinder thinks to go and see his Lakshmi, thinks how to go, Rishi might see and will beat him to death. He drinks wine and gets thinking. Rishi and Lakshmi are hugging each other still. Rishi says you get angry when I talk such things, and says if you talk such things then I will get angry on you. He says I will not let anything happen to you. Lakshmi hugs him and gets teary eyes. Ayush asks Dadi if there is any funda in moon, as it comes late on karwachauth fast. Dadi asks him to keep quiet. Ayush says look at all the ladies, Mr. Moon should have come by now.

Sonia tells Malishka that she has become loser Malishka and not their winner Malishka. She says you get angry all the time and asks her to forget Rishi. Malishka says don’t say that, I will never lose from that illiterate Lakshmi. She says she will win. Sonia says I hate that lakshmi for what she is, and you can make her leave from Rishi’s life. Malishka says she will separate them like old Malishka, winner Malishka. She then hugs Sonia.Rano telling that she will drink water just as she breaks her fast. Bani asks why did you keep fast? Rano says shall I let your Chacha die. She says govt shall change rules to keep the fast. Abhay comes there.

Virender greets him. Dadi asks everyone to start the puja, just as moon appears. Rano asks where is the moon? Dadi asks her to hear her first and says I asked everyone to start the puja, just as moon appears. Kiran asks Abhay why did he come there, as she has not kept the fast. Abhay says yes, I know, I am not your husband, we are divorced, why you will keep fast for me. He says Malishka’s would be sasural invited them.Balwinder calls Guddu and shares his plan with him. He says his destiny is good, and says Lakshmi will see her moon and Balwinder will see her. Vinny asks Ayush why he is going away from her. He says I have some work.

He tells about his girl friend. Bani asks him to show his girlfriend’s pic. Ayush shows Shalu’s pic to her and goes. Bani hears them and thinks to tell Lakshmi.Rishi comes to lakshmi and says saree is looking good on her. She asks just the saree. Rishi says you are typical wife. Lakshmi asks him to go and get ready. He says he is a good hair stylist and will make her get ready first. She says I know, you couldn’t set your hair and might ruin my face. Rishi says I can’t, as I have to sleep in the same room as you, and will get scared seeing your dangerous face and will get dangerous dreams in night. Lakshmi stares at him. He says he will set her hair and combs her hair. Lakshmi smiles at him. Song plays….

Guddu brings car for Balwinder. Balwinder says he wants to go and see Lakshmi, as she is fasting. Guddu asks him to call Malishka and asks her to show Lakshmi to him on video call. Balwinder tells poetry and tells that he himself will go and break her fast, with kaju katli. Guddu says poisons the kaju katli and you both have it. Balwinder scolds him. Guddu drives the car. Balwinder says get ready Lakshmi, your lover is coming to you, to take you. Rishi applies lipstick to Lakshmi’s lips. Lakshmi looks at him. Rishi sneezes and the lipstick gets applies on her face as he sneezes. He laughs and says she is looking good. She smiles seeing herself in the mirror.

He says sorry, and says he got sneezed by mistake else he would have shown her perfection. Lakshmi cleans her cheeks. Rishi says sorry. He says I shall see the final product and looks at her. He takes out kajal from under her eyes and applies it behind her ears. Lakshmi says it is good. He says he has done touch up and praises her beauty. He then says he is also looking handsome. Lakshmi applies kajal behind his ears, and asks him to be the same always. Rishi says Mrs. Oberoi, you are the best and I am proud of you. Lakshmi says me too.

Abhay asks Kiran if Malishka is fine. Kiran says she is in pain, Lakshmi has kept fast for Lakshmi. Abhay says Rishi is not understanding Lakshmi’s cleverness and he don’t realize it. Kiran says else Malishka would have kept fast for him. Abhay tells that Malishka can get a good guy. Kiran tells that Malishka loves Rishi. Abhay says Malishka breaks something, but she is a fighter and will win. Kiran says yes. Malishka comes to Rishi’s room and says he is so handsome, I love him. Rishi turns and she collides with him. She says sorry and hugs him. He says sorry and asks if she is hurt. Malishka says he is looking as a hero and thinks they are good pair, and thinks Rishi shall throw Lakshmi out of their lives. She thinks Rishi please hug me once. Rishi bends down to get his mobile from the bed.

Malishka says she wants to talk to him. He asks about Lakshmi. She says about us. She says I was keeping fast for you, but you asked me not to keep fast. She says my dream to get married to you is my life, don’t break my dream. Rishi says everyone must be waiting. Malishka says you are changed, I am getting emotional and you are getting connected with Lakshmi. She says your mom is against Lakshmi and you got against your Mom today. She says Lakshmi will make your Dad and Mom separated. Rishi says nothing will happen, they will be together always. She tells that Lakshmi has provoked Ayush against his Mom. Rishi says you are provoking me against Lakshmi. Malishka says you make her great always due to her conspiracies. Rishi says enough, I will believe Lakshmi until she is in my destiny and Lakshmi Bhagya.

Malishka says she will change Lakshmi Bhagya and one day Rishi will tell that he can’t be happy with Lakshmi as he loves her (Malishka). She says she can’t get defeated by Lakshmi.Rishi telling that Malishka is becoming strange and is not understanding Lakshmi. He sees Lakshmi sitting in the temple and asks her. Lakshmi says she was taking sindoor from the devimaa’s feet. She asks him to fill sindoor in her maang. Rishi fills sindoor in her hairline. Main Phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…..Rishi looks at Lakshmi and asks if there is any fast which husband can keep for his wife. Lakshmi says yes. She says respecting your life, and getting her respected, taking care of her always. She says big fast is that to make his wife don’t feel lonely, when she comes to his house leaving her family.

She says it is the fast which a husband do. Rishi asks do I keep this fast? Lakshmi says yes, you do every day and that’s why you are Lakshmi Bhagya. He says then you are Rishi Bhagya, as I am sitting with you, as you saved my life. Lakshmi feels weakness. He asks her to break her fast. She says she can’t break her fast now, she will see the moon and will break the fast seeing him. Rishi says I will break your fast now itself. Lakshmi says she is fine and asks him to go. He collides with Bani and asks where is she going? Bani says she is going to Di. She rushes to Lakshmi and tells that she has to tell her something. She asks for a hug and tells her that Ayush and Shalu are boyfriend and girlfriend. Lakshmi asks what? Rishi hears them.

Mukesh comes and says Dadi is calling. Rishi asks Lakshmi to come. Bani thinks Jiju overheard them and might be angry.Rano tells that Moon has vanished. A lady says when it will come. Pujaran says it will come soon. Rano asks cloud to go to side and asks what is your problem? She asks clouds to move for 5 mins. Virender says it will come soon. Rano says it is not coming. Dadi says Moon has come, seeing Lakshmi and Rishi coming. Dadi asks Lakshmi if she is fine. Lakshmi says yes. Dadi tells Virender that 4-5 mins are difficult to spend. Virender calls the dancers.The guys come and dances. Balwinder is one among them and stares Lakshmi. Ayush looks at them. Kiran sees Balwinder and thinks he will die and will make my daughter die. Ayush takes Rishi to dance.

Kiran asks Balwinder why did he come? Balwinder says he came for his work and asks her to help him. Rishi and Ayush dance on the song Abracadabra….bareilly wale jhumka pe….Dadi dances with them. Lakshmi and others enjoy their dance.Dadi says moon has appeared. All the ladies look at the moon through the mesh and do the puja. Kiran asks Balwinder seriously, and asks if he sold his mind. She says if Rishi catches you then he will kill you. Balwinder asks her to help him. He shares his plan and says this is my wish and love. Kiran says it is risky, but my daughter’s name shall not come. Ayush sees her talking to someone, but doesn’t see Balwinder.

Lakshmi sees Rishi through the mesh and throws flower petals on him, while other ladies do the same rituals. Malishka gets upset and goes. Ayush comes near Kiran. Balwinder hides. Kiran pretends to talk on phone. Balwinder thinks his wish will be fulfilled. He gets happy seeing Lakshmi and says do my aarti, you are looking poison, I am ready to eat poison. The dancers see balwinder and tell each other that he told that he is known to Oberoi family. Lakshmi asks Rishi to fill her maang with sindoor. He says I can do this daily. He fills her maang with sindoor. Other couples also do this. Dadi is thankful to God that Lakshmi has completed the fast. Rishi thanks Lakshmi for completing her fast. Lakshmi says she will get so much in return, and will break her fast with his hand. He says I can make you eat with my hand daily. Lakshmi says I can do anything for you. Ayush lights the cracker which go in sky. Balwinder lights smoke bomb.

Everyone coughs when Rishi is about to make Lakshmi drink water. Balwinder comes there and kidnaps Lakshmi. Rishi looks down and sees Guddu’s car. He tells Ayush that he will bring Lakshmi. Dadi worries for Lakshmi. Neelam says what happened suddenly. Rishi comes to he road and finds the car not there. He thinks he will search Lakshmi and will not accept defeat.

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