Unfortunate love update Wednesday 11 January 2023

Unfortunate love 11 January 2023: The Episode starts with Neelam apologizing to Malishka and says this thing will never happen again and asks her to promise that she will not attempt this again. She says I always wanted you to be our bahu. She says she will punish Rishi and asks him to bear the punishment of this sin, else don’t call her a mother. She tells Lakshmi that she has proved once again that she is inauspicious and unlucky for her son. She says you have always hurt him and returned now to bring more problems for him. She says I didn’t see such an inauspicious girl in my life. Lakshmi looks on.

Neelam is in the car and thinks of Lakshmi’s words. Lakshmi feels sorry for Rishi and tells that she didn’t come there to tell this to anyone, and tells that she just wanted him to marry malishka.Neelam comes home crying and hugs Dadi. Dadi asks what happened. Neelam says Rishi. Dadi asks what happened to him. Neelam cries. Virender, Ayush and Karishma come there. Devika gives her water. Neelam drinks water. Virender asks her to relax. Dadi asks what you was saying about Rishi. Neelam says this time our family got such a stained, don’t know if it will wipe out or not. Virender says you have a misunderstanding.

Neelam says I wish it was not truth. She says Rishi has ruined everything and made our head down. She says he has crossed all limits with Malishka.Rishi is walking on the road and thinks I can’t betray anyone. He says you have attempted suicide for me, Lakshmi hates me, I have hurt Mom too. Dadi asks what is she saying? Neelam says my son, how can he do this, how can my upbringing be so bad. Ayush says this is not possible, I don’t believe this. Neelam says Rishi has accepted that he has crossed limits with Malishka and says he has done a big sin. Ayush says this is not possible. Neelam says because of this, Malishka attempted suicide. Karishma gets worried and asks how is she? Neelam says she got saved from death. She says how to apologize to Kiran.

Virender says Rishi has ruined our respect, pride and prestige and he will not forgive him. Karishma asks him to calm down and says we know that they love each other, may be they crossed limits in love. Virender asks if this is love. Ayush says he is not picking the call. Virender says don’t take his favor, and says he will punish him.Rishi sits on the road and cries, thinking about Neelam’s words. He says please forgive me, I didn’t do anything intentionally, I did a mistake and not a sin. He cries and says if you don’t talk to me, then with whom I will talk to, and where will I go. He cries.

Dadi tells that this pain has come, as they threw Lakshmi out and hurt her and her soul. She says if she was here, then this wouldn’t have happened. Neelam says I came to know all this, due to her. She says she had come to Malishka’s house. Dadi says Lakshmi knows. Virender asks if Lakshmi knows. Neelam says yes, she told us.Kiran hugs Malishka and asks why she wants to kill self, and asks if Rishi forced you. She says you are equally guilty and says you might have let him, if you could then you would have stopped him. She says you shall get the same punishment as Rishi. Malishka says we love each other and couldn’t stop ourselves.

Sonal thinks you have fooled your Mom, everything is fair in love and war. Neelam says Lakshmi had come to meet Rishi there. Dadi says that’s why she got divorced from him, but didn’t tell the reason. Neelam says she wanted to become great like always and ruined our son’s life. Virender says our son has done wrong with Lakshmi and Malishka, don’t blame Lakshmi. He says Rishi will be punished for this.Sonal asks Kiran to understand and says you know that Malishka loves Rishi and felt weak at one moment. She says she trusts him so much, but he took her advantage and now refusing to marry her, but we have to make sure that Rishi and Malishka’s marriage shall happen surely.

She says such things can’t be hidden for long and says if this thing comes out, then who will marry Malishka. She forces Kiran to agree. Kiran says I have to do something.Rishi sits on the bench and cries. Kiran says Rishi don’t want to marry you and says if he really loves you or not. She says I don’t know if he will keep you happy or not. Sonal says if I was on your place, then I would have punish him to marry Malishka at the earliest. Kiran says I want my daughter to be happy always. Sonal thinks she is a strange mother, and thinking otherwise. Malishka says either get me married to him or take my life. Kiran says I want only your happiness.

Shalu says why di haven’t come till now. She thinks she doesn’t trust Sonal but di trusts anyone fast. Lakshmi comes home. Shalu asks what happened? She asks where did Sonal take you and what work she has with you. Lakshmi hugs her and cries.Lakshmi hugging Shalu and cries. Shalu gives her swear and asks her to tell what happened? Lakshmi says Sonal had taken me to Malishka and tells that she attempted suicide after Rishi refused to marry her. She tells her everything. Shalu tells that jiju can’t do this and says it is a misunderstanding. She says you knows jiju well, more than me. Lakshmi says I have seen with my eyes. Shalu says you have misunderstood.

She says my heart says that something is wrong, jiju can’t do this and says you are having a misunderstanding. Lakshmi says Rishi has confessed this that he has done this. She says this is the reason for our divorce, Rishi’s mistake. Shalu asks did you talk to him. Lakshmi says when I have seen with my eyes then what to do. She says she wants him to marry Malishka and he shall never betray her. Shalu says he is your husband. Lakshmi says relation is over. Shalu says there is surely some conspiracy behind him. Malishka tells Sonal that she will get Rishi anyhow. Sonal says she wanted to tell everyone that the marriage shall happened, but then stopped thinking everyone will doubt and your Mom will handle. Malishka says no, I will marry Rishi, and says don’t know what Mom is thinking, but I will marry him and can’t leave him even if I have to pay any price for him.

Balwinder looks at the wedding card of Lakshmi and him. He says he will foil Rano’s plan of seeing alliance for Lakshmi. He says he will tell Pandit that Lakshmi is his wife and will threaten him. He says he has done many sins with Malishka, now he will get her, and Malishka will get Rishi. He says he will use Saam daam dand bhed and will get Lakshmi.Ayush comes to his room and says Rishi Bhai can never do this, but Lakshmi Bhabhi said. He thinks it is 100 percent misunderstanding, he can never do this and thinks what is happening. Shalu thinks what happened to di, why she can’t understand that this is a misunderstanding and why Jiju have accepted this. She thinks to call Ayush.

Ayush says my heart knows that Rishi Bhai can never do this, there is something wrong 100 percent. Shalu calls him. They say each other that Rishi can’t do this. Shalu says my heart is saying that jiju can’t do this. Ayush says even he feels the same. Shalu says Lakshmi is not agreeing that this is a misunderstanding. She says we know the reason of divorce and can do something. Ayush says this is the reason. Shalu says if this reason is wrong then they can get back. Ayush says our aim is to prove this wrong, I swear that I will prove that this is wrong. Malishka asks Sonal if we shall tell Mom, that it is a drama for marriage. Sonal says your Mom is not trustable, we can’t take risk.

Malishka says what to do, Mom is not telling anything. Kiran comes there and says she has decided. Malishka asks what? Sonal says what you have decided, if marriage shall happen or not. Kiran says no, and then tells that the marriage shall happen at the earliest. Malishka hugs Kiran. Sonal says rishi shall get married for punishment. Kiran says he shall marry for love. She says if he marries Malishka due to punishment then he can’t fulfill the relation. Sonal says Rishi had sacrificed his love, to fulfill his marriage with Lakshmi, though he doesn’t love her. She says he loves Malishka. Kiran says I want my daughter’s happiness. Malishka says I will be happy and alive if I marry Rishi. Kiran says I will tell Neelam that marriage is the solution. Sonal asks Kiran to talk to Rishi personally and make him realize his love for Malishka.

Karishma says Rishi haven’t come and even Ayush. Ayush comes there and says Rishi Bhai is not picking the call. Devika asks if Rishi Bhai is fine? Dadi says he might be repenting and that’s why he is hiding his face. Virender says if he wanted to do penance then he would have come here and accepted his sin. He says he is feeling ashamed and sad. Ayush asks shall I go and see him. Karishma says yes. Ayush thinks he shall go and talk to him first. Karishma asks Neelam not to torture herself and says what is done is done. Seh says may be it happened in some weak moment, though they have good values and knows their limits. She says Rishi is your son, only son, don’t punish him and don’t throw him out of the house.

Rano asks Shalu to clean the house fast. She asks Bani to keep the stuff in room. She asks her to use air freshener for good impression. She says why Lakshmi haven’t come till now. Lakshmi brings the snacks and food. Rano asks them to tell that the food is made by Neha. Bani says Neha will be exposed after marriage. Rano says marriage will happen. She says nobody takes divorce due to this. Shalu sprays room freshener.

Pandit ji knocks on the door. Rano asks Lakshmi to open the door. Lakshmi opens the door. Rano asks Pandit ji to sit. Pandit ji asks Rano if she sent lakshmi’s pic. Rano says she has sent Neha’s pic. Pandit ji says he will see her if she is good for a big house. Rano tells that her daughter made all the snacks. He asks her to call her daughter. Bani comes to Neha and asks her to get ready. Neha thinks why she shall go for drama. Bani says you are getting the guy as you want. Neha says she will come, as she is.

Ayush gets down from his car and walks on the road. He thinks where is Rishi Bhai and asks God to take care of him. He sees Rishi sitting under the tree on the side of road, holding wine bottle. He thanks God and gets shocked to see his state.

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