Imlie starlife update Saturday 14 January 2023

Imlie 14 January 2023: Triapthi family greets guests for Durga pooja. Harish tells Imlie that committee members want to talk to her. Committee members praise Harish for making pooja arrangements better than last time. Harish gives credit to Imlie. Committee members thank Imlie. Imile nervously says she cannot accept their thanks as she has a lot more work to finish and announces Rupali’s bhajan performance. Rupali sings bhajan. Harish and Radha get emotional seeing their daughter singing. Nishant gives credit to Imlie. They both thank and bless her with teary eyes. Imlie says her program list doesn’t have crying program, so they should stop crying enjoy next program of couple performing aarti. Dulari asks what is it. Nishant explains it. Harish and Radha perform Devimaa’s aarti followed by others. Malini thinks just like other couples, Adi will perform aarti with her.

Aparna asks Aadi to go and perform aarti. Adi signals Imlie to come. Both Malini and Imlie head towards him, but Imlie is stopped by guests and Malini’s sari gets stuck in a show piece. Imlie finishes attending guests and performs aarti with Adi. Malini stands fuming. Dulari yells at her to stop evil eyeing on her granddaughter and her husband and doesn’t let Malini go. Malini thinks she will not spare Imlie and will turn her celebration into mourning. She sets fire to curtains. Smoke starts leaving everyone panicked. Adi asks Imlie to check if elders are fine. Guests run out panicked. Malini starts coughing and her condition worsens. Adi rushes her to room. Nishant and Sundar set off curtain fire.

Rupali falls unconscious. Harish notices it and calls Nishant. Imlie rushes towards Rupali when a man pushes her and rushes to Rupali’s rescue, lifts her and brings her out. Senior Tripathis are shocked to see Rupali’s husband Pranav. Rupali opens eyes and amazed to see her husband lifting her.Imlie thanks Pranav for saving Rupali’s life. Aparna asks her not to say something. Pranav asks Rupali if she is fine. Nishant angrily shouts to dare not take his sister’s name. Pranav says he came to apologize them. Harish asks he set fire in his daughter’s life and came to save her. Imlie asks who is he.

Rupali says her Pranav. Imlie says she wouldn’t have let him touch Rupali if she knew he is the one who betrayed Rupali and asks him to leave. Pranav apologizes Rupali and says let him correct his mistake. Imlie says he is just acting and ruined Rupali’s life. Malini asks her to stop interfering between husband and wife. Imlie says she has seen Rupali crying many times and when she is trying to settle down, Pranav came back to ruin her life again; he should take prasad and leave. Malini warns her to shut up and stop interfering when husband and wife are reuniting after clearing their differences. Adi says let Imlie speak as she always helps others.

Pranav tells Imlie whoever she is, she doesn’t know between his and Rupali’s relationship. Adi says Imlie is his wife and knows Rupali better than him. Pranav kneels down and pleads Rupali to give him one chance. Rupali runs away crying. Radha runs behind her. Harish asks Pranav to leave as they all hate him. Pranav gets someone’s call and walks away looking tensed. Imlie notices it.Harish asks Pranav to leave as everyone hate him in T house. Pranav gets a call and walks out suspiciously. Imlie notices him. Rupali continues crying. Aparna and Radha try to console her.

Rupali asks why did Pranav return after so many months. Pranav receives MLA’s call who asks if he found pen drive, says he gave him this task as he is journalist/Adi’s relative remembering calling him and seeking his help. Pranav says he knows pen drive’s location, remembering seeing Imlie hiding pen drive in Devima’s idol, and says he will get it soon. MLA says he has time till tonight. Rupali asks Radha and Aparna what shall she do now. Radha says she was happy with Pranav. Aparna says seeing the recent incidents, she is unable to differentiate between right and wrong, so its up to Rupali to decide what she wants. Pranav promises MLA to get him pen drive by night and remembers seeing Imlie hiding pen drive behind Devimaa’s idol and him burning curtain to divert everyone’s attention; he thinks this is very important to him.

Imlie walks to him and asks what is important. He says Rupali. She says he saved Rupali’s life, so he should take prasad and leave as Rupali doesn’t need him back. He thinks this girl is too irritating, he should emotionally blackmail elders.Pranav requests Harish to let him meet Rupali once. Harish says he left Rupali for another woman, so he is untrustable. Malini requests Harish to give him a chance. Imlie opposes. Their argument and Imlie’s gyaan sharing continues. Malini says Rupali and Pranav are still not yet divorced, so let them decide themselves. Adi supports Imlie and says he doesn’t want his sister to believe a traitor and go with him again.

Malini says they cannot interfere between husband and wife and should let them decide themselves. Rupali walks in. Pranav pleads her to give him one more chance and trust her. Rupali says she will give him a chance. Adi asks her to think well before taking any decision. She says she did already. He says his support is always with her. Radha says its an auspicious day today as her daughter’s life is settling again and asks Sundar to bring aarti thali. Imlie asks Rupali if she is in a hurry to revive her relationship or trust. Rupali says she thought Imlie understands her even if others don’t. Imlie says sorry. Rupali says don’t be as she is worried as a soul sister, husband and wife’s relationship may break with betrayal but not love, so Imlie should pray for her happy married life. Imlie does, Rupali hugs her.

Sundar brings aarti thali. Radha performs Rupali and Pranav’s aarti, and they take her blessings. Imlie walks away. Malini follows her and says old relationships are strong and can’t be broken easily. Imlie says if a partner is not right, its a handcuff than bonding and its better they break handcuffs.After sometime, Imlie folds her party pooja clothes. Harish walks in and helps her. She requests him to teach her Maths as she cannot pass without his help. He agrees and asks her to be read for class early morning tomorrow. She notices paint on her dress and thinks how did she get it when she painted idol in different clothes. Pranav washes paint on his hand in kitchen. Imlie notices him.

Malini calls Anu and informs her that Rupali’s husband has returned and her life is settling, but Adi is still away from her. Anu says Rupali is servant Imlie’s biggest supporter, so once Rupali is out of house, Adi will be Malini’s.

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  1. I love the show imlie but I don’t like how it ended because there’s no lesson from the show the writer is telling us evil can overshadow goodness,as wicked as manili is the show she’s still having upper hand but in Africa the evil ones are the ones that suffers most it doesn’t matter how rich you are you must one day confess your sins but your show has nothing like that to show for it you are telling us to be evil rather than good is that it?

  2. Malini and her mother was supposed to suffer and get exposed.. Not the other way round… Imlie suffered and endured everything because of love.. She was supposed to end up with Aditya not leaving the house

  3. I agree 💯👍 with you Emeka the writer should change the narrative if not he telling us that we should all get what we need through evil ways and evil overshadows goodness but it’s not so no matter how long the wicked truth always prevails but in this program the wicked are


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