Unfortunate love update Thursday 12 January 2023

Unfortunate love 13 January 2023: The Episode starts with Ayush seeing Rishi sitting under the tree, on side of the road. Rishi says you have come, scold me, everyone scolded me. Ayush says I came to take you home, everyone is worried and I was worried too. He asks him to come. Rishi says do you know that Lakshmi left me as I have given her pain. He says I was thinking if I can do this, and stoop to that level. Ayush says you are inebriated and saying this, but I know that you can’t do this. Rishi says why Malishka will lie being a woman and Lakshmi can never lie, she infact saw Malishka and me on the bed together. He says I am a disgusting person. Ayush says you can’t be bad and wrong. He says you haven’t done anything. Rishi says I have done everything, I have betrayed Lakshmi, played with Malishka’s respect and took its advantage, hurt Mom, else I haven’t done anything really.

Lakshmi asks Pandit ji to tell something about the guy. Pandit ji tells that the family is rich, but the guy lives on his own earned money, and wants a girl with good values, even if she is from poor family. Rano calls bani.Rishi says Mom slapped me, but it hurt my heart, how to wipe that pain, I don’t show, but even I feel it. He asks do you have any remedy for this. Ayush says you have to show some courage and then everything will be fine. Rishi says it is easy to say, but how it will happen.

Bani brings Neha. Rano asks her to greet Pandit ji. Bani tells Lakshmi that Neha was not getting ready, but I made her get ready a bit. Pandit ji tells that the guy is ok, even if she is not educated. Neha says if you want then I can show you my degree. Pandit ji says the alliance will be fixed. Balwinder comes there and tells Pandit ji that he got his kundali done, and tells him that the girl for whom he has come is his wife. Pandit ji asks Rano if he is betraying him. Rano says he has come for Lakshmi. Balwinder says Lakshmi is his wife. Shalu scolds him. Balwinder says she is my sister in law.

Balwinder comes there and tells Pandit ji that he got his kundali done, and tells him that the girl for whom he has come is his wife. Pandit ji asks Rano if he is betraying him. Rano says he has come for Lakshmi. Balwinder says Lakshmi is his wife. Shalu scolds him. Balwinder says she is my sister in law.Ayush asks Rishi to come home. Rishi asks what to do, by going there, as Lakshmi is not there, she has left me. Ayush says mama, mami, dadi and all are waiting for you. Rishi says everyone must be sad, I will embarrassed everyone. He says if Lakshmi would have been with me then she would have become my shield, and wouldn’t have let anything happen to me, even she scolded me. He says when my savior left me then who will save me.

Rano tells Balwinder that Pandit ji has brought alliance for Neha. Balwinder asks Pandit ji to get Lakshmi married to him and says we love each other. Shalu asks him to leave. Rano also asks him to leave. Shalu and Rano push him outside. Pandit ji says I thought this was sanskari house, but. He asks her to get Lakshmi married to Balwinder and then he will think about neha’s marriage with the rich guy. He says I don’t hide anything from them and have to tell them. Rano acts to stop him.Rishi tells Ayush that his pain is not getting less. Rano asks Pandit ji to hear him. Pandit ji asks her to get Lakshmi married to Balwinder, so that Neha’s marriage can happen.

Neha says OMG, first I was doubtful about the guy, but he is lottery and I will go abroad. She says my life will be ruined, I beg infront of you to get me married to him.Ayush brings Rishi home. Rishi falls on Virender. Virender pushes him. Ayush holds him. Rishi says sorry, I had fallen. Virender says you have fallen and I can’t lift you. Ayush says he is Rishi. Virender scolds him and says you have put burdened on my shoulder and my head down. He says I was proud of you and thought that you will take our names to heights. He says be thankful that she didn’t file complaint else you would have been in jail.

Neha asks Rano to imagine that she will have a happy life. She asks her to get her married to that guy. Rano asks if I shall get Lakshmi married to Balwinder. Shalu says she is already married. Neha says she is divorced and can marry anyone now. Virender tells Rishi about how Neelam is feeling and tells that he is feeling ashamed to say that Rishi is his son, and says he has finished father and son’s relation. Neelam says mother and son’s relation too. She asks why you are talking to him, see his condition, he might not be understanding. Rishi says I had drink thinking my pain will be less, but it increased. He says I am getting mad thinking how did it happen, but mistake has happened. He asks them not to break relation with him.

He cries and asks Neelam not to keep him away from her.Rishi asking Dadi to make Dad understand not to break relation with him. Dadi asks what to make him understand, you are the lamp of the house and you burnt the respect of the house. She says I will not raise my hand on you, but I want…Rishi asks her to slap him. He holds her hand and slaps himself with her hand. He says do whatever you want, but please ask him not to break relation with me. Neha tells Lakshmi that she might be feeling strange, and says my life is going to set. She says even you got the chance, but now you are divorced. She says you will not get any fresh guy, what’s wrong in Balwinder, he will make you Rani and asks her to marry whoever she wants to.

She says even I am your sister, and you would have married him for Shalu and Bani. Rano asks Neha to keep her mouth closed and says nobody is forcing Lakshmi. Bani says nobody can force Lakshmi. She says Di and jiju will unite. Shalu says they will unite. Rano says Neelam and Karishma will not let this happen and asks her to forget Rishi. Neha acts and asks Lakshmi not to take revenge from her, and don’t ruin her life. She says you can only save my life. Lakshmi says nobody’s life will be ruined due to me. Neha smiles.Rishi pleads infront of his parents for forgiveness. Neelam and Virender look on angrily. Karishma and Ayush help Rishi get up. Karishma asks him to handle himself and says everything will be fine.

She says Bhai, enough what is all this. She says Rishi is our son and saying that he has done a mistake and is ready to bear the punishment then why you are angry. She says he is our Rishi, if we will forget all his good deeds and says he is young and loves Malishka, may be he got flowed in emotions. Ayush says no, Rishi Bhai can never do this, he is accepting, but I know that he can’t do this. Karishma says Rishi has accepted as he has done this mistake and asks are you out of your mind. Ayush says don’t know why Rishi Bhai is agreeing and says I can’t agree. Karishma says you always argue with me. Virender says enough and says I will not forgive him. Neelam says not even me.

Karishma says what happened to you both, and asks them to give him a chance to rectify his mistake. She tells Neelam that Rishi is her only son. Virender says the guy who can’t respect a woman, can’t be our son. He says Malishka tried to suicide because of him. Neelam says how will I wipe this stain and what will I tell Kiran? Karishma says Bhabhi. Neelam asks Karishma to understand a woman’s pain. Karishma says I am a mother too.Shalu asks Lakshmi what about your rightful place. Lakshmi says we shall end the work first. Shalu asks what did you tell Neha? Bani says we didn’t understand.

Shalu asks did you want to marry again and asks if you understand what it means? Bani says Neha’s life will not be ruined. Shalu says that guy is not the only one. Lakshmi reminds them that she is elder than them and more wise. She asks them to let her take her life decisions. Shalu says we are always with you and asks did you take decide to marry.Karishma asks Dadi to say something and says you always say that elders shall forgive. She says lets just not ruin things. Neelam says we will not throw him out, but he will not be there for us, even after staying here. Karishma tries to stop him, they go to their rooms. She says if your repentance is right, then your Mom and Dad will forgive and hug you.

She thinks Rishi and Malishka shall get married, this is the only solution, Bhai and Bhabhi will forgive him. Rishi cries inconsolably.Lakshmi asks Shalu and Bani to trust her. Shalu says we trust you, but not the circumstances. We want you to take the right decision. Bani says you wipe yourself for others, and that’s why we are scared. Shalu says you will take the right decision being elder than us. Lakshmi says I will take the decision after thinking. She thinks sorry, Shalu and Bani. I have to do something so that nobody gets sad due to me.

Rano comes to Balwinder. Balwinder greets her and asks if she liked the card. She tears and throws card at him. balwinder asks her to stop cheap doings. Rano asks him to stop dreaming and says Lakshmi will not marry you. Balwinder asks her to convince Lakshmi, I will give you lakhs of Rs. Rano asks did you have change, and says you are a beggar. He asks her to play shehnai and offers to pay 1 lakh, then offers her more. Rano says she doesn’t believe her. Balwinder says you will not let Lakshmi stay in the house and says we shall settle for 5 lakhs rs. Rano says you have promised, but never gave, that day you gave change, but I couldn’t buy even lipstick. She says Rishi and Lakshmi can unite anytime and asks him not to tell later that she didn’t tell, and asks him to hurry up.

Balwinder says she is greedy. Rano scolds him. He says I was telling Chachi. Rano asks him to bring money and vanish for now. He says you will get money. Rano says if I get my lakshmi (money) then you will get your Lakshmi. Balwinder says he will bring the money. Rano deals with him. Ayush takes Rishi to his room. Rishi says everything is over and asks him to go. Ayush tries to go with him. Rishi asks him to go. Ayush goes. Rishi rests on the bed thinking about Virender and Neelam’s words. He reminisces Lakshmi and says please return, I need you. He imagines going to her house. Lakshmi is sitting on the sofa.

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