Unfortunate love update Monday 26 December 2022

Unfortunate love 26 December 2022: The episode starts with Bani watching the promo of the new show Rab se hai dua. Shalu comes there and watches the promo. They think to watch the show. Kiran thinks if Malishka agrees then she will get more good alliance than Rishi. She tells Malishka that Sonal is going to come. Malishka wakes up and sees Rishi and her pic. Kiran says your day starts with Rishi. Malishka says he is my everything. Kiran says you will get him and asks her to have patience. Malishka says sorry for yesterday. Kiran asks her to promise that she will not do it again. Malishka promises her. Sonal comes to Malishka’s house. She sees something and thinks this is the solution for Malishka’s solution. Malishka comes there and greets Sonal.

Sonal asks her to tell what is her problem? Malishka says Rishi. Sonal says I thought you both got married. Malishka says Rishi married someone else. Sonal says that’s why you wanted to die and tells her that life is everything. Malishka says my real problem is not Rishi, but lakshmi. Sonal laughs asking his wife. She tells that she will solve her problem, and will send them to honeymoon and then only will go. She says I have solution for this and shows her photo with Lakshmi. Malishka asks when and where did you meet her? Sonal says this is the solution for your problem.

Manager calls Virender and tells that Mrs. Alvira and her secretary will reach by evening, but she wants to meet Lakshmi. Virender says my bahu, it is absolutely fine. Malishka asks when you met her. Kiran asks if you are her friend. Sonal says no and tells that she don’t know her, but I know her. She says she was coming when…A fb is shown. Lakshmi tries to give money to the needy person who wants to go to Gurdaspur, but the money flies away and falls near Sonal’s car. Sonal stops the car and asks how dare you? Lakshmi says sorry. She takes the money and gives to the needy woman. Sonal tells Lakshmi that the woman fooled her with her story and tells her that she will find her here tomorrow also, fooling the people. lakshmi goes to the car. Sonal asks her name.

Lakshmi says Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi. Sonal asks her again. lakshmi says her name again. Sonal thinks this illiterate behenji is Rishi’s wife, who can be fooled by anyone and Rishi left Malishka for her. She asks Lakshmi if she can take selfie with her. Lakshmi nods her head. Sonal takes the selfie with her. fb ends. Sonal tells Malishka if Lakshmi is problem for you, then you are more foolish than her. Malishka says Lakshmi has manipulated everyone’s mind and is fooling all Oberoi family. Sonal says I don’t believe. Kiran says she looks simple, but is very clever and fought with the terrorist to become great. Sonal tells that Lakshmi is an easy target and she will throw her out soon. Malishka says even she thought this.

Sonal says Lakshmi has won as you let her, and accepted your defeat. She says you are so much better than Lakshmi, there is no comparison. Malishka says I know that. Sonal says I do whatever I think. malishka says I have lost always from this Lakshmi bhagya. Sonal asks her to be like her, and tells that she has cheated her best friend and married her husband. She says she is now his wife. Malishka says that woman was not lakshmi. Sonal says she will move Lakshmi from Rishi’s life. Malishka says if this happens then I will give you anything. Sonal says then give your Rishi to me. Malishka looks shocked. Sonal laughs at her. Kiran smiles.

Sonal and Malishka come to Oberoi House. Sonal keeps her hand on Rishi’s eyes. Karishma asks him to guess. Rishi asks who is she? He says this is not Lakshmi or Malishka. He asks if this is Suzanne. Karishma asks who is she? Malishka says if you don’t identify then you have to agree to her sayings. Sonal removes her hand from his eyes. He sees Sonal and says hot, bold and happening girl of our college. Sonal meets Karishma. Lakshmi looks at them. Malishka asks Sonal to complete the bet. Sonal says any girl will be flat seeing you even now. Malishka asks Lakshmi to meet Sonal. Sonal asks Rishi if he will give whatever she asks for. Rishi says I don’t have any option. Sonal asks for a kiss and tells that you used to give me daily. Malishka asks Rishi. Rishi clarifies to Lakshmi that Sonal is joking. Sonal says nothing was serious.

She tells that since college days, Malishka and Rishi were a couple and they can never separate. She goes on praising them as a couple. Rishi looks at Lakshmi. malishka gets happy and thinks Sonal is targetting well. Neelam asks for her tea. Mukesh says Lakshmi is making. Virender asks for his tea. Mukesh says she is making. Lakshmi brings tea. Ayush praises Lakshmi for handling the house well, and says it is too good. Karishma says house was running well when lakshmi was not here, and we were happy then. Ayush says when she was not here, we didn’t know what was missing in our family. Malishka gets upset.

Ayush telling that they are dependent on Lakshmi. Virender says we are nothing without her. He says Maa asked Lakshmi to drop and pick her to her friend’s house who is going to US. He says she takes care of my medicines. Rishi says she takes care of my files too. Ayush says she searches me also, jokes. Rishi says it is too much. Virender tells Lakshmi that a client came from London and wants to meet you. He says I kept party for that client. Karishma asks why? Virender says they just want to meet. Neelam says how we will arrange party? Karishma says Lakshmi had arranged and a big hungama happened. She asks Malishka to handle the responsibility.

Malishka says she will do it infact better. Sonal asks Virender to give responsibility to Malishka and tells that the beggar fooled Lakshmi and took 500 rs. Lakshmi says it was not like that and says if that woman is lying then I will lose 500 rs, but if she is saying right then that 500 Rs will be very useful to her. Virender says Lakshmi thinks about others and for their betterment. Ayush says hence proved that Lakshmi is not stupid, but the person is stupid who thinks her stupid. He says Lakshmi Bhabhi will take up all the responsibility. Virender says yes. Ayush says if we give the responsibility to Malishka, then we have to tell her everything, but Lakshmi understands at once.

Kiran thinks it is good that they got rid of Balwinder. She thinks thank god, Sonal came and wishes that she gets Rishi and Malishka married soon.Rishi comes to the kitchen and asks Lakshmi if she is upset. Lakshmi says no. He says I know that you are upset and asks her not to roam with sad face. He talks to Lakshmi, looking at the spinach. Lakshmi serves water in the glass. She collides with Rishi and laughs. He pours water on his face and says it is good that you smiled. He says I thought to pour water on myself to make you smile. Ayush takes their photos. Lakshmi says you are mad. Rishi says I know and wipes his face with her pallu. Lakshmi smiles and wipes his face with her pallu.

Malishka gets angry and asks Sonal if she saw, and tells that you called her as easy target. Sonal says Lakshmi has become their slave. Malishka says she is making everyone dance on her tune. Sonal says trust me that Rishi is just yours and you will get you. She says that Lakshmi will not be in your way. Karishma tells that finally Rishi will become of Malishka, she has bear so much due to that cunning Lakshmi. She thinks She wants something to happen with Malishka. She says malishka is simple, but Sonal is very sharp. She thinks Sonal will separate Rishi and lakshmi. Karishma comes there and asks Malishka you are trying hard to separate Lakshmi and Rishi. Malishka recalls and says she is trying since day 1. She says she will give her life if Rishi asks, if he becomes mine. Karishma tells that the way has come to her, Sonal.

Virender calls Mrs. Alvira to his house. Alvira tells that Lakshmi is such a brave girl and she is eager to meet her. Virender says I will send you car. Ayush collides with Virender and says if you had collided with your Mom. Ayush says then she would have made me Aloo kachalu.. Virender tells Rishi and Lakshmi that he called Ms. Alvira at home. Karishma tells Malishka that she can get Rishi with Sonal’s help. Malishka thinks if she knows that she was with Balwinder. Sonal thinks Karishma is in Malishka’s favor. Karishma says Sonal will help you. Sonal says she has seen the dream of dancing in their marriage. She tells that she thought that Malishka and Rishi are married, and tells that he is a nice guy and might be keeping the marriage, but will never love Lakshmi.

Malishka says she can feel and sense that Rishi loves Lakshmi. Karishma says he can have sympathy for her, but not love.Lakshmi asks Rishi what is he saying? Ayush shows their photo, and says he is collecting proofs. He says it is visible whatever is between you both. Rishi says caring and friendship and nothing more. Ayush says good souls and goes. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she has something else in her heart, rather than friendship. Malishka tells that she can sense that. Sonal says you are his first love, and a person can never forget it. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she has same feelings as him. He says he has feeling of best friend in his heart.

Karishma tells Malishka that she has to win it this time, as she is hope and desire of Oberois. Sonal tells Malishka that she is lucky to get the support.Rishi thinks why Ayush thinks that I love Lakshmi. Lakshmi is in the bathroom. Ayush comes to the room and asks Rishi why is he hesitating to say I love you to Lakshmi. Rishi says you started again and says I don’t love her, else I would have felt and known. He says we are just good friends. Ayush says if you don’t love Lakshmi, then do you love Malishka. Sonal and Malishka hear and get hopeful. Lakshmi comes out and asks Rishi to give her money, so that Dadi can give in temple. Rishi gives her money for Dadi and her. Lakshmi says she don’t need it. Sonal says if you go out then Rishi will be freed for sometime.

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