Unfortunate love update Monday 20 November 2023

Unfortunate love 20 November 2023: Saloni thinks to change the syringe and says this is the right time. She replaces the original injection syringe with poison syringe. Nurse asks what you are doing here? Lakshmi says she had gone to freshen up and that’s why she is here. Saloni thinks once Rishi dies, Vikrant and her tension will be over. The Nurse is about to give injection to Rishi. Vikrant feels pain in his head, thinking if Saloni did his work or not. Nurse comes there and asks what happened? Vikrant says he is feeling dizzy and like he will faint.

Nurse asks do you remember how you got hurt. He says he had fallen down. Nurse gives him medicine and goes. Vikrant thinks give me good news and come out. Saloni comes out of the ICU scared. Anjana asks what happened? Neelam asks what happened to Rishi and

they all go inside the ICU. Anjana asks what happened? Saloni says Rishi….Anjana asks if he is fine and goes inside the ICU. Vikrant thinks of Rishi’s words and thinks to call Saloni. He calls Saloni and asks did you kill him? Saloni says I went there with the injection and sent Lakshmi from there, but she came back. He asks so you didn’t kill him. Saloni says no. Vikrant gets angry. Saloni says I found some other way, and tells that she had changed injection with that injection. Vikrant says and Nurse gave him injection and killed him. Saloni recalls Rishi holding Nurse’s neck while Lakshmi saving the nurse. Saloni imagines herself in Nurse attire and gets shocked and comes out from there.

Neelam, Virender and others come there. Neelam asks what happened to Rishi. Nurse says he held my neck. Neelam asks if he got consciousness. Lakshmi says no, he didn’t get consciousness. Nurse says he held my neck and Lakshmi saved me, and asks them to ask the lady (Saloni) who went out scared. Karishma says how he can hold your neck. Nurse says he held my neck and said that he will not leave. Doctor comes there and asks what you are doing here? Neelam asks him to check Rishi. Doctor checks Rishi and asks if she gave the injection to him. Nurse says no, the injection fell down. It shows that lakshmi steps on the injection while saving the nurse. Saloni tells Vikrant that Rishi held the nurse’s neck while she was about to give him injection. Vikrant asks if he gained consciousness. Saloni says his eyes was closed and says she don’t think so. She asks him not to do anything and says she loves him a lot and can’t lose him. Vikrant says he will kill him and tells Saloni that he will give her good news soon.

Doctor tells that Rishi is still unconscious and tells that sometimes it happen that whatever had happened with the person, gets visualized in his mind as the dream. He asks Nurse to rest and asks other nurse to bring the injection. Vikrant calls Saloni and says he is coming. Lakshmi thinks why Rishi was angry in this state and thinks who could be the person on whom he is angry.

Karishma tells that how can this be possible. Anjana feels bad for Saloni and says she was shocked to see Rishi pressing Nurse neck and was scared. She says she will go and pacify Saloni. Neelam asks Anjana to go home if she wants. Anjana says we are family now and goes to pacify Saloni. Malishka tells that she feels that Rishi is acting to spend time with Lakshmi. Dadi says they will spend time here, and asks her not to doubt their relation. Neelam asks Malishka not to complain or think something. Saloni worries for Vikrant. Anjana comes to Saloni that Virender Bhai Saheb will do Police complain and tells that the driver shall be punished. She tells that she is feeling bad for Rishi and asks her to go home, tells that Vikrant’s father will come home. Saloni thinks she shall be here with Vikrant, and asks Anjana to go home.

Lakshmi thinks Rishi is innocent and makes only friends and not enemies. She sees him smiling. Rishi gets up and holds her hand, as she is about to fall. Tere liye geet gaawa gaa plays….She gets emotional and says you got consciousness or it is my illusion. Rishi pulls his cheeks and says sorry. He asks if this is illusion or reality. She says you got consciousness in reality. He says I am in my consciousness and asks her to talk to him, just with him. Lakshmi says I will talk and asks him to leave her hand. He leaves her hand. She sits on the stool and says what you are doing Rishi. She finds him still unconsciousness and gets sad.

Karishma asking Saloni, if she is fine. Saloni says yes. Karishma asks about Anjana. Saloni says she sent her home. Karishma says you should have gone home too. Saloni says she will go once Rishi gets fine. Ayush comes there and gives water to everyone. He asks Neelam to have water and take care of herself to take care of Rishi. Virender asks Bani to give tea and water to Lakshmi. Bani goes inside and offers her tea, but Lakshmi refuses. Malishka reminds everyone whatever Doctor said and tells that which person is in his mind that Rishi was talking about, and saying that he will not leave him. Saloni thinks Vikrant is in his mind and thinks that Rishi must have seen him and that’s why he is saying this. She thinks Vikrant is right. Lakshmi refuses to drink until Rishi comes

in her senses. Vikrant comes there and tells Saloni that they have to kill him. Saloni says it is not easy for me to kill him. He says our lives are in danger. He asks her about Rishi. Saloni says Doctor gave him injection to come in his senses. Vikrant says but he will not come in his senses. Saloni says his family is thinking to file Police complaint. Vikrant says he will kill him today itself. Saloni says she heard his family saying that Lakshmi is Rishi’s shield. Vikrant says Rishi will die, and even Lakshmi can’t save him. Bani comes out and tells that Di said that jiju didn’t have water so she will not drink too.

Malishka thinks lakshmi is dramebaaz and knows how to gain sympathy. Saloni and Vikrant are walking in the corridor. Ayush is coming there. Saloni sees him and hides with Vikrant in the ward. Ayush goes from there. Saloni checks and they come out to go to the changing room.

Nurse tells Lakshmi that her husband will be fine. Lakshmi says no. Nurse asks if she is his girlfriend and tells her that’s why you love him a lot. Lakshmi says if friend can’t take care. Nurse says friend can’t take care like you are taking care of him forgetting yourself. Vikrant changes his disguise and wears apron. Saloni hugs him and asks him to take care, says if anything happens to him then she will die. Vikrant says we are doing this so that nobody can separate us. He asks her to do as he said. She goes. Vikrant says he is coming to kill Rishi. He comes out and collides with Ayush. Ayush says sorry and thinks him to be a doctor. He gets doubtful that the doctor is Vikrant. Saloni sees Police coming there, and gets worried. The Inspector asks her about ward no. 19. Saloni says that way. She gets worried that Vikrant shall do the work cleverly as Police is in the hospital now.

Ayush thinks where did that Doctor go? He says he seems to be Doctor. He comes to ward and sees the doctor’s face. He asks if any other doctor is here? Doctor says no, why he will be here. Ayush thinks to call Vikrant, but Vikrant sees him making a call and keeps the phone on silent mode. Ayush checks, but Vikrant comes to the other side. Vikrant thinks it is not easy to catch him. He thinks to wait for sometime as Ayush must be waiting outside. He then waits and leaves from there. He signs Saloni who pretends to slip and shouts calling Dadi. Everyone comes to her. Lakshmi hears Saloni calling Dadi and comes out, asking what happened to her. Vikrant goes inside with the intention to suffocate Rishi and kill him. Malishka asks why did you come out. Kiran says it is a good chance and asks her to go. Malishka goes inside. Vikrant gets upset. She asks when Rishi will gain consciousness. Vikrant says very soon. Karishma asks why did you come out? Kiran says it is ok, as Malishka went to Rishi, and said that she will not leave him even for a second. Neelam says Malishka is very understanding to understand everything, but few people don’t understand. She taunts Lakshmi. Lakshmi comes inside. Malishka blames her for sitting forcibly there, as Dadi asked her to sit. She says I stayed quiet due to Dadi, and asks her to go out and sit silently. Lakshmi refuses to go and says she will sit with Rishi. Malishka says she will take care of Rishi.

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