Unfortunate love update Friday 21 July 2023

Unfortunate love 21 July 2023: The Episode starts with Malishka coming to the court room and seeing Rishi fine. She thinks if they have killed Rishi. She comes inside and asks where is Rishi? Abhay asks why did you come here? Malishka starts blaming Lakshmi and says today Rishi’s life is in danger because of you, today all family members are in danger. She sees Rishi standing on the ice sill while rope is tied on his neck. Malishka goes to Lakshmi and says you used to act to be great and asks where is your love for them. She asks her to tell terrorist to kill her and leave the family. Lakshmi says she said 50000 times and pleads infront of Mohnish to kill her, and leave everyone. Balram tells that Rishi will become cold in sometime. Mohnish says 1 hero and 2 heroines, call Police.

ACP says we will kill the terrorists once we get the permission. Inspector says we will kill them even if we don’t get permission. Mohnish talks to ACP and tells that Rishi is hanging between life and death and his life is melting. He says fulfill my demands fast else I will start killing people, and begin with Rishi first. ACP asks him to wait until his demand is fulfilled, and asks him not to harm anyone. Mohnish says if his demand is not fulfilled, then he will send 1 dead body every 10 mins. He calls his superior and tells that Mohnish has gone mad and will do anything. The SSP asks him to talk to Mohnish that they are thinking about his demand. ACP says I talked already. He tells that they have no option than to fulfill his demands and leave the other terrorists. SSP says if they leave the jailed terrorists then they will take revenge and plan blast at many places.

ACP tells him about the terrorists hanging Rishi and says if they kill people then? SSP says he will talk to Home Minister. Reporter hears and asks cameraman to open the camera. He says breaking news, we are outside the court, and Mohnish has kept Oberoi family captive, and says if his demand is not fulfilled then he said that he will hang Rishi Oberoi and others. ACP and Inspector ask Reporter to leave. Devika hears and says nothing shall happen to Rishi Bhai. She cries.

Mohnish asks Judge to hit the hammer, and then says I will give the verdict and will throw all of your dead bodies out one by one. Lakshmi sees the ice melting on which Rishi is standing. Devika hopes Dadi’s prayers shall be listened by God, else destruction will happen. Rishi smiles while he is about to get hanged. Lakshmi says you are smiling. Rishi says yes, to get good ideas. Mohnish says you still think that you can get away from here. He asks Oberoi family to see him smiling for the last time. Karishma asks Virender to talk to Commissioner, so that Rishi can get saved. Mohnish asks if Commissioner is your friend, and says lets see what he will do? He says even if my three friends are freed, then also I will kill Rishi surely, I will not let my terror end, and will kill him. Malishka throws file on Mohnish.

Mohnish asks who has done this? Ayush thinks Malishka is mad, to provoke him. He thinks she will die, and will take everyone’s lives. Mohnish comes to Malishka to shoot her, but Lakshmi comes infront of him and says Malishka threw it in anger. Mohnish says she (Malishka) is trying to woo your husband and you are saving your sautan. Lakshmi says nothing is bigger than anyone’s life. Ayush asks Judge to see that Lakshmi can’t see her enemy dying and you people think that she will mix poison in people’s food.

He asks what proofs you want for her innocence, please free her from all charges. Judge looks on. Shalu asks why are you saying this? She asks if you think that we all will be freed from here, and then Di’s case will start and she will be freed of charges. She says no, Jiju, Di and we all can’t be saved. Ayush asks really? He asks Judge to announce now itself that Lakshmi is innocent so that nobody can tell after their death that Oberoi family bahu was a criminal. He says Mohnish Bhai, I need a favor from you, just 1 min. He says just Judge Saheb calls Lakshmi bhabhi innocent, we can be peaceful. He says just 1 min. Mohnish says do you want to say a story, tell. Ayush says he wants Judge to say that Lakshmi is innocent. Mohnish says I am Judge here, and says Lakshmi is innocent. Ayush says there is no use of my saying. Mohnish says I will decide about you today and asks his men to start preparation of lighting the fire. Malishka says sorry and asks him not to light the fire. His men bring the newspaper bundle.

Malishka says no. Mohnish calls Malishka as chota packet and says you are already burning seeing their love, how shall I burn you, who is already burning. He tells that today he will give his verdict. They keep newspapers near the ice sill. Mohnish lights the lighter. Lakshmi asks him not to light the fire as ice will melt fast. Mohnish says that’s why he is lighting the fire, so that ice melts faster. He says don’t think that fire will set off with ice water, no. He says there is no match of fire and water, and just like Rishi and this girl, says he is fire and she is water. He says very soon, the ice will moved away from Rishi’s feet and his life will be over. He says he couldn’t be freed but his soul will be. Ayush says no and asks Malishka why he provoked Mohnish. Ahana and Shalu also blame Malishka.

Karishma asks what is your problem, why are you scolding Malishka, and says we are in this situation due to Lakshmi. Neelam says if we haven’t come here, then wouldn’t have trapped. She blames Lakshmi. Kiran says Malishka loves Rishi so did. Sonia says main culprit is Lakshmi. Neelam says Lakshmi is inauspicious and we all are trapped due to her. Virender asks what are you saying Neelam? Mohnish says stop the family drama and see the real drama now. He lights the lighter.

Dadi keeps Ganapati near the tree. Mantras are being played. Mohnish sets the fire around Rishi and waits for ice to melt. Lakshmi pleads Mohnish to set off the fire and kill her instead. The terrorist throw the photo where Rishi is standing with rope on his neck. Dadi gets shocked and shouts, and cries. ACP reads Mohnish’s letter, that he doesn’t have much time. Ayush pushes Balram and is about to go to Rishi. Lakshmi comes there, pushes the terrorists and steps inside the fire circle. She pushes the table and ice sill, and keeps Rishi’s legs on her shoulder. Rishi asks Lakshmi to go and says you can’t hold me, you know my weight, if you had gone to weight, had muscles then would have hold me. He asks her to go. Lakshmi says you had gone to gym, why didn’t you lose weight, it might be useful for now. Rishi says you are arguing in this situation and asks her to go. Lakshmi says when you are in danger, I can’t see anything. Rishi says care for your life, let me die. Lakshmi shouts Rishi and says if you are alive then I am alive. Everyone looks on.

Rishi asking Lakshmi to care for her life and go, and let him die. Lakshmi shouts Rishi and says if you are alive then I am alive. Mohnish says enough, you both do a lot of drama. Commissioner Deshmukh comes to meet Home Minister. Home Minister asks him to sit. Commissioner tells that the situation is very bad. Home Minister says I saw that some people are on strike. Commissioner tells him about Mohnish’s demand to release these three terrorist. He shows their photos to Home Minister and tells that Mohnish is very dangerous than them. He then calls ACP and says decision is taken, asks him to do something. The terrorists sit in the Police jeep. They tell that Mohnish got them freed, they will make more Mohnish and will take revenge from Police first.

ACP calls Mohnish. Mohnish asks him to call him Mohnish Bhai and give the good news, else get ready for Rishi’s last rites. ACP says good news for you, your three friends are released and asks him to leave all the hostages. Mohnish says ok and asks him to arrange helicopter and cars. ACP asks why? Mohnish asks him not to question him and thinks he will not let them know how they will go. He gives the good news to his terrorists. Rano asks Mohnish to leave Rishi and Lakshmi. Abhay says leave us also. Mohnish says we will free them, when we leave from here, but we will give the gift before going from here, and it will be Rishi and lakshmi’s death. He aims gun at Rishi and Lakshmi.
Dadi, Devika, Neha and others are praying outside the court. The reporter tells that Rishi’s Dadi is praying for everyone’s safety. Inspector asks ACP, you had said that three terrorists were freed. ACP says we are not foolish to leave them, so that they can build up the terror. He says we will give the answer to end their terrorism. He says they will be hanged today evening, instead of tomorrow. He says Mohnish is celebrating his victory. Inspector says we will go inside.

Mohnish tells Rishi that if he kills Lakshmi then you will die yourself. Rishi says kill me, but not Lakshmi. Lakshmi shouts Rishi. Mohnish says I will give you a painful death, I know how much you love her, and I want to see pain of her death in your eyes, and that’s why will kill her first. Rishi says don’t kill her, kill me. Lakshmi asks Rishi to be silent. Mohnish takes out some bullets from the gun, leaving 1 bullet in it. He says Gabbar Singh taught this game to everyone, lets see if she will get death or not. He shoots, but bullet is not there. Rishi shouts Lakshmi. The Police is coming inside.

Malishka tells everyone that they shall do something to save their lives. She says we shall take risk, else we all will die. She says if we get saved then can save Rishi and Lakshmi. Ayush says you are right. Ahana says this is the right chance to do something. Shalu says if Di gets shot. Ayush says we shall not accept defeat. Shalu says yes. Malishka asks what? Ayush says we shall blindfold the terrorists. Karishma says how we will do? Sonia says for this, we have to go near them. Virender says good idea. Mohnish shoots again, but there is no bullet again. He says Lakshmi bhagya, she is saved again. He says three bullets are in the gun. The ladies tear their pallu and dress to blindfold the terrorists, while the men take their handkerchieves. Rishi asks Lakshmi to shoot him. Lakshmi says no, kill me. Rishi says don’t listen to her, shoot me. Lakshmi sees everyone walking towards the terrorists. Ayush, Virender, Neelam and others blindfold the terrorists and try to snatch their guns. Ayush tries to take gun from Mohnish and the bullet is shot, and hits the rope. Rishi gets freed. Ayush looks at the gun. He asks Rishi to make samosa of the goons, till he makes chutney.

Mohnish opens his blindfold and shouts asking them to stop. Rishi aims gun at Mohnish. Mohnish says there was just 1 bullet in it and calls him foolish. Virender kicks the gun and calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi picks the gun and aims at Mohnish. Rishi asks her to shoot him. Mohnish says she didn’t kill even a mosquito yet, and will kill me.Rishi, Ayush and Virender ask Lakshmi to shoot Mohnish. Just then the bullet is shot at Mohnish’s hand. Shalu and Ahana go to Lakshmi. The ACP comes there and aims gun at Mohnish. Mohnish says you said that my friends are freed. ACP says they lied to get some time. Rishi says you deserve the betrayal. Virender says Lakshmi, you shot at the right time. Lakshmi says she didn’t shoot. Ayush says very disappointing. Ahana and Ayush ask her to shoot him. Rishi says Inspector is here, what you are doing.

Virender tells Mohnish that his daughter can’t kill anyone, not even cheap guy like you, she will herself can get shot, but will not shoot anyone. He slaps him and says this is from her Bauji’s side. He calls Neelam. Neelam also slaps Mohnish and says don’t think our country people weak and says if anyone puts bad sight on our country then we will wipe off the sight. Lakshmi says I am feeling bad for your mother, siblings and family who don’t might to be called you as their family. She says what is bigger than anything is humanity. The ACP says your three friends will be hanged today. Mohnish calls Rishi as inauspicious. Lakshmi slaps him and says we all are made by God, and asks how can the people made by him is inauspicious, and asks him not to tell anyone as inauspicious. Neelam looks on (as she had called Lakshmi inauspicious multiple times). .

the reporter telling that everyone is praying for their families, as Police and Commandos went inside. She says we can just pray that everyone stuck inside come out safely. Dadi says nothing will happen to anyone. The Police make the terrorists sit. Dadi tells that nothing will happen to anybody, and God will hear our prayers, everyone will reach their families. Uday takes back his mobile which he had hidden to record, and finds it off. He thinks don’t know how much is recorded. The Police and Commandos bring the terrorists out. Lakshmi and Rishi come out of the court along with the family members and others. Dadi and Devika thank Bappa. She says my family is saved, my kids…She runs to Rishi and hugs him. She then hugs Lakshmi. Rishi says Lakshmi is hurt.

Lakshmi says she is fine, as her blessing was with them. Dadi hugs Ayush, Shalu, Bani, Rano. Kiran says it seems we are nothing to them. Abhay says Malishka is not yet their family. Malishka says I thought Lakshmi’s chapter is over today, either Mohnish will shoot her or she will get imprisonment. Dadi hugs Virender. Rishi tells Lakshmi that even he felt happy seeing her safe. He says when Mohnish had aimed gun at her, he couldn’t express in words, how he felt and can’t think of losing her. Lakshmi says you don’t need to say, your eyes speaking all. She says even your eyes. He wipes her tears. Dadi hugs them and blesses them to stay together always. Balwinder thinks he has seen the death from near, and thinks even today Lakshmi has saved Rishi. He thinks if she was written in my life then would have shielded me. He thinks to leave from there.

The ACP appreciates the oberois for fighting with the terrorists and blind folding them to save everyone. Virender says it is every citizen’s duty, tells that they were scared but. Ayush says Lakshmi and Rishi are their inspiration. Ahana says they didn’t lose the strength at any point and was scared for each other, but not for self. Virender says he feels proud of them. Malishka says she has inspired everyone and asked them to fight with terrorists. She praises herself. Ayush says it was his idea to blindfold the terrorists. He then praises the Police. The reporter says it is not easy to blindfold the terrorists. Ayush tells that they are Oberois and says Malishka is not Oberoi. He says Lakshmi is Oberoi, my bhabhi, and their strength, courage and power house. The reporter asks Lakshmi what she would like to say. Lakshmi says they all love me and their love is my strength and Rishi is my courage. Rishi says Lakshmi has earned this love and she can give her life for them. He says people can’t stop themselves from loving her.

Uday checks the recording in which Lakshmi and Rishi asking Mohnish to kill her/him and leave the other. Uday says we have a big news and says he didn’t understand that Lakshmi who is accused of poisoning many people, why she will save people from terrorists.The reporter asks Judge about Mohnish’s intentions. Judge says Mohnish wanted to get his friends freed and also to kill me. He was almost killed me, but Rishi saved me and Lakshmi also. The reporter says Oberois saved people. The judge says he would like to thank Oberois for not letting any injustice happen. Dadi asks Lakshmi to come home. Inspector comes there and says Lakshmi you have to come with us to jail. Ayush says she has saved many people today. Inspector says court will decide. Virender asks can we take her home today. Judge says not legally, hearing will happen on the next date, till then she has to stay in jail. Malishka thinks my destiny has won, and thinks Rishi will become hers. Rishi recalls his promise made to Lakshmi and asks Judge to do hearing today itself. He says no injustice happened today in court, so injustice shall not happen with Lakshmi, and asks until when she will be in jail. Judge says you are right, Lakshmi’s hearing will happen today itself. Ayush asks Rishi, why is he doing this? Rishi says I have promised Lakshmi that she will go home today. Ayush hugs him and says if I love someone, then will love like you. He asks him to smile. Rishi says I will smile, when Lakshmi goes home.

Neha and Rano come home. Rano is lost in thoughts. Neha says Mom. Rano says I am in my house, and says I am live. Neha says its alive. Rano says same to same. She says you can’t think that I was dying or getting saved there. She says she saw large guns in real. Neha asks if Lakshmi showed bravery there and asks if you people have blindfolded the terrorists. Rano says yes, and says she wants to forget all this. She says I defeated death and I am live (alive). Neha thinks she is her mother. She switches off the TV. Uday tells that he ran afraid from there, but kept his phone to record everything. He says I will give you news how we saw death and defeated it. She sees Lakshmi safeguarding Rishi on TV.

Karishma says why Rishi was eager to do this. Neelam says let the case end, Lakshmi will get punished then we don’t have to see this court again. Karishma says yes, then Lakshmi and Rishi will divorce and Malishka will marry him. Malishka thinks what Rishi is going to tell today. Rishi tells the judge that they have compromised on quality and quantity and bought low quality stuff. He says I have informed the Chefs and everyone that taste doesn’t matter, but profits matter. He says they have started using expired items. Neha watches the news still.

Rishi tells that he forced Lakshmi and she couldn’t refuse him. He says the food was not poisonous, but made people ill as it was old stuff. He takes responsibility of the crime on himself as the hotel is his. Lakshmi and others are shocked.

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