Unfortunate love update Friday 13 January 2023

Unfortunate love 13 January 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi hugging Lakshmi and crying. Song plays…..Lakshmi gets teary eyes too. Rishi says I have come to you, there was no place to go. He asks where I could go? He says you was telling that I am your identity, then why did you leave me. He says you left me and everyone also left me, Dad, Mom and everyone. He says everyone is upset, and even you have left me, I have become lonely. He says I have understood that I am not your identity, but you are my identity. He says I am very lonely, don’t know what you have done with me, I see you everywhere where ever I see. He says I can’t live without you, I am not at all strong, you are very strong but I am weak.

He says I miss you very much, don’t you miss me. Lakshmi says even I miss you, with tears in her eyes. Rishi says you are lying. Lakshmi says she is not lying. Rishi says I need you…and hugs her. He asks her to make everything fine like before. He asks her to make everything fine, as he cant live without her. He asks if we can’t be back together again? It turns out to be Rishi’s dream. He gets up and cries again.Rano comes to Lakshmi and asks what is she thinking? Lakshmi says nothing. Rano says marriage is the start for the girl and says divorce is not “the end” of a girl’s life.

She says some girls get remarried and says this is right, why girl shall suffer due to husband. She asks her to sit straight, and pretends to pacify her. She says I am like your mother and Neha’s mother also. She says I am worried for her and wants her to marry at the right time. She says Pandit ji is not wrong either and says if divorcee daughter is at home, then it is difficult to marry off the other daughters.Neelam tells Virender that she has lost from her own upbringing and son. Virender says I never thought that Rishi will do this. Neelam says he has done this, but refused to marry malishka. She blames Lakshmi for this decision.

Virender asks her not to do mistake by blaming Lakshmi, as it is Rishi’s mistake. He says we are already stressed. Kiran comes there.Rano tells Lakshmi that a good alliance came for Neha, you are elder than her and asks her to think about her. She says I am not forcing her and says I can take care of you all life. She says but I can’t you life, which you will get from your home, your husband and kids. She acts and says today problem can in Neha’s marriage and tomorrow Shalu and Bani’s marriage will have problem too. She says she is not forcing her and asks her to take a right decision, and asks her not to be late. She says Balwinder is ready to marry you even today, and loves you a lot.

Kiran tells Neelam that it is not her mistake, so their friendship will not be affected. Virender and Neelam thank and apologize to her. Kiran says it is not just Rishi’s mistake, but Malishka’s mistake too. She goes to meet Rishi. Rishi is in his room. Kiran knocks on the door and comes inside. Rishi gets up from the bed. Kiran asks him to look at her. She says a child can do any mistake, but a mother forgives him always, when the child does penance for it. Rishi hugs her and says sorry, I didn’t know how this has happened, I hurt you all. Kiran says its ok and asks him to sit. She says everything will be fine and you will make it fine and asks him to promise. He says he will promise if everything will be fine.

Kiran says whatever happened was love, but it was not legitimate. She asks him to seal it with a marriage and asks him to get married to Malishka. She says our families are involved, if you refuse then everything will be finished and if you agree then everything will be alright, else you can’t forgive for whatever you have done with Malishka. She asks him to marry Malishka to save himself from the guilt.Dadi tells Devika that first Lakshmi went and Rishi did a mistake. Devika says how can Malishka let this happen. Dadi says why she didn’t stop him. Devika says Karishma Bua is right. Dadi says one shall be modern, but shall not forget their limitations. She says Lakshmi became modern though she was from village, but she had same values.

She says how can Rishi do this. Ayush comes there and says Rishi Bhai haven’t done anything. Devika says he himself said. Ayush asks her to look in his eyes, and says he has values in his eyes. He says he has full of values and will never cross his limits with any girl and asks her to understand. He says Rishi Bhai said in inebriated state that he has no idea what has happened and when. He says I can prove this and asks Dadi and Devika to help him. Dadi says I am with you. Devika says anything for Rishi Bhai. Ayush says I am going to prove Lakshmi wrong. Dadi says you are going to clear her misunderstanding. Kiran tells Rishi that she wants him to marry Malishka, she is not forcing him, and not punishing him also.

She asks him to decide and says its ok if he refuse, and says she wants reason for his refusal. She says tell me what malishka shall do. She says you will be my son always, and goes.Rano giving money to Neha and says it is 20000 rs. Neha gets happy. Rano says you have done good acting and that’s why she is giving her money. She asks her to do more good acting and asks her to spend wisely until their work is done. Neha says she will act good and asks from where the money came? Rano says your Papa has sent. Neha hugs her. Bani hears them fully and goes to her room. Shalu asks why did you bring another jug? Bani says I was about to give to Neha.

She says she will go and give her. Lakshmi says she will give, takes jug and goes. Bani tells Shalu that Chachi gave 20000 Rs to Neha, and says she said Chacha ji sent, but it seems someone gave her, as she closed the door before talking to her. She says she was standing outside her room and heard her. Shalu says who will give 20000 Rs to Chachi. bani says something is wrong, but don’t know what?Balwinder and Guddu are having food. Balwinder says this is due to Chachi agreed. Guddu asks from where you will get money? Balwinder tells that he will get money from ATM Malishka.

Guddu says she will not give you money. Balwinder says he knows how to get it from her. Malishka and Sonal come to Oberoi house. Kiran asks why you have come here. Karishma comes and says I called them. She asks Malishka why did she do this? Malishka says her heart was broken. Karishma says we love you. She tells Kiran that she didn’t know that she was here. Kiran says she came to talk to Rishi and gave him time to think. Neelam hears them. Karishma says you gave him time, there was option yes or no. She says you should have asked him to marry her. She asks Malishka and Sonal to stay there. Kiran says ok and says she will go.

Karishma asks her to stay here. Kiran says she will not come here until Malishka gets justice. Balwinder says Malishka is cutting my call. Neelam looks on hearing them.Karishma takes them to room and asks Sonal if she wants another room. Sonal says no. Karishma goes. Malishka says this house will become mine, Rishi and his room too. Malishka says Balwinder is calling her. Sonal says she will handle him. She picks the call. Balwinder says Malishka don’t cut my call. He says I have done all your work and you are throwing me away like a housefly, as your friend Monika my darling came. Sonal says mind your language or else I will break your mouth.

Balwinder asks her to give call to Malishka. Sonal asks why? Balwinder says he wants 5 lakhs rs, and asks her to tell her. Sonal says you will not get even 5 rs. Balwinder asks her to tell Malishka that he has passed fatwa against her and will not let her marry Rishi in this birth. Malishka takes the call and asks how dare you? Balwinder says he wants 5 lakhs rs. Malishka says you will get it, but tell sorry to my friend. Balwinder says sorry to Sonal and ends the call. Sonal asks do you want to give him 5 lakhs Rs. Malishka says yes, all Oberois are in her favor and she can’t take risk now. She says Balwinder is her pet and he will be useful in future. Sonal says ok.

Balwinder tells Guddu that Malishka agreed, and he will see Sonal later. Guddu asks if she is giving 5 lakhs. Balwinder says yes. He asks Guddu to play song and they dance. Guddu says Lakshmi didn’t agree till now. Balwinder says she will also agree and he dance. Guddu asks what about Rishi. Balwinder says Rishi’s chapter is over, now Balwinder Sood will enter. He says they are divorced and now he has no right to stop Lakshmi. Guddu asks why did they get divorce? Balwinder says he doesn’t know, if he had known then would have got weak nerve.Neelam thinks of Kiran’s words. Virender comes there and asks Neelam not to think else she will get unwell. Neelam says we shall do what is right.

Malishka comes there and says she has no complains from them as she got only love from them. Neelam says you are really mature, else after so much happened…Malishka says she will become ideal bahu. She wants Rishi to agree, but its ok if he refuses. She goes out and sees Ayush. Ayush tells her that he is thinking what she has done. Malishka asks what do you mean by that. Ayush asks her to guess and says Rishi and Lakshmi have a misunderstanding. Malishka asks him to shut up. Ayush says I will prove that something is wrong in this and says before I prove, mend your ways else you will not get a chance later.

He says I am watching you, if you murmurs about me then shall be careful. He goes. Malishka says I made Lakshmi go away from my way, but what to do with him. Neelam stops Rishi from coming in her room and emotionally blackmails him, asking him if he wants his father’s head to be high etc.. She says he has to decide. Rishi says I am your son, and will have same values as you gave me.Sonal comes to meet Balwinder. Balwinder comes and sits in his car. Sonal says you are late. She gives her money. Balwinder says I would have shown your value if you was not Malishka’s friend. Sonal asks him to stay away from Malishka. She gets irritated by him.

Ayush comes to Lakshmi’s house and says good morning bhabhi. He hugs her. Rano thinks he is mad to come here to meet Lakshmi. Ayush asks if she was calling her mad. Rano asks him to sit. Lakshmi asks how is everyone at home? She says lets not talk about it. Ayush says I was asking about Shalu. He says you both will not unite so there is no point of talking about it. She says you both will unite, else why to break hearts. Lakshmi says it pain a lot. Ayush says I will talk to Shalu on call, I will leave as I am getting late for office. He goes. Lakshmi thinks our hearts are connected and that’s why he has come.


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