Unfortunate love update Sunday 7 January 2024

Unfortunate love 7 January 2024:  Episode starts with Shalu and Bani asking Rishi to get ready for marriage. Rishi says ok. Bani says we are here. Shalu asks Lakshmi to look at them. Kiran comes to Neelam and tells that she didn’t hope this from her. Neelam says I didn’t hope this from myself, and says I didn’t know that I couldn’t stop that girl and couldn’t bring my son back. Kiran says you have brought Malishka here as your bahu and gave her many hopes, and asks what happened to your promise.

Neelam says I didn’t ask Rishi not to marry Malishka and tells that being a mother, you know that parents can win from the world, but not from her own children. Kiran says you didn’t lose because of your son, but that inauspicious girl. She says you couldn’t stop her and she was doing her work silently and got Rishi.

She says you have lost it and asks her not to call herself as Neelam Oberoi, and says if you was Neelam Oberoi, then Lakshmi wouldn’t have taken Rishi from infront of you. She says if I was on your place, then don’t know what I would have done. She comes to Malishka and asks her to come home. Malishka asks what you are saying? Kiran says Rishi will not come and you will not marry him. Virender apologizes to Kiran and Malishka. Kiran says finished, everything is finished and goes with Malishka and Sonal.

Shalu applies make up to Rishi. She tells Bani that they are looking sad. She asks Rishi to smile and tells that he is looking red. She says Di is looking dull infront of him. Bani says Jiju is looking dull. Rishi tells Lakshmi that she is looking very beautiful and he is dull infront of her, and says I just love her. He says he wants her to look best, out of the world. He says I am sad that I am not looking suitable for you. Lakshmi says you are looking handsome. Rishi says you are looking good as your heart is good. Lakshmi says your heart is more good than me. Rishi says you are best. Lakshmi says you are the best. Shalu and Bani praise their Jodi and says both are good. They ask Rishi and Lakshmi to pose and click their photo.

Virender comes to room. Neelam asks him if he is going to his son’s marriage. Virender says he is going to daughter’s marriage to do kanyadaan. Neelam says our house is ruined because of her and you want to do her kanyadaan. Virender says if you are questioning me then I will answer you and if you are saying me then understand. He asks her to come with him to daughter’s wedding and says I am giving you invitation. He goes. Neelam shouts saying she is not my daughter, but enemy. She recalls Kiran’s provocative words. The goon tells the other goon that some Madam gave him order to kill the girl (Lakshmi). The other goon says he had seen her with Rishi Oberoi, but she doesn’t look rich, then why that Madam wants to kill her. The goon says it is none of our business, just as she transfers 50 Lakhs in my account, I will kill her.

Rano comes to Rishi and Lakshmi’s house, and tells that their photo season are still happening.Shalu says it is Photo session. Rano says she wants to talk to Rishi and Lakshmi, and says today the lovers will unite after overcoming many hurdles. She says she has brought the holy thread from the temple, which is filled with mantras.

She asks them not to go anywhere and come to the temple directly for marriage. Rishi thanks her for thinking so much about them. Rano says she is their damad and Oberoi family’s heir. Rishi says you have done favor on us and has handled Lakshmi. Rano ties thread to their hands and says today your marriage will happen without any hurdles. Shalu says lets dance.

Dadi, Ayush and Virender are in the car. Dadi says Neelam should have come. Ayush tells that it is Lakshmi and Rishi’s marriage and they shall sing, dance and celebrate. The neighbors are dancing with the band. Virender, Ayush and Dadi come there. Rishi hugs Virender and asks about Mom. He gets sad, when Virender nods no. Ayush teases Shalu. Shalu asks him to dance. Ayush comes to Rishi and Lakshmi and asks them to dance. Rishi and Lakshmi have a dance. Malishka is in her house and feels the band sound, and keeps hand on her ears. Rishi and Lakshmi are both happy. Malishka keeps pillows on her ears. Sonal asks her to throw the pillows and tells that no voice is coming. She asks her to move her hands and see. Malishka doesn’t hear any band. Sonal asks Malishka to trust her and tells that Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage will not happen today.

The goons come to the road. The goon tells the other goon that they will go from here to the temple. They think to search a place to aim the gun at Lakshmi. Karishma comes to Neelam. Neelam tells that Rishi is getting married without my blessings, and blames Lakshmi, says my own son is marrying my enemy, whom I hate so much. Karishma asks her not to torture herself and says we did what we could do. She says if he wants to do this, and get sad then what we can do? She says may be it is in his destiny. Neelam says he is my son and it can’t be his destiny. He says our destiny can’t be like this, and says that inauspicious girl is doing this, and says I will not lose from that Lakshmi. Ayush is taking Rishi and Lakshmi to the temple, and tells that the neighbors have decorated the car in less time. Dadi sees Mata ji Jhanki and tells that they shall go there. Ayush says we will get late. Dadi insists. Rishi, Lakshmi and others come to the goddess procession. The goon tries to stab Lakshmi, but the knife falls down. Rishi and Lakshmi go back to the car. Ayush says now marriage will happen. Shalu says they got mata’s blessings. The other goon tells that I will shoot them with my gun. They go to the temple and wait for them. The other goon tells that he has fixed the silencer and will shoot her. Rishi and Lakshmi reach the temple with others. Dadi asks them to pray and thank the God. Lakshmi prays for Rishi and his family, while Rishi thanks God and promises to keep Lakshmi happy always.

 Lakshmi asking Virender to call Mummy ji, Rishi’s Mom and says her blessings are necessary. Virender says she is your Mom too, though she didn’t accept you, but you have given her mother’s value. The goon is aiming gun at her. Lakshmi tells that Rishi and her happiness are incomplete with her blessings. Virender says Neelam is not understanding this, and tells that kids get stubborn, but she is stubborn. Dadi, Ayush, Shalu and Bani tell that they are with them. Rano says she is at Lakshmi’s side. Ayush says he will also go to her side. Dadi asks them to sit for marriage. The goon gets Madam’s (killer) call and asks her to keep the money ready, as the work will be done. Pandit ji asks Rishi and Lakshmi to fold their hands. Their marriage rituals begins. Pandit ji

asks them to stand up and exchange the garlands. The goon signs the other goon to shoot her, but someone is standing on the way. Rishi and Lakshmi make each other wear the garlands. Everyone is happy. Main Phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…..Pandit ji does their hast milap and asks them to do the ghatbandhan. Rano does their ghatbandhan.

Malishka is going out. Sonal and Kiran ask where is she going? Malishka says to see the destruction. Kiran sends Sonal behind her and says Lakshmi…you didn’t do right with my daughter. Pandit ji asks them to stand up for the rounds. Rishi gives his hand. Lakshmi holds his hand and stands up. Rishi holds her hand and tells about the importance of seven rounds, which binds the couple for 7 births. He tells Rishi and Lakshmi to take the first swear that whenever he goes on teerat yatra or do any religious work, then he shall give her left place at his side. .Rishi promises her. Lakshmi gives him swear that she will be with him in all religious works and will always increase the family’s respect and pride. They take the first round, while the goon wait for the chance to shoot her. Pandit ji asks Rishi to promise Lakshmi that he will respect her parents and family as his own. Rishi promises her. Pandit ji asks Lakshmi to promise that she will love and respect all his family. Lakshmi promises him that she will always keep his family united and will be happy with whatever he gets. They take another round. Virender makes video call to Neelam so that she can see him taking rounds.

Neelam sees them taking rounds, gets teary eyes and angry. Pandit ji tells Rishi that he shall promise to be with her always, even if her beauty goes and if her health is not good. Rishi promises Lakshmi that he will be with her always, and will be hers also, and will not let anyone come between them. Lakshmi promises to support him and to agree to his sayings. She promises to set home with him, and that nothing wrong happens. They take the round. Pandit ji asks them to take 4th swear. Rishi tells that he will do anything for her happiness and will not let tears come in her eyes, and will give her happiness. Lakshmi promises that her happiness will be his, and his sorrows will be hers. She promises that she will be with him always, with her body, heart and soul. Song plays….She smiles. Rishi also smiles.

The goon is still trying, but Ayush and Shalu are standing on the way. The goon/shooter calls the goon and asks him to make the people go away from his way. The goon asks Ayush to move to side as he wants to see the marriage. Ayush says ok and goes. Rishi and Lakshmi takes 4th round. Pandit ji asks them to take the 5th swear, and tells that Rishi shall promise her that he will not do anything without her advice. Rishi promises her that he will not do anything without taking her suggestion. Lakshmi promises him that she will be with him like his reflection. Ayush is happy along with Shalu and Bani. Rishi and Lakshmi take the rounds. Pandit ji tells that Lakshmi that Rishi shall promise that he will never insult her. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will never insult her and will never let others insult her, and he has just one goal that to keep him happy. Lakshmi also promises to keep him happy.

Pandit ji asks them to take the seventh and last swear. He says Rishi shall swear that he shall regard every woman as his mother or sister. Rishi says you are just for me.. Lakshmi. Lakshmi says and for me…you are the one with the family. They promise each other that they will fulfill all the swears. Malishka comes there. The goon shoots at Lakshmi. Malishka comes in the way, but bends down due to her sandal issue. The bullet hits the temple wall.

Shalu turns and sees Malishka and tells Ayush that they shall stop her. They hold Malishka’s hand and stop her. Pandit ji asks them to sit for sindoor and mangalsutra ritual. Rishi tells Pandit ji that he will give her 8th birth. He promises Lakshmi that he is giving her swear for the next births. He says he will be with her in all births, and will support her. He says I will take birth just for you, to be with you, to give happiness to you.

Ayush asks Malishka to just enjoy today, and don’t come between them. Lakshmi promises him that in every birth, Lakshmi’s destiny will be completed only with you, she will have his sindoor and his name mangalsutra. He smiles. Pandit ji asks them to sit and make her mangalsutra. Rishi makes Lakshmi wear mangalsutra. Everyone claps. Dadi sees Malishka standing. Pandit ji then gives sindoor to Rishi. Rishi fills Lakshmi’s hairline/maang with sindoor. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi plays…….Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage solemnizes. The goon standing in the temple goes from there. Rishi and Lakshmi smiles looking at each other.

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