Unfortunate love update Saturday 24 December 2022

Unfortunate love 24 December 2022: The Episode starts with Lakshmi getting up and falling down. Rishi asks Malishka to show her face. Lakshmi shouts as she falls down. Rishi leaves Malishka and goes to Lakshmi. He tells her that Balwinder and Burqa clad aunty is here. Malishka thinks to go out else she can’t save herself. She goes out and calls Balwinder, asking him to get up. Balwinder gets up and says you have saved me. Malishka asks him to run. She hurts herself and asks him where is the stuff? He says in the car. He goes. Rishi tells Lakshmi that Malishka is not here. Malishka goes to the car, takes out the blood pouch and applies on her hands and forehead. She drives off.

Constable asks Inspector to arrest Lakshmi and tells that Malishka will come infront of us herself. Malishka comes there and cries, surprising them. Inspector looks at the blood on her hands. Balwinder thinks if Malishka takes Lakshmi’s name then she will go to jail. Rishi and Lakshmi come out. Rishi asks where is Balwinder, he was unconscious here. Lakshmi says how we will prove my innocence. Rishi tells her that he will not let anything happen to her. Lakshmi hugs him.

Sonia tells Karishma that she has ordered something to have party as today is the last day for Lakshmi. Karishma says yes, and worries for Malishka. They show their hatred for Lakshmi. Sonia tells that once Lakshmi is arrested, Malishka will be found.Rishi asks where is Balwinder, he was unconscious here. Lakshmi says how we will prove my innocence. Rishi tells her that he will not let anything happen to her. Lakshmi hugs him.Sonia tells Karishma that she has ordered something to have party as today is the last day for Lakshmi.

Karishma says yes, and worries for Malishka. They show their hatred for Lakshmi. Sonia tells that once Lakshmi is arrested, Malishka will be found.Malishka tells that she wants to give her statement. Inspector asks if you are Malishka. Malishka asks how did you know? Inspector says your parents had come to file FIR. He says you shall get treatment. Malishka requests him to write her statement. Constable says we will take you to hospital and will take statement there. Inspector tells Constable that they shall take the photos. Malishka says if something happens to me then you will be blamed. Inspector asks who had kidnapped you. Malishka tells that the lady had kidnapped her, who was wearing burqa.

Virender asks Ayush to talk to Rishi, and tell him that he has arrange lawyer to bail out Lakshmi, if she gets arrested. Ayush calls Lakshmi and asks if everything is fine. Lakshmi tells that they had found the proof, and saw the car. She tells him everything. Ayush says so much is found. Lakshmi says we couldn’t catch Balwinder or that burqa clad woman. Dadi asks her not to worry. Virender says truth can’t be hidden for long. He asks if Rishi is with you. She says yes and puts call on speaker. He asks if you are taking care of Lakshmi. Rishi says ask her. Lakshmi says taking much care.

Inspector asks Malishka if you saw her face. Malishka tells the lady has hidden her face and was talking in changed voice. Inspector asks if you identified her, and asks her to tell, who was burqa clad woman. Kiran comes there and says Lakshmi. constable asks if Lakshmi Oberoi had kidnapped you.Lakshmi tells Rishi that she had seen burqa clad woman and she was Malishka. Rishi says I am sure, she was not Malishka. He says I know her well, and don’t think that she will take a big risk. He says you are wrong, she will not do this. Lakshmi thinks if she was not Malishka.

Malishka hugs Kiran. They both act. Kiran says how much you got beaten up by Lakshmi. She says thank god, you saved my daughter, else don’t know what she would have done.Constable asks who? Kiran says Lakshmi. She asks Police to arrest her before she kills her daughter. Malishka says she had eloped from there with much difficulty. Kiran tells that now Lakshmi will get rotten in jail. A fb is shown, Kiran thinks if Malishka traps Lakshmi in this case, then it will be a problem. Malishka calls Kiran. She thinks what happen with my plan. Kiran calls her. Malishka picks the call and says Mom, I am talking. She says she is fine, and tells that time has come to end her drama. Kiran says thank god, you took the right decision, Malishka says Rishi and Lakshmi reached the warehouse and was about to see me, but I was wearing burqa.

She tells that Rishi didn’t see her, but may be Lakshmi, but no idea. Kiran asks how you will be saved. Malishka asks her to do as she says. She shares her plan with her.Malishka recalls asking Kiran to do something. Kiran refuses and asks her not to forget that Rishi and Lakshm are together. She tells that she will be badly trapped and will go away from Rishi. Malishka says if I don’t execute my plan, then I will go to jail. Kiran says you have trapped me. Malishka says please do this for me. Kiran thinks I hope Rishi don’t understand Malishka’s plan. Malishka says I didn’t tell you entire plan. fb ends. Kiran asks Inspector to arrest Lakshmi. Rishi and Lakshmi come to the PS. Rishi tells Kiran that Lakshmi haven’t kidnapped Malishka, but Balwinder had kidnapped her.

Kiran tells Rishi is saying this to protect Lakshmi. Malishka tells that she is sure that Lakshmi didn’t kidnap her, and tells that the kidnapper was a woman, but not Lakshmi. Rishi tells Inspector that Balwinder had kidnapped Malishka along with a guy and lady’s help. He thanks Malishka for going against her Mom and saving Lakshmi. Malishka thinks she is doing this for herself, to get Rishi. Kiran thinks why Malishka is doing this. Rishi and Lakshmi come home. Dadi blesses them to be together always. Virender says you both complete each other. Rishi tells that he is very happy with Malishka’s gesture, she has saved Lakshmi today. Virender says she did right. Dadi asks them to freshen up.

Malishka and Kiran come home. Kiran asks Malishka, why did she do this? Malishka says it was her plan, and tells that she has done a favor on Rishi by saving Lakshmi. She says Rishi trusts her now and will never doubt her. She tells that if Lakshmi has seen me, then also Rishi will not believe her.Lakshmi tells Ayush that she was sure that the lady was Malishka. Ayush asks her to say surely and believes her. Malishka tells that she has made her old place in Rishi’s life, and says even if I murder Lakshmi then Rishi will not believe.

happen as you say. Malishka says you are not saying this with your heart. Kiran says I am standing with you, leaving everything. She says I really hope that Rishi and your relation become like before, and you control him again. Karishma comes there and says forget it. She asks Malishka why did she miss the golden chance. Kiran says Malishka has her own reasons, she feels that Rishi will come near her. Malishka tells that she has saved Lakshmi, so that she oust her from Rishi’s life, then he will come with her. She asks Kiran not to feel her weak and says I will make Rishi mine. Karishma says I will pray for you, come to our house as Oberoi bahu.

Lakshmi serves the food to everyone. Dadi praises the food made by her and asks her to sit. Neelam asks where is Karishma. Mukesh says she is not in the room. Karishma comes there and sits. Ayush thinks to do what he thought. He gets up and apologizes to everyone, especially Rishi. He tells that when Rishi bhai scolded him, he went out angrily and did an accident. He says he was drunk and was scared thinking he doesn’t belong to Oberoi family. He says he was worried about their reputation and thought what to do. He says he called Lakshmi there. She came there as his sister and mother, and helped him. He thanks her for taking blame on herself to protect him. He apologizes to them.

Virender asks him not to do this again. Neelam says if you say it again that you stay in our house, then I will punish him. Rishi tells Ayush that he is his only brother, and apologizes for scolding him. He says Lakshmi made him understand. Rishi says sorry to Ayush. Dadi thanks lakshmi and says she is God’s blessings. Lakshmi prays for the family happiness. Karishma tells that she can’t tolerate that he didn’t call her, instead called Lakshmi. Ayush is about to say, but Lakshmi stops him. Rishi praises Lakshmi. Karishma thinks Malishka thought of a big thing, but it seems impossible. She thinks I don’t know how Malishka will do this.

Malishka thinks Rishi might be hurt seeing her injury. Rishi worries for Lakshmi. Malishka thinks he must be sympathetic for her. Rishi feels sympathetic for Lakshmi. Malishka calls Rishi and asks him to take her for outing. She says they have troubled her a lot. Rishi asks her to stay at home. Malishka tries to convince him. She says I fought with mom, as she feels that lakshmi kidnapped her. Rishi agrees to come. Malishka tells Kiran that Rishi is coming. Kiran thinks Malishka loves Rishi, but he ignores her.

Lakshmi taking out the clothes from the terrace. Rishi comes there and says he was searching her. She says she is picking the clothes, as fast wind is coming. Rishi asks why you are doing this work, and tells that she should have asked the Servants. Lakshmi says everyone is busy. Rishi tells that he was searching her to give her flower. Lakshmi is surprised. Song plays…She asks you know all this also. Rishi says I have given big bouquets to big people, but this flower is first time. Lakshmi feels shy and turns, so that he ties the flower in her hair. He asks why she is showing her back. Lakshmi says my innocent husband doesn’t understand and asks him to tie flower in her hair. Rishi ties the flower in her hair. Lakshmi smiles.

Song continues to play. Malishka waits for Rishi and thinks if Lakshmi stopped him. She thinks Rishi will come to her. He helps her and tells that every husband shall do this. Lakshmi laughs as a saree gets entangled on him. Lakshmi frees him and smiles. Rishi also smiles and looks at her. He stops her and lifts her. He then keeps her down and asks her to go. Lakshmi says you are searching excuses to lift me. He says I don’t need excuses to lift you, I am your interested and asks if you have any objection with me coming near you. Lakshmi feel shy and smiles.

Malishka thinks Lakshmi must have stopped Rishi, and thinks to go there and bring him. She collides with Rishi and smiles. He says wow Malishka, you look beautiful. Malishka thanks him and tells that they are made for each other. She asks if Lakshmi stopped you, and says lets just you and me. Rishi says we will live the moments again and asks her to come. She says she got her Rishi back and laughs. It is her imagination.Rishi and Lakshmi laugh. Lakshmi tells that she didn’t tell that he knows chutkula also. He says it was joke and asks what chutkula is called in punjabi. She says Punjabi chutkula and laugh. Rishi also laughs.Rishi and Lakshmi look at each other.

Malishka comes there and looks shocked. Rishi turns. Lakshmi asks what happened? Rishi says nothing. Neelam comes to the terrace and asks Mukesh to take all the clothes downstairs. She sees Rishi and Lakshmi sitting . Lakshmi takes the clothes.Shalu and Bani talk about Balwinder. Bani says she wants to make his chutney. Shalu takes glass from her hand and tells that jiju is with her. bani teases her taking Ayush’s name. Shalu praises him. Ayush calls her. Shalu tells that she was praising him and asks him to ask Bani. Ayush says he caught her and tells that he takes care of Lakshmi’s sister also.

Shalu says Bani is hurt and asks him to come and help him. Ayush says ok. Shalu says she is joking. They argue. Ayush and Shalu ask each other to end the call. Shalu says he is jhalla. Rishi comes to Malishka. Malishka calls him cheater, liar and betrayal and says you promised me to make me life partner, but married Lakshmi. He says I was about to come. Malishka says when, after I die. She says you acted to be sweet with me and hugged me, so that I don’t give statement against Lakshmi. She tells that she just asked him to take her on long drive and spend time with her. She says I never saw anyone other than you and used to come to you on your one saying. She says I haven’t changed, but you are changed. Rishi asks her to listen.

Malishka asks why did you change? Rishi says I am a married man now, and what you are expecting me to do, to have same relation with you. He says we can be friends, but nothing more than that. Malishka stunned.

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