Guddan Zee world update Saturday 24 December 2022

Guddan 24 December 2022: Guddan welcomes AJ with band baja. He says you arranged all this Antra? Guddan says no I arranged all this. we weren’t introduced well. I am AJ’s ex wife. She makes him wear garland and says welcome to this house Honda. AJ whispers it feels so good to hug you. He says Guddan thank you for welcoming me with this hug. You have welcomed me so well.He says this chain is yours now. Guddan says thank you. He says it feels so good. Guddan says then keep brining me gifts? He says I would. Honda gives Guddan a phone. Saru and Antra are jealous. SAru says we he is getting close to her. antra says she is AJ’s ex wife. Honda says she got my heart at least. Guddan says come spend time with us. I have made our favor dessert. Hsi servant brings gifts and says these are for you.

Guddan holds his hand, he says let’s have a good time at tea. Dadi says isn’t she being too close to him..Guddan cooks dessert. Laxmi says sasu ma this isn’t right. You are trying to come close to him. This isn’t good. You are wrong here. Guddan says you can’t give me lectures like this. Saru is hearing. Gudan says I will do what I want. Honda is young and rich. Laxmi says I feel sorry for you. Guddan says I will now do what I want. Please go from here, I have to make this halwa for Honda. SAru leaves. Guddan says in heart, I fooled you saru.

Guddan comes to Saru. He says it smells so good Have you mixee your love in it? Guddan says this is your favorite halwa. He says you are my fav. It is so good. Now I know why aJ married you.Guddan says I hope you wuold love this suji halwa. AJ whispers you know i hate it. She says try it. AJ says you sit with me and make me eat. Guddan says honda, I want to fly with you in your private jet. Honda says I can take you anywhere I want. Guddan makes him wear the halwa. He says this is so good. DAdi says this Guddan is so shameless. He says shahjahan cut his labor’s hands after they made taj mehal. I want to kiss your hands. Gudddan says really? He says give me your hand. AJ kisses her hand.

Tanvesh kisses on guddu’s knuckles dadi says they r doing besharmi in the house she ask antra to leave laxmi says she too cant see this besharmi dadi says then lets go they all leave guddu takes her hand back and yells at Tanvesh says u r taking badla tanvesh says i was doing acting and u knew it that i dont like suji ka halwa bt then also u made it i could also say na that u were taking revenge bt i didnt i ate that guddu says u r becoming like tanvesh u cant change my mind like this tanvesh says listen one thing very clearly the more u push me and will mad on me the more i will come to tumhe door jane dena mujhse nhi hoga and second thing he started singing the song guddu says dont sing the song tanvesg says i m not singing bt expressing my dil ki baat she leaves Aj continues singing then he says u r very diffe rent and when u r angry u become more atrangi and i just love ur atrangipan.

Antra looks herself in the mirror guddu sees this she goes to her while singing antra says dont make me fool by singing the song i saw u flattering for akshat’s love and attention and now suddenly u r hooking up with tanvesh ur happiness and sadness is still connected with Aj guddu takes her to the mirror and says she has glow on her face and she was not happy like this before and now i understand the value of money and u made me marry that 70yrs old buddha at least he is better than him he is rich handaome and young guddu says she should be happy with her would be husband and his property she says sometime a bad person can give a good teaching she says to antra not to interfare in her and tanvesh’s matter and she leaves from there.

In akshan room antra discussed her doubt over guddu with saru Aj comes to room while acting like he is talking with tanvesh he cuts the call and says to them about the matter they r tensed antra asks him wether he knows what guddu is doing with his frnd tanvesh guddu comes and says dont take so much stress this is about me so i myself will tell u she says she told tanvesh that he is tagra Aj ask what guddu says maldar party anyeays i have something for u he handed him divorce paper he is shocked she says she dont want any disturbance from his family she wants azaadi antra checked the paper she says to guddu that she already married to 70 yrs oldie and she is free thenwhat is the need of this guddu says that was a drama and her husband is nowhere to be found Aj hesitately signes the paper guddu says she is feeling like 15th august she is azaad and was about to leave antra says she too need to sign the papers guddu signs the paper akshat is hurt guddu leaves Aj says to antra she is right when there is no rishta its only formalities he too leaves from there.

Saru asks antra is she still doubting on guddan guddu is changed as tamvesh is paise wala and she is sliping from her hand antra gets into thinking.Aj goes to guddan he ask her what she did it guddu says she has to do this as antra was doubting on her Aj says there are more ways its the original divorce papers guddu says she did what she felt right and antra is way tok clever didnt u saw how she was checking the papers she might have caught us and most importantly when there is no hope for our relation then what is the need of papers she leaves Aj takes the divorce papers and checking it dadi comes and patts his shoulder says whatever is happening between him and guddu will be alright Aj says it will alright when there would have anything bad dadinsays means Aj says it means maa this is not guddan’s original sign she uses this sign on her acting audition she still loves me she cant go away with me bt she cant accept me back afterall i have hurted her bt there is only one goal in my life to bring her happiness and smile back which she lost due to me i am ready to do all crazy and stupid things for this i will not accept defeat. Dadi says love is like this only.

Guddu says i dont know the future of our relation bt i cant give u divorce i dont know our relation will win or not but one thing is sure that antra’s downfall q ki guddan ke parivar ke sath boora krne walon ko guddan maaf nhi balki barbad krdeti hai.

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