Unfortunate love update Friday 23 December 2022

Unfortunate love 23 December 2022: The Episode starts with Rishi telling Ayush that he knows Malishka and she can’t do such a thing. He tells that Malishka will not take risk as if Police catches her then she will be in jail all life. Ayush says you knows her better, but she might be thinking if Lakshmi moves away from her way then she can marry you. Rishi tells that if such thing happens, then I will not look at her again, marriage is far away. He says we shall search Malishka and Balwinder, if we fine one then can tell about the other person. Ayush asks where we will search? Rishi says Disco. Lakshmi says she got call from disco. Ayush thinks if Balwinder is not culprit then Malishka is. Kiran asks Malishka to stop her plan as it will backfire on her. Malishka says no, and tells that Lakshmi will go to jail tomorrow.

She says either Malishka or Lakshmi can go to jail, and I will not go to jail. She ends the call. Kiran thinks if Police comes to know then Malishka will go to jail. Balwinder asks Malishka not to take his name, if she gets caught. He asks her to have vada pav. Malishka refuses and asks him to eat it. Shalu gets Ayush’s call. She asks what will happen tomorrow. He says love rain, will you get drenched. She says you started again. Ayush says everything will be fine, Malishka will be found and Lakshmi will be freed of charges, and then we will have aloo. Shalu says I hope so. Ayush says everything will be fine as Bhabhi is with Bhai and he will make everything fine. Shalu thanks Ayush.

Ayush asks if you have something to talk to him, and asks her to think it is night, they are talking on phone and what she wants to say. Shalu says good night and ends the call. Ayush thinks tomorrow is important day. Lakshmi asks Rishi if he is thinking about Malishka. She says she is proud of him being a woman, that he cares for her respect so much. He says you are strange type, Malishka and I was about to get married, and she would have taken your place even now, but then also you are thinking about her respect. Lakshmi says there is nothing important than a girl’s respect and asks him to sleep, says she is sure that he will bring Malishka.

Rishi and Ayush come to the disco. Rishi asks Manager to show the CCTV footage. The Manager says you can’t get the footage as we switch on the CCTV cameras only in nights. Ayush and Rishi leave from there. Malishka thinks Rishi might be searching her, so that the accusation gets moved away from Lakshmi. Balwinder sees Rishi and Lakshmi. He wears burqa, sits in the auto and goes. Lakshmi looks at him and doubts. Rishi tells Lakshmi that they couldn’t get any proofs. Ayush asks the mechanic about any car coming for repair. The mechanic says no. Ayush thinks until when I will search car.

Kiran and Abhay worry for Malishka. Abhay says we shall support Malishka and says we have to poisoned Neelam’s mind against Lakshmi. Kiran says it doesn’t matter. Abhay says Neelam and Karishma will believe. Kiran says Rishi shall believe Lakshmi. She asks Abhay to make Malishka understand. Abhay says I know her well, let her do what she is doing.Malishka says tic toc, time is running away Lakshmi, time will end and you can’t save yourself. She says if you had got the proof then Mom would have informed me.Constable tells Inspector that they shall arrest Lakshmi, why to give her time.

Inspector says Ayush gave the statement and we asked in the hospital also. He asks if you want to say that ayush is with her. Constable says we shall take Lakshmi in remand, and she will spit everything and the case will be solved. Malishka thinks she is staying here and shall benefit. She says she can go to Police and complain to Police. She says save yourself. Lakshmi tells Rishi what they will do now, they have checked in the garage, if Police takes her. Rishi holds her hand.

Karishma comes to Neelam and tells that Kiran told that Malishka is not found. Neelam says Police will make Lakshmi confessed. Karishma says Kiran is in trauma and was crying. She says Rishi had gone to meet her. Neelam says he will take lakshmi’s side, but her real face will come infront of him. Karishma says I hope Lakshmi haven’t harmed her, says Malishka shall be back soon and this inauspicious girl shall be out. Ayush thinks he couldn’t find any proof to save Bhabhi. Lakshmi recalls seeing the car. Just then she sees the car and asks Rishi to stop. She tells Rishi that this is the car. He asks if she is sure? Lakshmi says yes. Rishi says we can catch the driver.

Lakshmi says we shall follow and reach them. She says may be we can reach Malishka, then we will call Police. Rishi says we will hide and then will follow. Lakshmi is about to hide in the car decky. Rishi asks why you are hiding there. Lakshmi says I will reach there, if you follow the car. She says atleast I will reach there. He says no. Lakshmi says atleast you can fight. Rishi asks her to keep the tracker on in her phone. Rishi calls her superwoman and asks her to take care.

Rishi seeing a burqa clad guy coming out and sitting in the kidnapper’s car. He follows the car. Shalu calls Ayush and asks if any proof is found. Ayush says no, and tells that he is feeling helpless, and failed her. He says he couldn’t do anything for her. Shalu tells that nothing will happen to Di, Jiju is with her and will make everything fine. Ayush hopes the same. Balwinder thinks Malishka might be waiting for him. He sees Rishi following his car. Malishka thinks Balwinder should have come by now, if he is caught. Balwinder fools Rishi and comes to the godown. Lakshmi thinks he shall take her to malishka, thinks Rishi is coming so there is no tension. Balwinder gets down and goes inside. Lakshmi gets down from the decky.

Rishi thinks the lady fooled him and went, and thinks how will I search Lakshmi now. Lakshmi thinks if Rishi went to the wrong way, thinks she shall go inside and check if Malishka is there. Rishi searches for Lakshmi’s location and just then his phone is off. Malishka asks Balwinder who is she? Balwinder says he is wearing burqa due to Rishi. He gives burqa to Malishka. Malishka asks if Rishi followed him and asks if Lakshmi was with him. Lakshmi comes inside and thinks if I came to wrong place. Malishka says Lakshmi, his tail. Balwinder says no and asks her not to take tension. Ayush tells that Police will come and will take Bhabhi from here. He thinks what to do so that she don’t get arrested.

He says he brought the things as told by her. Malishka says I have to stay away from Rishi tonight, and then we will unite. Balwinder prays to God to fulfill her wish. Malishka says you will be rewarded. He says he will not leave his money.Rishi thinks Lakshmi is in danger, she might be thinking that I am coming there. Malishka tells balwinder that her plan shall not fail, and Rishi shall not come here. Balwinder says Rishi will not come here. She asks him to be careful and alert. Balwinder goes. Lakshmi comes inside. They don’t see each other. Ayush calls Rishi and finds his phone switched off.

Dadi comes to Ayush and says you are here, I thought you have gone to help your Bhabhi. Ayush says what to do? Dadi asks him to call Rishi or Lakshmi, as they are together. Lakshmi’s phone rings. Malishka gets alert hearing the call. Lakshmi picks the call and says she is fine. Malishka sees Lakshmi and thinks if Rishi is with her. She thinks Balwinder had fooled Rishi, and Lakshmi is here to fulfill my dream. She wears the burqa and covers her face with face mask/ hijab. She says today is the last day for you, I will go to Police and tell them that you had kidnapped me, and while you got hurt and died. She attacks Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks where is Malishka? Rishi thinks nothing shall happen to Lakshmi, how to save her.

He thinks to take turn to the place. Lakshmi throws thing on Malishka as she wants holding the weapon in her hand.Rishi stops his car and starts walking. He sees Balwinder and comes there. Balwinder is about to run, when Rishi catches and beat him. Balwinder fights with him and threatens to kill him. Malishka gets the weapon and thinks she shall end Lakshmi’s game. Lakshmi tells Malishka that she can’t harm her and asks her to tell where is Malishka? She asks who were they, who had kidnapped me. Malishka thinks if I say then you will identify my voice. Lakshmi asks who are you? Malishka attacks her.

Lakshmi holds the weapon and gets it. She says if you don’t say then I will stab it in your stomach. She tries to see her face and pull her hijab, when Malishka pushes her and runs. Rishi beats up Balwinder and asks where is Lakshmi and Malishka? He asks who was that burqa clad woman, your partner. Balwinder gets injured, faints and falls down. Risi comes inside and is infront of Malishka. Malishka thinks where is Balwinder? She thinks she is trapped badly. Rishi says your one partner is caught, and asks her to remove her mask and show her face. Lakshmi hears Rishi’s voice.

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