Unfortunate love update Monday 7 August 2023

Unfortunate love 7 August 2023: The Episode starts with Karishma greeting the guests and asks them to sit for the karwachauth fast. A guest lady greets Karishma and tells that she has brought her daughter Vini to learn the customs of the fast. She praises her daughter and says she will look as the part of the house. Rano comes there with Shalu and Bani. Karishma gets upset seeing them. Shalu says Chachi wanted to break her fast with Lakshmi. Rano likes the decorations. Karishma thanks her and asks if your Lakshmi can keep the karwachauth fast. Rano says fast is a small thing, Lakshmi can do anything for Rishi. Karishma goes. Rano collides with Simmy and introduces herself. Simmy tells that she has brought her daughter here so that she can meet Ayush, and says the alliance will be fixed. Rano thinks if Lakshmi goes from here, then how I will come here. She thinks neha didn’t come here, and Shalu is very clever. Bani comes to Lakshmi’s room and finds her sleeping while sitting. She goes out. Ayush comes there and says Yo Bani Yo Bani. He asks how is she? bani says she is fine. Ayush asks her to stay away from Shalu and asks where is she? bani asks why are you asking about her. She says Shalu went to Dadi’s room for some work.

Ayush goes. Shalu massages Dadi’s hands. Dadi says she is massaging like Lakshmi. Shalu says she is different from Lakshmi and couldn’t bear anything wrong and says it. Dadi says she doesn’t react and stays silent, but very soon her life will be filled with happiness. Shalu asks her to bless her too. Dadi says she has blessed her too.

Ayush comes there and thanks Shalu. He asks her to massage his hands. Shalu asks what did you do that you need massage. Ayush says he has done a lot of work. Shalu refuses. Dadi asks her to massage him. Ayush says he is cute child. He says he got so many girls. Dadi says that’s why he couldn’t get any. Shalu says didn’t get. Ayush says he don’t like typical girl. Dadi says Shalu is not typical. Ayush says he didn’t get her till now. He asks her to massage his hands. Shalu massages his hands with force and asks if he is relieved or feeling paining. Mukesh comes and tells that Pujari ji came. Dadi says Pujari ji will tell the katha and goes. Ayush says he doesn’t want massage and tries to go, when Shalu falls on him. They fall on the bed together. Song plays…..Rano looks at them and thinks their jodi can be set. Shalu asks Ayush why did you make me fall down and calls him lafandar. Ayush says if you say it again then I would have said something if you was not a girl. Rano thinks they can be enemies. Ayush keeps his hand on his chest and thinks this is absolutely wrong.

Sonia asks Malishka why did she bring the plate. Malishka says we have to show this plate and make everyone believe that Lakshmi has broken the fast. A fb is shown, Malishka tells Sonia that this is paneer essence, which we will apply on Lakshmi’s lips, and then we want paneer and some rotis, to keep it in her room so that everyone feels that she has eaten it. Sonia checks and says paneer smell is coming. Malishka says everyone will rammed Lakshmi under their feet. Fb ends. Malishka asks do you remember now? Sonia says yes. They go inside Lakshmi’s room. Malishka says I will apply it fast to her face. She applies the essence on her lips. Lakshmi takes Rishi’s name. Malishka says I will apply more as she is seeing Rishi’s dreams. She applies more. Shalu thinks to go to Lakshmi and comes there. Malishka and Sonia are hiding behind the bed. Shalu thinks Lakshmi is sleeping so she shall come later. Dadi asks her to wake her up as pujaran have come and everyone is waiting for the katha. Lakshmi wakes up. Dadi asks Lakshmi if she is fine. Lakshmi says don’t know how she slept. Shalu says she is getting food smell. They find the plate on the table. Shalu says may be jiju ate it. They leave.

Sonia and Malishka get happy. Malishka gets happy and says now dhamaka will happen, when everyone will know that great Lakshmi had the food already. Lakshmi goes downstairs. Pujaran asks who is your bahu? Neelam signs at Lakshmi. The pujaran blesses Lakshmi and asks her to take her sasumaa’s blessings. Malishka thinks today you called her bahu, now you will badmouth about her, smell her you will get paneer smell. Neelam gets paneer smell, and ignores the smell. She asks Lakshmi to take other’s blessings. Lakshmi takes everyone’s blessings. Everyone sit down to hear the katha. Malishka tells Sonia that they have to light the fire with gun powder and we have it, that paneer plate is still in Lakshmi’s room and we have to use it.

Sonia says yes. She comes to Neelam and asks her to come with her. Neelam says we are sitting for puja. Sonia says it is a matter of life and death. Neelam asks whose? Sonia says of Rishi Bhai. Neelam gets up and goes. Malishka comes to Neelam and Sonia. Sonia says we had bet that Lakshmi will keep the fast or not. Malishka says Lakshmi will keep the fast as she acts. Neelam says Lakshmi has kept the fast already. Sonia says she has not kept the fast. Neelam says she can’t believe. Malishka says if Sonia is right.

Malishka asking Sonia, how you are so sure? Sonia says I saw Lakshmi taking the food plate and having the food. Malishka asks Sonia to tell if she is sure and asks for the proofs. Sonia says her plate must be in her room. Malishka says we shall go there. Neelam says if you are not saying truth then it won’t be good. Sonia says if I am saying truth then? Neelam says then nobody will be bad than me for Lakshmi. Shalu thinks that plate was left there, may be ants will come. She goes. Pujaran asks Neelam where is she going? Neelam says I will be back. Lakshmi thinks what happened to Dadi. She signs Bani to give her water. Shalu comes to the room and picks the plate. Neelam, Malishka and Sonia come there. Vinny looks at Ayush. Simmy says Ayush is so handsome and shall like my Vinny. Rano says we didn’t come here to make straight jalebi. Ayush asks Rishi where is he going? Rishi says he has important meeting in office. Ayush thinks he is joking. Rishi says he will wrap up the meeting soon and will come home, as Lakshmi is fasting. He goes.

Neelam asks Shalu what is she doing? Shalu says she was going to through the food in the plate else ants will come. Neelam asks Shalu to go. Sonia asks why did you let her go. Neelam asks what we will get by confronting her. Sonia says now you got the proof that Lakshmi had food and Shalu was hiding the plate. Malishka says thank god we saw, else she would have taken the plate. Neelam goes. Sonia and Malishka smiles.

Ayush comes out and asks Rishi where is he going? Rishi says he is really going to office. He goes in his car. Rano comes out and tells Ayush that she wants to give him 11 Rs. shagun to fix him. Ayush asks what are you saying and drops the money. Rano says we like you. Ayush says I have no interest in Shalu. Rano says it is good news and says Neha is good. Ayush says I don’t have any interest in neha also. Rano says you shall take interest in Neha else how we will come here. Simmy and Vinny come out. Rano asks Ayush to stay far from them. Simmy tries to introduce his daughter. Ayush says he already have a girlfriend and goes.

Neelam comes downstairs with Sonia and Malishka. Neelam stops the katha and asks Lakshmi why did she do this, why did she lie? She says you lied on sacred day of Karwachauth and feigned to keep the fast. Lakshmi gets up and says what are you saying? Neelam says you are acting to keep this fast, but actually you have broken this fast and have eaten the food. Lakshmi says no, I didn’t have the food. Kiran says you sat in the puja and didn’t think about Rishi once. She says this fast is for husband’s long life and you broke it, and this can backfire, you call him as your husband and at the other side you want to kill him. Lakshmi says I didn’t eat anything. She says I didn’t break my fast. Neelam asks didn’t you eat anything, then whose plate was it, in your room. Lakshmi says may be of Rishi. Kiran says you are lying to save yourself as you have broken the fast. Dadi says why Lakshmi will lie, she had kept fast last year too. Neelam says so much changed in this 1 year, relations, circumstances and people have changed, it is not necessary that same thing happens this year too. She says Lakshmi didn’t keep the fast and has broken it. Malishka says I am saying from day 1 that Lakshmi is fake and acts to be great, this s her drama, she is having food on karwachauth day.

Rishi is in his car and checks for his phone. He thinks his phone was with Ayush. Sonia says she didn’t see such betrayal girl, calls everyone as family and does this behind the back. Shalu comes there and asks everyone to hear what Di is saying, and says may be that plate is of jiju. She tells Sonia that Di can give life for him. She asks Lakshmi to call Rishi. Lakshmi calls Rishi. Ayush sees Rishi’s phone in his pocket and finds Lakshmi’s call coming. He picks the call and says he is coming. Lakshmi tells everyone that Ayush is having Rishi’s phone. Neelam says you have done a big abshagun, God shall protect. Ayush comes there and asks what happened? Shalu says everyone feels that Lakshmi has broken the fast. Ayush says she is Lakshmi bhabhi, who jumped in the fire for Rishi bhai and swallowed the poison too. Malishka says this is the truth, and asks him to believe that Lakshmi came to ruin them, and that’s true. Ayush asks Malishka to shut up. Lakshmi faints and falls down. Shalu asks her to open her eyes. Sonia says Lakshmi is acting as her truth came out infront of everyone. Dadi slaps Sonia and asks her to remember that she has to become bahu of someone, and says Lakshmi has fainted and you all are blaming her, if you couldn’t think of relation then atleast think about humanity.

Rishi comes back and sees Lakshmi unconscious. He asks what happened? Ayush says she fainted due to dehydration. Neelam says she is acting. Rishi says she is unconscious and you are saying that this is her drama. Ayush says this is nothing as everyone has accused Lakshmi of having food and breaking the fast. Shalu says they accused her of having the food from your plate. Rishi asks who is speaking nonsense? Sonia says she had it as smell is coming from her mouth. Rishi says that plate was mine and not of lakshmi. He says she is not acting and has fainted, as she has kept fast for me. He asks how can you talk like this and asks if you can’t see what she has done for me, she took bullet on herself for me, and jumped in the fire for me and didn’t let me die. He asks where is your humanity, where did it go and asks what is their enmity with her. He says Lakshmi has fainted due to me, and says if she broke the fast, then also its ok, she is my protective shield and will not let anything happen to me, she saves me daily. He lifts Lakshmi and takes her to room. He calls her and sprinkle water on her face.

Ayush comes there and says he has called the doctor. Lakshmi gains consciousness and opens her eyes. Ayush says bhabhi doesn’t need doctor now and smiles. Ayush says this bone will go from the meat, and says I will go and tell everyone that Bhabhi is fine. Lakshmi smiles. Rishi asks if you are fine, you was smiling as if you didn’t faint. Lakshmi says I had fainted, everyone’s puja was left incomplete. Rishi says typical Lakshmi, thinking about everyone and says puja will resume again and asks how did she fall down? Lakshmi recalls Neelam blaming her. Rishi says I know that you didn’t have food, and that the plate was mine. He asks why did she keep the fast. Lakshmi says she likes to care for him and feels happiness. Rishi says I don’t like, as you stopped thinking about yourself while caring for me. He says I care for you. Lakshmi says I am fine. Rishi says you don’t need to keep the fast and says this is the live which I am living is given by you, you have increased my age. Lakshmi looks on.

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