Unfortunate love update Sunday 6 August 2023

Unfortunate love 6 August 2023: The Episode starts with Ayush asking Shalu how to keep fast? Shalu asks whom you want to keep fast. Rishi says I will set the alarm for 3:30 am so that you wake up and have sargi else you have to be hungry. Lakshmi says you have much knowledge. Rishi says Dadi taught him everything. Ayush tells Shalu that he was checking her knowledge and says if you change your mood and want to keep fast then. Shalu calls him jhalla and ends the call. Ayush thinks this much nonstop talk is enough to get sleep. Bani asks Shalu if she is keeping fast. Shalu hits her with pillow. Rishi says he will set the alarm. Lakshmi says you will lose your sleep. Rishi says I can’t take risk, if you don’t wake up and don’t have sargi then will be hungry all day. She asks why are you worrying about me. Rishi says if you have sargi then you will fight with me less. She says you give me wrong answers or don’t reply. Rishi says you fight with me and make her watch the video in which Lakshmi is saying that he is more wise than her. Lakshmi smiles. Rishi asks her to sleep on the bed and he will sleep on the couch. She asks him not to set the alarm. Rishi goes to couch to sleep, and thinks if Lakshmi doesn’t wake up then she can’t have sargi and dadi and Maa will get upset, and she will be hungry all day. Lakshmi thinks rishi cares for her so much and thanks God for bringing him in her life.

Rishi asks her to sleep. She sleeps. Later Rishi is still awake and checks the time. He thinks today is an important day and comes to Lakshmi to wake her up. He sits on the bed and looks at her. Lakshmi holds his hand as she turns in sleep. Song plays tu thodi der…..Lakshmi wakes up and looks at him. Song plays…..She gets up. Rishi says sorry, I was sitting on the bed. Lakshmi asks when did you wake up? Rishi says he didn’t sleep as if she didn’t have sargi then Mom would have scolded her. Lakshmi goes to get ready. Neelam tells Virender that Lakshmi didn’t come to have sargi. Dadi says Lakshmi is also worried for her husband. Rishi comes there and says good morning. Neelam says you woke up early and says Lakshmi should have kept the alarm. Rishi says she didn’t set the alarm, as she felt that my sleep will be disturbed with the alarm and I was tensed if she will wake up or not, and that’s why I didn’t sleep all night and woke her up. Lakshmi comes there. Neelam gives her sargi and blesses her. Karishma comes there and sits to have sargi. Virender takes the sargi plate. Dadi asks Rishi to have sargi too. Rishi makes Lakshmi have sargi.

Rano tells her friend that she is keeping fast for her husband, and will break her fast by seeing her husband pic. Her friend asks if she will come to her place to break her fast. Rano says she is going to Oberoi house to break the house and tells that they will have a variety of food items. Her friend goes. Rano tries the necklace and asks Shalu. Shalu says it is good, and tells bani that Rano wants to go there to have food after fasting, thinks it is big day for Lakshmi.

Malishka and Kiran come to Oberoi house and greet Neelam. Kiran asks Neelam if Lakshmi will keep fast. Neelam says she hopes so, as she had eaten sargi. Dadi asks Lakshmi if the arrangement is done. Lakshmi says yes. Dadi asks Lakshmi and Neelam to rest for sometime. Lakshmi says I am fine and asks Dadi and Neelam to rest for sometime. Neelam tells that she s habitual to keep fast and tells that the place which her husband have in her heart gives her strength to complete the fast. She asks Lakshmi to keep the fast with her heart else don’t keep it. Lakshmi says I have kept fast with my heart and will not let it break. Malishka gets angry. Rishi asks Lakshmi where is she going? Lakshmi says she is going to kitchen. Rishi asks lakshmi to come to room and take rest. He says he will watch her taking rest. Lakshmi says you want me to rest for you. Rishi says if you get tired then I will get sad, then I have to keep fast for you. He says then you will have sympathy on me. Lakshmi says I can’t have anything as I am fasting. Rishi asks her to give him jug. Lakshmi says you used to say don’t smile. He says don’t smile and asks her to give jug. She says even you are fasting. Rishi says I do gym. He asks her to go else he will lift her. Lakshmi says she will not go. He says he will lift her. She says no and falls. He holds her and asks if she does this for his attention. She says yes. Malishka and Ayush hear them. Ayush enjoys hearing them and smiles, while Malishka gets angry. Ayush thinks to do something to teach her a lesson and calls Shalu. He calls Shalu and asks how is she? Shalu asks are you fine, we have talked in the night. Ayush says I called to inform you that Rishi and Lakshmi love each other madly.

Ayush telling Shalu that Rishi and Lakshmi love each other so much. Shalu says I know. Ayush says he had read somewhere that if two people smile looking at each other then it means that they love each other so much. Malishka thinks Rishi can never love Lakshmi. Ayush says they love each other so much, Lakshmi has kept fast for Rishi, and she can give her life for him. He says even Rishi Bhai can give his life for her. Shalu says I know. Malishka collides with Ayush intentionally and asks him to keep good things in mind, else he would have got hurt. She goes. Ayush says Malishka is jealous and thinks nothing will happen with Rishi and you. Shalu is still on call. Ayush tells that he made Malishka jealous and showed her the place which she deserves. Shalu asks what did you do and tells that Malishka will do something with Lakshmi and will vent out her anger on her. Ayush says I didn’t think and asks her to come there.

Malishka comes to Rishi’s room and thinks Lakshmi is smiling thinking about Rishi. She gets angry and then starts laughing. She says sorry and says do you know why am I laughing? She says I am laughing thinking about your dream that you will stay with Rishi and your dream will come true. She says I know that your dream will shatter and break down, what do you think that Rishi will stay with you, he will stay with me as he loves me always. She says you are his wife for now, but you are getting divorced and then I will marry Rishi and you will see it. Lakshmi is about to go. Malishka asks will you not answer today. Lakshmi asks what shall I say, you know everything already, I am not dreaming but you are dreaming that you will become his life partner, but he got his destination and you are nowhere. Malishka says I have accepted all your challenge and even today. Lakshmi says why do you think that I will challenge you, says why will I challenge as Rishi is not yours. Malishka says Lakshmi. Lakshmi says not today and says even Devil doesn’t succeed infront of a married woman, and you are a human. Malishka says how dare you speak to me like that, you blo*dy illiterate. She picks Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage photo frame and is about to break it, but lakshmi takes photo frame from her hand and says it is clear from the behavior, who is illiterate/gawaar. She says you can’t separate Rishi from me, not even from the pic and asks her to leave. Malishka goes.

Lakshmi says today is husband and wife’s day, nobody can ruin it. Kiran asks Malishka to ruin Lakshmi’s day and end their love. Malishka says Rishi just love me, how many times shall I tell you. Kiran says ok, but if they have even a bit of love then end it. She says prove that Lakshmi is a bad woman and nobody can be bad than her. She says if she breaks the fast, then her image will be bad. Malishka asks why she will break the fast. Kiran says you will make her break her fast and prove that Lakshmi is Rishi’s life enemy and not his savior.

Shalu recalls Ayush’s words and thinks Malishka can do anything and thinks to go there. She calls Lakshmi and thinks she shall not tell her about Malishka. She asks her to take care and celebrate without any worries and make sure that the fast doesn’t break. Lakshmi says you are saying this due to Malishka. Lakshmi says why will I eat anything, says I have seen Maa keeping fast since our childhood. She says I used to ask Maa how she keeps fast, and she used to say that God gives strength to keep fast for her husband. She says now she is married and missing her parents. Shalu says we are together and they are with us, and tells that she is coming there with Chachi. Lakshmi says ok. Rishi hears Lakshmi and says you can share these talks with me. He asks her to tell him about her Bau ji, says you love him and must be missing him. He asks her to tell about her Bau ji. Lakshmi says my father was a good father and was a jagat bau ji. She says he couldn’t see anyone in trouble, though he had to face a big trouble. She says he used to help everyone and loves all three of us so much, used to tell everyone that he is very lucky as he has three daughters, we were his life. She reminisces the moments spent with him and gets teary eyes. She says he used to call me yaar and used to tell that I am really Lakshmi and the house where I will be married will be very lucky. She says he used to bless me so much, that I got you, you are the fruit of his blessing, says he used to say that my life partner will be my saarthi and saathi, I got you who takes care of me so much, says you are his blessings. She says he was very good, I wanted to make him meet my family and you, who are so good. She hugs him and cries. Sonia is going from there and stays there to hear.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that he is here and didn’t go anywhere. Malishka thinks it is good that Mom gave her this bottle. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he strongly believes that her Bau ji will always stay with her and says you are very lucky to get my Bau ji, he loves you equally like loving me. Lakshmi says she is here due to Bau ji, he gave me you, which nobody could give her. She says I lost my one Bau ji and my other Bau ji fulfilled his dream and set my home. She says if my Bau ji would be alive then he would have seen my family. Sonia tells Malishka that she wants to throw her out, as she don’t want anyone to throw her. Malishka asks why this will happen. Sonia says Rishi and Lakshmi was in each other’s embrace when you are in the house. She says Lakshmi is doing what you shall do, and asks did you keep fast? Malishka says no. Sonia asks if Bhai refused? Malishka says yes. Sonia says Lakshmi takes advantage of his simplicity.

Malishka says rishi asked her not to keep fast as Lakshmi is his wife now. Sonia says how can you be so innocent. She says Rishi Bhai used to come back to you in 5 mins if you get angry. Malishka says I will not let Lakshmi become great and that’s why she has thought something. She closes the door and shows the bottle, says it is medicine for my pain, but Lakshmi will drink it.

Rishi says I want to meet him once and wants to salute him, and wanted to appreciate him for giving birth to daughter like you and says there is no match for you. He asks her not to cry and says she looks bad when she cries. He says he likes to stay far from her when she cries. Lakshmi says today is my Karwachauth. Rishi says my Sherni is back and asks if I shall go now. He asks if this Mumbai Sher will work for you. She says I have kept karwachauth fast. Rishi makes a roaring sound and goes. Lakshmi laughs.


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