Anupama starlife update Saturday 27 May 2023

Anupama 27 May 2023: Goon boy threatens Dimple that she escaped at a police station, who will save her here. Anupama asks him that police was there at a police station, who will save him here. Goon asks if she is not afraid of death. Anupama says she is but living in fear is more fearful. Shahs gets worried for Anupama and Dimple, Samar tries to contact Anupama via mobile.

Anupama 26 May 2023

Anuj rushes towards Anuapama and Dimple in his car, gets stuck in a traffic, and starts running. Barkha and Ankush also fear for them and hope any uneventful event doesn’t happen. Goon boy threatens Anupama to take back the case or else he will kill them both. He drives away with his friends. Dimple gets a panic attack.

Anupama calls mob and requests them to help her take Dimple to her father’s house.Anuj continues to run when goons notice him, laugh, and threaten to kill him. Anuj warns him that he can finish him right now, but he will not take law in his hands, but will make sure they are punished.

Goons laugh more and drive away.Vanraj gets Ankush’s call and heads out of house in search of Anupama and Dimple when Anupama reaches with panic stricken Dimple. Samar and others help her in. Leela notices Samar holding Dimple’s hand. Neighbors comment that Anupama shouldn’t have supported Dimple so much.

Anuj reaches Shah house and comforts Anupama. Doctor comes and checks Dimple. Pakhi emotionally blackmails Leela saying Dimple is welcome in both Shah and Kapadia house, but their own daughter is kicked out of the houses. She thinks Anupama’s act will turn her children in her enemies.

Ankush informs Barkha that Anupama and Dimple reached Shah house. Barkha hopes Dimple is safe. Little Anu cheers them up with her cute talks. Anuj informs Shahs that goon boys met him on the way and tried to threaten even her.

Anupama worries for Pakhi and asks Samar to go and check on her. Vanraj goes to check. Anupama worries for each family member’s lives. Leela asks if she was worried for her family, why did she take an extreme step then. Vanraj visits Pakhi and comforts her.Pakhi uses emotional blackmail and fear for her life when is alone at home with Adhik and asks what if goon attack her to take revenge on Anupama.

Vanraj takes Pakhi home. Anupama hugs and shows her concern for her. Pakhi emotionally blackmails her next asking her not worry about her own daughter and worry for other’s daughter and let her daughter get attacked. Anupama hugs her tightly again showing her concern. Pakhi part ways.

Anuj gets inspector’s call who informs that they are checking surrounding area’s CCTV footage. Leela yells goons will get bail again and trouble them again, Anupama brought unnecessary trouble on them. Hasmukh says problems can come in any form.

Vanraj tells Anupama that her decision has put whole family in trouble and his family may be attacked by any means and requests her to end this matter right there and if she wants to continue with her adamancy, she should print a news in newspaper that Shah family is not related to Anupama and Dimple and until the case ends Anuj and Anupama’s family will not visit Shah house.

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