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Radha Mohan 2 July 2023: Mohan is worried about Radha, she taking the name of Bihari jee drives over the barricade however is not able to control the bus after it manages to cross it, Mohan is by the side of the bus.Kadambari asks Dulari to take care of the house after she leaves, Kaveri comes running to her and explains that Damini is going to go and open the protection shield, Kadambari wonders why did she not think of it herself, Kaveri says she must not forget the reason they did not open it last time, Kadambari recalls how Damini warned that if Tulsi is able to break free she might take Gungun with her.

Radha Mohan 1 July 2023

Tulsi is worried wondering why is Damini thinking of opening the protection shield herself, Damini explains Tulsi would be thinking why is she doing it when she accepts she doesnot like Gungun and Radha but is madly in love with Mohan so would never let anything happen to him, she also wants Gungun and Radha to be safe, Tulsi thinks that she would save everyone who is in the bus. Damini kneels to open it when she is worried wondering why her mother has not returned as if Tulsi is able to break free she might ruin her plan.

Kadambari stops Damini at the last moment who acts as if she is stunned but Kadambari asks her to take a step back questioning what is she doing since they know Tulsi is a spirit and she might in anger take her son and grand daughter with her, Tulsi in anger causes the vase to fall. Tulsi exclaims that Damini for the first time was doing the right thing so she should not have stopped her, Kadambari leaves with Damini while Tulsi also tries to follow but is stopped by the barricade.

Radha asks all the children if they are fine, Damini questions the inspector why the bus not stopped he replies it was just to slow the bus as then they would not be able to stop the bus, Damini is glad she was able to come after taking a shortcut as until the rest of them reach, everyone in the bus would be dead.Radha is stunned seeing the second barricade, Mohan is also worried thinking what are they doing as he instructed Damini to inform them that there should not be any barricade.

Radha however manages to break through the barricade, Mohan starts cheering for her however Damini is furious questioning why did it not stop, she says he must not inform her it was also to reduce the speed of the bus, and the final would be able to stop it, Damini thinks her mission would be successful since the bus will blow.Radha while driving the bus notices the barricade so she starts doubting herself exclaiming she cannot do it, Mohan mentions the police are making it even more difficult for Radha,

Ajeet asks what if she cannot do it, Mohan replies she would surely have to fulfill the task.Radha is increasing the speed of the bus but after a while Ketki gets scared asking Radha why is she increasing the speed of the bus when Radha replies that this is the only chance, Ajeet also asks Mohan who replies she is very smart because if the speed is increased then it would break through the barricade, however if any one of them comes under the bus it would ruin everything, Mohan prays to Bihari jee mentioning he needs to help him and Radha.

The inspector wonders why the speed of the bus is still increasing, Damini thinks she is eager to die.Radha informs Ketki this is the only way they would be able to save everyone, she suggests Ketki should asks the children to kneel down and hold onto something tight, Ketki instructs them while Radha once again hits the barricade, she manages to break through it but in the process has hurt her forehead which gets injured, Radha thinks she cannot lose hope as she needs to take care of all these children, Gungun is shocked seeing Radha is injured.

Ketki also gets worried, she praises Radha for saving them from the barricade, Ketki assures they all are with her and she must do it even if she is scared.Gungun informs however Radha got injured when she replies she is fine, Ajeet with a smile exclaims that Radha did not let anything happen to the children, Mohan is also glad but suggests they should go and inform the police otherwise it would be a problem for Radha.

Kadambari with the rest of the family reaches the site when Kadambari questions why they were not able to stop the bus, the inspector informs they made a big plan however it failed because of the girl who was driving it, Kadambari asks which girl are they talking about, Mohan reveals Radha is driving the bus.Kaveri whispers to Damini asking what did she do as now Radha is driving the bus and it might ruin her plan.Kadambari asks how can it happen and why is Radha driving the bus, Mohan reveals because the driver got a panic attack so Radha was forced to take the driving seat, Kadambari asks then why is she not stopping the bus,

Mohan reveals because there is a bomb in the bus and the terrorist connected it to the engine so if the speed goes below sixty it would cause the bomb to blast which is why he informed Damini.Shekar replies however she did not told them anything of the sort but instead suggested they should put the barricades, Mohan going to Damini questions why did she do it as she knows his daughter, sister and Ketki are in the bus. Damini tries to explain she did not make any mistake as there was a network issue since she tried calling him, she assures she would never put the life of children at risk.

The inspector also comes apologizing for interfering in their family matter, he reveals there was a network issue and they also tried to call him a lot of times.Radha is driving the bus wondering where is Mohan jee.Mohan asks the inspector what is about their rescue plan, he assures it would be ready within ten minutes. Ajeet brings the jeep requesting Mohan to come as they must go and help Radha, she would be getting tensed and Mohan has to make sure her hope stays high,as Radha and mohan are hit together, the inspector asks if the lady driving the bus is his wife as she is really strong, Damini angrily replies she is going to be his wife,

Mohan agrees explaining she can actually do anything, kaver exclaims she indeed trapped Mohan in her trap.Mohan informs Kadambari he needs to leave to protect the children, Damini suggests she would call him o inform about the plan, he advises her to not make any sort of mistake since it would not be good for her, Kaveri assures she would do it without any mistake.Mohan and Ajeet are diving the car when Mohan explains the two scooters that were behind them are now two kilometers ahead of them, Ajeet agrees mentioning their country has made huge advancements in the field of automotive industry, Mohan says he was suggesting Ajeet should drive fast.

The inspector is stunned seeing the reporters but Damini requests him to not be worried as he should inform her about the plan.Mohan reaching the side of the bus praises Radha for being so brave, she angrily asks where did he go when he apologizes for leaving her, Radha replies that she got really scared and if he behaves like it then she would leave him and not even talk with him, she says he always says he would be by her side but why did he not listen to her calls, and came so late.

Mohan assures he would not leave her again and will even accompany her to the loo, Radha gets really scared, she is furious when he informs it was a joke.Ajeet also assures Ketki that he would not leave her alone, she doesnot believe him saying he will marry someone who doesnot make her massage her feet, the conference calls connects so Mohan also gives Ketki a phone. The inspector reveals that the plan is that they would take the bus to the road which has been diverted so no one is at risk,

he s ays they have also called an experienced driver who would come and driver another truck beside them,they would prepare a bride to shift all of the students but there is a huge risk for the driver, Damini suddenly cuts the call. The inspector questions why she not let him tell Mohan that there is no plan to save the driver and it can be a risk to save Radha, Damini thinks because Radha must die today.Mohan asks the inspector wat is the plan, he reveals it has three steps. The first is that they would take the bus to a location which doesnot have any problem while the second one is that a professional driver would drive a truck side by side and they would shift the students to it,

but he is about to inform there is a problem because everyone can be saved except the driver, Damini suddenly ends the call which worries the inspector who asks the reason, she replies she cannot risk the life of all these children’s for Radha even when she loves her like a sister but even then cannot forget her daughter is also in the bus along the rest of the students, she cannot lose the trust of all those parents. Damini suggests he should focus on saving the children because if Radha and Mohan find out they might not be able to save her then it might cause them to lose hope, Damini thinks even Bihari jee cannot save Radha.

Tulsi standing in front of the Mandir, questions why does he always do such to her as even when she was alive he did not do right to her, because she only desired to protect her family however he did not let her alive even when this was all she wished, he also refused to let her live with husband and daughter, Tulsi wiping off the tears accepts all of his decision refusing to accept what he is doing today, she reveals she came here to protect her family but is not able to do it, the protection is not tied around the door but her arms and feet, Tulsi says he should have also made her so strong that she should not have felt any feeling even after what is going on,

she questions why did he make her like this and what was the reason she returned back to this life, if he wants her to protect her family then must make her strong.Mohan assures he would once again call Damini to find out about another plan, he calls her so she reveals the Inspector was saying they must focus on the first three parts and after that will think about anything else, she asks if Radha is also listening so informs her they would surely manage to save her after all the children as the expert driver is coming very soon.

Tulsi starts crying revealing it is very difficult for a mother to see her child in pain, she kneeling down requests Bihari jee to not kill a mother who has already died, she prays for strength so she is able to save her entire family, if she cannot do this then he must at least give Radha strength so she can save Ketki, Gungun and all the children, Tulsi prays they should never suffer the same fate which she had, and Bihari jee must give Radha strength.

Radha driving thinks even if she is not able to live, she would not let anyone sitting in the bus get even a single scratch as this is the vow which she is making, she explains that Bihari jee is her aid in this battle. Mohan asks Radha to look ahead, she once again goes through a barricade, Mohan gets angry questioning if the police are still trying to kill everyone as they have not removed the barricades.

The inspector informs that she is strong as it is not easy to put the lives of their own at risk, Damini replies that she has always been taught how they must worry for others, she would not be able to forgive herself but if she makes any decision that can save everyone so must make that decision.Dulari is cleaning the room when she hears the news that the bus of the school has been hijacked and everyone is at risk, they also inform now Radha is driving it and she is the same girl who saved the daughter of Mohan Trivedi.

Damini walks aside calling Parthap, she questions why has the bomb not blasted till now, he replies that this time it would surely blast but no one would be saved this time, she asks if he has already left the city and when he replies he is going to leave then she instructs him to leave as soon as possible, Kadambari from behind questions what is she talking about, and who is leaving in such a hurry, Damini is baffled thinking if she finds out the truth her entire plan would be ruined.

The reporters reveal that this is the second time in the past few months that the Trivedi family has gotten in trouble because of Gungun and is that girl a bad sign for their family, Kadambari hearing this gets furious questioning if they do not have any manners which is why they are calling a little girl as bad omen, Damini whispers to Kaveri that she must handle her, she therefor rushes to the side of Kadambari, cursing the reporters. Kaveri even starts beating them which angers the reporters, and they start blaming the Trivedi family.

Damini goes to the corner exclaiming she wants to save the life of others but now Bihari jee must help her, Kadambari is standing behind her, Damini is stunned as Kadambari walks over to her, she says she did not expect this from her, Damini doesnot understand it but Kadambari replies she knows about her plan.

Mohan informs Radha they have to take the bus which is not crowded, he notices she is really tensed so requests her to stop crying explaining he knows she is tensed but they have made a plan to save everyone, Radha replies she is worried if she cannot fulfill the plan as she has never driven the bus for so long and if because her mistake, someone is hurt then what would she do, Mohan assures no one would be hurt.

Mohan asks if she knows when Bihari jee caused the fight between a Bhagwan and the people, Radha stops him saying that Bihari jee never caused the fight so tried to inform the people about the correct situation, Mohan explains just as he protected everyone then Radha must also hold the steering so nothing would happen. Radha agrees replying she would die but not let anything happen to the children,

Mohan questions from where she has come since no one is going to die today.Tulsi looking at the news exclaims the life of her daughter is at risk and she cannot do anything so why has Bihari jee made her so helpless.Damini asks Kadambari what is she saying, Kadambari asks if Damini had really not heard when Mohan asked her to not put any barricade or she purposefully not told Shekar, Damini asks why is she thinking so wrong of her, Kadambari explains she knows the truth about Damini and once when Gungun is saved she would tell Mohan the entire truth,

Damini doesnot know so Kadambari explains she would tell Mohan that Damini threatened her and Radha loves him, he would decide what he has to do.Kadambari turns to leave when Damini thinks one of her enemy ends and another rises, she wonders how can she stop her so suddenly looks at the cliff, Damini thinks she has already done a lot of bad things and now today a lot of children would die, so why not kill another as Kadambari Devi is going to reveal the truth, Damini starts clapping which angers Kadambari who questions if she has gotten mad,

she going to stand in front of Damini explains her evil laugh is revealing the truth, Damini mentions she wanted to know what was her plan, she is going to show her. Damini starts walking towards Kadambari who slowly takes a step back and is scared.

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