Twist of Fate Written Update – Wednesday 6th February 2019


Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate – this is an episode cross over between This is fate and Twist of fate

Tanu and Aaliya are going out in the night. Pragya thinks where are they going? Simonika calls her goon and asks where is he? Goon says he is outside Khan’s house and will not let him go. Simonika says she will give him money once her work is over. Pragya follows Tanu and thinks where is she going. Tanu thinks Aaliya must have called the doctor to give electric shock to Munni. She sees Pragya and thinks she must had given her much lecture and thinks to hide. Pragya wonders where is she? Aaliya asks Doctor to give her shock and make her conscious. Doctor refuses. Aaliya shouts and asks her to give her electric shocks. Tanu comes there. Aaliya asks Doctor to keep giving her electric shocks until she comes to senses. Tanu tells her that Pragya was following her. Aaliya asks her to be
careful and scolds her.

Purab talks to the detective Karthik and tells about the attacks on abhi. Pragya hears him. Detective asks who is she? Purab says she is Pragya di, Abhi’s wife. Detective praises her and tells that they got the car in burnt state, and tells that they even found the snake charmer, but he was shot dead before he could tell anything. Pragya says someone is keeping eye on them. Detective says a black reflection is found near the house and says the attacker can be girl. He says the killer is smart, powerful and dangerous and it is her obsession to kill Abhi. Pragya says why anyone would want to kill him.

Disha and Abhi plan something and asks Robin to come indisguise and stabs Abhi with toy knife. Pragya hears them and thinks what they are planning. Disha tells Abhi that Pragya might tell the truth that she is pragya seeing his condition. Pragya thinks she can’t let her secret comes out else she can’t rescue him. She thinks how to hide the mole and hears Abhi coming. She pretends to make a call and tells that Abhishek is a fool and thought her as Pragya, don’t know where is real Pragya. Abhi hears her and says this girl is not Pragya, and is betraying me. Abhi asks why did you make fun of my emotions and have proved to the world that you are my Pragya. He says why did you do this with me and made fun of my love. He says I will always love my Pragya and can’t love her lookalike. He holds his hands and asks her to be away from him.

Preeta walks on the road and decides to help Karan anyway.

In the jail, Karan tells the fellow prisoners that his brother was joking, he is still in the South Africa one day tea. He is excited to play there.

Preeta thinks she can’t let Karan deprived of his happiness, her career and everything. She goes into the police station, comes to meet Karan but doesn’t say something. Karan asks if there is some storm outside; what has she done to herself. He removes a fallen tree from her hair and finds her upset. He says she has been way sadder for him; and boasts about being Karan Luthra. Preeta begins to cry. Karan tells Preeta to go home and assures Dadi and Maa that he will soon be out of jail. Rishab said they haven’t eaten anything.

He shares with Preeta that he miss cricket
a lot, he will work really hard and win those international matches. Preeta blames herself for all his trouble and goes to speak to the inspector. The inspector wasn’t ready to listen and says he won’t leave Karan on her request now. Preeta says she couldn’t speak the truth earlier as she was afraid. She was the one who deal with drugs in the Club, Karan wasn’t doing it. She needed money and had the drugs, so she went into the Club. The inspector says they found the pouch from Karan’s pocket. Preeta says she only found Karan thinking no one would be suspicious of him, so she stuffed the pack in his pocket. But she is now guilty. They must arrest her and leave Karan.

Shrishti gets a message from her friend to turn the television. They watch the news about Karan’s disqualification. Dadi thinks it was the wrong time to send Preeta there.

The inspector wasn’t ready to trust Preeta. Shrishti tries Preeta’s call but she doesn’t pick up. Shrishti calls Sameer and says Preeta was insulted by Kareena and she had to leave upset. He says Preeta left around an hour ago. Shrishti tells Sarla that Preeta had left an hour ago. Sarla was worried that Preeta must have returned. Shrishti goes looking for Preeta.

Preeta insists on the inspector to trust her, the inspector says Preeta had been trying hard on Karan’s case since day one. Preeta says she is confessing her crime out of guilt now, as Karan is innocent. The inspector says her confession only depicts love for Karan; and not her guilt. Preeta says there is a marriage hall named after her mother; government has sealed it for non-payment of implemented tax. She did this all because of money for paying the tax. The inspector asks if she is confessing a crime which she never committed. She should leave the police station, else he will have to send her to jail. Preeta shouts that he must arrest her when she is confessing it. She says he won’t accept her confession because he got a celebrity in jail and will get a promotion because of this case. He has been playing with the case. She can call the media here but he only wants his publicity and promotion. People had gathered in the police station. The inspector sends Preeta to the locker and orders the release of Karan Luthra. The jailer comes to take Karan outside as the real culprit has been caught. Karan comes out and was shocked to see Preeta sign the confession letter. Karan jerks Preeta hard and asks why she did this all. Shrishti also reach there and create some huge drama there. They were pushed out of the police station, while Preeta locked into the jail.

From Kumkum Bhagya, everyone enjoyed the breakfast. Abhi was angry. Simonika smirks that Mitali must save her children from going near the stage, else they will also be killed. Pragya comes to the table. Abhi blocks the seat and says she can’t sit here, she isn’t Pragya but Munni and can’t sit here. This table is only for the family. She isn’t as simple and innocent as she appears to be, but is a cunning enemy. She is an enemy in disguise; she will no more be a part of their lives, their matters and not even the concert. He leaves the table. Everyone goes behind him. Pragya tells Purab and Disha to take care of Abhi and leaves.

Sarla was worried at home. Shrishti comes home, throws her bag and heads towards the room. Sarla questions her about Preeta. Shrishti says Sarla is responsible for Preeta’s arrest in jail. Sarla cries saying she loves them both, and wanted better for them. They had committed a mistake. Shrishti cries that Preeta respects Sarla a lot and went only because of her. Sarla blamed Preeta and mistrusted her. It was their mistake to have come to live in this house.

At Luthra house, everyone was upset. Kareena asks Sherlin and Kratika to go and prepare something for breakfast. Sherlin thinks she can’t even make a sandwich. Rakhi was crying badly and going outside towards the jail. Karan returns home, everyone hugs him emotionally. Rishab smiles from a distance only and hugs Karan tightly. Kareena asks Karan how he was released. Rakhi says it doesn’t matter. Karan tells Kareena that police got the real culprit, and Kareena is well aware who it is. He says it’s the same Preeta. Everyone was shocked to hear. Sherlin thinks about going to the kitchen and call Punnu. Kareena says she already blamed Preeta and knew she was the real culprit from the beginning. Karan eyes Kareena as she speaks bitter about Preeta and interrupts that Preeta returned the peace of this house. She came to police station by herself and forced the police to arrest her, only to save him. Her tears of happiness narrated the whole truth to him. Dadi tells them not to meet Preeta anymore and keep peace in the house. Karan hugs Dadi for her worry.

In the kitchen, Sherlin gives Prithvi the news about Preeta inviting all the trouble. Prithvi was irritated and asks her to be clear. Sherlin says she confessed of drug dealing.

In the room, Pragya decides to take a jacket for Abhi. When she brings it, Abhi asks if he asked for it. Only Pragya knows his choice; and he knows what to wear. He continue trying dresses while Pragya goes to read the magazine. Purab calls Abhi downstairs. Abhi decides to take the jacket she selected. Pragya smiles at this. She gets a call from Dadi about Preeta’s arrest. Pragya assures to save Preeta and hurries outside. She gets a thought what if everyone comes to know she is the real Pragya and not Munni. Pragya decides that it’s really important to save Preeta right now and leaves. Sarla cries hugging Pragya and was emotional while meeting Pragya. Pragya says she can’t hide anything, she knows about Preeta already. She assures to bring her back. Shrishti comes out of her room. Janki says this is Shrishti, her younger sister. Pragya recalls their childhood then emotionally walks towards Shrishti. The sisters hug each other and cry. She assures Shrishti she will save Preeta from jail.
Sherlin comes to meet Preeta showing a fake concern. Sherlin says Preeta must have a misunderstanding, she has no affair. Preeta tells her to go to someone else with her false proofs. Sherlin says she only wanted to be friends with Preeta. She is really innocent like Preeta and was afraid who would help her with her wedding. Preeta has already helped her; as Rishab would no more delay any plans of wedding. Pragya and Shrishti had reached the jail and finds Sherlin speaking bitter to Preeta. Shrishti tells Pragya this is the same Sherlin, Preeta spotted her having an affair and wanted to break her marriage with Rishab. She and Karan wanted to unveil her, but Sherlin turned down the plan. Pragya places a foot in Sherlin’s way as she passes by. Sherlin fells down. Pragya was about to speak when Sherlin says her sorry won’t work. Pragya says it was a deliberate attempt, they wanted to show her the real place of someone like Sherlin. Shrishti introduces her as their eldest sister. Pragya stops Sherlin and warns Sherlin to stay away from her sisters. Outside, Sherlin calls Prithvi and tells her about Pragya. Prithvi calms her down and thinks Pragya Arora will now find what it means to hurt Sherlin.

Preeta was happy to see Shrishti. Shrishti leaves space for Pragya. The sisters were emotional to see each other. Pragya kiss Preeta’s forehead and cries. Shrishti wipes her tears holding Sarla’s dupatta; and blames Preeta for not discussing any of her problem with her. Pragya stops their argument and was emotional; she asks Preeta to tell her the truth. Preeta thinks she can’t tell Pragya the truth, else Karan would again be arrested. Pragya wasn’t ready to trust her false story, she understands her urge of sacrifice. Preeta shares the truth with her. Pragya leaves Shrishti in jail and goes to find a proof for Preeta. Shrishti feels lucky to have elder sisters like her in life.

In the car, Abhi calls Rishab congratulating him for Karan’s release. They remind Rishab that he and Karan must come. Purab says Rishab spoke to the sponsors that Karan would be there on stage. Simonika sat on the back seat alert of any jerk on the car.

Preeta comes to the Club and asks for CCTV room of the Club. A waiter guides her. She hears the waiter discuss that another man also came to ask about the same room. Pragya wonders who else would be interested to see the CCTV footage. She thinks it can only be Sherlin. Preeta regrets that Sherlin must have got alert and wish it becomes a golden chance for her to get the real culprit. Pragya comes in and finds Karan harassing the security official. Pragya holds her hand preventing the officer from being beaten. Karan recognizes Pragya as Pragya Dee while Pragya recognizes him as Karan. She shouts at Karan to leave him else Karan can again get into the jail. Karan stops Pragya’s lecture and asks if they wish he shouldn’t help Preeta. He doesn’t care for his career and only intends to get Preeta freed from jail. The officer had tried to flee but a file struck his face. Karan beats him. The officer poses to be unconscious. Pragya and Karan take him aside.

After a while, Karan was hopeless when they spot a few ladies arrive. Pragya tells them all to sit for a while, she will tell them what they must do. Karan reminds Pragya their mission, they haven’t come for a party here. Pragya tells him to keep his mouth shut. He places a finger thinking each of these sister is a Hitler. Pragya tells Karan that these ladies belong to NGO. If these women help Karan everyone would trust him. She is sure they will help them as they helped her earlier as well. She now sends Karan to Subhash. Karan spots the media reporter come inside and tells Karan they all have to be his side so that he can win the case now. Pragya was about to give her verdict to the media reporters as Abhishek Mehra’s sister, she takes a seat for press conference.

Kratika calls Luthra’s to gather around the television. They recognize Pragya as Abhi’s wife and Preeta’s sister. Pragya says there is another person whose reality they don’t know. Karan comes to sight. Pragya says they have the proofs and verdicts both. The ladies from NGO also come on sight.

Sherlin gets a call from Kareena while she was with Prithvi. Sherlin was curt over her, then takes a call speaking butterly. Kareena tells Sherlin about the drama on television; her elder sister Pragya is there. Prithvi and Sherlin were shocked to see on television as Karan brought Subhash. Pragya insists that police didn’t ask for CCTV footage from them once. The reporter says there was no electricity on the day of party, so the footage was missing. Pragya insists when there was electricity in the hall of party then why only the footage was missing. The NGO ladies demand the re-investigation of the case.

Rishab was proud of what Preeta had done for Karan. Mahesh was upset for being helpless in case of Karan. They watch the police arrive and arrest Subhash. Karan takes Pragya aside and asks if a female inspector can arrest a male? Pragya says this is a fake inspector and is taking risk only because of her. Prithvi gets a call from Subhash. Subhash sat under the table and warned Prithvi to take his name if he doesn’t help him. Prithvi promises to help him and suggests that he must confess he has a backup footage. Subhash says he only had a single copy which he handed to Prithvi. Prithvi asks for ten minutes. Karan holds Subhash from under the table and was about to beat him. Subhash asks for ten minutes time to get the footage. Pragya insists to go and go to Subash’s house. Pragya gets Subhash arrested by the lady inspector.

Prithvi smirks at Sherlin and decides to get them the real footage. He will edit the footage and will place a dead man’s image instead of his face. Police would never get that person now. Preeta would also be released now. He goes to execute the plan. Sherlin tells him to remove his watch and other accessories.

Karan asks Pragya if this fake police will take Subhash home. Pragya was worried. In the jail, Preeta was also worried about Pragya and requests to make a call to her sister. Rishab comes to meet Preeta. Preeta lies to Rishab about the drug story. Rishab silently hears the story. Rishab holds her hand saying she put everything at stake just to save his family. Preeta once said Rishab can’t lie, Preeta is also unable to lie as he can’t even make an eye contact while lying. He asks why she sacrificed for his family. None could have done this, he just love… then stops at once. Preeta says Karan also helps him to her full, she couldn’t back up today. Rishab says Karan and Pragya have revealed the reality of CCTV incharge in the club. Preeta was elated. Rishab says Karan is also there.

In the Club, Karan takes Subhash aside and says lady inspector came to arrest him because she lost her mother and sister in a drugs case. She now kills everyone involved in such cases. Subhash comes inside and confesses his crime. Pragya wonders what Karan told him? The lady inspector asks about the footage? Prithvi brought the USB and says he got the footage before Subhash could take the footage. Karan is innocent and someone else stuffed the drug pack into his pocket. Karan thinks there must be something wrong as Prithvi is surely a cheater himself. Prithvi silently warns Subhash to stay silent in the matter. Pragya and others take the drive to police station.

At home, Sherlin tears a photo of Rishab, Karan and Preeta. She bitterly wish Pragya hadn’t jumped in to help her sister. She will part them all.

Shrishti was restlessly waiting that the map doesn’t even show much traffic, why it took so long for Pragya to reach home. Pragya comes home then; Shrishti cheers to see Preeta enter behind her. Pragya comes to hug Sarla who was emotional. Preeta apologizes Sarla for not being able to improve her mistake, but Pragya saved her. Sarla now hugs Preeta. Preeta says it’s because of Sarla only that she realized her mistake, and Karan is out of jail. She is the base of their happiness. Pragya comes to cheer Sarla up and says it’s the first time she, Pragya and Shrishti are together at this home. There must be ginger tea only with a hug. Shrishti says she will get the magic hug to her super woman; and comes to hug Pragya. She shouts that she was initially irritated by Pragya but not anymore; and loves her now. Preeta teases, if more than Sameer? Shrishti was offensive. Preeta says she even selects her hair color according to Sameer’s wish. Shrishti now chases Preeta into the room. Pragya was emotional as she misses Bulbul. Sarla says she can never forget Bulbul, their space can never be filled. Preeta and Shrishti come outside and find both crying. Sarla says Pragya made her cry by saying that Preeta and Shrishti filled their vacant space, but it isn’t possible. Preeta and Pragya hug Sarla. Janki takes Sarla to kitchen, while the sisters hug each other.
From Kumkum Bhagya, everyone was upset about Abhi insulting Munni. Dasi asks Dadi why she is upset and tries to inquire Disha the reason for Abhi’s anger over Munni in the morning. Disha thinks she herself is unaware what Pragya did.

At Arora’s, Dadi names the juice after her granddaughters. They discuss about Dadi’s cough syrup. Janki miss Pragya and Bulbul’s childhood. Preeta notices Pragya was emotional; while Janki continues. Dadi says Janki has gone crazy and is like Sarla; she only makes others cry. Bulbul will always be in their memories. Shrishti and Preeta hug Pragya. Shrishti forbids her be emotional, and plays music on radio. Pragya walks outside and cries with a smile on her face, thinking about Bulbul. Preeta comes from behind and hugs Pragya. She assures they can’t take Bulbul’s space, but will always stand there. Shrishti comes to join the sisters. Sarla brings Pakora’s for them. There was a radio telecast of Abhi’s concert. Shrishti insists to go there too, but Preeta says the concert is house full. She tells Pragya to go to the concert as she is Abhi’s lucky charm. Pragya was nervous, but takes a leave. Sarla says Pragya must continue to come home, it’s good to see her. When Pragya has left Preeta finds her bag.

Khan Chacha was stopped by a man. He asks the man for a phone as help and calls Pragya. Pragya was sitting outside the house on stairs upset. Khan Chacha forbids Pragya to let Abhi play the guitar, there is a bomb in it. He was black mailed by someone and deterred to kill his granddaughter Afreen. He connected the guitar string with a bomb and there would be a blast. Pragya holds her head questioning how could he do this, how would she stop him now? Khan Chacha says there was a veiled lady at his shop and forbid him leave his house as well; he came out from window with Afreen. Preeta came behind with Pragya’s bag and finds her panic. Pragya cries in front of Preeta and was unable to speak. Preeta says they must go there and save Abhi right now. Pragya stops Preeta as there is danger in the concert; she can’t put her life in danger. Preeta insists they must face every problem together as well. Shrishti hears this all. Preeta asks if Pragya hadn’t let Bulbul help her as well. Pragya hugs Preeta and cries in apology. Preeta turns to leave. Shrishti joins them and insists they have not enough time.
Abhi comes out of the car and finds his family there. Dadi says it isn’t a wedding that they could be late. Everyone demands the front seats. The crowd cheers for Abhi. Abhi goes to calm his fans down. He hands the guitar to Simonika. She stares for a while, Abhi repeats his words but Simonika gulps hard. She tells Abhi to be careful, what if he fell down. Abhi deters he will blast her if his favorite guitar fell down. Simonika murmurs she will take care of this guitar more than life, after all it has to take his life. Mitali hears Simonika and asks who she wants to send away from the world? Simonika says Mitali overheard.
Shrishti tells Pragya to call anyone else from family. Pragya tries Dadi’s number.

Abhi and the family had to submit the cell phones at security. Abhi notices Munni’s call on Dadi’s number and cuts the call angrily. Purab says may be she has something important to say, but Abhi insists she shouldn’t be allowed inside the concert as well.

The concert begins with performances from various artists. Abhi’s family enjoy to the full.

In the car, Pragya panics. Preeta forbids her think negatively. They will surely reach before his final performance. Pragya says there is a problem in getting into the concert. They had a fight in the morning, he forbid her enter the concert. Shrishti inquires about the matter, but Preeta says it’s sometimes personal. Shrishti says she won’t marry if a marriage is like this. Pragya says not everything is bad about marriage. One makes attempts for each other as well. Shrishti wonders if it’s like Preeta did for Karan.

Abhi was in the changing room and thinks about Pragya. Simonika was afraid of the guitar and wish Abhi holds it himself now. Abhi takes the guitar and was about to practice with it, Simonika indulges him with a talk to stop him from practicing. Purab comes in to inform that Karan and Rishab are here. Abhi goes to change.

Karan tells Rishab he hates this concert. Rishab insists that this performance will get his image back. And this way they will be able to thank Pragya as well. Abhi and Purab hear this. Abhi wonders what she up to be. Is she being Munni only in front of him? Purab asks Karan if he is ready for his performance. Karan says he is already ready for performances; both wish each other luck.

Karan performs on stage.

In the car, Pragya prays for Abhi’s safety.

Simonika comes to Purab and asks about Abhi’s final performance. She says she will have to recheck all the arrangements and Abhi will be performing her favorite song as well. Purab dryly says there is time in it. Simonika was restlessly waiting for the performance.

Shrishti urges the cab driver to drive fast, as there is a competition in Mumbai. The driver takes the cab to a stall uncontrollably. The crowd gathered around, Pragya makes the payment and they get down the cab.


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