Gangaa Written Update for Thursday 7th February 2019


Thursday 7th Update on Gangaa. Gangaa is thrown out of the house. ..

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Ganga is thinking about the incident. Her Bappa says you are angry with Sagar, right. She is so relieved to see him. He wipes her tears and hugs her. My Ganga is not weak! She never gives up. The people, who pray to Ganga diligently, pour everything dirty in it. This is because that is how Ganga River is. She envelops every dirt inside her yet stays clean. The same is with you. Ganga says Sagar did not say anything.

He only had questions in his eyes. Bappa does not know why thta was so. But there are some good things and reasons which we at times get to know later. I know you can preserve your respect yourself. Your Bappa is always with you. Small obstacles can come but my Ganga only will win the battle! Have faith in yourself. Stand up and fight. Show them what my Ganga is and what all she can do. She hugs him. Her Bappa disappears. Ganga thinks Bappa is right. The world can try as much as it want to but Ganga wont stop. I will gather myself back and stand up. I will fight! She heads back inside.

Ganga is walking in the corridor when she collides with Sagar. They both look silently at one another. JAnvi’s words haunt Sagar. Ganga knows the silent questions in his eyes. You don’t trust me this much? Your questioning eyes are hurting me! He walks towards her when she signals him to stop. He keeps moving towards her while she steps back near the pillar. She thinks you should ask me whatever you want to. I am not scared of any question. She remarks he does not have the strength to ask any question. What’s the point of keeping them in your eyes then? She begins to go when her saree gets stuck in his jacket. She pulls it out and leaves from there.

A part of her saree gets stuck in his jacket. He looks at it.

Janvi calls Yash. Is the work done? He says now no one will be able to save Ganga after what is just going to happen. There is no solution to the drama that is just about to happen. He asks for his prize. She assures to pay him well in return. She ends the call. I will see what this family goes through after my new attack. I will be at peace only after
Amma ji returns home. she is shouting out loud after people. Everyone rushes to her side.

She asks Mehri to bring hot water for her bath. Maharaj ji shares that Mehri wont come to work now. Ganga offers to do her work. Madhvi looks unhappy. They hear Pulkit talking to someone on phone. He scolds someone for believing the MMS. MAdhvi is irked. There have been so many calls since morning. I don’t know what to say. The landline rings. Pulkit stops Maharaj ji from picking the call. Janvi tells them that someone uploaded the MMS online

I am getting every friend’s call. They all know Ganga is Sagar’s childhood friend. They are asking about this friendship. Amma ji says the news travelled everywhere. Janvi nods. I am feeling ashamed. I cannot even say it is a lie. Everything can be clearly seen in the video. Sagar hears everything quietly. Prabha comes shouting / running in the house. The goons are after me. She hides behind a sofa. People from the colony were not letting me come here.

They were saying cheap things. Someone throws a stone just then. More stones follow. Everyone ducks for safety. Supriya gets hurt when she tries to alert Pulkit. Pulkit and everyone rush to her side. Sagar gets angry. I will see who it is. They all stop him, especially Janvi. They are dangerous people. Amma ji also holds him back. Janvi thinks Yash was right. The real drama has just begun. No one will be able to save Ganga from the attack now

. She notices the papers wrapped around the stones. She reads one note – such a characterless girl cannot live in our colony! A widow does not deserve to live in such a pious town. Throw her out! Sagar angrily yells at her to stop. Prabha asks Amma ji how she will go home now. No one can go out of the house now because of Ganga! She speaks badly to Ganga. What wrong has this family done to you? She also taunts Amma ji.

Ganga is washing utensils absentmindedly. She thinks of everyone’s expressions. Maharaj ji notices her tearful face. Let it be. I will wash them. She looks away. he says I know you, you are innocent. I have full faith on you. You may not understand but my God knows your pain is hurting me as much as it hurts a father. Sagar was passing by from there and stops to overhear their convo. Maharaj ji says, forgive me I cannot do anything for you even though I want to.

My Ganga is pure as River Ganga. She cannot do anything wrong. What to tell to other people though? She replies that his words are enough for her. I see questions in everyone’s eyes, especially in the eyes of the one who I thought was my own. He tells her not to lose hope. May God give you strength? He goes out.

Ganga drops something. She bends down to pick it when Sagar immediately covers her back. Take notice of things. She asks him who he is trying to cover, her or himself. We can hide the wound on the body but what about the wound on heart. Everyone saw Ganga losing her respect but no one did anything about it. In this entire world, there is no solution or lap which can cover for it. She leaves from there.

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Yash’s friends intentionally fall on Ganga and say sorry. Ganga asks them if they don’t have manners. Yash watched them from far. The guys ask her to stop acting innocent. Your truth is out in front of everyone. She slaps one of the guys. He forcibly pulls at her hand while she asks to be let free. Sagar comes there on time. He hits the guy and also checks on Ganga. Are you fine? He beats all the guys. Sagar shouts at Ganga to go inside when all the guys hold him from all the sides. Pulkit joins him and both the brothers beat those guys. Supriya calls out for Amma ji and everyone.

Janvi and Madhvi are coming back from somewhere. Everyone is string at them. Sagar angrily picks up an axe to hit the guy. Ganga gives her swear to Sagar to make him drop it. The guys run off to save their lives. Sagar shouts after them, warning them not to come before him again. A police jeep comes there just then. The guy requests Inspector to save him from Sagar. Inspector questions Sagar. He notices Ganga. Look at your fault before pointing fingers at anyone. This girl has disrespected your family and family name. He arrests Sagar. I have to take action on the complaint. Amma ji and everyone panic. Pulkit leaves for police station.

The guy calls Yash. Your work is done. Yash says I saw it. Janvi notices Yash watching everything from far. Yash sends her a message. This arrest is not serious. Don’t worry. Sagar is Dadi ji’s weakness. She will throw Ganga out of the house as her beloved grandson is in trouble because of Ganga! Janvi is confused.

Amma ji packs Ganga’s stuff. I allowed you here so you can live with respect but we have had enough! Madhvi keeps telling her not to do so. Niru is also not here. Amma ji pays no heed to her words. She asks Ganga to leave her house right away. I saw how much you love your self-respect. Someone threw stones at our house. Sagar got arrested because of you. Madhvi requests her but in vain. Janvi receives another text from Yash. You see the reaction of the action? She smiles.

Amma ji asks Ganga to leave the house right away if she respects/ loves them a little. You snatched our everything already. I beg you. Don’t come back here ever again. Don’t let your sins cast a shadow on my remaning days. Ganga agrees. I did not beg you to let me stay here even when Babu brought me here. I wont do so today too. You did everything to give me a good upbringing. You never asked for anything in return. You asked me something today for the first time. How can I say no? I am leaving.

Amma ji looks away when Ganga touches her feet. She still takes her blessings by touching the place where Amma ji was standing. Madhvi is emotional. She stands quietly while Ganga touches her feet. Ganga says you have done enough favours on me. Do one more favour on me please. Tell Babu that her Ganga dint do anything wrong.

She picks up her bag. Maharaj ji is sad to see her go. Ganga thinks of her first meeting with Babu. The colony people talk badly about Ganga. Ganga folds her hands towards Chaturvedi family. Amma ji goes inside. Madhvi takes a step forward but stops. She rushes inside. Ganga continues walking in the opposite direction when Janvi calls out for her.

Janvi hugs Ganga. She whispers in Ganga’s ears. Remember the challenge of 7 days? See, you are leaving today within the time frame and I did not have to do anything. Your bad deeds are making you leave the house. Ganga looks at her in confusion. Good and bad deeds are answered back in this very birth and life.

I don’t care whatever happens to you but I will prove my truth in front of everyone. I neither say nor bear lies. I will never bear this cheap stain on my character! She leaves. Janvi smiles.

Madhvi is in tears. She thinks of Ganga’s sweet words. Maharaj ji questions Amma ji on her decision. Every person will be eyeing her lustily. She does not mind it. I should have done it long ago. Janvi messages Yash. It is party time.

Madhvi panics when she receives a call from Niru. Amma ji tells her not to tell anything to him. Madhvi cuts short the convo. She asks Amma ji later why she made her lie to Niru. Everyone in this town knows of this. What if someone else tells him this? Amma ji replies she does not mind it. He will come back right away if he gets to know I threw Ganga out of the house. Sagar is shocked to hear it. Madhvi is concerned for him but Sagar and Pulkit speak in Ganga’s favour. You did not know anything and threw her out? Sagar worries for her. Entire town is speaking against her. Both the brothers want to look for her. Amma ji and Madhvi stop Sagar. There is a lot happening outside. Janvi also says so but he refuses to sit back at home. Both the brothers leave to look for Ganga. Janvi is irked.

A few guys notice Ganga in the rickshaw. They slow the bike and go with her; talking cheaply about her because of the MMS. They stop the rickshaw. The rickshaw driver refuses to go ahead. Ganga pays him. The guy offers to take Ganga from there. She begins to walk off when one guy holds one end of her saree. She tries to pull it free but in vain. Sagar is standing right behind her. He frees the saree and stares at the guy. What were you saying? Say it now! They begin to back off and leave immediately. Ganga is walking ahead by that time. Sagar runs after her, trying to stop her. She makes him leave her hand and resumes walking. He keeps on requesting her to come home with her. She asks him with what right is he saying so.

He says I have been saying everything to you with the same right since childhood. She speaks about the questions that are there in his eyes. He tells her that he has no questions. She stops in her tracks in shock. Just say once that the video was wrong. You don’t know that girl in the video. Look in my eyes and say it. I wont listen to anyone then. Tell me once you haven’t done anything like that. I will not listen to anyone else. I will only trust you then. She asks him if he will trust he if she says that once. You still could not understand Ganga. You cannot read my mind, my heart, my eyes then how will you trust my words? They are shallow. How will you find trust through them? You are asking me the answers to the questions for what you should have answered. You either trust someone or you don’t.

Don’t expect me to give you any explanation. Don’t try to stop me for I wont stop! She walks away from him. Sad music plays as he looks at her, walking away from him. Don’t go like this. Look at me once. He thinks of her words and turns to go. They both look at one another when the other person is walking away. Why am I looking back? Why will he stop me and with that right? He turns to look at her. I have no right to stop you. you only asked me to leave you hand. you snatched the right of friend from me too!

Episode ends…

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