This is Fate written update for Thursday 7th February 2019


At home, Sameer decides not to pay much heed to Shrishti. He gets a video call from Preeta. Preeta asks Sameer if this hair color suits Shrishti. Sameer was left in a state of shock. Sameer says Shrishti always speak like a parrot, and now got a hair color like a parrot as well. He laughs hysterically.

Shrishti gets ready to change her hair color. Preeta teases Shrishti that it was her fiancé who made Shrishti agree for a change of color. Shrishti says it’s getting much now, and warns Preeta for a last time. Preeta says the color actually suits Shrishti and would get her fame. Shrishti laughs that she has now decided to keep the same color and hurries Preeta to take the seat.

Prithvi was about to enter the salon when Sherlin calls him as Punnu from behind. Preeta recognizes Sherlin’s voice. Shrishti doesn’t let Preeta go out behind them.

Prithvi asks Sherlin when she came out of the salon, he went inside to look for her. Sherlin minds she has a class and wouldn’t have gone to a parlor Preeta would visit. Sherlin was excited about the reunion. Prithvi suggests to walk towards the hall, it’s nearby around.

Preeta comes out to look around for Sherlin. Prithvi and Sherlin meet Nitin. He tries to flirt with Sherlin, but she gets her hand out of his grip. Preeta spots Sherlin from back and could see her speaking to someone.

Prithvi and Sherlin boast about being together; while Nitin says he feels bad for her. Preeta comes to an auto and could see Sherlin hug Prithvi. Nitin asks for a friendly hug, Prithvi doesn’t let him close to Sherlin. Preeta turns to look at them, a car stops right behind Preeta and an old woman comes out of it. Nitin watches the missed accident and compliments Preeta to be pretty.

The old lady warns Preeta to be careful and scolds her for intending to ruin her clean driving record. Nitin turns to look towards Preeta staring at them. Sherlin and Prithvi calls Nitin to join them at City Zone Club.

In the party, Prithvi meets a guy Sam who welcomes them. Prithvi was possessive about Sherlin all along. Sam says it’s a mask party. Sherlin asks if they will play the ‘recognize me’ brand. Sherlin was excited as there is no one and no fear in the party. Prithvi tells Sherlin to enjoy fully, just not only forgive him.

Nitin comes there, and they head to join their gang. Sam asks them to wear their masks. Preeta’s phone bell rings, it was Karan- Karva Karela. She laughs to the guard that they are college mates and call each other with such names. Karan complains Preeta doesn’t take his call. Preeta says she isn’t always free. Karan was offensive as he wanted to share something with her as a friend but she sounds really bitter. Preeta apologizes for the behavior.

Karan tells Preeta about a good news, he was not only selected for one day but also for T-20; and it’s purely on selection. Preeta was really happy. Preeta tells Karan about being in City Zone Club behind Sherlin. Karan tells her to wait for him, he will soon be there.

On the way, Karan thinks it’s a huge chance for him. In the office, Rishab makes his manager bring office files from Australia. He was busy with his meeting comittments as well. Karan calls Rishab and asks if he will be able to reach City Zone club if needed; someone’s going to lose their relation. Rishab cancels all his meetings as he promises Karan to be there. Sameer was irked and decides not to call Shrishti.

He then thinks it was his mistake, anyone would be annoyed for being called a parrot. Shrishti gets a video call from Sameer and thinks he must mock her again. Shrishti finally calls him by herself. Sameer takes Shrishti’s call and asks how she is. Shrishti complains who gave him rights to mock her. Sameer says she always thinks wrong, he was knocked out as it suited her a lot. He laughs at her, and says life is to be spent happily.

Shrishti was moved. Sameer says he is still in shock watching her like a parrot. Shrishti gets weepy as he considers her an idiot. Sameer now compliments he loves Shrishti’s fun attitude. Shrishti now laughs boastfully about her acting skills. Sameer regrets. Preeta complains the guard about Karan being late and she had to be alone in the party. Karan arrives behind her, the guard and other people take selfie with him.

The guard was about to introduce her, but Preeta questions Karan for being late and wasting a lot of time. The guard tells Karan this lady calls him a Bitter Gourd. Preeta sends the guard away. Karan tells Preeta he didn’t expect he would get a proof against Sherlin before his trip but he will do it today.
Sherlin takes Prithvi and others to have some drinks. Sherlin was happy and relaxed. Prithvi says he is happy to see Sherlin enjoy without any tensions. Sherlin says it’s like a re-birth where we have no tension.

Preeta and Karan arrive in the party. Preeta was worried how they will recognize Sherlin now. Karan says they can do it by her body language and mask. He goes to get mask for her. Shrishti had her hair dye changed and wish Sameer likes this look. She thinks Sameer once called her hands as rough, then asks for a moisturizing lotion. She waits for Preeta and wonders if she is with Karan.

Karan returns with a mask. Preeta asks for hers, but Karan mocks as she can make a dianosaur mask. He then gives her an over-sized mask. Nitin spots Preeta and recognizes her staring at them. He comes to offer her a dance. Karan smirks that she will now slap him hard. Preeta thinks she has seen him somewhere, then recognizes him as Sherlin’s friend.

She hands her bag to Karan and readily agree to go with him. Karan was annoyed at her for not even taking his permission in the matter. He wonders why it matters to him, then thinks it’s a wrong act. They came in the party together. Sherlin and Prithvi take a drink for themselves. A girl fellow take Sherlin to hear the college confession. Prithvi promises to join her soon.

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