This is fate Zee World – Wednesday 12 December Written Update

This is Fate is starting today! Here is the first written update and highlights for the first episode. Are you ready to Meet Shruti, Preeta and Rishabh.


Wednesday Update On This is Fate

It’s about two sisters who are embarking on a new journey to a new city as destiny has been unkind to them. Srishti is seen calling out for her elder sister Preeta as she waits for her on the train station.

After seeing all the chaos and people on the station, Preeta asks Srishti if she would even be able to climb into the train before it starts. Srishti then thinks of ways to distract people standing in the queue and gets into the train slyly with her sister.

Shekhar, who has a crush on Srishti for the past two years help them carry their luggage to the train and asks if she would call him. He overhears Srishti threatening someone that he is her boyfriend and is happy to hear it, when Preeta tells Shekhar that her sister was just taking advantage of his time and goodness of him being nice and would never call him after that day.

He leaves upset. Shistri says at least he could have left with a hope that they were still together. Srishti sits beside the window to see her city Nashik for the last time, as the two sisters are leaving for Mumbai.

The older sister Preeta thinks about the sadness that prevailed because of leaving Nansik and going to Mumbai. She recalls why she is leaving Mansik.

Preeta is a physiotherapist and had a nice job in Nashik. She then goes in a flashback, when she thinks about her job and when her sister used to sneak her out of the hospital for Preeta’s fiancé – Deepak’s birthday party. At the party she sees Dheeraj dancing with someone else, but walks up to him.

Deepak introduces her to all his friends as her fiancé and also tells everyone that she is only his girlfriend since school time. Preeta and Srishti are shocked to hear him lying about being his childhood girlfriend. He silently tells Preeta that if he tells his friends that he is going in for an arranged marriage, they would all mock him.

Later, Deepak takes Preeta inside to show her his house, and locks his room behind. Preita was uncomfortable while Srishti takes some alcohol drinks.

Deepak tries to come close to Preeta and asks her for a kiss, and also convince her that they are getting engaged tomorrow, but she doesn’t want to get intimate with him. He then starts telling her about his friends who had gone on trips with their girlfriends, but Preeta isn’t convinced with anything.

As soon as Deepak tries to come close to her, she gives Srishti three missed calls and she comes rushing to their room as she gets the signal of an emergency. She tells Deepak that her father had been trying to call him, to wish him birthday. Srishti then tells Preeta that they should leave as their father would be tensed.

On their way back, Shistri mocks Preeta saying she had fallen prey to Deepak. Hadn’t she saved Preeta on time, what would she have done?. She says Preeta is marrying Deepak for no reason and he is only a normal person.

Preeta says that she is scared about him calling off the engagement because of how she behaved with him and that she only wants a balance in her life partner who respects her, not the one who has some attitude.

On the way in train, a nearby passenger offers them Dhokla. Shistra is about to take one but Preeta denies. She is upset she can’t afford anything today. She goes back to her memories where Preeta was ready for engagement.

As the preparations of engagement are in full swing in Preeta’s house, her father Raghuveer walks in drunk. Srishti starts shouting at him and Preeta calms her down. Shistra asks why she let their Papa do so.

Preeta comes to question her Papa why today that she is marrying whom he liked for her. Her papa says he doesn’t want to give her any clarifications and was hiding something in the pocket.

Shistra comes to snatch what it could be. She is angry and shouts this must be wine. Their Papa says it’s not important for them to see it. Someone comes to announce groom’s family has arrived.

Preeta and her sister Srishti are seen taking care of their drunk father. Preeta asks Srishti to take care of the guests as she would go inside and help her father wash up. Deepak arrives with his family and greets Preeta and her father.

He tells Preeta that he would not let her go so easily for the previous day and asks her to meet him in the evening that day. Preeta gets annoyed. Deepak’s mother asks Raghuveer if he has got the property papers made or not, he gets the papers and hands them over to her.

She says that she would take care of both his daughters and with this money, she would help his son set up his business which would be beneficial for his daughter only. Srishti sees them and asks them what is going on.

Srishti starts shouting and says that she knows that he is giving all their property and money to Deepak’s mother. Preeta sees her shouting and asks about what’s going on there. Srishti starts shouting and creates a scene at the function. She tells Preeta everything.

Preeta asks Deepak if he was aware of the fact, and he says that he knew about it and that such things happen at weddings. She tells Deepak she didn’t love him, she only agreed to marry him because she was sure at least he would respect her.

He sent her proposal even when he knew her father owns nothing but today he asked for her father’s house. She won’t let her father give his house as dowry. Preeta then calls off the wedding and says that she doesn’t want to marry a man who wants their property.

Deepak gets angry and feels insulted in front of everyone and then he vents his anger out at Preeta saying she has no family, her father can’t stand on his own and there is only a house they own and leaves from there. Everyone else also leave.

Raghuvir comes and starts blaming Srishti for breaking up Preeta’s marriage, he knew what he was doing and he had reason for it. He wants to settle them. Shistra says she didn’t want a share in the house and property, she wanted to save Preeta from the greedy family.

When Srishti further asks him to sit down as she would make a whisky peg for him. She takes out the bottle from his pocket thinking its wine and is shocked to see a medicine bottle. Raghuvir faints and falls on the ground.

The two sisters take him to the hospital, where they are told that their father has brain cancer, and that he is in his last stage and that is the reason he feels dizzy. He has been getting his treatment here, and was given an ultimatum of 3 months. Preeta cries as she reads the report.

Both sisters hug each other, Preeta says now she understands why her Papa was worried for her to get married. He wanted to take her in-law’s help to keep them together.

Back in the train, Shistra asks why Preeta is crying and asks her to forget everything. She cheers watching Mumbai station and comes out excited. Preeta was in a state of uncertainty about where they would go.

A flashback is shown in the hospital where before giving up all hopes in life, Raghuvir tells Srishti and Preeta about their mother Sarla and elder sister Pragya. He told them their mother is alive and that he met Pragya a few days ago, she is excited to meet them. He gives them their Mumbai address and asks them to go live with them.

Shistra wasn’t ready to accept her mother. Raghubir says this is the truth that he kept them away from their mother and never wanted them to know about it. Now they must return to their mother.

He takes Preeta’s promise over his hand to go to her mother. He was breathing his last and gives up on life. Since Preeta’s wedding has just been called off and the two of them have just lost their father, the girls mourn their father.

Srishti and Preeta reach Mumbai and it starts raining as soon as they step down from the train. She looks at the address given to them by their father, but Srishti throws it away and tells Preeta they aren’t going on this address. Preeta also wonders what kind of mother she must be, who never asked about her children.

Preeta thinks she must convince Shistra to once meet their mother. Since Preeta sells off their house and pays off all his father’s loans, Shistra complains that Preeta didn’t keep a penny from their father’s house money for them.

Preeta says it was really important to pay all the debts of their father. She looks towards the paper with their mother’s address, but it flew off her hand due to strong wind and rain and runs into a nullah.



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