Twist of fate update Tuesday 22 February 2022


Twist of fate 22 February 2022: Abhi is with the bidders when they are congratulating him, the secretary is with someone who says that he doesnot seem like Mr Saluja, she replies that it is because this is his first auction, sometimes the bidders tend to send their proxy at the auction.

Pragya comes to congratulate Mr Saluja, he shakes his hand and even kisses her, he taking off the hat, Pragya is shocked to see that it is Abhi, she questions why is he still following her, he disguised as Mr Saluja, he has once again deceived her, he replies he is not deceiver but when someone gives him a lecture he pays no heed however if he is challenged he wins the challenge without any problem, Pragya replies he has not changed and is still a deceiver, Abhi replies she has also not changed, she was irritating before but the difference is that she makes him feel angry because of her revenge but what is the reason, Sushma jee says he must not force her to post his pictures everywhere so her guards stop him, Abhi replies to take his autograph, she is really frustrated, he mentions she would also like him after seeing his concern for Pragya, Sushma jee replies it can never happen, Abhi replies she challenged him to earn the money and buy back the property but it only took a fix with which he was able to stop the auction.

Abhi warns them to not challenge him any time, he is always ready to win any sort of competition, Sushma replies she would always remember him. Abhi responds she should remember his name Abhishek Prem Mehra and not his work, it is because of the Prem in his name that he is like this, if she ever wants to defeat him she must use the power of love, he doesnot have anything worthwhile in his life which is why he doesnot work as he feels there is no need but when he will once again find the love, he would surely be able to ruin her entire plan without any difficulty.

Abhi mentions he has everything except love, Sushma jee calls the security ordering them to throw him out of the house, he however signs his hand mentioning it is his name, he turns back advising Pragya to at least take his name once in a day, if she takes his name ten times then might started talking in a polite manner, he explains they should start with something honest so taking off the jacket asks her to give it to Mr Saluja, he turns to leave which really angers Pragya.

Prachi walks towards the door, Ranbir says that it would be the launderer, Prachi mentions that she knows it is the manager, Ranbir exclaims why do people always tend to cause problem, he gets a call from Sid, Ranbir immediately questions why does he always call Prachi because he used to feel that they were friends, Sid mentions that he is just calling for work, Prachi taking the mobile explains she has given the papers to the manager and ends the call, Prachi goes into the kitchen, Ranbir exclaims that it is his area but Prachi replies they are a couple so both are responsible, she mentions she would make mix vegetables for them, Ranbir asks her to teach him how to kneed the flour.

Sushma jee says to Pragya that she should not think about him, Pragya replies it is not that, but she has in the past two years lost just one and he has once again ruined her entire life, the manager comes with the papers asking where is Mr Saluja as he needed to sign the papers, Mr Saluja comes exclaiming what sort of a poor management is this as he was locked in the bathroom for a long time, Pragya calls the guards ordering that if the person comes to the house they all should inform her, Sushma jee orders the manager to once again give the time of 6 pm for the auction, Manager replies it might not be possible for everyone to be back, Sushma jee explains they all loved the property so would surely come back.

Aliya and Tanu both get out of the auto, Tanu hands the driver the money asking him to keep the change but he asks her to pay the full amount, she questions why are they still in the house, Tanu and Aliya exclaim they would not let Pragya benefit form their house, Aliya replies that when the house was taken from them because of the court case it was given to Thapar but she will not allow Pragya to profit from it.

Prachi is showing Ranbir how to kneed the flour, she shows they have to pour in a little water otherwise it will become rubbery, Ranbir replies it is better as they both would be glued together, they are really close when the neighbour comes asking for sugar but she turns mentioning it might a wrong time, Ranbir coming to Prachi exclaims he is fed up with the interference in their lives as he feels that everyone is an enemy of his romance, he cannot accept it, he advises they should go to a place where there is no interference, Prachi taunts him saying they can go to the jungle, where the jaguar and money will be their neighbours.
Sushma jee apologizes to everyone, she explains that Dev would once again start the bidding, when the auction starts Sushma jee says that everyone has come back because they all liked the house but the only person who would get is the one who bids the highest amount.

Tanu questions Aliya where her secretary is, Aliya replies she has ended the call so would be arriving really soon, Aliya receives a call from Juhi so asks if everything is the same with papers, she decides to go inside.

The auction is progressing and Sushma jee says that it is the for the best because the amount has crossed 250 crores, but now it will also cross 300 crores, Aliya and Tanu enter exclaiming the auction cannot happen, Dev questions who are they because they were not invited, Tanu replies they are not here because of the invitation, Pragya questions when did she get the bail, Tanu and Aliya turn to see Pragya, Sushma jee is also shocked to see Tanu.

Pragya is stunned to hear the voice from behind them when the bidders exclaim how can they stop the auction, Dev asks what are they doing here as they were not invited, Tanu replies that they can not even conduct the auction, Pragya asks when did they get out of the jail, Sushma jee questions who are they exclaiming if she is the one who stole her bag so is the wife of her Ex, she asks who is beside her, Pragya replies it is Aliya his sister, Sushma jee replies that they both are the one who had tried to kill her and so she will not let them go, Pragya stops saying that they will not let them get away but should not make a scene as it would ruin their reputation and harm them but they must listen to what they try to do.

Pragya asks who are they to stop the auction, Tanu replies they are the real owner, Sushma je exclaims that after getting bail from the jail she has gotten enough courage to come and challenge them, Aliya advises her to be calm because they would come to know the truth about them, Mr Ravi asks Sushma what is happening as before their was a glitch and now these people, Sushma jee asks him to not be worried and just sign the papers as the property now belongs to him, Aliya exclaims this is why she is trying to sell the property without their consent, Sushma jee calls for the security but Tanu threatens to call the police, Sushma je exclaims she will call and get thrown back inside,

Aliya questions why is she interfering in their matters, Sushma jee replies she is her mother, Aliya and Tanu joke saying that whenever Pragya leaves she comes back with another new relation, Pragya replies that she doesnot ever make relations for the sake of benefit and knows how to fulfil the relations, Aliya mentions she has the papers and did not sell the bungalow to anyone even when the bank snatched it from them, Pragya explains they have the papers with the deed, she gives it to Mr Ravi who starts inspecting them, Tanu going to Pragya says she made a really nice plan to first take control over the property and then her husband but she would not let it be fulfilled, Pragya replies Tanu has also made a nice plan but must not take her into consideration as she no longer has any interest in her family and husband.


Mr Ravi also asks for Aliya to give her papers to him, Tanu questions what these arrangements are as they did not even have the welcoming drinks, Mr Ravi asks which papers are real, Sushma je replies that her papers are the real because they have bought it, Mr Ravi replies that it means this property is disputed and he doesnot want to have any intention of purchasing this property so they can give it to the second highest bidder, however Mr Saluja also refuses to take it, Pragya informs the bidders they will sort it and then call them but the bidders exclaim they should never try to call them again as they are no longer interested in this property anymore.

Sidharth along with his friend enter a party, Sidharth exclaims it is a nice party his friend asks if he still considers the city to be boring, Sidharth tries to explain he said it in the heat of the moment, he replies that he will now treat the person as a girlfriend who doesnot like his city, Rhea along with her friend enters the party, she starts enjoying, Sidharth is amazed to see her and recalls when he helped her by the side of the roadside, his friends smiles at the way Sidharth is just looking at the girl and even turns when she goes onto the dance floor, he signals Sidharth asking if he has any intention of drinking or would he just take the girl, Siddharth mentions he doesnot like scotch, but he says that she might have come with someone, he replies it is not important who they come to the party with but with whom they leave with.

Ranbir making Prachi sit asks what does she think they are going to, she replies they are going to have a dinner but he explains they are going to have candle light dinner and he exclaims that people go to the restaurants to be romantic and enjoy themselves but what is the need to go in public and enjoy when they can have the same romantic dinner in their house without feeling the need toi pay any of the expensive bills, Prachi asks if he has seen her do any good deed, he replies all the time but she mentions she would have done them in her last life so she got him as a husband, because if he had not left the Mandap she would not be with him, Ranbir replies that he feels Rhea should get someone who is just like her as if she gets married to Siddharth he would get mad.

Rhea is sitting with her friend, she explains that the boy is constantly looking at her, Rhea explains she might have seen him somewhere, the friend replies he is the same boy who gave her the tissue and with it his heart, Rhea exclaims it is not the case, he friend still turns, she asks him to not look at him as he might think she is interested in him and it is not the case, Sidharth’s friend asks him to go and talk with her as it is nearly impossible to meet someone twice in the city and if they have met it is a sign, Sidharth asks what should he talk for, the friend suggests him to ask her for a dance and also question about her boyfriend, he leaves and going to the friend of Rhea asking if her friend is single, she agrees but then asks him to not tell anyone she informed, he going to Sidharth asks him to go ahead as she is single but he insists on first showing her to Ranbir as he is looking for a girl, Sidharth tries calling him however Ranbir and Prachi are busy in appreciating each other.

Pragya exclaims her win is not based on a single auction, Aliya asks if she thinks they will get scared as they are not worried because of her status, Tanu exclaims she thought they would let her auction the bungalow, Aliya replies that she came to laugh on their position, Tanu mentions that they still have another house, Sushma jee replies that she doesnot know how Pragya was able to live with them as they are not worthy to even live in a Chawl, Tanu yells at her, Pragya warns her to not talk with Sushma because she doesnot know her, Pragya asks if she thinks that she came all the way to just sell the bungalow but the real winning is the condition which they are in, she is just relieved to see them frustrated, Tanu replies she is not that Pragya which they knew because she would have died herself but not let any harm come to Abhi, Pragya exclaims that the old Pragya which they knew has died, because when a person once dies they do not even the life to lose, and if they don’t have anything to lose then they must be scared as she would not even consider any sort of leniency.

Tanu replies the Pragya they knew loves Abhi a lot and would not live without meeting Abhi, she is therefore not that Pragya who standing up replies she is not that Pragya and has died because when a person dies they do not care about what happened however she explains that she will now make their life a living hell because she doesnot have any promise to fulfil,

she only serves her own interest and would make sure they both are in jail if they every try to interfere in her matters but she is now just going to give them a warning, she asks them to also in form Mr Abhishek, she leaves and Sushma jee also asks if they have met the new Pragya, Tanu replies that Abhi has also met the new Pragya which is why he is not with her.

Abhi is walking when the neighbor stops him, Abhi asks him to massage his feet as his feet is hurting, he questions if he has received his salary, the neighbor explains he has received so Abhi asks him to buy something to drink for Abhi, he suggests tea but Abhi replies he doesnot want to have tea, the person asks why did Abhi say he did not meet the lady whose purse Tanu stole, Abhi explains it is because he did not want Tanu to know, the neighbour says that he might be in love and this is why he is hiding it from her, the neighbour starts singing and Abhi says that he feels like throwing tea on his face, the neighbor asks if Abhi desires to get the Rani but Abhi explains the Rani is not in his fate, he leaves thinking what is the reason Pragya is angry with him, he would do anything he can to find out the truth and end the barriers that are amongst them.

Prachi appreciates Ranbir for making such delicious mix vegetables while he also praises her for the delicious tortilla, he asks for his mobile, she says she has sold it, he asks the amount which she was able to get, he sees that Sid has called three times, Prachi advises him to answer it but Ranbir exclaims he would ruin their candle light dinner, Sid texts Ranbir explaining he needs to talk with him and not Prachi, Ranbir answers the call, Sidharth explains that he has found a girl but needs Ranbir to see her face and in form him about her so that he can proceed ahead,

Ranbir is excited that Sid finally found a girl and would now leave them alone, Prachi also comes and is eager to see the girl, Sidharth says that he is going to take a selfie and they can see her, Prachi leaves because of the milk, Sid asks Ranbir to see the girl in the extreme left side but Rhea kneels down before Ranbir can see her, Sid asks how did Ranbir feel about the girl but he replies that he doesnot like her for Sid as she is not of his calibre, Prachi hears the voice of Rhea so asks if she was with Sid but Ranbir refuses however Prachi replies that she is sure that it was Rhea

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