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Disha tells Sunny to go to school. Abhi comes and asks what happened? Disha says he is not going to school. Abhi says you are Sunny…and asks him what happened? Sunny tells that the girl teases him a lot. Abhi asks Disha to give water and sends her.

He gives ideas to Sunny to tease her. Disha brings water. Sunny agrees to go to School. Disha gets surprised and says you have splashed raita. Abhi says Sunny will do everything now. Sunny imagines to put water on Kiara and making her say sorry. He then thinks of making her fall down, and then opening her hairs style. He thinks to teach her a lesson. Tanu comes home and thinks this can’t happen, how she can return. He thinks who will give job to behenji and thinks if she is employee there.

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She thinks someone might know her and I have to find out. Sunny thinks of spraying in Kiara’s eyes and packs it. He thinks he will know soon that I am Abhi’s nephew. Tanu comes to Suwarni dadi. Dadi asks did you see Pragya? She asks her to search a room in Dharmshala and tells that Pragya is back and will kick you out.

Tanu says nothing will happen. Dadi asks her not to take tension as her dream to become Mrs. World will be left incomplete. Tanu thinks Pragya didn’t come here for Abhi, then why did she come? I have to find out.

Abhi comes to meeting for the different album. He sees King there and says I will not stop today. He says I told you already that I don’t want to see this man’s face. Client asks him to relax. Abhi says album will not be made with him. King says singer shall love his singing and not his image. Abhi says if you talk about this, then I will not stop.

Client asks them to hear him and says he has worked hard and put on many efforts and money. He says you can’t see that the album will be a huge success. King says I don’t have time for chit chat. He shows them popularity chart. King says I know this before. Client tells that Abhi and King got equal popularity now. King is getting accepted here in India. Client says your combo will burn the music industry.

Abhi and King say impossible. Client says you both are behaving immaturely like a divorce case. Abhi says I don’t want to share my screen space with him. King says Me too. Client says you will get popularity in London and India. He says he has made their album and tells that it got millions of likes and comments. His assistant reads some comments. Client says your popularity will be doubled and asks them to keep aside their difference and think.

Client telling that they will get crores if they do the contract and if they break the contract, then the penalty will be 200 crores. He asks them to think as they are having arranged marriage. Purab says what? Client says it is your duty for your fans and says your album will be a big blast and asks them to keep aside their ego and says you will get crores of rs and a great fan following. King says he will think about it.

Client asks Abhi? Abhi gets a call and leaves in a hurry without telling anything. He comes to Sunny’s school. Teacher tells that Principal is very upset with Sunny and asks him to meet her. King calls Pragya and tells that he told client that he will think about the album. Pragya says it is good. King says I said that I will think about it.

Pragya says I am happy that you are ready to think. She gets another call and he tells her that he will be late. Abhi meets Principal.
Principal says everyone praise you and I am your fan. Abhi asks her to tell why she called her. Principal says you are good, but whatever happened today was unacceptable.

Abhi asks what did Sunny do? Principal tells that he has torn someone’s book. Abhi says it is not good. Principal says he is lying also. Abhi asks Sunny not to lie. Sunny says everyone will call me liar now. Abhi says you don’t know what they will do. He tells Principal that he asked Sunny to do this. Principal says oh my god and says is this right and acceptable in school.

Abhi says girl is troubling Sunny and that’s why he don’t want to come. He says that girl is a trouble etc. Principal calls Kiara. Kiara comes there. Abhi says what a pleasant surprise, and calls her angry bird. She asks are you Sunny’s chucks.

Terrorist decide to hide in Sunny and Kiara’s school till they get their helicopter. They come inside the school. Watchman asks who are you? Man says we are terrorists. They attack him and lock him near there. Pragya senses something wrong is going to happen and thinks don’t know why she is feeling strange. Kiara’s photo frame falls down. Pragya thinks to call Principal and call kiara home, but Principal doesn’t pick her call which makes her more tensed. She calls Tarun.

Principal asks Kiara to say if she teased him. Kiara acts innocent and says he is a rockstar’s nephew and has torn my book. She tells that Abhi has slapped her on Sunny’s insistence. Abhi says I didn’t slap anyone. Kiara says I believe on God and that’s why forgive them. Abhi says I didn’t slap her and says sorry.

Kiara says I have forgiven you halfly. She says I will forgive you half tomorrow. She asks Principal if she can go. Principal asks her to go and warns Sunny not to do this mistake again.

Kiara is waiting outside. Abhi says what a drama and calls her Ms. Lawyer and says you shall become a lawyer. Kiara says advice is not bad. Sunny asks did you know her? Abhi says I am her Papa. Sunny says what? Kiara says you are like British and says you had become my 50 percent friend, but now we are not friends and asks him not to call her.

Abhi says I don’t have your number. Kiara says it is easy to get number and says you have hurt me. Abhi says I didn’t mean to hurt you. Kiara says then also you hurt me. Abhi holds his ears and gets sad. Pragya tells Tarun that they shall go to Kiara’s school. They sit in car. Chachi talks about King and asks Pragya why is she tensed?

Pragya says she is worried about Kiara. Abhi thinks angry bird got angry with me and says I didn’t know that she is the same girl and thinks why am I getting affected and worries if she will talk to him.

Terrorists collide with Abhi and revolver fall down. Abhi says sorry. He doesn’t see it. He asks who are they? They make an excuse that they are workers. He gets Aaliya’s call and gets angry on her. Terrorists go inside. Aaliya asks Abhi to give her last chance and ends the call. Abhi looks for the terrorists.

The terrorists barging in Kiara and Sunny’s school and going to Principal’s office. They threaten Principal Madam. She says this is school and asks them to go. Pragya and Tarun come in the car to go to school, but Policeman stops their car and asks to take an U turn. Abhi hears on radio about terrorist attack on bright sunshine school. The terrorists go to Kiara’s class and shout. Kiara asks them why they are shouting and says kids are already scared seeing your face.

Terrorist shout at her. Teacher gets shocked. Kiara asks who are they? Teacher says terrorist. Kiara says bad people on earth. Terrorist says we will make you understand and shoots in air. He says he is terrorist/aatangwadi. Other terrorist slaps teacher and asks her to tell student to make a line and go to hall.

Kiara thinks if my mum came to know that she will play your band. Tarun gets info about terrorist attack on school. Pragya says it is Kiara’s school and asks driver to take an U turn. Driver says way is closed. Tarun asks him to take from other way.

Abhi comes to the school and asks Inspector to let him go inside. Police Inspector tells that terrorists may have bomb and weapons, and refuse to let him go. Abhi thinks to go from back gate. Mitali and Suwarni Dadi gossip about Tanu. Purab searches for remote. Mitali says I will search and finds it. She gives remote to Purab. Dadi asks what is your tension? Tanu comes there and calls Robin. Purab switches on TV and comes to know about terrorist attack on school. He calls Suresh and asks him to take out car.

He calls Abhi. Abhi tells him that he is in school and asks him to take care at home. Tanu thinks Abhi gets ready to die for everyone. Abhi tries to go from back side. Pragya comes to school and asks Inspector to let her go inside, says her daughter is inside. Inspector says I can understand your emotions, but terrorist will not understand. Tanu tells Purab that Abhi will save Sunny. Dadi asks her to stay away from Sunny.

Tanu sees Pragya and thinks if she saw her. Terrorist tells other terrorist that gang have come here with weapons. Terrorist tells kids that they are playing terrorist and police came. Sunny asks who are you? Terrorist tells him that he is famous Ashok Pandit, a terrorist who had escaped from jail. Sunny questions him. Terrorists tell him that they are their bullet proof jacket. Kiara takes out chalk piece. Terrorist tells other terrorist that she is taking out something from her bag. Kiara says she will play with chalk. She tells Sunny that her mum will beat them. Sunny says his chucks must be coming there flying. Abhi jumps in the school through back door. He sees watch man dead and takes his gun.

Disha comes to Dadi and gives her Poha, and then says Chedwa. She looks at TV and gets shocked. She says this is Sunny’s school and says my son is inside. Purab tries to calm her down and tells that Abhi is there and will save him.

Disha says what are you doing here and runs to go out. Purab also goes. Mitali says she will go with them. Dadi asks Tanu to go as well. Pragya also comes through back door. Abhi hears her slippers’ heel sound. He says Pragya…..Terrorist come there. Pragya sits near Abhi, but they are separated by the wall. Song plays…

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