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Abha calls Pratibha and informs her that she will book a ticket for the evening. She also ask how her baby is doing? Pratibha replies that she is fine but missing her parents to which Abha says she miss her baby too. While walking with Karan, she realized he seemed worried and ask him why does he look worried since they already got back Swarn Bhavan.

She asks Karan if he isn’t happy they got back their ancestral home. Karan says that he is happy they got Swarn Bhavan. Abha then asks him why he is moody. Karan then says that sometimes humans beings does mistake but don’t tell anyone but the mistake follows them.

Abha tells Karan that, she has trust that whatever Karan does will be something good for her and her child and she will stand by him in all his decisions. Karan assures Abha that anything he does will only be for the goodness of Abha and their child.

Abha says she knows and she ask him to stop crying. She also asks Karan to drive faster so he goes to finish his work as they need to go back to Ujjain since their baby is waiting for them. As Abha is going back to the hotel, Karan calls her and hugs her. Abha ask him to return soon while Karan still has tears in his eyes.

Karan then goes to meet Raj Singhania. He is very happy that Karan came to meet him. Raj smiles and tells Karan that today is the most happiest day in his life. He then brings Karan to a room and ask him to go inside. A motorcyclist is driving recklessly and almost hit Abha. Luckily enough, she avoided the accident and the motorbike pushed down another girl to which Abha goes and helps by asking if she is alright? She also asks her if she wants to meet a doctor but the lady says she is fine.

She is a beautician and she is in a rush as she needs to put on some makeup for a bride. Abha offers to get an auto rickshaw for her but the beautician says it will be no use as her hand is hurt and she won’t be able to put the make up on the bride. She exclaims that its her biggest contract in her life. Abha offers to help the beautician to apply the make up on the bride.

Initially, the beautician didn’t agree but Abha assures her that she can do it perfectly well. Karan is in the room showed by Raj Singhania. Raj Singania’s sister Koyal is shown where she sees Karan and smiles. Karan smiles in return. Karan then looks at her dress while Koyal runs towards Karan.

She tells Karan that she is happy he came as her dream to get married has come true and she doesn’t know how to thank him. Karan then says there is no need for her to thank him. He wipes her tears and says that he is her old friend. Karan also says that Koyal is lucky to have a brother like Raj to fulfill all her wishes as it because of him that he (Karan) is here today.

Koyal says that she is lucky. She then asks Karan how Abha is and where she is as she hasn’t heard a lot about Abha. It is revealed that Koyal actually knows Karan is married but still wants to marry him. Karan tells Koyal that Abha is in Mumbai. He also informs Koyal that she must have surely heard of Abha as she is his life and if Abha is not in his life, then there is no meaning to his life.

Koyal says its true that there is no meaning in life if there is no true love and those who found it are very lucky. She adds that today, she has meet her love and so does Karan. Karan then says that his love, his friend, his life was his Abha. There is a jealous look shown on Koyal’s face. Abha and the beautician she helped entered the wedding avenue. Abha is puzzled and tells the beautician that a wedding is going to take place but there is no one or very less people around.

Meanwhile, Karan is standing on top of the building but he and Abha doesn’t see each other. The beautician asks one of the guest that she has come to put make up for the bride. The guest tells her to go up and again Abha didn’t see Karan as by the time she goes up, Raj has called him. Abha and the beautician enters the bride’s room and Koyal scolds them for coming late.

Abha explains what happened in regard with the accident issue but Koyal is not interested to listen to them. She just asks them to make it fast. Abha does the make up based on how the beautician tells her to. Raj Singhania and Karan is on a rooftop and he is holding a file. He ask Karan what he is thinking about as his family will never know about him and Koyal’s marriage.

Raj hands over the file to Karan. Karan then thinks to himself as to how will he do this. He asks himself what if his family and Abha finds out. He exclaims that he will be drifting apart from them and he will not do it. He also reminds himself that if he doesn’t do this, then how about Vimal’s dreams, Abha’s wish of living in Swarn Bhavan and how will his family live after losing Swarn Bhavan?

He then thinks of Abha’s words that Karan’s decisions is always the best for Abha and their child. He accepts the file from Raj Singhania and after a deep thinking, he signs the document while Raj Singhania looks on.


Karan signs the document given by Raj Singhania as Raj Singania looks on smiling and takes back the file. He thanks Karan. Abha is still doing the make up for Koyal and Koyal asks Abha how she looks? Abha says she looks beautiful. She tells Koyal that only one thing is missing to which Koyal looks worried at Abha and ask her what it was? Abha then adds that once the wedding chain and vermilion is added to her, she will be more beautiful as that makes a women perfect.

Abha holds her wedding chain and says that its a special one under her husband’s name to which Koyal touches it too. Koyal then says that Abha is right as she has also waited for this wedding and today she will get her love. Raj Singania tells Karan that he knows Karan will come while Abha says to Koyal that if a love is true, luck will make them get united. Koyal says that after the wedding, she will be very lucky. Suddenly a small girl runs into the room and calls Koyal mummy and hugs her.

Abha then asks if she’s her daughter to which Koyal gets angry and ask her to only do her job and not to ask questions. Koyal then scolds the small girl and ask her why she came to the room. She ask her to stay in her room and shouts at her to go back to her room. The small girl leaves crying. Koyal asks Abha if she can do the covering of the brides face on behalf of the bride’s side. Koyal then looks at the mirror and talks to herself saying that she is the most beautiful bride in the world and Karan is lucky to get her. Abha and the beautician takes the veil to cover Koyal’s face while Raj is still talking to Karan.

Raj says that today is an important day for him and Koyal and that is only because of Karan and he thanks Karan again. Raj then gives Karan the copy of his deal and Abha is shown approaching the room. Raj then says that through this deal, Karan received good sum of money and his family and Abha will be very happy with it. Karan thinks to himself that for his family happiness, he sacrificed his life and he receives the copy of the file. Abha and Karan is shown walking side by side but do not see each other. Abha asks a guest where the brides room is. The lady offers to take the veil to cover the bride’s face.

The beautician tells Abha that she is going to collect her payment while Abha looks at the wedding from the top of the building. Koyal and Karan is seated at the wedding mandap but Karan’s face is covered. Abha then remembers the moments of her wedding with Karan. She tells herself that a wedding day is very important and after wedding, trust is very important no matter what happens as life will give so much of happiness by meeting the true life partner.

The priest asks Koyal and Karan to stand up to exchange garlands while Abha is shown calling someone but the person was not picking up the phone. Karan then takes the garland and puts it on Koyal while Abha is still calling the person. Koyal also puts the garland on Karan. Abha decided to go out and try calling the person. She walks pass Raj. Raj Singhania felt like someone just walked out and turned to see who it was but no one was there.

Karan then lifts the veil that was covering his face. Karan lifts his veil and looks at Raj Singhania. He thinks to himself asking Abha to forgive him. Abha is outside on the phone with Jagmohan. She says that she knows everyone has forgiven Karan. She tells Jagmohan that once Karan’s job is done, they will come back and as she is about to cut the call, Jagmohan asks her if everything is alright to which Abha asks him if something is wrong.

Jagmohan says that since they got back Swarn Bhavan, everyone is happy but somehow he realized that Karan looks sad and worried. Abha then says that Karan is not alone as she is always with him. Inside the wedding, the priest gives the wedding chain to Karan and he looks at it and thinks of his wedding with Abha.

Karan then takes the wedding chain in his hands while Abha tries calling Karan’s phone and wonders why he was not picking up her call. She thinks to herself that Karan must be in a very important task or else he would have picked up. Abha ask God to help Karan as he is very worried for the past few days. Karan thinks to himself that there is no forgiveness for his mistake as the rights to put on a wedding chain on any woman is only for Abha.

Karan takes the wedding chain towards Koyal’s neck. Raj and Koyal looks happy. Karan pause and looks at Koyal’s face. Karan then remembers Abha’s last words to him. He apologize to Koyal that he can’t do this. Koyal and Raj looks shocked. The priest asks Karan as to how can the wedding be complete without putting on the wedding chain and vermilion.

Karan says that he can’t do this. Raj thanks the priest and all the guest who came for the wedding. Raj then ask Karan what is all this to which Karan says that he agreed with the marriage for Raj and for Koyal sake. He also asks what is the necessity for all this. Raj asks Koyal to cool down as he will explain to Karan. Raj brings Karan aside and tells him that he knows that Koyal is in between life and death and he agreed.

He asks Karan what was the problem in performing all the tradition. Raj continues his emotional lines by pleading with Karan to give Koyal her last days of happiness. Karan says that he agree for this wedding just for Raj and Koyal but he cannot put the wedding chain and vermilion as all this only belongs to Abha.

Koyal then shouts at Karan. She goes to Raj and cries saying why is all this happening to her as she will be dying soon. Koyal then cries to Karan. She asks him if he really knows how much she loves him and he can’t do one small thing for her? She angrily asks Karan that if he cannot follow the traditions why then did he accept her brothers condition.

Karan says that he understands Koyal’s feelings but they are just friends and that is why he agreed to fulfill her last wishes. He tells Koyal that he only loves Abha and he can’t think of anyone else as his wife other than Abha even for a day and Koyal can never replace Abha. He asks her to try to understand. Koyal then cries to Raj and asks him why he ask Karan to marry her as he still loves Abha. Koyal then says that she can’t live anymore and asks Karan to kill her by his hands. Koyal faints.

Karan brings an unconscious Koyal into the car and he gets in too. Abha is waiting outside and the car passes by her but they don’t see each other. Abha calls a rickshaw. Koyal is shown in the hospital being escorted by Karan and Raj. Raj looks worried and sad to which Karan goes and consoles him. Raj informs Karan that the doctors says its hard to save Koyal. Karan says that Raj loves his sister so much and she will be fine.

As Karan walks away, Raj looks on angry. Karan calls Abha and ask if Abha called him. Abha asks him where he is and if he is fine. Karan tells Abha that he is in the hospital as his friend is admitted there. He also tells Abha that the condition of his friend is critical. Abha asks him if she knows the friend he is taking about. Karan says that she doesn’t know him.

Abha tells Karan that she wants to come to the hospital. She asks for the name to which Karan says that he will return to the hotel once the operation is over. There is a lady shouting at a nurse and she mentions the hospital’s name to which Abha over-heard. Abha feels that Karan is in a problem and she needs to be with him as its her responsibility.


Raj and Karan is still worried waiting outside the operation theater. The doctor comes out and informs Raj that his sister’s operation is successful and they can meet her soon. Raj hugs Karan and Karan says that when love is true, good things happens. Raj says that all this is thanks to Karan. Raj says that in a way this wedding is very good and he keeps repeating that its all thanks to Karan.

Karan says that Koyal is his friend and there is no need to thank him. Karan asks Raj to meet Koyal but Raj asks Karan to meet her first. Raj gives an evil and victorious look. Abha is shown entering the hospital asking where the Operation theater is as she wants to meet her husband. She tells the nurse that its Karan’s friend’s operation to which the nurse says that its impossible as no operation took place since their system is down.

Abha says that she will go and check and the nurse allows her. Karan enters the operation room and meet Koyal. Koyal tries to get up and Karan ask her not to. Karan asks how she is and congratulate her for her new lease of life. Koyal holds Karan’s hands and says that its all thanks to him.

Koyal has a maniac look on her face. Abha is still searching for the room while Karan asks Koyal not to thank him but thank God as God is always with good people. Koyal says she needs to thank God for making Karan come back into her life. Koyal says that she wants Karan to be with her to which she suddenly gets emotional saying that Karan should never leave her. Karan asks her to cool down. Koyal says that she can’t live without Karan as they are like husband and wife.

Karan says that he agreed to marry Koyal as she was his friend and she was dying but now that she is okay, he can’t as he loves Abha and Abha is his life. Abha runs to the operation room but finds no one there, Abha knows that what the nurse said is true. As she is about to call Karan, she hears a voice mentioning her name to which she turns and sees Raj Singhania.

Karan continues explaining to Koyal about his love to Abha. Abha asks him if Karan is with him to which Raj tells Abha to follow him and he will show her where Karan is. Koyal is very angry listening to Karan’s undying love for Abha. Raj suddenly brings Abha into the room and Abha looks at Koyal. Raj introduces that Koyal was his sister. Koyal asks who Abha is to which Raj says its Karan’s wife. Koyal looks shocked.

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She tells Abha that she has heard a lot about her from Karan. Abha asks Koyal what she is doing at the hospital as she is supposed to be getting married. Koyal replies that she is going to introduce her husband to Abha. She says its Karan Prasad to which Abha looks shocked. Koyal continues that she is Koyal Karan Prasad. Abha looks shocked and looks at Karan’s face.


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