Twist of fate update Tuesday 15 September 2020

Twist of fate 15 September 2020: Sarla cries and worries for Pragya, blaming Abhi for her condition. She asks Beeji, why you didn’t stop her from going?Aaliya is in Abhi’s office and wonders if Raj would have done the work or not. Raj comes and asks for coffee or tea. Aaliya asks if the work is done or not? Raj shows her 2 crores of money, and says he kept 1 crore safely.

Aaliya says we have withdrawn 3 crores from Abhi’s account and he didn’t know. Raj says he is waiting for the day when Abhi will be poor. Aaliya says she is also waiting for that day and says they shall have a party.

Tanu asks Abhi to think about their new life rather thinking about Pragya. She says Pragya will go to Sarla’s house and will not come here. She asks her to think about their baby. Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words asking him to take care of the baby, thinking baby to be theirs( Pragya and Abhi), and love him much. Abhi asks Tanu to take care of his baby and have food on time. Tanu says this is our child and I will take care of the baby. She says you don’t take care of us. Abhi says he will take care of them forever. He recalls Pragya and Hamari Adhuri plays………………………

Abhi and Tanu’s mehendi’s decorations are going on. Taya ji and Tayi ji manage the decorations. Mitali shows her new necklace and tells that Raj brought it for her. She says whenever Raj have any profit, he brings necklace for her. Tayi ji thinks Raj didn’t bring anything for her. Taya ji understands her greedy side.

Tanu gets ready for her mehendi function. Aaliya shows the dress. Tanu says she will show the dress to Abhi. Aaliya asks her to keep the dress as a surprise for Abhi, and asks her to wear it on her sangeet. Tanu says she is very happy and can only hear heart beat. Aaliya says she is very happy and asks about Abhi’s behavior. Tanu tells that Abhi is missing Pragya and is lost in her thoughts. Aaliya says atleast he has agreed to marry you. She says he will forget Pragya in sometime and will start loving her again. Tanu says she has a feeling that Abhi just needs her baby, and don’t care about her. She gets scared thinking about Abhi’s reaction on knowing that the baby is of someone else. Aaliya asks her to shut up and don’t let the truth come even in her mind, lest from her mouth.

Abhi talks to Kukreja and tells that tomorrow is sangeet and invites him for today’s mehendi function. He receives a letter through Courier. He reads Pragya’s letter. Pragya writes that she has gone far from him, and asks him to fulfill his promise. She asks him not to search her. Abhi comes out of flashback and says I have done what you asked me. Please come back fuggi. Tanu sees him reading letter again, and thinks she would have tear the letter. She thinks to do something to divert his attention, and starts acting as getting pain. Abhi rushes to her. Tanu asks him not to miss Pragya today as today is their mehendi. Dasi tells that she is feeling bad as Pragya didn’t return since 30 days. Dadi says we can’t do anything as our Pragya is happy with this marriage. She says Pragya should have come here to see the marriage happenings.

Abhi and Tanu’s photo frame falls down. Abhi picks it up and takes out the pic, and sees his pic with Pragya underneath. Hamari Adhuri plays……………………………….A woman is seen stepping out of car. Abhi tells that he didn’t see her since 20 days, and thinks he sleeps sadly with the thought of seeing her in the morning. He asks Pragya to come back as he is marrying for her happiness. He says you can’t break your promise, and if you break it, just remember that I won’t forget you. A woman turns out to be Pragya and looks at the house.

Pragya enters Mehra’s house. The guests start praising her and tells that she might be Abhi’s producer or model. Pragya takes off her googles and smiles. Abhi writes letter to Pragya in his room.

Tanu asks her friend to click her photos, and she poses for the pics. Her friend sees Pragya and says wow what a beauty. She takes her pic. Tanu tells she is a bride, and asks them to go. Pragya asks if she is taking her selfie and poses with her. She says it would have been good if Camera captures inside dirtyness with outside beauty. Tanu is shocked. Pragya says it is me, Pragya. She asks are you scared to be expose. Tanu says you can’t be Pragya.

I thought you have died. Pragya says may be I could be a dream, or reality. She says it is all so confusing. She gets a rose from someone and asks Tanu to hold rose. She asks her to play rose game, and says she might be Pragya or not. She asks her to pluck the rose petals and play the game. Tanu gets busy in game. Pragya leaves from there. Mitali sees her saying Pragya is there or not, and thinks what happened to her. Tanu says Pragya is not there and gets angry.

Abhi writes letter to Pragya and says he loves her. He feels pain and recalls Pragya’s words. He thinks he can’t stay there. Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells her that everything is ruined. Aaliya asks what happened? Tanu tells that Pragya came here. Aaliya says Pragya can’t come even if she would have taken a birth again. Tanu says Pragya came and gave her rose asking her to play game. Aaliya tells her that she is becoming a baby day by day. She asks if she is doing like Abhi and saying Pragya Pragya. Tanu thinks she might have seen Pragya’s ghost.

Aaliya thinks Tanu has spoiled her mood by taking behenji’s name. Pragya gives her tissue paper to wipe her sweat. Aaliya says thanks and is shocked to see her face. Pragya says it is easy to spend someone’s hard earned money. Aaliya says Pragya Bhabhi and then Pragya. She says I felt nice seeing you. Pragya says your face is saying something else. Aaliya says she didn’t expect. She asks how is her office life? Aaliya says she is an independent girl now. Pragya says I know you can’t act to be good for long. Aaliya says Aaliya Mehra never shares her plans. Pragya says confidence, that’s why you fails. She says confidence is good, but not over confidence. She says what are you upto? You are questioning me like an investigating officer. Pragya asks her to think like that and asks her to have fun.

Bulbul asks Sarla to help her wear earring. Sarla helps her and asks if Pragya called. Bulbul tells that Pragya will call them whenever she likes. She tells her that Purab might come at anytime. Beeji comes and says they have to forget their pain for someone’s happiness. Sarla gets emotional and asks how can they forget Pragya’s pain. She says we are going to bless Tanu and Abhi on their marriage. She says she is not great like Pragya and can’t see Tanu with Abhi. Beeji says we have to do this for Pragya. She says Pragya wants this marriage to happen and has sacrificed her marriage. She asks her not to cry and lower her sacrifice. Sarla hugs her and cries. Bulbul informs them that Purab came. Beeji asks Sarla to come.

Abhi gets emotional as he comes out of his room. He reminisces Pragya while the song Manzilein plays………………. He imagines Pragya and sees her everywhere. He gets happy, but his happiness vanishes. He thinks Pragya will not come with his sayings. Mitali checks the food and thinks to eat. Tai ji says you took my plate. Mitali says sorry. She sees Pragya and is shocked. Tai ji asks Mitali, if you are seeing Pragya. Mitali says yes. Pragya asks if she has got a lottery as she is wearing heavy necklace. Mitali tells that Raj is doing well in his business.

Pragya asks why he is not showering his love on mum. She asks Tai ji, how is she? Tai ji says she is fine. Pragya says you seems much fine and might be getting house work done by Rachna. Mitali laughs. Pragya goes. Tai ji thinks Pragya has become arrogant. Abhi comes downstairs and hears Pragya’s voice calling someone Suniye. Yeh Allah Wariya plays……….He is stunned to see glamorous Pragya walking towards him.

Abhi touching Pragya to confirm her presence and hugs her. Allah Wariya plays………….He gets teary eyes and says I am so happy to see you. I can’t believe that you have returned. He says he was saying himself that she will return. Pragya doesn’t react. Tanu tells Aaliya that she told her that Pragya came. He asks you just wrote a letter, and didn’t tell anything before leaving. He asks Dadi to ask Pragya, where did she go? Pragya tries to go. Dadi hugs her. Pragya acts as not interested. Dasi compliments Pragya on her looks. Dadi tells Pragya that Abhi has stopped living like before, and had gone mad without her. She says now he is looking happy and I am also happy. Tanu thinks everyone is meeting her as if bahu of the house have come. Abhi says I am happy so I will forgive you, no complaints.

Dadi says everything will be fine. Tanu says hi and asks how are you? She says I thought I am imagining you. Everyone is happy meeting you. She thanks her, and tells today is mehendi, then sangeet and marriage. Pragya hears her. Tanu says today you are our special guest. Come, I will apply mehendi on your hands. Pragya asks her to stop nonsense. She says I didn’t come here to get mehendi on my hands on your stupid function.

Tanu asks why did you come then. Pragya says I came here to see. Aaliya asks what you want to see? Pragya turns towards her and says you….Tanu, Mitali…..and everyone. She says I want to know how you people are staying without me. She says you all are happy without me. You have made good arrangements in the function and wasted lots of money. Aaliya asks why you are saying this, Bhai will use his money the way he likes. She asks why did you come?

Pragya says I came here because some people are celebrating their life with my money. Aaliya asks have you lost it? She says everything is of Bhai and he can spend it, the way he likes. Pragya stops her and says what did you say? She says it was of Abhi, and not anymore. Aaliya asks have you gone mad? Pragya says she is Pragya Arora, who is the owner of this house. She asks everyone to talk to her wisely, and says if she gets angry she will throw everyone out. Aaliya asks her to be in her limits. She says I will kick her out. Tanu also asks Dadi to stop her. Abhi speaks up and asks Aaliya to stop it. He says he wants to talk to Pragya alone.

He takes Pragya to a side. He says I know why you are doing this? I missed you very much. He says I like you new avatar, and compliments her beauty. He says I want to stare you like this. He says I don’t want to marry Tanu, and you don’t want me to marry her. We will find a solution. Don’t act to be bad infront of everyone. He asks her to come, and tell that she is joking. Pragya says she is noyt interested in his house and marriage. She says I came here for my money which you are wasting like a water. She asks him to talk about her money only. Abhi thinks what happened to her.

Purab is driving the car and tries to cheer up Sarla and Beeji. He asks about Beeji’s favorite song. Beeji tells Baby Dhol…….Sarla says we sing this song on Pragya’s reception and gets emotiona. Beeji cheers her up. Aaliya tells Dadi that Pragya is doing drama to stop Tanu and Abhi’s marriage. She asks Pragya to attend the function silently or leave this house silently. Pragya says you are warning me. She warns her to talk only after thinking. She says speak when you are spoken. She says I shall show papers to you as you take care of his office. Aaliya reads the papers. Pragya asks her to read the clauses carefully as she don’t want to repeat it. Tanu asks what is written in the papers. Aaliya says it is written that this house, property, bank balance and everything belongs to Pragya Arora. Everyone looks on shocked.

Abhi asks what rubbish? How can it be possible. Aaliya says these papers are fake and asks her to end this drama. She asks Abhi to say that he didn’t sign. Abhi looks on. Aaliya asks her to take the papers and leave. Pragya asks why you are getting angry, as you will not get anything? Aaliya gets tensed and tells everything is of Abhi. Pragya says she has all answers. She says this house can’t be hers without Abhi’s signatures and says this is mine as Abhi signed on these papers. Abhi refuses to sign on it. Pragya tells that she took his signatures when she was leaving the house. She says now you might have remember. Abhi looks on surprisingly.

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