Twist of fate update Tuesday 14 November 2023

Twist of fate 14 November 2023: Prachi calling Khushi’s name and says I love you, and says good light. Ranbir gets emotional. She ends the call and thinks even Ranbir used to sleep with Panchi hearing my lullaby. She thinks she shall not think about him. Ranbir comes home, gets freshen up.

Pallavi comes there and asks why you didn’t tell me that you will be late. Ranbir says until you are with me, nothing will happen to me and asks her to go and sleep. Pallavi asks will you tell yourself. She asks why you are worried? Ranbir asks if you came to know.

Pallavi says she can see his pain clearly and on seeing it, her breath is about to stop. Ranbir says exactly same thing happened with me and says Khushi was about to meet with an accident, she is fine, I felt like my breath stopped and my heart condition deteriorated thinking what could happen to me, if anything happens to Khushi. He says he was feeling as if he is dead and tells that don’t know what happened to him, he was mad and the land was pulled out from under his feet. Pallavi says this means you regard Khushi as your daughters, how to make you understand, the child is your part/Ansh who is taking breath. She says when the child gets hurt, then the parent feels the same pain as you. She says you want the emptiness in your life to be filled by Khushi. Ranbir thinks Prachi and I have the same dream unknowingly. He imagines his happy family with Prachi and Khushi. Pallavi asks him not to think and sleep. She says we will talk in the morning.

Akshay looks at the ring and says Prachi. Prachi looks at the moon and says until now I have prayed to you for my Panchi. She prays to Moon to give her Khushi. She says she is becoming my life’s khushi and can fill my life with happiness. Ranbir talks to the Moon and asks why did you bring Prachi infront of me, what I will do with my wish that I want to meet Prachi again and again. He says I just want Khushi and asks Moon to keep Akshay Tandon away from Prachi, as he has feelings for Prachi, which she will not understand. Akshay says Prachi knows his feelings and his heard has forced his mind to think about her always, all the time. Naina song plays…..Akshay thinks of Prachi.

Kaya comes to the office ad says finally you came. Ranbir says welcome back and asks if all good. He says you came after a long time. Kaya says this is my office, and tells that she has brought a big export project. She tells that a company is making building in foreign and we have to supply materials from India. She says she has brought project for him. Ranbir says for me? She says if you don’t want then I will give to someone else. Ranbir says I need it and says thanks. She says all the specifications are in this file. He says he will read it. Kaya says no mistake shall happen and says this is your independent project. Ranbir says he will not do any mistake. Kaya says she doesn’t have time and company has many projects already.

She asks him to manage finance and use his own money for the project. Ranbir assures and thanks her. He hugs her and then moves away. She asks him not to do any mistake and says if I see any mistake then I will not approve it. She says she will check the quality. Ranbir assures her again. Kaya says all the best and goes.

Prachi comes to the office. Ashok calls her. Prachi says sorry sir, I am late. She says I wouldn’t have been late if….Ashok asks if butcher or villian is written on my face. Prachi says no. He asks why she is giving clarification. Prachi asks if he is fine as yesterday he had an accident. He says he is a tiger, coughs and says he is aged now. Prachi asks if you any shock or trauma due to accident. She says I came late and then also you are not angry. Ashok says I am not angry, you are sweet.

Prachi says something happened surely, you need rest. Ashok says if I am talking good then it means that I am in shock. Prachi says she was teasing him. Ashok says even I was teasing you. He says good morning, and thanks her for saving Akshay from Police. She gets Akshay’s call and says she is in the office. She goes to his cabin and takes out the file. Akshay comes there and says hi and good morning. Prachi gives him walia industries files. He says weather is hot in Delhi. Prachi says it will increase more in march and asks him to be prepared. He tries to switch on the AC, but it doesn’t start. He switches on the pedestal fan and all the papers fall down from the files. Prachi bends down to pick the papers. Akshay also picks the papers.

He finds the door jammed and asks Prachi for help. Prachi tries to free the door, and her hair fall on his face. She manages to close it, says she is strong. She asks Akshay what happened, why is he nervous? Ranbir recalls lying to Dida and Pallavi, about getting a project. He thinks he will do this project for his happiness, his family’s happiness. He gets Vikram’s call. Ranbir picks the call and tries to tell him. Pallavi, Dida and Aryan come there. Ranbir tells them that he got a big project, he has to send the raw materials abroad for construction purpose, and says his boss’ daughter gave him a big project. He gets happy.

Ranbir telling Vikram that boss’s daughter gave him first independent project. Dida says Ranbir will become big businessman again. Pallavi says we all are happy for you. She asks Vikram, why is he tensed? Vikram says big deal means big finances. Ranbir says yes, we need it. Vikram says I will send you my associate’s number.

Ranbir says ok and tells that Mr. Mehta also wanted to work with me. Vikram says yes, it will be good and asks him to win the world for himself. Ranbir says for all of us, and tells that he will take care of all responsibilities and will fill their lives with happiness. Pallavi says whatever you have given us is enough. Dadi says nobodu can give us, what you have given us. Ranbir says I know we have spent life with incompleteness.

Vikram asks him not to be emotional and start the work. Ranbir says I will take my Mummy’s name and will start. Pallavi says you will be very successful and will not miss anything. Vikam sends the associates number to Ranbir.

Akshay asks how can my cabin door gets jammed. Prachi says she will get it repaired. Akshay says he will get it replaced. Prachi says you shouldn’t have lifted the paper weight, and that’s why papers fell down. She says if you have called then 2-3 people would have been scolded. Akshay says she is right, due to my nervousness, 2-4 people would have got scolded.

Mr. Mehta likes the project. Ranbir says Project is big, so the finance will be big. Mr. Mehta refuses to invest in the project. Ranbir says you wanted to work with me. Mr. Mehta says that time you had big companies, and tells that it is a business rule, that they shall bid on the horse who is running fast and not on the horse which may run or not run. He says if I give you money and the money gets lost in business, then? Ranbir says I understand and gets up. He says there is one more business rule, and tells that the bigger the risk, the bigger the investment and the horse which you are talking about is still running, neither his strength nor his courage broke. He says if you don’t want then would have told me on phone.

He meets other investment who is ready to invest, but wants 50 percent of the profit. Ranbir says I will think and tell you. The investor tells that money begets money and says you are not like you used to be before. Kaya calls Ranbir and asks him to come to her cabin. Ranbir says ok. He comes to her cabin. Ranbir says he has a problem, and tells that Dad and I know the financers, but nobody is willing to give me money. He says I just need some time. Kaya says financers didn’t give you money, and that’s why you are 3 mins late and didn’t give the excel sheet. She says she doesn’t like people who don’t value time.

Ranbir asks her to give him time. Kaya asks what? He asks if you are firing me. Kaya says no, I will introduce you to such financer who will interested in future and not in your past. She says he will see your potential and the project. She says he is my Dad’s friend. She calls Ashok. Ashok asks how is her Dad? Kaya asks him to invest in her colleague project.

Ashok says he is not in Delhi office and asks her to send him to meet Akshay. Kaya says she will send him now itself. Ashok says ok. Kaya asks Ranbir to go to AK profinance company 5th floor, same building and meet Akshay Tandon. Ranbir thinks if he is the same Akshay Tandon, thinks not to tell her else she will get upset and thanks Kaya. Kaya thinks she brought project for him and then helping him to get finance. She says he is different and that’s what she likes about him.

Ashok is in the Delhi office and tells that his son makes him wait as if he is his employee. Prachi asks him to calm down. Akshay comes there and is about to sit. Ashok says what I tell you. Akshay says time is money and says he is just 10 mins late. Ashok says my flight was cancelled and I returned on time, but you took 10 mins to come here. He says you make 20 crores loss. Akshay says if we continue talking then will lose 20 more crores and tells that they shall see the PPT.

Ashok says lets do the work. He asks Yash to start the presentation. Prachi asks if Akshay can sit. Ashok says he is an owner. Yash shows the presentation. Akshay asks him to stop it and tells that who has taken this photo. Ashok asks if Prachi told you something. He says even Prachi didn’t like the photo, but I liked it. Ashok asks if you will tell me what kind of photos you want, if you have any reference. He asks Priya to bring Akshay’s laptop from his cabin. He asks who did this photography, must be Dad’s friend. Ashok says my laughing club friend, sometimes we have to help.

Khushi comes to the temple and talks to the Pandit. Pandit ji asks him to bring incense stick. She says she will bring. She sees Pallavi, Dida and Aryan there. She comes running to them and hugs Pallavi. Pallavi asks how are you? Khushi says I am fine and is very happy seeing you. She asks Dida how is she? Aryan asks her to meet him also. They shake hands. Khushi tells that she comes here for aarti, in morning and evening daily. She says she knows the aarti fully. Dida teases Aryan and asks if he remember all aarti. Khushi says she has to bring incense stick. She takes them inside and asks Pandit ji to get puja done for them, and says they are my family. Pandit ji says ok and asks her to bring incense stick. She goes to the stall. Shahana comes there and lifts her. Khushi looks at her and says Maasi. Pallavi and Dida pray that they shall get Khushi.

Pallavi and Dida asking Mata Rani to give them Khushi. Aryan smiles. Dida asks why you are smiling, and says a little girl went to bring the incense stick. Pandit ji asks them not to worry as it is her place. Dadi comes to Shahana and sees Khushi. Khushi says I will make you stand on the good place, so that you can do darshan properly.

Aryan and Shahana see each other and get emotional. Aryan says you didn’t call even once. Shahana asks what did you say? Khushi makes Dadi stand in the front row. She realizes she has to bring agarbatti and runs to get it. Pallavi sees Dadi and says Dadi. Dadi says Pallavi. Pallavi hugs her and takes her blessings. Dida also hugs Dadi.

Ashok asks Prachi not to say a word and says you might be saying in heart that I don’t favor my friends.

Prachi says I know. She says he doesn’t favor anyone, but he identifies talent, like he gave me a chance and gave job in his company. She says she respects him a lot. He says he always do, what he learns from life. Prachi says truth is truth. Akshay says you can make anyone feel special. Prachi says I want to be honest and says it from heart. Priya brings Akshay’s laptop. Akshay asks yash to connect it to the projector. Yash says there is some issue with the laptop. Priya says only conference room light is gone. Prachi says she will check the fuse wiring, last time also this has happened. Akshay says I will do it and goes. Prachi says I can do. Ashok says let him learn from his mistake.

Ranbir comes to Ashok’s office. The receptionist says you are here, and tells that Sir came back to office as his flight is missed. Ranbir says he came to meet his son. Receptionist says she will call him. Akshay comes there and signs Ranbir to come. Ranbir sees Priya and says you, I know you are not Prachi and says good acting. Akshay says you are here. Ranbir says I have some important work. Receptionist asks Priya if she knows him. Priya says I know him and don’t know him.

Aryan asks why you didn’t call me even once. Shahana says how can you question me, even you had my number, but you didn’t call me once. He says I didn’t like your nonsense, and says he likes it. He asks if you didn’t miss me? Shahana nods no. Aryan says not even once. Khushi comes there and says you don’t each other. She asks them to come for aarti. She holds their hands and takes them for the aarti. Ranbir says I came to meet you. Akshay says I have to go to fuse room. Ranbir says Kaya talked to your father about me. Akshay says yes, he told me. He says today he missed his flight and lectured me as I was late just 10 mins.

Ranbir says it is the Dad’s problem, they can’t see their flaw in their children. Akshay says you are also have a talent, you can make anyone feel special. Ranbir says I try to be honest and says truth whenever needed. Akshay recalls Prachi words. He says both have same talent, because of whom I am in India and here. He asks him to sit in cabin, and says I will fix the fuse.

Ranbir offers help. Akshay says he will do it. Ranbir says he will attend a call and they will go to cabin. Akshay says ok. He comes inside the fuse room and thinks it shall be in open, and worries if the snake comes there. He finds it to be a wire. He checks the fuse box and finds the wire open. He thinks he has to take risk, and tries to join two wires, short circuit happens and all the light goes off. Ranbir finds the light gone everywhere. Yash tells Ashok that light of all the office have gone.

Ashok thinks Prachi can help. Prachi comes to help Akshay. She tells that the wiring is at other place. She climbs on the ladder to switch on the bulb. Akshay gets a call and goes. Ranbir comes there and holds the ladder. They look at each other. The bulb flickers. Tu thodi der plays…..

Dadi says we are meeting after a long time, don’t know why the distance had come. She says she is happy to meet them. She says even Shahana has come, and tells that Khushi happens seeing Khushi, she is the ice of the soul, and says Prachi is thinking to take her home. Dida asks what do you mean? Dadi says Prachi is thinking to adopt her. Pallavi says Khushi is ours, we are adopting her. Dadi says Khushi had come to her house. Pallavi says she will come to our house for forever. Khushi gives agarbatti to Pandit ji. She asks them to fold their hands and pray, and ask whatever they want to.

Pandit ji does the aarti. Dida asks Pallavi and Aryan to pray that they shall get Khushi. Dadi asks Shahana to pray that they shall get Khushi, and tells that Ranbir’s family wants Khushi. Dida and Pallavi think that Ranbir has found Panchi in Khushi. Shahana asks God to give khushi to Prachi. Aryan prays to God to give khushi to Ranbir. Laali comes there looking for Khushi. She sees her and drags her away from there. Everyone is shocked. Laali says I asked you not to come here, but you run leaving the shop and comes here. She says if I see you again here, then I will break your hands and legs. She asks her to run and sell all the flowers. Pallavi says Khushi. Everyone is shocked to see Laali dragging Khushi forcibly from there.

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